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Your crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
Co-pilot     - Terry Baker

number 206     date Oct 30th 1997
. Welcome to Jack Cooke who rejoins us and has this email:
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Ron Groves living in Fredericton, NB email him on:
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Bryan McCormick living in Mississauga Ont. retired
as Line Maintenance Foreman, his email:
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Adele Wallace who is the President of the Calgary
District Pionairs and has an email:
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Friday  October 31, 1997
PARTY, Lakeside Country Club, 1700-1900hrs Family event,
1900hrs Dance Party (organized with ACRA)
Barbados System Badminton continued
Ottawa, KoffeeKlatsches, Family Restaurant,
Carlingwood Shopping


Saturday  November 1, 1997
Barbados System Badminton continues
Sunday  November 2, 1997
London Eng to Brighton Road Rally
Monday  November 3, 1997
Halifax Bowling 1300 at  Bayers Road Bowlorama
London, UK, coffee at 11am  Harvester Pub, Ashford, Mdx.
Tuesday  November 4, 1997
Kelowna/Vernon 10am Coffee&Chat at Muffin  Break.
Penticton 10:am Coffee&Chat  at Tim Hortons Cherry  Lane     
Shopping Mall
Prestwick, Lunch at St Nicholas Hotel
Wednesday  November 5, 1997
Halifax Lunch Armdale Yacht  Club
Thursday  November 6, 1997
Montreal, Lunch at Chenoy's Pte Claire


From a recent exchange of emails we note that
Ted Duffield, Alex Douglas, Don Richardson and Ron Miles are
living in Sun City, California.
Murray Phipps, Frank Stevens, Dave Clarke and David Livingstone
are in New Brunswick.


. We recently welcomed Derek Frost, and he sends us this bio -

I was with AC for 26 years. I started in 1955 as a clerk in Flt.
Despatch in YYZ. From there to Crew Scheduling where I worked in
YYZ, YVR & YWG. I left Crew Sked to become a Commissary
Supervisor in YWG and after a couple of years was transfered to
YEG to run the Commissary there. 
Derek Frost email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Edmonton


. Bill Norberg from Winnipeg sends us this -

Re Bob Robbins note on the change from Trans Canada Airlines to
Air Canada.

There is an interesting story about this change over that many
people may not know about. The change in name was I believe
officially made on January 1st 1965 but there was a rather special
occasion in October 1964 involving the name and livery change.
Trans Canada Airlines was to fly the Queen from Ottawa to London
after her Royal visit to Canada that fall.
This was the first time that Royalty had been flown on a Canadian
aircraft and everyone was quite excited about it all.
The aircraft to be used had to be modified extensively to
accomodate the needs of the Royals which was carried out at Dorval.
The aircraft to be used of course had to be powered by Rolls Royce
power plants so a Conway DC-8 was selected.
The selection of the new livery and logo were in process at the
time and it was decided that it would be used for this flight.
Two aircraft were modified to be available for this flight, one to
act as a back-up in event of a technical problem.
I was responsible for the program to get this all ready and in fact
acted for Frank Young by preparing a company document outlining all
the plans and procedures for the flight.
It was an exciting responsibility and  also a bit frightening at
the same time.
Captain Art Anders was in command of the flight and naturally
everyone was a bit tense. Art said to me ...
"Don't worry Bill, once those wheels are off the gound we are not
coming back...next stop London". True to his word the
flight arrived in London within seconds of the planned schedule.
That was the way in which the new livery, name and Air Canada logo
were introduced to the Canadian public on television, thanks to the
Queen. I felt privileged to be a part of it.
(Thank you Bill for this interesting piece of information,
to be remembered if it ever comes up in a trivia game! - eds)

This is another very informal group - "TCA persons" who worked
in the company at any time from April 1937 to June 1964 (the date
the name changed to Air Canada).
Each year they get together in florida for a laid back reunion.
This year's is in St. Petersburg, Florida, Nov 24th to 28th.
More details from Ilene Pedwell (613)596-6169.
(We understand that "AC persons" are also welcome!)


