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Your crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
Co-pilot     - Terry Baker

number 205     date Oct 28th 1997


Cory McAdam sends us this update -

'Here is the latest update on the 60th anniversary celebrations:

Charlottetown: Held October 18, with a BBQ at airport
Tampa: Held October 19, Sheraton Grand Hotel, Atrium,
4890 W. Kennedy Blv. Included the travelling Memorabilia
Saskatoon: Held October 25, with a Medieval Feast at "Cheers"
- Black tie and bl jeans.
London Eng: October 31, Lakeside Country Club,
17:00 - 19:00 Family evening
19:00- Dance party (organized with ACRA)
Zurich: November 27, Marriott Hotel
Glasgow: December 15, Dinner at Brig a Doon Hotel, Ayr
The following stations have advised us they will be holding an
event but have not yet planned the date and location:
Paris, Bermuda, Jamaica, Fredericton
Please note that retirees are invited to the event closest to their
permanent residence, as budgets cannot cover those who might wish to
attend an event at a holiday spot.
I'll keep you posted on events as I receive the details.
Cory McAdam


. Doug Fulton sends us his bio - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

'I joined TCA in 1959 and trained as First Officer on North Star
aircraft. Retired from Air Canada in 1994 as Manager, Flight
Operations Safety. One f my most interesting experiences was flying
frequently into Moscow our early scheduled DC-8 operations.
It was a challenging and rewarding career working with such fine
professional people. One of the company's greatest strengths has
been and continues to be - its ability to attract and retain truly
profession  people.
Captain J. D. Fulton'


. Bill Norberg sends us this comment -

'There is one item I would like to bring to the attention of Air
Canada personnel who receive "Horizons..News for us".
They have recently upgraded the quality of the publication from
a paper and print quality point of view. It looks great!
I was rather shocked and dismayed to see the new format they have
used for the :In memoriam" section.
It looks like a disclaimer on the back of an insurance policy and
does little to dignify the memories of the people involved.
I wrote to the Managing Editor expressing my reaction and
concerns..I wonder if others have had the same reaction? If so,
I would suggest they do the same.
Bye for now and best regards.'
Bill in "The Peg"


. Tom Grant sends us this information -

Air Canada is trying to strengthen its asset base and tax position
through debt-financing of aircraft deliveries.
Chief financial officer Rob Pederson says the switch to debt
finance is based on the fact that Air Canada wants to put some
assets on the balance sheet "free and clear."


. Vesta your Chief Pilot sends us this update -

"Between Yourselves"  NetLetter nr 193 Aug 31, 1997 follow up:
to Betty Morgan.
Re Major A.D.Carter.

'I made some inquiries in one of the conferences that I download
from ILink Network called 'Military' on my local BigBlue and
Cousins BBS, and the moderator is located in the UK.
He heard of the museum in Shoreham but has yet to visit it.
I didn't get any other replies. This was just before the death of
Princess Diana and perhaps the item got lost in the shuffle.
Sorry about that, I hope that you will carry on with your ideal.


. Don't forget all you ex P & S Stores types. Fred Pedder, editor
of 'Parts & Pieces', the newsletter for Stores by Stores people
has for sale at CA$20, a video of photographs from the newsletter
for the past 35 years with a musical soundtrack.
Email Fred at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask for 'Thanks for the


. Chris Doutre sends us this

+ The four European aerospace partners that make up the AIRBUS
CONSORTIUM said they had resolved many of their differences,
including a change of leadership, in an effort to smoothe the way
to becoming a limited company in just over a year, the better to
compete with Boeing.
Edzard Reuter will step down as chairman soon, with Manfred
Bischoff, head of Daimler-Benz Aerospace, favoured to replace him.
Regards,  Chris Doutre


. News from the Districts.

From the OTTAWA DISTRICT Newsletter -

Christmas Luncheon will start at The Mill Restaurant at 11.30 AM
Wednesday Dec 3rd. Cost: CA$15 pp, includes taxes & tips.
Contact Al Martel on 820-0042 by Nov 25th to reserve.

Do you like 'Sunday Brunching' in congenial company? The Ottawa
Pionairs invite you to these jolly informal gatherings and plan
the next one for 11.00 am Sunday November 9th. Call Jess Rougeau
at 841-7091 for details of the next gathering.

Spring Lunch will be held on April 18th - details will follow.

