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The NetLetter #1429

The NetLetter #1429
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NetLetter #1429 | January 11, 2020
The NetLetter

Finnair Registration OH-LYC 
by Michel Gilliand

Dear Reader,

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Subscriber Feedback

tmb cmwa cook 1 5In NetLetter #1427, Gretchen (Aird) Dawson, founder and past president of the Canadian Maple Wings Association (CMWA) sent us information on the cook book illustrations by M. Donahue.

Here we have three more of the cartoons which precede a section.

tmb cmwa cook 1 6 tmb cmwa cook 1 7

After reading the shrimp story by Yvonne Peel in the "Women in Aviation" section of NetLetter #1428, prompted Larry Harris to send in this story -

Here's another shrimp story for you.

The Pacific Western DC-3 used to run YVR-YPW-YBL-YPW-YVR and when in came into YPW the first time, every now and then, the crew would get a bag of shrimp.

They would proceed to eat them going from YPW to YBL and back. As they were eating them they would throw the shells out the open side window, into a spinning propeller, that would give it the effect that the shells were chewed up by the prop, and as a result when the DC-3 would get back into YPW the whole side of the aircraft was splattered with shell remains and looking the most beautiful pink color.

I am sure someone back in YVR had fun cleaning the aircraft later.

Larry Harris, retired PWA who worked in YPW in the mid 60's.

Women in Aviation

  Women in Aviation

Yvonne Peel, retired Air Canada flight attendant, has put together a collection of her memories and experiences during her 31 years adventure with the airline. Her story first started off in NetLetter #1381, continued in #1382 and #1390. Here we have another episode.

No holding tanks.

The Viscount aircraft was really the workhorse of the fleet. It was used for short hops but was also able to land in the cold far north of the country.

Under no circumstances could anyone use the toilet or drain water from the galley once on the ground because otherwise poor unsuspecting mechanical staff or baggage handlers could be showered due to the fact the aircraft had no holding tank!

Remember When

  Remember When

Barbara Dunn would also like to share her memory of the infamous Montreal snowstorm.

I too remember the snowstorm in March of 1971.

We were on course to become flight attendants. We woke that morning and one of our instructors who lived in downtown Montreal, and rode with us on the bus each morning to Dorval, phoned the training centre and was told that class would proceed as scheduled. We all piled onto our 2 buses and headed for the airport.

The highway exit to the training centre was closed by the time we got there so another phone call was made at a gas station, no cell phones in 1971, and we were told to head back to town as classes were cancelled for the day.

Eventually our bus got stuck in the snow on Sources Road and our trip came to a screeching halt. Nowhere to go, no food or drinks. All we could do was wait.

After a few hours one of our group decided she could not wait any longer - she had to find a ladies room. She spotted a house off in the distance and off she trudged. About 30 minutes later she came back to the bus and announced that the lady of the house had invited as all in for something to eat. Apparently she had done a huge shop a few days before and filled her freezer.

So off we all went, in groups of 10 I think, trekking through the deep snow to be welcomed by this wonderful family who took us in and fed us sandwiches and soup. We discovered that her husband worked for CP.

After a while we were all back on the bus and I think several of us fell asleep only to be woken by the sound of several snowmobiles circling the bus. The lady of the house had called the local radio station to say there was a bus load of Air Canada stewardesses stuck in the snow. A group of enterprising young men had come to rescue the damsels in distress with chocolate bars and other delectable snacks.

After a few more hours the bus was able to get underway and we made it as far as Pointe-Claire were we spent the night sleeping on chairs and couches at a local hotel.

The next morning we got back to our hotel in Montreal to discover that the second bus had made it back into Montreal the day before and the hotel had treated them to a special dinner to compensate for their ordeal. Oh well, we had the best story.


AC News

Air Canada News

You Tuber Mark Brandon has posted a new video of fin #101 going out for a training flight.
tmb 550 a220

Ken Pickford adds the following:

That first A220 has been doing a lot of flying around the country for training/familiarization purposes since delivery before going into service in mid-January.

you tube linkHere's another excellent quality video (posted by eye tapper) of it landing at YVR on December 29 after a nonstop from YUL, with ATC comments (such as 'Very Cool').

