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The NetLetter #1444

The NetLetter #1444
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NetLetter #1444 | August 22, 2020
The NetLetter
N330AU - Flying Eye Hospital

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital
Registration N330AU

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the NetLetter, an Aviation based newsletter for Air Canada, TCA, CP Air, Canadian Airlines and all other Canadian based airlines that once graced the Canadian skies.

The NetLetter is published on the second and fourth weekend of each month. If you are interested in Canadian Aviation History, and vintage aviation photos, especially as it relates to Trans-Canada Air Lines, Air Canada, Canadian Airlines International and their constituent airlines, then we're sure you'll enjoy this newsletter.

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NetLetter News

new subscriber 200wWe have welcomed 216 new subscribers so far in 2020.

We wish to thank everyone for your support of our efforts.

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We always welcome feedback about Air Canada (including Jazz and Rouge) from our subscribers who wish to share current events, memories and photographs.

Particularly if you have stories to share from one of the legacy airlines: Canadian Airlines, CP Air, Pacific Western, Eastern Provincial, Wardair, Nordair, Transair and many more (let us know if we have omitted your airline).

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Coming Events

tmb london air show zonesThe USAF Thunderbirds will do a full airshow performance in September but only Canadians will get to see it.

Ditto the U.S. Army Golden Knights parachute team, the F-22 Raptor demo team and C-17 demo team. The London (Ontario) Airshow is going ahead September 12 - 13 as a drive-in event with room for 2500 vehicles.

The RCAF will also be sending aircraft to the show but the Snowbirds won’t be there. They’re on a stand down after a fatal accident in May.

It’s being billed as “Canada’s first socially responsible and physically distant airshow.”

Although the border is closed between Canada and the U.S., it appears some arrangement has been made to allow the U.S. crews to land and stay in London.


Reader's Feedback

Subscriber Feedback

After reading the article in NetLetter #1442 regarding the Nordair Super Constellation by Alan Giolma, subscriber Paul Gauthier sent us this memory -

I was hired as a flight attendant with Nordair in May 1968. Upon hearing the news, one of my cousins told me she had travelled across Canada with Nordair in 1967 on a special flight with "L'Orchestre des Jeunesses Musicales" - rough translation: "The Musical Youth Orchestra"; she was a violinist. I believe they gave concerts in different parts of the country.

Paul Gauthier, retired Service Director, Air Canada.

Readers Photos

Submitted Photos

Bea Backwell sends this comment and photo of the Bristol Brabazon –

tmb bristol brabazonThe plane that never was.

Largest aircraft ever built at the time, it had test flights but nobody wanted it.

Additional Info:

Editor's note from Terry Baker -

I remember seeing this aircraft in flight, but it never got into production, no buyers – it was ahead of its time.

On 17 July 1953, Duncan Sandys, the Minister of Supply, announced that the Brabazon had been cancelled due to a lack of military or civil orders for the type.

In the end, only the single prototype was flown; it was broken up in 1953 for scrap, along with the incomplete turboprop-powered Brabazon I Mk II.

you tube linkThe Bristol Brabazon, 1987 Documentary

Subscriber Hans Sittler sent us this video -

I took the video at the “AC Winter Games”, a meeting of AC management from all around the world. We gathered in YUL, by bus to Montebello where AC had booked the complete Fairmont Le Château Lodge. During the day we built teams and participated in various competitions, including curling, which was a first time for me.

In the evening a dinner was arranged, Robert Milton gave a speech and the people enjoyed a Beatles Revival band.

Those were the good days. I’m not even sure about the year, but I think it was in winter 2008. Perhaps somebody in your team remembers the occasion.

Best regards


tmb 550 montebello 2008

Remember When

  Remember When

This memory from Neil Burton -

Kamloops, dating back to 1949.

The company, then known as "Central British Columbia Airways", under the direction of Russell Baker, purchased Kamloops Air Services and operated a charter float plane base from the Thompson River which passes directly by Fulton Field.

Scheduled air service by Pacific Western was introduced from Kamloops in competition with CP Air in December, 1968.

The service was the first through the southern B.C. Interior for Pacific Western and was known as the "Stampeder", operating Vancouver - Kamloops - Calgary. Prior to our scheduled service, initial training was done on the new state-of-the-art B-737 aircraft at Kamloops.

Jake Hubers advised that during these training sessions, the Pacific Western crews would make a point of stopping for coffee and parking the new B-737 directly in front of the terminal, just before CP Air's scheduled arrival with their old DC-6B and DC-3 aircraft.

Pacific Western began scheduled service in December 1968 and CP Air suspended service in the spring of 1969.