How about the Friday Morning Koffee Klatsches held each week
at the Family Restaurant in Carlingwood Shopping Centre from
10.00 am  to 11.00 am. They never know what the topics are,
but they are NON STOP!


A substantial number of Air Canada retirees are settled in the area
between Cornwall and the Ontario/Quebec border - a comfortable
hour's drive from Ottawa. Many of them gather for lunch in
Alexandria on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. They have no
formal organizationb - just a network who keep in touch.
Each luncheon sees retirees present from a rich cross-section
of the Company's departments and locations.
Clive (Rocky) Rochfort co-ordinates the gathering, and can be
reached at (613)525-4819. Numbers for the lunch range from 30 to
100! Give it a try - you'll be sure to meet someone you've not
seen for a long time.


. Marg Firby sends us this information about the 60th at Winnipeg -


The morning of Oct. 4th dawned a beautiful fall day and I gathered
my family together to go to a party.  There were nine of us in all,
and some were a little sceptical as to just what this birthday party
was all about.
Well, they needn't have worried....it was all a birthday bash should
be and more.
Clowns, face painting, bands (Shriners and Heather Belle pipers),
cotton candy, etc. We toured the oldest AC plane (Lockheed 10A) and
the newest which had just flown its inaugural flight from Toronto.
It was painted in the original TCA colors and logo. We met old
friends, looked at old photos and reminisced about previous years
and parties, ie. the wonderful Christmas parties at the auditorium,
the picnics and the adult Christmas parties.
Al Simmons entertained not only the children but the parents as
well, some of whom remembered him from his early beginnings in the
bars of Winnipeg.
The dancers and singers from Folklorama were a delight to watch as
Then like all good parties the yummies were served.....hot dogs,
potato chips, drinks, nuts, all things necessary to a successful
We had to leave after 3 and 1/2 hours , and missed the big fashion
show with the oldest stewardess and continuing to the present flight
attendants. I heard later it was very entertaining.
The organization committee headed by Maria Weir (Res) worked really
hard to make this party the success it was. My congrats to all who
were involved.
My own involvement with AC/TCA began when the company was in its
teen years and my husband joined.
I can't  believe the 60th birthday has arrived so soon.
C'est la vie.
Maybe for the old girl's 65th there WILL be elephant rides.
Marg Firby/Winnipeg.
(Thank you Marg for taking time to send us this - eds)


. Interline stuff.

Note: When travelling in the United States, always carry your
Canadian passport, citizenship or birth certificate.
A driver's licence is not considered valid proof of

AUSTRALIA - Los Angeles direct to Sydney - positive space
from US$549 pp.

Travel through the finest scenic routes of Australia & New Zealand.
Airline employees, retirees & travelling companions.
7 day Red Centre Melbourne to Alice Springs.
Interliner rate from US$544 pp, 2nd person from US$646 pp.
11 day Ayres Rock - Darwin
Interliner rate from US$1488 pp, 2nd person from US$1767 pp.
9 day Tasmania - Launceston return.
Interliner rate from US$956 pp, 2nd person from US$1136 pp.
9 day Outback, Melbourne - Alice Springs.
Interliner rate from US$1040 pp, 2nd person from US$1234 pp.
13 day Barrier reef - Cairns - Sydney.
Interliner rate from US$1560 pp, 2nd person from US$1854 pp.
8 day New Zealand, North & South.
Interliner rate from US$844 pp, 2nd person from US$1003 pp.
All rates quoted are pp dbl.
Contact 1-800-665-3100 for more details and mention Pionairs.

Varig, the Brazilian airline has become the 6th airline in the
Star Alliance. Now one is able to visit 642 cities on 1 ticket
and 1 baggage check. The Alliance has a total of 1,446 aircraft
and 230,000 employees. Rumour has it that Cathay Pacific Airways
and Singapore International Airlines may join in.
Contingency space available travel is charged with ZED fares.


. Smilie.

Overheard at O'Hare:
Cessna 152 pilot with obvious French accent:
"Center, I would like a vector back home".
Unidentified commuter pilot:
"Heading 090, 2000 miles".

Pilot: Request a flightlevel between FL210 and FL250
ATC: Roger, you can have either 230 or 250...which would you like?
Pilot: Affirmative.
ATC: Affirmative what?
Pilot: Affirmative...SIR?

Doug Fulton sends this contribution -

Great way to gather.
Flying an airplane is really much easier than riding a bicycle.
If you want to go up -- simply pull the stick back.
If you want to go down -- you simply pull the stick back more.


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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