They asked the crew to do a little tour around the ramp so they could get a better view of it from the tower, before it headed to the Ops Centre to spend the night.

High-speed satellite connectivity is now available across the entire Air Canada Rouge fleet of 65 aircraft that fly globally and across North America.

(Source: AC Media Room,  December 17, 2019)

Toronto-Quito, Ecuador maiden flight takes off.

The new route, announced last February, had its inaugural flight Sunday December 8, 2019. Upon arrival in Quito, the Boeing 767 was met with the traditional water cannons, and passengers were each given a small souvenir. Air Canada Rouge is operating this seasonal route three times a week—the first non-stop service to Ecuador from Canada.

(Source: AC Daily December 13, 2019)


TCA/AC People Gallery

TCA/AC People Gallery

1989 -

April 6 - Service between Toronto - Zagreb, Yugoslavia via Zurich commenced with L-1011 or B-767 equipment.

April 26 - Service between Toronto-Birmingham U.K. commenced.

enroute may2010Here is the cover of the enRoute magazine issued May 2010.


The following items are reprinted from the archives of

Registration is free to view a large library of information.

Early Trans-Canada Air Lines historical event in 1946/7.

Rates Halved.

Trans-Canada Air Lines have halved their fares for the carriage of food parcels on their transatlantic service between Canada and England. The new charge, which started on October 15, 1947 covers the cost of local delivery in England, and T.C.A. hope to provide a 48-hour delivery service, thus making consignments of fresh food by air available at a reasonable cost.

Fare paying pax.

Trans-Canada Air Lines have announced February 26, 1946 that their service to the U.K. is now available to normal fare-paying passengers.

In the past, this service has been confined to priority ticket holders. The new arrangement does not, however, apply to the westbound route, for which British priorities are still necessary.

Calling at Prestwick.

When Trans-Canada Air Lines begins to use London Airport as its terminal in the United Kingdom for trans-Atlantic flights, it will nevertheless, continue to be the policy of the company to make Prestwick a port of call in each direction between Montreal and London.

As from the beginning of this month T.C.A.'s trans-Atlantic flights have been increased to six weekly in each direction, plus a seventh "special flight”. The company has also announced that its services between Canada and the United States have been speeded up from July 1, 1946 with the inauguration of a new direct service from Toronto to Chicago.

Prestwick Traffic Office.

Trans-Canada Air Lines developed their traffic office at Prestwick, so that passengers and agents in Scotland can book there without having to apply to London for reservations on the Prestwick - Montreal service.

Mr. D. Bryce-Buchanan is now Scottish traffic and sales representative.

Continuing the Time Travel: 75 Years in Events. Started in NetLetter # 1419.
1954 - Super Constellation graces skies. 

Increased demand for international service inspires TCA to acquire eight Lockheed Super Constellations in 1954, among the largest and most luxurious aircraft in the world.
tmb CF TGC

TCA becomes Air Canada... en français

Air Canada is semi-officially christened! On January 1, 1954, Air Canada becomes the new official French name for Trans-Canada Air Lines.

On February 1, 1954, TCA launches "Tourist class" economy fares, made possible by adapting higher-density seating arrangements. The move lowers fares by 20 percent.

1955 - TCA welcomes gallant Viscount. 

TCA becomes the first airline in North America to bring turbo-driven aircraft into service on April 1, 1955, with the gallant Vickers Viscount.

The Viscount’s window is about four times the size of those on the average aircraft today – imagine the panorama! This pressurized airliner is the first TCA airplane powered by Rolls-Royce turbine engines, which reduce noise and vibrations, making it a luxury ride when this poster graced walls in 1955.

 tmb 550 CF TGI

1956 - New high standards

Air Canada develops standards for technical specifications for the preparation of technical instructions which, on June 1, 1956, become internationally recognized and adopted in principle by the Air Transport Association of America.


tmb between ourselves emblemFound in the "Between Ourselves" magazine.

