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Our crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
Chief Navigator  - Terry Baker

number 186      date Aug 6th 1997

. oops - Tom Martin points out that the Abbotsford Airshow,
according to our previous NetLetter, lists it as taking place
Aug 6, 7 & 8 whereas the TV and radio ads say its the
Aug 8th, 9th, and 10th.  Cheers - Tom


. Welcome to Daniel Moss lives in the Montreal area and uses an
email of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


. News from the Districts -

Anita  McConnell of the Okanagan District reports on a recent
event - Subject: Kettle Valley Trip - Summerland
Monday, July 7th, proved to be a warm, sunny day as forty (40)
Pionairs got together for our second annual train ride along a
preserved section of the Kettle Valley Steam Railway followed by
a picnic at Sun-Oka Beach in Summerland. Egg races, balloon toss
contests, bocci and lawn darts highlighted the afternoon.

From the London England Monthly Newsletter -

From the 1st November, the UK airline passenger duty tax will
increase. The current charge of UKP10 will double to UKP20 for
International departures and the current UKP5 will be UKP10.

Montreal Pionairs are planning atrip to France from Oct 6 - 20th
It is a 15 day excursion and costs approximately CA$55 per day
which includes 3 meals and wine. The trip is being organised
by Michel Beriau and can be contacted through the Montreal
District Pionairs.


. Tom Grant sends us this -

"Mississauga. Ont.
An international consortium has been selected to design and
manage a $3.5 billion redevelopment of Lester B. Pearson Int'l
Airport. Moshe Safdie Assoc Ltd/ Sidmore, Owings & Merrill will
share design responsibilitiy; Adamson Assoc will produce
construction drawings.
Terminals 1 and 2 will be replaced by a single horseshoe-shaped
terminal built around a parking facility. Initial design begins
in July and construction begins next summer on the site of an
administration building that will be demolished.
Terminal 3 is not affected."


. Found on the Internet.
Air Canada ordered 3 A330-200s and 5 A340-300s to replace 6 B747
Classics and 2 leased A340-300s.  Options on A340-500s and
A340-600s are intended to replace its B747-400s. 
If you are confused about the model numbers, here's a brief
A340-300 ~295 pax ~7,300 nm - competes with B777-200IGW
A340-500 ~315 pax ~8,500 nm - competes with B777-200X
A340-600 ~375 pax ~7,300 nm - competes with B747-400 and
A330-200 ~265 pax ~6,500 nm - competes with B767-400ER
1. AC's order is not a big surprise, even though there were
rumors that AC might order the B777. With AC's current fleet,
the A340 makes sense.  However, Air Canada is replacing the
old B747s with the much smaller A330-200 and A340-300,
especially the A330-200 which is about 60% the size of a B747.


They were dancing in the streets in Renton, Kent, Long Beach and
St.Louis while a more subdued reaction emanated from Brussels after
the European Commission gave its tentative approval to the proposed
merger of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas.
Boeing agreed not to enforce exclusive contracts for new aircraft
it had negotiated with AA, DAL, and CAL.
Boeing cautions that market demand will "determine whether the
company continues to produce and offer the MD series of jetliners
after current orders are filled," including the MD-95 transport.

Boulder, Coloradans Ben Henderson, 26, and Ben Cahan, 33, were
returning from a weekend fishing trip in a Cessna T-210 June 25
when -- wouldn't you know it -- the gear failed to lower. The pair
added the only fluid they could find -- three Redhook beers --
eventually landing safely on the 210's nosewheel and belly.  After
Cahan telephoned Seattle-based Redhook Ale Brewery to thank them
for their product, the brewery gave the pair a gift of three cases
of Redhook Ale -- one for each can.

Any good lawyer would sue the airplane owner for not properly
placarding his airplane over this one.
It seems two men recently decided to go for a joy ride in a Beech
Baron 58 but the twin used all 7,198 feet of Runway 17L at Oklahoma
City's Wiley Post Airport, then continued 600 to 800 feet through
the perimeter fence.  Investigators discovered that the elevators
had been removed from the aircraft for maintenance.


. Interline stuff.

Secrets of the Nile.
Fares from US$879 pp dbl for an 8 day deluxe cruise/tour package.
add US$365 pp domestic air on Eqypt Air. Includes 3 nights in
Cairo, daily breakfast in Cairo, 4 night cruise Luxor to Aswan
with full board and nightly entertainment on board. Full day visit
to Pyramids and museum with lunch. All transfers & port taxes.
add US$20 for enterance visa upon arrival.
Mysteries of the Rio Amazonas.
Fares from US$799 pp dbl - 7 days cruise/tour package. Itinerary
Iquitos-Pevas-Caballococha-Leticia/Tabatinga-Cayaru River-
Tarapoto Lakes-San Pablo-Bora-Huitoto. Includes all meals buffet
style, transfers, daily excursions, port taxes and English
speaking guides. A visa is required for Brazil and a tourist card
for Colombia.
Cruise on a new ship of Royal Caribbean to Alaska -
from only S$799 pp dbl and this INCLUDES US$135 port charges.
Legend of the Seas - 7 nights departs each Sunday until Sept 14
from Vancouver return.
Rhapsody of the Seas - 7 nights departs each Sat until Sept 6
from Vancouver return.
Both itinaries include Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan and more.
Call 1-800-665-3100 for details and mention Pionairs.


. Smilie.

Heard on the frequency at BNA (Nashville, Tennessee):
A/C: "Hey, that altimeter setting we got put us 15 feet
TWR: "Well, up-periscope and taxi to the ramp!"

Vesta dug this one out of the Readers Digest -

A friend had travelled to Toronto for an operation on her knee.
She limped onto the plane when she was returning home and  handed
the stewardess two boarding passes.  "Where's your companion?"
She explained that she was alone but because her leg had to be
elevated, she needed two seats.  The only problem, she discovered,
was that the seats were separated by the aisle.  <g>


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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