. News from the Ottawa Pionairs newsletter -

The Ottawa district have some 280 Pionairs. In case you are looking     for
a former co-worker, some of those members are -
Ken McCord, Art Scott, Lloyd Wedge, Jess Rougeau, Al Martel,
Cam Evans. Recent members are J.W.Morris & Carolyn now in
Frances Crane of the YOW ticket office. Frank & Joan West in
Bainsville. Joan Alexander in Ottawa. Judy & William Kane in
Lakefield. Brian & Elspeth Greer in Williamstown.

Links with the on-going Airline.
During the year, Pionairs gave many hours of assistance to the
airline - helping to check out the CHIP questionnaire for use
by the Employee Travel Call Centre.
- helping out in key roles at Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto,
Calgary and Vancouver airports during the 'Rapidair
Sweepstakes' sales promotion. In Ottawa, the team of
ten Pionairs, headed by District Treaurer Al Martel,
worked shifts to get the confidential documentation
for each flights draw to and from the Captain.
- Wils Foote & Helmet Hemmerich led the Pionairs group
for the 60th anniversary party at Ottawa.

This years A.G.M. -
Did you know that Air Canada contributed CA$5,000 toward the
banquet and a contribution of CA5.00 per member
- approx CA$38,000?


. Found on the Internet.


European aircraft manufacturer Airbus Industries has announced it
has received support from airlines for two passenger/cargo versions
of its super-jumbo A3XX aircraft. The 550 seat standard A3XX-100 is
designed to carry 11 cargo pallets on its lower deck along with
passenger luggage but many airlines which don't need a 550 passenger
aircraft are interested in a combi version, carrying less passengers
and more freight.


Low cost US carrier ValuJet has shed the name associated with the
May 1996 crash in Florida's Everglades since it began operating as
Air Tran Airlines on September 24 in the first step of its merger
with AirTran Airways.

The last flying World War II German Messerschmitt 109 has crashed
at an airshow show at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, England.
It was reported to have been its last planned public appearance
before retirement.  The pilot escaped unharmed after the Me-109
flipped over in a field after over-running the runway during an
emergency landing.  Witnesses said the plane was trailing black
smoke and the engine was not making power on the landing attempt.

Step right up, folks, this one likely won't last long.  One of the
more colorful airlines in North America -- Pan Am Air Bridge,
formerly Chalk's -- is up for sale.  The asking price?
Only US$7 million.

Now here's a twist we haven't seen lately.  Mexicana, the Mexican
airline, said Wednesday it suspended all of its service to Colombia
until further notice.  The reason?
Someone found 68 pounds of cocaine hidden aboard one of its flights
from Colombia.


. Interline stuff.

When next on Vancouver Island, spend some time at the British
Columbia Aviation Museum at Victoria International Airport.
The museum is run by dedicated staff, several Pionairs, on a
volunteer basis. Aircraft displayed include the Ginson Twin Plane
(1910), WWI - Nieuport & SE-5A, Eastman Flying boat (1929),
WWII - fighters & Bombers, Post war civil aircraft and a DH Chipmunk
recently purchased by a member of the public from the RAF in the UK,
and who has agreed to place on show. Many displays of engines, books,
artifacts all of which makes for an interesting visit.
Cost: Adults CA$3.00, Seniors CA$2.00. Summer hours May - Oct
10.00 - 16.00 and winter 11.00 to 15.00


. Smilie.

During a heavy traffic period, a pilot comes on Center frequency,
speaking in slow Texas drawl:
"Good afternoon Houston Center, King Air 12345 checkin' in with
ya'll, VFR at eighteen-five."
(long pause)
"Ah, King Air 12345, sir, you can't be VFR at eighteen-five."
(shorter pause)
"Sure we can, Center.  We're flyin' a Super King Air!"


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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