Issue dated June 1949.

tmb orangefield prestwickHere we have this photo of the "Orangefield" building, a favourite haunt of Robert Burns, which became the control tower for Prestwick airport.

tmb prestwick airportand this photo of Prestwick airport.
pdf download50x47Click the icon at left for the early story of Prestwick airport.

tmb cf cms at prestwickThis photo of "Old Hundred" CF-CMS fin #0100 on the ramp at Prestwick.

In the centre of the group is Captain Jock Barclay who helped pioneer TCA's Atlantic service.

tmb north star at prestwickA forerunner of the pressurized North Stars which flew the Atlantic, comes to rest in pleasant surroundings at Prestwick after an ocean flight.

horizons logoFound in the ”Horizons” magazine.

Issue dated August 1988.

The TCA Alumni 17th annual 'beach bash' was held on November 8 to 10, 1988 at the Breckenridge Resort Hotel in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.

The 10th annual A.C.E. Fly-in was held at the Burlington air field in 1988 and attracted more than 1,000 people including employees, retirees, toddlers and aviation buffs of all ages.

Three female employees,  Lois Moore, Gwen Helmes and Shannon Down,  put on an impressive display of their flying skills.

Soccer at its best.

In 1988, the ninth annual Air Canada soccer tournament was held in Montreal.

The event was a great success as the entries increased from 12 teams to 15, making it one of the biggest soccer tournaments in North America.

Along with local teams, there were teams from England, Wales, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Vancouver.

The Air Canada (Montreal) soccer team has many plans to mark the 10th anniversary season including games in England, Belgium, Sweden and the system tournament in Winnipeg. Contacts were Ian Tyer and Mike Smith.

Back in June 1988 a team of Air Canada runners from all across the system, Europe, Great Britain, the United States, Jamaica and Canada, participated in the ninth annual Jasper-Banff relay race. One of the premier long distance races in Canada... and one of the toughest of its kind in the world.

In this photo, our team of 'fit and over 40' runners are, standing, from left to right:  Neville Walker (Jamaica), Duncan Rokahr (Montreal), Bill Johnson (Los Angeles), Sid Selver (Montreal), Mike Dwelly (London, England), Rick Hogg (Vancouver), Dennis Smith (Vancouver), John Wall (Montreal), Dan Murphy (Montreal), George Agnew (Vancouver) and Dennis Midgley (Montreal).

And, kneeling behind the enRoute banner are, in the same order: Bruce Hughes (Montreal), Nick Boere (Toronto), Fred Parker (Montreal), Guenter Veeser (Oslo).

The support team are: Jean Bruneau and Marg Cardinale and Moe Laurin (Montreal). 

tmb 550 jasper banff racers

Our proud addition.

Just as proud parents show off photographs of their newborn, we thought you would  like to share these shots of our new 767-200ER, Fin #613, as it was being prepared for service.

After two weeks of modification work in the paint hangar at the Dorval Base, aircraft  C-GDSP went into service on July 30, 1988.

Photography: Jean-Pierre Laliberté, Mechanic, D & C Check Program, Montreal.

tmb 550 c dgsp

Issue dated September 1988.

When Bernie Miller, Vice President, In-Flight Service, addressed a new group or Flight Attendants, he had more than congratulations to pass on to the audience.

He was there to celebrate a personal achievement with fellow graduates who, over the past six weeks had shared a special experience; one fraught with stress, anxiety and laughter.

In our photos we have:

Standing, left to right are: Kim Holmes (Instructor), Louise Lebrun (Flight Attendant Graduate), Christina Lawn, Robert Chapman, Marc-Antoine Morin, Bernie Miller, Chantal Marchand and Jennifer Whitnall (Instructor).

Seated, are: Claire Longhurst, Susan Simpson, Heidl Smith, Chantal Soucy and Janet Gaetz.

tmb flight attendants 1

Other Flight Attendant graduates are, standing, from the left: Mark Olivier, Chantal Bonneau (Instructor), Elise Meloche, Helene Corbeil, Roy Keenan, Guy Marion and Francine Rivest (Instructor).

