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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 815  Feb 28th., 2004. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.
Air Canada cancels flights to Haiti. In view of the continuing political
situation in Haiti, we have cancelled our flights into Port au Prince until
March 6. We will re-evaluate the situation late next week. The Corporate
Security team continues to assess the situation on an hourly basis, in
conjunction with the Canadian embassy as well as local airport authorities, to
ensure the safety of our operations, customers and crews.

Effective January 2005, the Airport Improvement Fee at Vancouver International
Airport for travel within North America will increase from ca$10.00 to
It is reported that effective June 1st, the AIF at Vancouver International
Airport will be added to the ticket price, and the kiosks will be done away

" ' "

. Nice to know.
Parent and Partner programme  
§       Parent travel will be unlimited on Air Canada and therefore is no
considered as part of the partner allotment of 10. Consequently, parent
eligibility for ZED travel on Air Canada will be cancelled. ZED fare
eligibility on other airlines remains the same.

§       Parent pass service charges remain at the same levels, i.e., same as
partner charges.
§       The partner pass program for 2004 remains unchanged with the allotment
of 10 partner passes per year. (4 partner passes for widows)
§       Employees or retirees, married or single, continue to have the ability
to register their non-dependent children for unaccompanied travel anytime
during the year.
§       Only single employees or retirees will continue to be able to
nominate a
partner of their choice for unaccompanied travel anytime during the year  up to
two people for the year.
Example:   Mike nominates Cheryl in January 2004, but then nominates Chris in
March 2004. Chris will 
remain the unaccompanied travel partner for the rest of the year.
§       When traveling without the employee, nominated partners or
children will travel at the
C5/Y10 priority.

All personal travel agreements with other airlines have been converted to ZED
agreements and need to be booked using the ETS. Exception: ID travel (ID 90, ID
75) for Delta and Singapore Airlines. These are done through the Call Centre at
1 800 413-1113

Separate Fuel Surcharge Eliminated.
Effective 19 January 2004, the separate $20 fuel surcharge will no longer be
applied to pass travel.   Instead a reduced surcharge will be incorporated into
the individual segment service charges.   As a result, pass travel service
charges for employees, retirees and their eligible dependents will increase by
50 cents for each flight segment on all routes.   A $1.50 increase will be
added, per flight segment on all routes for parent and partner travel.

The following is from the Pionairs email issued by Gord Dalziel -
Nice to know Information
Lost or Damaged Luggage
Please be advised that lost luggage of contingent passengers is treated like a
claim for a regular passenger. The contingent must file the claim as a regular
Border Wait Times - Address
Traveling to or from the U.S.A., here is a Web Site which may help you as the
Border Wait Times. Check it often as it is updated regularly.
Canadian Government Citizenship & Immigration contacts
For information on citizenship and immigration
1 888 242-2100
(in Canada only)
For information on the Permanent Resident Card (PR Card)
1 800 255-4541
(in Canada only)
Canadian Government advises on Travel Documentation needs
A Canadian Government source for your Travel Documentation requirements when
Canadian Passport Office -- Web Site
Some additional Web Sites and Mail Lists which can be subscribed to.
For those new Members who have joined Pionairs in the past Weeks and Months.
For others this may be a Review. Thank You for your Patience.
www.achorizons.ca Air Canada Horizons Web Version. ( Not being Mailed any
www.ACFamily.net First time Visitors select Register at the Top of the Home
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The NetLetter has been in operation since October
www.aircanada.ca Air Canada Home Web Site
www.pionairs.ca Pionairs Web Site ( District Events are Listed )
www.star-alliance.com Star Alliance Airlines of which Air Canada was a founding
www.travel.aircanada.ca Air Canada Employee Travel Web Site.
www.adobe.com/acrobat To obtain Acrobat Reader - Free , visit this Web Site.
http://codes.managementreporting.com/ This will allow you to check the Airport
Codes of around the World. You may need this when planning your trip involving
ZED Fare Travels.
Phone Contacts: Employee Travel and Recognition office : 1 - 866 - 473 - 4732
Employee Call Centre : 1 - 800 - 413 - 1113
Any Address and Phone Number Changes must be submitted to:
Pensions & Estates Administration - People
P.O. Box 768,
Winnipeg, Manitoba,
R3C 2N2, Canada
Pension & Estates have advised.
“We accept email changes however it is advisable that employees provide us with
a hard copy of the information. This eliminates errors in the information
provided. When we have a copy of the specimen we verify the digits on the

" ' "
. News from the districts.
From the London, England MONTHLY newsletter issued by their director Tony
16th March      -       ACRA Theatre trip “Anything Goes” at Theatre Royal,
Drury Lane.  Cole Porter Musical.
Coach from Radius Park at 6.00pm.  Tickets £19.50
(members) £23.50
28th March      -       Olde Tyme Music Hall.  Coach will leave at 9.30 am and
arrive back at 6.00 pm.   Great day out,
including lunch.     Tickets £19.50.
14th June       -       London Evening tour  very popular event.
7th Sept        -       Day trip to St. Omer  cross channel coach and train.
15th-17th Nov   -       North American Trip to Phoenix  Hotel accommodation
15th & 16th November.

Olde Time  Music  Hall:

There are still some places left as we go to press.   This is a really good day
out and great fun.    The last time we organized this, it was a complete
sell-out.   BUT  the family who have run the company for the last 21 years are
retiring later this year so this will be the last time we shall be able to
offer this event.   

