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"Between Yourselves - NetLetter" 
number 223     date  Dec 17th 1997


From: "Bill Norberg" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

. Bill Norberg sent us this -
Hi folks,
The Christmas Season always seems to have special airline memories
for me.
There were special flights and the big question:-
"Would we get off early on Christmas Eve or did we have to work
Christmas Day"?
Airline people for many years before the Internet had access to a
world wide communication system via teletypes. It was not uncommon
for Christmas messages to be sent to all parts of the country or
even the world. The system put us in touch with so many associates
and friends.
I would like to make use of the "NetLetter - Between Yourselves"
to send Seasons Greeting and all of the best for the New Year to
all our many retirees around the country. May you all have good
health, peace of mind and the comfort of family and good friends.

There is one airline Christmas story that comes to mind and that
not many may be aware of. When we first received the North Star
aircraft in late 1947 there was a fuel leakage problem that
prevented us from using the aircraft heaters in flight.
The heaters on the aircraft were a fuel fired type located in the
cargo compartment. There had been problems with the DC-6 aircraft
which were similar to the North Star.
There was a need to get a backlog of mail from Montreal to
Winnipeg and it was decided to use a North Star aircraft and fly
it without the use of the heating system. I was wanting to get to
Winnipeg to see my parents as well as taking some presents and
managed to get on the flight using my regular flight pass.
The fact that it would not be heated was a mere detail.
The Captain was Ron Baker and I think the First Officer was
Jack Grisdale.
I dressed warmly and departed on the flight with a few other
plussers. There  were no flight attendants on board although a
few sandwiches and thermos containers of coffee were boarded.
We flew at a fairly low altitude where the outside temperatures
were more favourable and we plugged along for about the usual
5 to 6 hours. We were all wearing heavy coats amd mitts and while
a bit uncomfortable was not that bad. There was a lot of walking
up and down the aisle to keep one's feet warm.
The return flight the next day was again under similar conditions
but it went only as far as Toronto. There were 4 plusses on that
leg and we spent most of the flight in the ladies washroom lounge
with the door closed trying to conserve heat. A bottle of Crown
Royal also added some additional heat.
All in all a very interesting experience for me.
(Thanks Bill, if anyone else has any memories with TCA/AC, we
will gladly publish them here - eds)


. Helmut Hemmerich sends us this bio -

My biography with TCA-Air Canada: started at TCA as a junior mech.
CAT. 13 on temporary bases in 1955 at the Dorval Base.
Lay-off in the fall of 1955 and a stint in the US Air Force Base
in GooseBay, Labrador.
Hired permanently in Feb. 1957 at Dorval where I worked as a
Mechanic on C & D checks as well as modification checks on North
Stars, Super Connies and later Vanguards, DC8,DC9, L1011 and B747
aircraft. Spend some time in the support shop (passenger chair)
hospital. The most interesting work was the refurbishing programs
or wide body look on our DC9 and DC8 fleet. (We read now in the
'Horizons' that some of the DC9 fleet will be done again).
In the late 80's our B747 and L1011 fleet got the same treatment,
my contributions as a specialty forman were the highlights of my
After 34 years I volunteered to be a candidate for the downsizing
program in 1991. My wife Maria and I moved to the Ottawa suburb of
Kanata in 1996 where we are involved in various fitness activities.
We are active members of the local Pionairs chapter, we appreciate
news from former colleges as well as the latest company and
industry news.
Bye for now.
(Thanks Helmut. The email for Helmut and Maria is:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


. And Jack Cooke sends us this report -

Yesterday, Dec 11th,  I went to our annual lunch with the old
AC/C&SS Front Street gang. We tried the "Palavrion" restaurant in
the New CBC Bldg. on Front Street West across from Skydome.
Excellent selection of food/drinks.
Here are some of the names that you may recognize from
your AC days:
Josie LoBianco, Lynda Campbell, Anne McLeod, Samir Farag,
Ed Storey, Rosemary Taylor, Dave Williams, Carol Reid,
Bruce Castator, Sandy & Herb Gladman, Gary Robertson,
Charlie Lennox, Mel d'Mello, Graham Wright, Kay Thacker,
Frank Marando, Bob Newson, Shirley Schacter, John Muhmajhan,
Wayne Holmes, Jackie Murdoch, Stan Petch.
Regards, Jack
(Thank you Jack - Vesta and I remember some of the people you
listed, we are sure others will too - eds)


From the London, England monthly newsletter -
Plans are well underway for the 'Boston Bonanaza', this will be
a short trip, one which, in past years has become an annual event
with visits so far to Calgary, Edmonton, Niagara Falls, Ottawa,
Quebec City and Nice in France. The date chosen will be the
first few days in November, hoping to enjoy the fall colours.
More details to follow.



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From the London, England newsletter -
If you happen to be on the island of Maui, Hawaii, there is
a very interesting small museum in the shopping area of Kahului
(near the airport). It's the world's only known paper aeroplane
museum. There are over 2,000 models and kits on display.
Also displayed in the museum are models of ships and aeroplanes
made from fruit juice cans. The museum is open free to the public.

Days Inn, Boston (Logan Airport), special airline rate US$54.50
with free shuttle to the airport and free continental breakfast.
Quality Inn, Toronto, special airline rate of CA$45.00 + tax,
shuttle service is available.


. Smilies.

More from that crazy Airline Dictionary sent by Lawson Tremellen

Baggage Claim
The most difficult area of the airport to find. It is usually
hidden by numerous signs saying, "Baggage Claim Area."
Carry On Bag
An item, usually of large dimensions, which somehow managed to fit
under the passenger's seat on the inbound flight.
Regardless of what the passenger says the following are not
acceptable as carry-on items:
bicycles, steamer trunks, refrigerators, truck tires,
or wide screen projection TVs.
Flight Schedule
An entertaining work of paperback fiction.
On Time
An obscure term, meaning unknown.
A natural weather phenomenon which usually occurs around an airport
while the surrounding areas are clear. Fog is controlled by the
airlines and is used to delay flights.


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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