And, seated are: Linda Cox, Beth Mahan, Chantal Lavallee, Paulette Brendt and April Irving.

tmb 550 flight attendants 2

In June 1963, Trans-Canada Air Lines held its first bilingual course for flight attendants. After their graduation the 19 young women (and two instructors), who came from around the world, marked the occasion with a photo taken in the lobby of the old Berkeley Hotel in Montreal. (Unfortunately, there are no names - eds)

tmb first bilingual flight attendants 1

tmb first multilanguage  stews in 1958Although the above article states that the first multi-language course for stewardesses was held in 1963, we do have this photo, from the "Between Ourselves" magazine issued March 1958, with the caption "The first group of multi-language stewardesses .............."

Note: the balance of the article is of poor quality - eds)

Twenty-five years later, 15 members of the original 1963 group reunited at the Holiday Inn, Montreal.

Standing from the left are: Shirley North, Lorette Desmarchais, Joyce Ernyes, Joan O'Connell, Madeleine Trutschmann (who organized the reunion), Grace Therrien, Louise Lisowski and Lucille Carriere.

Sitting from the left are: Jocelyne Rouleau, Barbara Emery, Claudette Dumas, Nicole Rochon, Gertrude Schuerer, Madeleine Ranellucci Blair and Nicole Geoffrion.

tmb first bilingual flight attendants 2

London Heathrow (LHR) celebrates Canada Day.

tmb canada day at lhrPassengers checking in at Heathrow Airport, London on July 1, 1988 were greeted by Passenger Agents in Stetsons and colourful posters brightened the area.

Bob Lynch. Airport Passenger Services Manager, explained: "Many American carriers celebrate Independence Day at Heathrow so we thought it was time we celebrated Canada Day. The weekend was fun and colourful and our passengers certainly appreciated it."

In our photo we have: Passenger Agents Carrie Llewelyn-Davies (left), Linda Richards (centre) and Nicola Stirling salute Canada Day with their white Stetsons at London's Heathrow Airport.

Bombay gets cooking.

Bombay's ACRA hosted its first event — a cooking competition, at the Lela Penta Hotel.

Eleven airport staff put their culinary talents to work and created an assortment of tantalizing dishes. The hotel's two executive chefs were the judges, but others, including Fred Kossecki, Manager. Indian Sub Continent and Ingo Hirt, Airport Manager, had a chance to sample the goodies.

In the salads category, first prize, a brunch at one of Bombay's five-star hotels, went to Melissa Drego for her rice salad and in the desserts category, an apple pie in the shape of a maple leaf earned Dinaz Kheshwalla top honours.

In the photo are from the left: Elaine de Souza, Mario de Souza. Ingrid Lobo, Ingo Hirt, Dinar Kheshwalla, Melissa Hancock, Vincent Daniels, Melissa Drego and Ashwani Malhotra.

bombay gets cooking


CP Air, Canadi>n People Gallery

CP Air Banner
tmb info canadian emblemFrom the “Info Canadia>n” magazine

Issue dated September 1988

The company commenced a multiple stage realignment of Brandon operation.

Effective October 30, 1988 Toronto based Ontario Express joined Canadian Airlines on the Brandon-Winnipeg route sector. Calm Air will withdraw its services.

Effective February 1, 1989 Ontario Express will replace Canadian's B-737 with a second Jetstream 31 frequency to Winnipeg.

Six employees and a Vancouver businessman will represent Canadian Airlines in the British Virgin Islands Interline Regatta on October. 3, 1988.

More than 50 vessels are entered by airline employee teams from around the world. Canadian's team consists of: Chris Boyer, first officer B-737, Toronto; Claudia Falkenberg, passenger agent, Toronto; Susan MacArthur, flight attendant, Vancouver, John Purchell, non-employee; Paul Fussell, technical instructor and developer, Training Dept., Vancouver; Robin Bridgeman, captain B-737, Vancouver; Karen Gable, purser, Vancouver.

you tube linkClick the icon or the image below to view a video, posted by Aeomaster, of vintage CP Air and Canadian Airlines liveries. 
tmb 550 cpa b 727

Featured Video

 Featured Video(s)

Our featured video for this issue comes from the Just Planes YouTube channel. 

