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Your crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
Co-pilot     - Terry Baker

number 207     date November 2nd 1997
Well we certainly woke some of you up with NetLetter nr 206!
Jen Callum tells us that the correct email for
Bryan McCormick living in Mississauga Ont. is
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
and she adds 'I'm his favorite daughter... (*only* daughter..!)'
Bye for now!  Jen Callum

(Some welcome Bryan - sorry - eds)

and now David Livingstone tells us that
Murray Phipps, Frank Stevens, Dave Clarke are still living in
Courtenay on Vancouver Island.
(Sorry about that too! eds)


Your editors Terry and Vesta are pleased to announce that
"Between Yourselves - NetLetter" gained 19 new members during the
month of  October, 1997. a record for all of us.<grin>
(yes, we are proud)


. Welcome to Aimee Gerar who has an email of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Tom Grant reminds us that on the Discovery Channel of TV on
November 5th  one hour show on Canadian aviation. This is the
first of a weekly program.




Together with some 80 Pionairs and spouses, your co-pilot enjoyed
a sit down roast beef luncheon held for the Vancouver Island
District Fall event on Thursday Oct 23rd emceed by Director Bill
Fisher. Attendees included 4 from Vancouver, 2 from Parksville,
1 from Smithers and 1 from Georgetown, Ontario.
The keynote speaker was expected to be President of Pionairs
Olie Moore who was unable to attend due to a prior commitment, but
Roy McCormack, National Treasurer, agreed to fill in.
During the meeting, special pins were presented by Roy McCormack to
previous executives in recognition of their work -
Nancy Walchuck, Kay Napolitano, Helen Gunton, Laura & John Innes,
Bill McNutt and Leo Goulet.
Leo Goulet gave us some figures for the pension fund which, in 1996
reached CA$4.2 billion, an increase of CA$560 million over 1995
which represents a 16% return. For the period Jan '97-Jun '97, the
fund had increased by CA$300 million, bringing the total fund to
CA$4.445 billion. Pension payout was in the region of CA$195
million. Look for a full report in an upcoming 'Horizons'.
Due to pressures on the Voluntary Supplement Health Plan II, a
review of it's status will be held with Metropolitain Life on
December 3rd to see if an increase in premiums will be required.
Roy McCormack spoke briefly about the new incumbants on the
National Executive, and informed us that the Executive are
canvassing the Districts to see in which country the A.G.M. for
1999 should be held, either Canada or USA.
In 1978, the Miami AGM had 278 attendees, 1990 SFO attracted 870,
and YVR, in 1995 had 860 attendees. A disappointing 350 only were
at this years AGM in Montreal.
Bill Fisher mentioned that AirBC did not serve any city on the
Vancouver Island, except Victoria, and that Central Mountain Air
did not accept Air Canada passes, only ZED fares. The executive of
the Pionairs will approach Air Canada in the hopes of getting some
concession from C.M.A.
Bill Fisher confirmed that widows and widowers are still eligible
to use 25, 30 and 35 year unused service passes, although this is
being reviewed by Air Canada.
A passing comment from the podium to the effect that the new
layout for the Horizons was not an enhancement and provided to much
blank space  - was greeted with applause.

Errol Mitchell reminds us that their coffee get togther will
be on November 19th at 11.00am in the Air Canada conference room
at Halifax International Airport. All are welcome.


