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number 219     date Dec 7th 1997

. Jack Cooke sends us this report of the TCA Alumni meeting -

26th Annual TCA Alumni Conference
@ TradeWinds Resort (& Breckenridge Hotel)
St. Pete's Beach - November 24-27 incl.
There are now 148 members (plus 5 or 6 new ones picked up
at this conference).
This info was passed along by our secretary, Mary Ryder,
and she confirmed that she had 78 registrations for this
year's function.
During the business meeting which followed our continental
breakfast, it was agreed that the membership fee should be raised
to $10 per year. This would help to offset the drain on our bank
balance due to the US$ exchange rate.
Even though there had been over $1400 in the account, approx
$400 was lost in bank fees as our hotel charges had to be remitted
in US dollars.
The luncheon cruise was a great success with 52 signing on for
the sailing on the Riverboat "Starlite Princess", an authentic
paddlewheeler. The sit-down meal offered 6 choices, and everyone
thoroughly enjoyed their selections.
The windup banquet was attended by 84 TCA'ers and friends, and
the menu was superb - tossed salad, boneless chicken breast, small
boiled potatoes, and mixed vegetables. For dessert - fresh
straw-berries and whipped cream!!
After the tables were cleared, there was some serious dancing to
many favourite tunes.
Those of you who missed it - missed a good one. Here are some of
the names that might stir up some memories, and entice you to join
us in 1998:-
Morley & Mary Ryder, Courtney & Nancy Greene,
Mary & George Emerson, Bill & Jean Holland, Jim & Margaret McClue,
Al & Dorothy Wild, Archie & Marion Soule, Stephanie Mandzie,
June Morris, Ilene Pedwell, Pat Schumacher, Kay Miller,
Jack & Elizabeth McDougall, Wilfrid & Moira McKenna,
Gord & Marion Hykle (it was great to see him back and he's
feeling 100%), Ken & Anne Flach, Ross & Jenny Smyth,
George & Esther McKillop, Don & Libby Moore,
Bill & Eileen Nicholson, Don & Fern Wiley, Bruce & Evelyn Gibson,
Walter & Stephanie Chopp, Chuck & Donzella Allison,
Jack & Val Somerset, and............ the list goes on!
The weather was great; only 1 day in the low 60's, and everything
else in the mid 70's to low 80's with no rain.
There were lots of raffles and draws (including those 50/50 ones)
and nearly everyone won something.
We were all winners of course for just being there. Got the urge??
Check off the last week in November 1998, and get your own party
together. AC as well as TCA invited, AND you can bring along
friends for the same rates for hotel and functions!
Write to:    Mary Ryder (Secretary)
1000 Mic Mac Blvd.
Apartment # 607
Dartmouth, NS
B3A 4M7
Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
Regards, Jack.
(Thank you Jack, surely some of our readers will recognize some
of those names - eds)


Do you like travelling, meeting people and having fun?
Would you like to see Jamaica, go to New Zealand for a tour,
have dinner in Oslo, a happening in Helsinki and relax on the
Indian shore?
If you answered YES to any of the above and you are an airline
employee or retiree from an airline, you should join one of the
86 clubs of the World Airlines Clubs Association (WACA).
Birth of WACA
In Cannes, France, in April 1966, The Riviera Airlines Club
hosted by a conference of the various airline club representatives
to discuss the formation of a world body which would unite and
promote the activities of interline clubs throughout the world.
The objective of such an organisation:
To promote and encourage friendship, good fellowship and mutual
understanding among people of the world, no matter what
social standing, race or religion. Many of WACA's goals are
based simply on having fun together with no limitations to our
differences of status, social standards, race, religion or
Most member clubs have a yearly event. The club organizes a travel
package which is in the WACA calendar of events.
Interliners from all continents participate and learn first-hand
the country, culture, taste the variety of food and drink.
The club also organises local social functions, where airlines
sponsor either the event or donate tickets.
In addition many great raffle prizes are drawn and with the money
raised they assist the local charity. The biggest international
event is the AGA,  the annual general assembly at the end of each
year. Most of the clubs participate and there is an Airline Fair
for three consecutive nights! Each club has its own stall and
promotes its programme dressed up in national costume, offering
samples of their drinks, food and dance in their countries'
rhythms. In other words, the world at your feet for three nights
full of fun and new experiences!
WACA has social programmes which have included:
International Year of The Child
International Year of the Disabled
International Year of the Elderly
Special Olympics for the Handicapped
Save The Children Fund
Earthquake Relief Appeals
There is also the WACA Youth Programme which enables families to
send their youngsters to other parts of the world as guests of
other fellow interliners. Many young people have advanced their
education and outlook on the rest of the world by meeting
different people, learning their cultures and living in their
The administration of WACA is an Executive Committee of eleven
members and a WACA Headquarters Manager.
There is a WACA Manual and directory with the names and addresses
of Clubs and WACA officers.
Our newsletter, WACA World News(WWN), is published up to four
times a year, updating interliners on social and charity events,
on airline profiles and related industry news. WWN accepts
advertising sponsorship from 1/4 to one full page in black and
white or in colour.
WACA Headquarters
c/o International Air Transport Association (IATA)
2000 Peel Street
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3A 2R4
Tel: +1 (514) 844-6311 (ext 3243)
Fax: +1 (514) 844-5286 (Attn.: WACA)
Teletype YULWIXB (attn.: Winterbotham)
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa have signed a strategic alliance
covering a wide area of commercial cooperation, covering areas
like code-sharing, frequent flyer programmes, ground handling,
customer services, network development and cargo operations.
Singapore Airlines denied rumours the alliance between its
airline and the German carrier was the first step for Singapore
Airlines in joining the Star Alliance, adding that the agreement
with Lufthansa was "strictly bilateral.


Washington based Atlantic Coast Airlines (DH) has placed six firm
orders and six conditional orders for Canadian manufacturer
Bombardier's Canadair Regional Jet, in addition to taking options
on a further 24. Deliveries are scheduled to begin the last quarter
of 1998.

US regional carrier Comair (OH) has announced it converted
conditional orders for 12 50 seat Bombardier Canadair Regional Jets
(CL-65) to firm orders. Comair has still 45 options remaining, on
top of an initial order for 68 aircraft placed in May 1997.

Egyptair (MS) has ordered two A340-600 ultra long haul aircraft
with two further options from European aircraft manufacturer Airbus
Industrie. The Rolls Royce Trent 500 powered 400 seat aircraft
currently has the longest range of any civil plane on the market at
13,900 Km (8,690 miles). Delivery is scheduled to begin in early

Seattle, Washington (USA) based Horizon Air (QX) has exercised
options for ten Bombardier de Havilland Dash 8 Serie 200 aircraft
in a deal valued at USD 120 millions. The new order is part of 30
options Horizon Air took when it bought 35 aircraft of the type in
December 1996.

Northwest Airlines has introduced a new system wide rule allowing
most passengers only a single carry-on in addition to a briefcase,
a laptop or a purse.


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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