London Evening Tour
This has now been confirmed for Monday evening, 14th June.   The coach will
leave Radius Park at 6.30 pm and will pick up our “Blue Badge” guide outside
the Natural History Museum at 7.00 pm.   An interesting pub stop will be
made along the way.   This tour will cover the West End of London, visiting
many interesting and un-usual points along the way.  The various London
trips which we have done before have always been a sell-out.   The cost per
person will be £7.50 per member and £8.50 for non-members

" ' "
. Found on the internet.
British Airways is getting rid of a huge inventory of useless parts and,
presumably, aiding a good cause. The airline has announced it will hold a
second auction of Concorde "memorabilia" from April 14 to April 17. More than
150,000 spare parts, now considered collectors' items, will go on the block in
the four-day affair at Stoneleigh Park. Bidders will also be able to take part
online. Among the items for sale are instruments, on-board computers, engines
and parts, lights, sensors, plates, knives, forks and spoons.

Vesta spotted this -
World Airways, Inc. (NASDAQ: WLDA) today announced that its board of
directors has approved a succession plan with the upcoming retirement of
Hollis Harris, chairman and chief executive officer. Harris announced today
that he plans to give up the title of chief executive officer effective
April 1, 2004, and retire from the board of directors at the Company's May
6, 2004 annual general meeting.
(We don't think April 1st is significant - eds)

" ' "

. Air Canada news.
Air Canada and Air Jamaica join forces to increase non-stop service.
Effective immediately, Air Canada and Air Jamaica will sell seats on each
other’s flights on a codeshare basis between Toronto-Kingston and
Toronto-Montego Bay. This agreement will not only improve air service for
travellers between Canada and Jamaica by offering more flights on each carrier,
but improved schedules feature increased non-stop flights to and from Kingston
and Montego Bay for the first time. To promote increased services on these
routes, Air Canada and Air Jamaica are offering until April 13, a special low
fare starting as low as $499 for travel between April 5 and June 18.

Jazz introduces onboard café service. February 25th, Air Canada Jazz announced
the launch of Café Jazz, a menu of reasonably priced, premium snacks and meals
in Hospitality Class. The new onboard café service will be available on Jazz
flights of one hour 15 minutes and longer, including flights previously without
food service.

" ' "

Wanted - 3 bedroom condo.......or 2 bedrooms with facilities to sleep
6.....in Kelowna area for 2 weeks in early April. Require from April
4-15.........prefer rental April 2 to 16. Will settle for whatever
dates available including 4th to 15th incl. Will also consider
Whistler, or anywhere within a few hours drive of YVR........not
necessarily a ski resort.
If you have any suggestions please contact Pearl Piers at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From: "Ian Jackson" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: Peru
Expect to visit Lima, Machu Picchu and Cusco and was wondering if anyone had
experience in accommodations for the above. Thanks. AJ

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
"BEST OF IRELAND" by Trafalgar - June 25th to July 4th.

Deadline extended for booking the trip. We are 33 booked and a great group.
Trafalgar has given us the opportunity to book 9 more seats on the bus and it
is all ours. Of course more are welcome.
Price reduced to - $1525.00 as we are over 25 persons.
Including the Booking Form for those who wish to join our group.

Please call Barbara or Sue at 1 800 665 3100 Ext. 1304 (Barbara) and 1350 (Sue)
if you wish to come along. Interlining Plus is organizing the tour for us and
extremely service oriented. Interlining Plus will be at our AGM in Edmonton but
you would have to book as soon as possible for this offer.

Jess Rougeau will be your team leader. This is the 5th trip I've organized and
we usually have a great time together. Have heard from a Pionair who took the
trip last year and commented that it was the BEST!! Especially the Irish
Cabaret in Dublin -- but I also like the Waterford Crystal Factory and the
Beleek China that we will be visiting plus castles and a beautiful country.

Hope you come along.

Jess Rougeau - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Feb. 28 - Mar. 8th -
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prices are for 7 nights (unless indicated otherwise). 2 week prices and other
departures also available.
Air Canada's reliable service • Advance seat selection • Aeroplan® Miles

Air Only
starting at

Prices are for 7 nights (unless indicated otherwise). 2 week prices and other
departures also available.
Air Canada's reliable service • Advance seat selection • Aeroplan® Miles

DIRECTM111wk111111111111 wkAY
FROM LONDON                                             MAR.1 MAR.1 MAR.8 &15
MAR 8.
1 wk   2
wks    1 week   2 wks
Sol Palmeras                                                  $1070 $1930
$1170        $2030
• 4 stars • Standard room • All-Inclusive
Sandals Royal Hicacos Resort & Spa               $1265 $2315  $1365
• Gardenview suite • Super All-Inclusive
Sol Sirenas-Coral Resort                                  $995  $1785
$1095        $1890
• 31/2 stars • Standard room • All-Inclusive
Beaches Varadero                                          $1060 $1895
$1160        $1995
• Gardenview junior suite • Super All-Inclusive
Meliá Varadero                                               $1125 $2040
$1225        $2140
• 41/2 stars • Standard room • All-Inclusive

Contact Staff Travel at 905-605-8084  or 1-877-752-5510

" ' "
. Smilies.
"While flying the Santa Monica VOR-A approach tonight, I heard SoCal approach
Approach: November XXXX say again type.
NXXXX: We're a Beech 19. You know, the little one.
Approach: Roger. So what you're saying is you're a little son of a Beech.

" ' "
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