There are several 'Air to Air' views taken from aircraft flight decks. The commentary is also fun to listen to. 

tmb 550 just planes

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

Airplane Graveyard - Bangkok, Thailand. 

tmb 747 downed bangkokEast and out of earshot of the roaring hustle and bustle of the giant Thai capital of Bangkok lies a spooky and fascinating tourist attraction, the Bangkok Airplane Graveyard. Here in the suburbs, since 2010 a variety of aircraft have been left to fall apart.

As can be imagined, the planes have been gutted by people hoping to use any of the valuable materials and sell them as scrap metal. As if the site alone wasn't interesting enough, it is also home to several families who have taken advantage of these rent-free open spaces and moved into them as apartments!

727 Limo.

tmb 727 limoYour eyes are not deceiving you. That is indeed a Boeing 727 Jet turned into a limousine. To make this dream limo a reality, the front section of a 727 was removed and fitted onto the body of a Mercedes bus. 

When this incredibly odd limo was put up for auction on eBay, it sold for a whopping $274,000. Where the owner is going to store this 53 foot, 24,000-pound beast is anyone's guess. It's not exactly a commuter vehicle!

(Source: November 2, 2019)

Deserted airport -

tmb don quixote airportCiudad Real is one of a handful of ghost airports built during Spain's construction boom that has been abandoned.

They had hoped it would draw millions of visitors each year to Ciudad Real and the surrounding area, which is known as the home of Miguel de Cervantes’s fictional knight Don Quixote. The airport itself soon became seen as a quixotic venture. 


Note: The Telegraph requests registration to view the full article.


Wayne's WingsWayne's Wings

wayne albertson articles

Air Canada’s '4th' DC - 9

I first researched the DC–9 fleet in NL #1342 and, while digging around the internet for this article, I found out that Air Canada’s first (fin numbered) DC–9, fin # 701 – Registration CF-TLB – Douglas line # 4, has not yet been scrapped and is now stored in Nairobi, Kenya. Click Here to view.

It spent only a short time in the Air Canada fleet before being sold back to McDonnell Douglas and then leased to several airlines (including Finnair, pictured in header) over the next 45 years. It is last shown as flying for Fly540 as late as 2010.

Please note: Despite its fin number, 701 was not the first DC–9 delivered to Air Canada; it was delivered in April 1966 and was, in fact, the fourth.

Fin 702 was delivered in January 1966 followed by fins 703 & 704 in February.

tmb 550 5y xxb
Registration 5Y-XXB (formerly CF-TLB) 

by Guido Potter


Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips

Terry BakerTerry Baker, co-founder of the NetLetter scours the internet for aviation related Trivia and Travel Tips for you, our readers, to peruse.

Shirlee Schacter sends this greeting which her sister, Gayle Graham, passed along:

The Boarding of Flight 2020 has been announced

Your luggage should only contain the best souvenirs from 2019

The bad and sad moments should be left behind....

The duration of the flight will be 12 months. So, tighten your seat-belt.

The next stop-overs will be: Health, Love, Joy, Harmony, Well-being and Peace.

The Captain offers you the following menu which will be served during the flight ~

A Cocktail of Friendship, A Supreme of Health, A Gratin of Prosperity, A Bowl of Excellent News, A salad of Success, A Cake of Happiness, and All accompanied by bursts of laughter......

Wishing you an enjoyable trip on board flight 2020..

Note: We were not able to verity the original source - Eds.

tmb interline allstars emblemA few deals offered by Interline Allstars.

All prices shown are in USD

7 Days Mexico-Pacific Coast
Princess Cruises - Royal Princess
Los Angeles, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Los Angeles
9 departure dates: February 15 - 22 - 29, March 7-  14 - 21, April 4 - 18, May 2, 2020
Inside from $349, Balcony from $440, Suite from $664.