. Cruisin' by your co-pilot Terry-
On Sept 22nd, my wife and two non airline friends joined some 90
other interliners on the Panama cruise hosted by Fraser & Joan
Muir - past National President of Pionairs on behalf of Canadian
Interline Travel on the Crown Princess.
The cruise was from Vancouver to Los Angeles, and from Los Angeles
to Ft. Lauderdale, in fact 2 cruises. Included in the cost was a 7
days at a resort in Ft. Lauderdale and a space available pass to
return home - at the price charged, you could not afford to pass
it up!
Living on Vancouver Island, we had to get a ferry to the mainland,
but there was a direct bus service to the cruise terminal.
My friends and wife & I were fortunate in getting an upgrade
from 'K' to 'B' - quite acceptable.
The trip from YVR to LAX was a tad rough, and quite a few of the
passengers visited the medical facilities.
On leaving Los Angeles, after collecting another 28 to add to our
party, the ship hove to about an hour after leaving the cruise
terminal, we had to wait for a late arriving passenger, who was
catching us up in a water taxi. Fraser Muir assured us that the
late arrival was not an interliner!
Our group now comprised of members from several airlines -
American Airlines, United, Qantas, Alaska, Fedex, Canadi>n,
Air Canada, Aloha, Northwest, TWA, PWA and Lufthansa.
We enjoyed several parties hosted by either the Captain, or Fraser
& Joan on behalf of Canadain Interline Travel.
We saw a very large pod of dolphins one day, and another a school
of flying fish being chased by gulls.
Second port of call was Cabo San Lucas with 90 deg humidity, we
took a leisurely walk around the town. The old adage ' Never leave
home without insurance' came to reality as our departure was delayed
for several hours as one of our group suffered a heart attack and
had to await an air ambulance for tranfer to Phoenix. The party has
since been returned to Vancouver and is recovering.
Next we dropped anchor at Acapulco, we walked into town in dreadful
heat, and were pestered at each step by vendors.
Due to the approaching hurricane Olga, we had to bypass the next
scheduled port of Huatulco. The seas were really heaving by then,
and the medical services were severely tested - we hear!
Puerto Caldera in Costa Rica was a pleasant port, unfortunately the
nearest large town is San Jose about 60 miles away, but there were
some excellent craft shops in the terminal.
To travel the Panama Canal is an experience not to be missed, we
were up at 4.30 am to secure a preferred place in the forward dome
to view this spectacular event. The weather was perfect, and to
watch large container ships pass through the locks ahead of you was
just awesome - we had just 18 inches to spare each side when we
passed through.
A stop at San Blas Islands could have been missed, most of the day
was spent watching the inhabitants in their dug out canoes, which
constantly required bailing out, in between diving into the waters
for anything thrown from the ship.
Cartagena in Columbia was a very interesting city and, for the 4
of us, our guide charged US$40 for 4 hours, and kept us away from
most of the shopping centres as we requested.
Aruba was the cleanest place, you could almost eat your dinner
off the sidewalk! The people were pleasant and did not hound you
when you did go into the stores. Several of our group took a
bus tour but, unfortunately the bus broke down, and its replacement
did not fare much better.
At Ft. Lauderdale, many of our group stayed on for the 7 days at
the resort. The fact that these were time sharing condo's alerted
you to the fact that there would be a 'push to sell'. Fortunately
we were able to forestall the efforts; however, my guests and I
each ended up with the T-shirt and bottle of wine which was the
enticement gift package.
We visited the Everglades by airboat, spent time lounging around
the pool and visited several shopping malls.
Now we are back home again, trying to get used to cooking our own  
food and making our own beds - so let's hope the next cruise is not
too far away!

. For the curious -

We know of the 707, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, but what
happened with the 717?  Was there ever one?
Actually the 717 is the KC-135, the manufacturers placard on the
inside of the crew door says Model 717.
There was also the Boeing 720 and the 2707.
The Boeing 2707 was the proposed SST that never got further than
a mock up in a hanger somewhere in the USA.
The Boeing 720 is a later production variant of the 707, it was a
bit smaller and had a bit longer range. Sort of a 707SP... Pratt &
Whitney Canada flies a 720 testbed aircraft which has normally a
5th engine on a fuselage pod.

British Airways has recently dumped more than 56 tonnes of waste
paper from its Heathrow offices in an environmental spring clean.
Unwanted manuals, letters and documents have been sent for
recycling. In a symbolic gesture, 56 trees will be planted at the
new British Airways Harmondsworth Moor complex.

A Peach Air jet had to leave 10 passengers behind in Greece recently
because of exceptionally hot weather. The baggage of 130 who did
board was also left behind.The very hot conditions subjected the
jet - enroute to Newcastle, UK - to severe weight restrictions.
Peach Air is a subsiduary of Caledonian Airways.

A Britannia Airways captain has been suspended after a flight
attendant claimed she walked into the cockpit and found the
captain's wife flying the aircraft.

Beware when using the bathrooms on aircraft - because you could
end up in hospital. Several passengers have become victims of a new
vacuum toilet system which is replacing the flush chemical type.

. Interline stuff.

Standed in Florida due space?
Try these hotel options -
Holiday Inn, 4900 Powerline Rd. Ft. Lauderdale
(954)776-4880  US$45.00 single/double + tax.
Comp. shuttle every half hour.
Comfort In & Suites, 5301 N.W. 36th St. Miami
(305)871-6000  US$52.95 single/double + tax.
Comp. shuttle and deluxe continental breakfast.
Sofitel Miami Hotel, 5800 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami
(305)264-6101  US$99.00 single/double + tax.
Best Western Misami Airport, 1550 N.W. LeJeune Rd, Miami
(305)871-2345  US$52.00 single/double + 12.5% tax.
Everglades Hotel, 244 Biscayne Blvd, Miami. 20 mins from airport.
(561)243-0645  US$50.00 single/double + tax. 

Car rental Budget has scored a first at Heathrow LHR with a new
rent-a-bike service. From UKP12 per bike perday, the 'bootbike'
is available in 2 frame sizes with 21 gears, puncture proof tyres
and thickly padded saddles, toolkit and lock.

Stuck at LHR due flights?
Hounslow Hotel give interliners special discounts for their
comfortable rooms, all ensuite with colour TV, phone & free
parking. Call 0800-731-0786

Don't forget departure fee at LHR is now UKP20.00 (CA$46.00)


. Smilies.

The acronym for the recent meeting of the Commonwealth leaders was
CHOGM - (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting).
Somehow the acronym has got to mean -
Cheap Holidays on Government Money!


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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