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Our crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
Co-pilot     - Terry Baker

number 200     date Sept 21st 1997


Dear Between Yourselves - NetLetter readers,

Those who have been with us since Oct 1995 will recall the following
a copy of NetLetter No 1. issued Oct 10,1995.

We believe we are the first to use this medium of e-mail to disperse
information to the Pionairs.

This communication is an attempt by two Pionairs, Vesta
Stevenson and Terry Baker to establish a NetLetter of interest
to,principally, Pionairs who have email addresses.
As Pionairs, our only contact for information is through the
company newsletter -Horizons - and the 1-800 number for CIC
daily info, which seem to refer us to various CIC pages for
which we have no access. The contents can be anything which is
considered of interest to ex Air Canada types and permanent
employees. Subjects
can be information on good accommodations, inexpensive trips,
maybe someone you may have lost contact with.
This NetLetter is not sponsored by the executive of Air Canada
Pionairs, but is intended to make use of new technology to
dispense information which may be of interest.
We welcome comments - non controversial - which can be included
in subsequent emailings, but NOT advertising.

. Reminder - Single status retirees must nominate their travel
partner for 1996 by completing and returning the Travel
Entitlement form by Oct 16 1995.

. Industry Travel announce that, effective Oct 1/95, the
Revenue Canada will implement the Aviation Travel Tax upon the
service charge for passes.
Details on how this will be applied will be advised through
Airlines in Canada are vigorously opposing this tax.

. Effective Oct 1/95, K.L.M. are no longer part of the MEDTA
system, therefore ID50% and ID90% will no longer be issued
until a new  agreement is negotiated. Tickets issued prior to
Oct 1/95 will be honoured.

. New Non-revenue dress code - effective Oct 1/95, Air Canada
will adopt a more casual dress code for its non-revenue and
reduced rate  (ID) customers in order to have a better balance
with the attire worn by many of the revenue customers.
For travel in Executive class, men will no longer be required
to wear either a jacket or tie, and women are no longer
required to wear   either stockings or hosiery. Attire in      
executive class should be in the  mode of casual business.
That means clean jeans can be worn, but don't expect to be
upgraded! This now makes it extremely difficult to spot fellow
cons' who may have a better priority than you!

. The Travel Partner Program consists of SPACE AVAILABLE,
HOSPITALITY class tickets which can be used on any AIR CANADA
routes ONLY, but not on either Air Canada Regional,
Continental or Code sharing partners.

. A BBS operating in the YVR area called ACRA Airlines BBS can
be contacted on 1-604-541-1878, this BBS is run by an Air
Canada employee and has excellent information available.

. Until the next Pionair NetLetter ....


That was the end of our First Edition of the Netletter and a
keepsake only of it's creators. <G>

Since then Terry and I have come a long way.  Some 200 issues later,
roughly that's an average of 2 issues a week! And we couldn't do it
without the help of a lot of you, our contributors.

On Oct 10, 1995 we had 8 members, and Sep 1997 we have 160. The
majority of our members are Pionairs, some are active employees,
and some are 'special friends'of the Airline present and past.
From the Maritimes we have 17, Quebec has 21, Ontario 29, Manitoba
only 1, Saskatchewan none, Alberta 2, British Columbia 37.USA 11
and for the rest it's unknown where they live.

Terry and I are still having fun bringing this "Between Ourselves
NetLetter' to you.

But have you noticed the subtle change in the title?
We now call it 'Between Yourselves" - because Air Canada has
resurected the title and used it in the September issue of
But we are still the first to use this electronic medium
to keep the Air Canada retirees together.

And from the accolades we get in our E=Mail mail
boxes we know that you are enjoying it also.  Just last week we were
an extra few days in between two issues and two of our loyal readers
were wondering if they has missed them. Now that's what I call

Thanks everyone for your loyal support, and keep those articles and
new friends E-mail addresses coming in.

Terry Baker in Ladysmith, B.C. and Vesta Stevenson in Victoria B.C.



BTW we do take vacations, Terry is off on a cruise later this month
and I just can't manage without him so we will have to wait for the
"Between Yourselves - NetLetter" until he returns.  In the meantime,
tho, my E-mail mail box will be open to receive your contributions.



. Following request from Tom Grant -

If anyone could supply a colour photography or a scanned .jpg image
of the TCA A319 for my website. I was unable to get a photo of it at
the YVR birthday party because it didn't show up as expected.
My  snail mail address is 3366 West 26th Avenue, Vancouver V6S 1N5.
and my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks  Tom


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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