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Our crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
Chief Navigator  - Terry Baker

number 177    date Jul 10th 1997

. 60th anniversary special.

Air Canada will hold another Lotto A319 for employees AND retirees.
Names of 20 employees and 20 retirees will be drawn from those who
respond to the draw. The prize is on Aug 24th when the lucky
group will be entertained for 4 days by Airbus, prior to boarding
the latest A319 on its delivery flight. The aircraft will be
painted in Trans-Canada Air Lines colours to mark the 60th
anniversary. More details are in CIC 98 page 6!!!
Cory McAdams sends us this information -
Although I am not involved with this particular aspect of the
60th, I have heard that retirees will receive info and ballots at
home. The company is apparently doing a mail-out to retirees to
ensure they are able to participate. Employees will receive the
same ballot and info at their work locations.
Roger Clark confirms that the retirees will receive information
and a ballot in the mail for the Lotto 319.
They should be received by next week.
Cory McAdams.
(Thank you for keeping us upt to date Cory - eds)


. Ross McCormack sent us this interesting piece -

After a few days delay I'm responding to your request for more
info about my days with Air Canada.
I started with Trans Canada Air Lines in March, 1954 on the same
day that our first Super Constellation, L-1049, arrived at Dorval.
I was hired by Ron Baker, Flight Test Engineer- Pilot .
The department was Flight Engineering, later to be re-named
Operations Engineering.
Barely 18 months later I was sent to California for a 12 month
stay at Lockheed as our Contract Representative in Burbank
(AC had ordered more L-1049's).
From 1956 to 1967 I continued working in Flight Test Engineering,
punctuated by about 10 months (1962-63) in Ste Therese, the crash
site DC-8, Fin No. 814, which went down shortly after take off from
Dorval Friday evening, November 29, 1962. The venue was virtually
a construction site requiring the building of a coffer dam of
sheet piling to permit digging for significant pieces of evidence
-- a task lasting through the winter and into spring and summer of
1963. An unpleasant assignment but interesting none-the-less.
In 1967 I was sent to Seattle at Boeing as our Contract
Representative. Air Canada had ordered 3 B-747-100's for delivery
in 1971.
At the time, Air Canada had also placed an order for 6 Boeing SST's
-- project which was never completed and was eventually cancelled.
The assignment in Seattle lasted for 4 years -- offering all the
advantages working for Boeing and none of the disadvantages.
Returning to Montreal in 1972, I was next assigned to the STOL
program (Air Transit) operating Twin Otter aircraft between down
town Montreal and Ottawa's Rockcliffe airport. Air Canada was
operating the service for the Canadian Government, intended to
develop the concept of city center to city center air transportation,
complete with its own connecting ground transportation at each end,
The Twin Otter was really "simulator" for an interim period. It was
configured with only 14 seats (simulating the larger and more
spacious seating of the four-engined Dash 7  which would have made
the concept more economically viable. Such up-grading of equipment
never materialized, losing out to proponents of more rapid ground
transportation -- such as Via Rail.
Air Transit cease operation in 1976.
The next nine years rounded out my career with Air Canada working
contract administration for new aircraft as well as selling our
surplus aircraft that had been retired from service.
I can't imagine a better and more interesting company to have worked
for in Canada.
Being associated with Pionairs affords me the opportunity to still
meet with the many fine people I've worked with in the past as we
are making new friends who worked at different locations and
departments where our paths never crossed during our employment
I'm now living in the Collingwood area -- about 75 miles northwest
of Toronto. My wife, June, and I live 5 minutes from our golf course
and minutes from the chair lifts in the winter. Against the advice
of practically everybody, I decided to build our own house upon
retiring. So far it hasn't fallen down and we're enjoying
comfortable living in relatively countrified surroundings.
I'm associated with the Toronto district of Pionairs and somehow
find myself on Olie Moore's team for Pionairs for the next two years.
I been entrusted to look after the money end of it. With the help of
my predecessor, Ben Vezina, in Montreal, and a transition period
during the next few weeks working with my cohorts (Olie, his wife
Mary, Donna Coutts and Bill Ripley) there is an outside chance that
Pionairs won't become bankrupt.
It will be busy, no doubt, but I look forward to the next two years.
With regard to humour that the Netletter solicits and apparently
welcomes, perhaps the following might pass muster -- at the risk of
repeating what many may have already heard.
Pilot's Entry in DC-8 Log Book:
" Something in the tail cone  rattles"
Maintenance Remedy and Response:
"Something that rattles in the  cone -- tightened!!"
Cheers Roy McCormack.
(Thank you Roy for the information - eds)


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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