6 Days US & Canada Pacific
Princess Cruises - Ruby Princess
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Astoria, Victoria/Canada, Vancouver
1 departure date: May 2, 2020
Inside from $349, Ocean View from $385, Balcony from $594, Suite from $804.

5 Days Bahamas
Norwegian Cruise Line - Norwegian Sky
Miami, Key West, Nassau, Freeport City, Great Stirrup Cay, Miami
1 departure date: January 29, 2020
Inside from $179, Ocean View from $199, Balcony from $329, Suite from $1699.

Interline Allstar Consultants Inc | Interline Allstars, 1724 Lake Vista Rd, Kelowna, British Columbia V1Z 4E1 Canada.
More cruises and deals at
Call Us: (800)920-5411 Gordon Froese ext 1

tmb waca emblemThe Silk Road, by the World Airlines Clubs Association (WACA).

June 05 - 24, 2020. 
Package Cost: $3,190 USD.
Registration Deadline: February 18, 2020.

Our epic journey will traverse 5 Chinese provinces and autonomous regions, from the ancient imperial capital of Xi’An, the historical start of the Silk Road, to the famous Tibetan Monastery at Labrang at the edge of the Tibetan Plateau.

Then heading northwest to the massive dunes of the Badain Jaran Desert in Inner Mongolia; move west to the formidable fortress of Jiayuguan in Gansu; cross into Xinjiang, a huge province larger than France/Spain/UK/Germany combined and home to several colorful ethnic groups such as the Uyghurs, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Kyrghiz, Tajiks and Tartars.

To complete this epic journey, we will travel by bus, by horse, by trains, by camels and by air.

The journey is a trip of a lifetime that covers the breath of a distance equivalent to an intercontinental traverse.

Full details at:

Memories of C & SS (Computer & System Services) at Dorval by Terry Baker.

In the 70's-80's, the C & SS group were accommodated in a room over the wash bay in the Dorval maintenance complex.

My memory of the people there were Bill Heska, Manager; Bob Bishop Sr, Supervisor; Bob Belding and Shirley Graham known as the "Sindaily queen" as she maintained the software for that inventory system, and was very protective of her “domain”.

A visiting system analyst built a model Viscount and donated it to me. I fixed a three bladed propeller on its nose and coloured each blade with either red, blue or green. This was used to signal to Bob Bishop Sr. the mood of Shirley Graham each morning!

To get to the cafeteria, we would walk along the corridor past the Purchasing & Supply offices and the view was overlooking the ramp outside the 747 hangar.

When the Vanguard aircraft were withdrawn from service, several were parked on the other side of this ramp, with the propellers and engines removed. We would tell the new employees that they were the latest 'VanJets'. Later our group was moved into a room near the P & S accommodations.

This room did not have any outside windows and was very dreary, we named the room "Happy Valley". After the computer building was completed, the group moved into the second floor, with windows on three sides and was of the open-plan concept and airy. In the centre were several meeting rooms.

I recall the following personnel: Bill Downard, Director; Maryse ?, Secretary; Ken Taylor, Manager; Andy McCready, Ray Valois, Joe Mallory, Aron Charad, Al Kurys, Bob Herron, Roger Rouse, Edna Morrison, Lois Morrison, who ran a messy desk, smoked and beat the guys in the hockey pool regularly, Jim Pearce, Hans Parnigoni, Guy Langavin, Bonnie Alexander, Sheldon Doskie, Mike Duff, Anne Marie Stiegler, Barry Bogert, Lilian ? , Steve Charlton, who organized car rallies, Norman Roberts, Kevin Boyle, who was the proud owner of a Daf car, Martha and Bob Worsley, Larry Mak and Brian Ward, to name just a few.

They were happy da(z)e!



tmb 727 cartoon 1429This cartoon by Eric Bell with the caption "I hear the Seat Sale was a great success." appeared in the August 1988 edition of the "Horizons" magazine.


The NetLetter Team
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Wayne Albertson, Ken Pickford & Terry Baker
Richmond, British Columbia - December 2019
(Bob Sheppard was not available for the photograph)

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Vesta Stevenson and Alan Rust.
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