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Your crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
Co-pilot     - Terry Baker

number 212     date Nov 20th 1997


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.  Bernard F. Miller sends us this bio of Charlie Eyre retired
VP Personnel.

You may recall Charlie Eyre from the early days of TCA.
He joined the RCAF and among other wartime experiences he served
as a navigator with the Canadian Overseas Transport Service
(i.e. the beginning of TCA's overseas operations).
Following the war, Charlie flew as a TCA line navigator and
quickly became the President of CALNA. After being laid off as a
navigator he joined TCA's management as chief labour negotiator
for G.R. McGregor and he negotiated most of the airlines early
collective agreements.
He rose to the top of the Personnel and Industrial Relations
Dept under Gordon MacGregor and then Herb Seagrim but was replaced
by Dave Tennant during the McKinsey reorganization.
He then was seconded to Air Jamaica as President and CEO of that
airline and upon returning to Air Canada several years later under
Mr.Pratte, was named as VP of the European Region based in London.
He and Margaret are probably the only Canadians ever to refuse an
invitation to the Queen's garden party because it conflicted with
their annual trip to Yarmouth NS.
When Claude Taylor was named President of Air Canada his first
staffing decision was to name Charlie Eyre as his Vice President,
Personnel. Charlie served in that position until his retirement in
..Bernie Miller



Bill Sim sends us this information -

The origins of curling are uncertain but Scotland is recognized as
the home of the game and 1993 was the 150th anniversary of Queen
Victoria's granting the title of Royal to the Caledonian Curling
Club-the mother club of curling throughout the world.
Scots introduced the game overseas, principally in Canada in the
late eighteenth century, and Canada is now easily the biggest
curling nation. The game is played by teams of four players, each
using two curling stones and playing them alternatively with their
opponents to circles at each end of a 46 yard sheet of ice.

Pionairs Curling Montreal System Championship Bonspiel.
All Pionairs Welcome.
The Pionairs Bonspiel will take place at the Montreal West Curling
on Friday and Saturday February 27-28,1998.
The cost, $32.00 per person--covers two days curling and dinner on
Saturday.  The charge for dinner guests will be $15.00.
Enter a full rink or individually, including Spouses.
Make your cheque payable to "Air Canada Pionairs in trust".
Mailing address Don Paterson, 1381 Chemin des Chalets,
Baldwin Mills, Quebec. J1A 2S4.
For more information about the Bonspiel, Airport pick-up,
Call Don Paterson (819) 849 7915 or Norm Reid (514) 488 8765.


Linda Downard sends us this information -

The Okanagan Pionairs annual Christmas Party will be held Monday
December 1st at the Kelowna Ramada Hotel at 11:30 AM.
Cost is $17.00 per person.
Because of the possible mail strike, collection will be at the
door however, in order that the people organizing this event can
give the Ramada the number of people attending, if you plan to
attend, please call Edna or Joe Cormier at (250)769-3262 by
Saturday, November 22.



The end of an era in civil transports was announced by the Boeing
Commercial Airplane Group.  In the aftermath of last summer's
acquisition by Boeing of McDonnell Douglas, soon to be gone from
the new jet market are the MD-80 and MD-90 series.
The long-haul MD-11 trijet will be continued for a while, demand
coming mainly from cargo carriers.  Spared from the chopping block
-- at least for now -- is the new MD-95 narrow-body twin.

Don't put anything in your luggage you wouldn't want read
by security personnel, if you're traveling through the Los Angeles
International Airport.  That's how accurate the latest scanning
machines slated for installation at LAX are, according to the FAA.



More Canadian Interline Travel Hot Deals!

- Ship: Horizon
- 11 Night Ultimate Caribbean Cruise from US$854
- Itinerary - Ft. Lauderdale, Curacao, La Guaira,
Grenada, Barbados, Martinique, St. Thomas, Ft. Lauderdale
- November 24/97 only
- Inside CAT 9-12 from US$854
- Outside CAT 6-8 from US$1004
- Outside Deluxe CAT 3-5 from US$1054
- Rates include port charges
- Based on Double occupancy
Call Toll Free at: 1-800-665-3100 and mention Pionairs.


Your Copilot found this -

AirTran Airlines, the new name for ValuJet, announced last week
that it would be moving its corporate headquarters from Atlanta
to Orlando, Florida.
Wags immediately opinioned that the carrier would only get as far
as Gainesville, Florida before being forced to stop for

The venerable Cessna 152 POH recommends testing the stall warning
horn by placing a clean cloth over the stall vent and drawing a
vacuum.  When an instructor asked a student at our club how to
test the stall warning horn, he replied "place your mouth over the
wing stall vent and suck hard till the siren goes off."
The instructor then asked, "What would you do if the vent was
full of bugs and such?"  The student pondered for a moment and
then replied, "Ask the instructor to place his mouth over the wing
stall vent and suck hard till the siren goes off..."


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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