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@MMMP*MR    .eRMMMMML  .:.          
@MMM"  `MN  eRM8*"MMMR z"~?          
RMM5    ?8N$M8#   `MMMd!X%~.         
:~R88Rmu.dMMM6     J8*"f~f4~X         
!~~~~~""?RMMM$BBH++"~~~~4~4~X          Merry Christmas!
%~""z+<:LRMMM!~~~~~~~~~~M~X~!          Joyeux Noel!
f~X#   *MM/MN:"%L~~~~<!~f4           And best wishes for 1998.
<~~F    'MM> #$~~$i:<~4~!~X          
!~4     'MM$  ?~~MM$X~n~*<~           Terry and Vesta.
X~~      MMMN '~~$MM$:!H~@u.         
'>~%     '8MMNf~X ^#Mk~~dRMMRhs.     
`:~!s    'R@"~XL    ^-4BMMMMMMMRm.  
^4:~~"~~"~~:dRMhc      ^*8MMMMMMMNu
`"=<:::>^"8MMMMRc       "tMMMMMMMN
'MMMMMMR.       ^*MMMM8M
'MMMMMMML        "MMM 
9MMMMMMM>        "MM 
9MM8#8MMk         #" 
8*"  ^*ME            

Your crew is: Chief Pilot    - Vesta Stevenson
Co-pilot       - Terry Baker  tm

"Between Yourselves - NetLetter" 
number 224     date


. We welcome Paula Pulling, who transfered to Halifax from Ottawa
and retired from Customer Service at Halifax airport,
as a Supervisor about four years ago.
Her e-mail address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


.  Gemma Young sends us the following message -
My warmest wishes to all retirees. I wish everyone of you
a safe holiday season and a New Year filled with happiness.


. Ron Munson, our first Pionair on our mailing list from
London, England has sent us this bio -
Joined T.C.A. in 1961 in what was then called the Purchases and
Stores Dept. where I worked with someone called Terry Baker who
later packed his bags and transferred to YUL.
After 10 years came the big re-org.and for my sins I became
Personnel Manager  UK for the next 6 years  From here I then spent
a further 6 years as Commissary and Catering Manager in our own
Flight Kitchen situated on the LHR Apt. (sadly these premises have
just been sold and our catering requirments are now contracted out).
I then moved into our Regional Offices for 7 years as Manager,
Airport Operations and Support Services until I took early
retirement at the end of 1988.
It was during my last 7 years. and during my monthly visits to our
H.Q. meetings, that two characters named Ron Vigars and Don Nelson
(my counterparts from USA and Atlantic) taught me the trick of
putting salt in that liquid you Canucks call beer. It did nothing
to improve the taste but it did help to reduce the amount of fizz!!!
I live in Ashford, Middlesex, some 4 miles south of the LHR.
Regards,   Ron. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Jack Cooke sends us this update of the Toronto Pionairs.
Once again, the Airport Wyndham Bristol Place Hotel was
the venue for our festive get-together. Attendance was down
to 102 due to the postal strike and people were unable to
send in their money in advance. After mingling over
cocktails and catching up on local trivia, we sat down to a
delicious  luncheon of turkey roast with all the trimmings.
Our guest speaker was Ms. Josee Schwartz, Sales Manager
from Canadian Interline Travel. She distributed a flyer of
interline travel sales for AC Pionairs, outlined their plans to
host up to four group departures per year.
Our National President, Olie Moore advised that work on the free
and reduced manual was proceeding slowly (as it was all volunteer
work), but there would be something distributed with the mailing
for the AGM (due out in Feb or early Mar).
Roy McCormack outlined plans for music and entertainment at the AGM
functions, and urged local members, who might not check-in to the
hotel, to attend both the dinner dance and the windup banquet.
Bill Ripley said work was progressing on the pre- and post-AGM
tours and, as usual, bookings and payments should be made directly
to the tour operator.



UAL's test restricting carry-on bags got off the ground Dec 8th
in Des Moines, Iowa, as the carrier limited low-fare customers to
only one bag in the cabin.  United chose Des Moines as its test
tube for the new policy because of its high percentage of business

Walter Addems, whose pilot license -- number 101 -- was signed by
Orville Wright and who went on to become chief pilot for United
Airlines, died last month at age 98.  His passing leaves George
Grundy as the sole surviving member of the Early Birds, a
group of pilots who soloed before December 17, 1917.

London based British Airways is talking to Airbus and Boeing about
buying more than 50 narrowbody aircraft for its European aircraft
but could eventually place a larger order for up to 160 jet
aircraft, including widebodies.
Aa British Airways spokesman said the airline was currently
concentrating on its European fleet with the aim of
standardizing it around a single family of aircraft in the 120-160
passengers range.

In the late 1960s and Early 1970s, the Russians built an SST which
was actually test-flown before the Concorde, the Tupelov TU-144.
One of them was in service with Aeroflot until > it crashed at the
Paris Air Salon, and only one remains rusting away at an avaiation
museum lot outside Moscow.
The Tu-144 did see extremely limited service with Aeroflot, before
being eventually grounded. One is being used right now on a joint
research program with NASA.

In a talk delivered by an Airbus representative awhile back, the
speaker posed the question, "What do you think are the most
heavily travelled city pairs in the world?"
Obvious guesses are New York-London, New York-LA, etc.
Here are the top 20 routes in the world today based on the number
of seats flying between each airport pair every day.
Ranked by daily seats.
1. Kaohsiung-Taipei  2. Melbourne-Sydney  3. Haneda-Sapporo
4. Taipei-Hong Kong  5. Pusan-Seoul       6. Kahului-Honolulu
7. Cheju-Seoul       8. Haneda-Fukuoka    9. Sydney-Brisbane
10. Los Angeles-Los Vegas 11. Barcelona-Madrid
12. Honolulu-Los Angeles  13. O'Hare-Los Angeles
14. Los Angeles-San Francisco 15. Johannesburg-Cape Town
16. Los Angeles-Phoenix 17. Singapore-Jakarta
18. Rio de Janeiro-Sao Paulo 19. Singapore-Kulala Lumpur
20. Los Angeles-JFK



Following message from Bill Norberg -
Just returned from YUL and was surprised to find that a $10.00
charge is being made to all departing passengers.
It is defined as a "Donation" towards development of the Dorval
Airport facilities rather than a tax. I don't know if this is
general knowledge but it was news to me.
I gather it has been challenged and people can appeal not to
pay it. The only snag is that by the time you find the person
capable of making such a decision your flight is long gone.
Regards Bill
(Bill must have missed our report in NetLetter nr 208 - eds)

Canadian Interline Travel Hot Resort Deals!

Interline Resort Condos
- 0 to 30 Days Prior US$249 per Unit
- 30 to 60 Days Prior US$349 per Unit
- Hundreds of Resorts and dates to choose from!
- Some 1997 dates still available

Condo style accommodations for 7 nights, most units are
studio or 1 bedroom and sleep 4 adults.

Resorts presently available in:
- Canada
- Canary Islands
- Portugal
- Scotland
- South America
- Spain
- Wales

Call 1-800-665-3100 for details and mention Pionairs.


. Smilie
Found by Terry -

It's not even the dead of winter yet and some U.S. residents are
apparently already experiencing cabin fever.
Witness Ronald B. Glenn, 40, whose antics with a pickup truck on the
taxiways at Pocatello, Idaho airport delayed several flights
recently. Local police chased him down and charged him with
trespassing, resisting arrest and driving while intoxicated but,
curiously, not with indecent exposure;
Glenn was buck naked.


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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