Below are two pictures of CP Air's new B-737, registration C-FCPC (Fin #702), arriving in Kamloops in November 1968.
tmb 250 cpa b 737 kamloops tmb 250 cpa b 737 kamloops 1

The competition was just too great, showing passenger loads in 1969 of 50,000 and continuing to increase rapidly until peaking in 1980 at 218,000.

The other major contribution to Kamloops by Pacific Western involves the installation of 'Distance Measuring Equipment' (DME) in 1983.

As a result of new approach procedures developed exclusively by Pacific Western using the DME, landing limits were reduced from approximately 2,500 feet to 1,100 feet. The result was much improved reliability of air service into Kamloops.

April 12, 1985 was a special day for Kamloops, but no more special to anyone than Rowe Hanson, our Senior Agent at Kamloops and the rest of the staff who had worked far too many years in the cramped quarters of the old terminal where they had endured the seemingly endless renovations and disruptions as well as the infamous Kamloops summer heat without air conditioning.

Also, the equally infamous Kamloops spring winds which sent tickets and paperwork flying and, of course, the all too adequate air conditioning of winter. What a treat to move into clean, spacious, well designed new quarters!

The Kamloops employees were justifiably proud of their new facility and invite our fellow employees to a tour when next travelling to Kamloops.

Researched by: Neil Burton

pwa kamloops crew

In our photo we have, from the left: Wayne Rothermel, Neil Burton, Ian McLafferty, Don Barnousky, Sharon Pereverzoff, C.S.M. Jim Wyse, Katya Grahn, Steve Craushaw, Doreen Johnson, Rowe Hansen and Andy Snowie.

Editor's note from Ken Pickford -

The withdrawal of CP Air service from Kamloops in April 1969 was part of an agreement with the federal government which gave CP Air increased access to the transcontinental route in competition with Air Canada, in exchange for withdrawing from several points in British Columbia which were reassigned to Pacific Western Airlines or B.C. Air Lines (PWA acquired B.C. Air Lines in 1970).

PWA had previously been awarded a Vancouver-Kamloops-Calgary route (unrelated to the CP/PW route transfer agreement) which started in mid-December 1968. So for just over four months until April 27, 1969 when CP Air ended service at Kamloops and various other B.C. points, both CP Air and PWA were serving Kamloops. April 27, 1969 was also when CP Air became all-jet, retiring its last few DC-6Bs and DC-3s, except for one DC-3 which was retained for a while and used for pilot training.

Jack Morath sends us this memory -

Here is a copy of a report in the Heathrow (LHR) Newspaper about the Trans-Canada Air Lines accident in November 1963.

If our 'Baggage Unit' had been operating at that time, we would have been very much involved, both Attendants and Baggage Agents. At the time I was working in Purchasing and Stores Department as an Expeditor with Terry Baker as my supervisor.

Our section was very much involved whilst the aircraft was rebuilt in the British Airways Hangar. I believe the only injury was a dog in the hold!


tmb 550 cabbage patch media report

Alan Evans, who lives in South Africa shares this memory -

In your recent newsletter you had photos of a Canadian Pacific DC-6B with Pratt & Whitney radials.

I never flew the DC-4 but did fly the DC-6 with R-2800 engines. Lots of time on the DC-3. They were great aircraft.

I used to fly into Coppermine as a bush pilot in 1966 but also to Cambridge Bay and Yellowknife with Pacific Western Airlines on the DC-6 in 1967.

There is something that stirs a deep feeling in my soul when I hear a big radial running.

Below are pictures of Pacific Western DC-4 CF-PWJ from previous editions of The NetLetter.

See NetLetter # 1391 for the pic on the left,

NetLetter # 1392 for the pic on the right.

A few of Pacific Western's DC-6 registrations were:


All the best,


 pwa dc 4 aircraft  tmb pwa dc 6 aircraft


Women in Aviation

ninety nine emblemIn 2008, the East Canada Section of the Ninety-Nines initiated a stamp project in order to celebrate Canadian women pilots representing various flying careers.

Each year, through Canada Post's Picture Postage program, we produce a stamp which can be used as regular letter postage throughout Canada. All stamp purchasers receive a one page bio which they are encouraged to copy and insert in mail when they use the stamps. Stamp users may purchase sheets of 50 or booklets of 12, depending upon how many you use. Souvenir seekers may prefer a keepsake sheet (for framing) or commemorative envelopes (first day covers). 

Please note that these stamps cannot be purchased at Canada Postal outlets but are available at

The first Women's cross-country Air Race was held in 1929 from Sunday, August 18 to Monday, August 26. Nineteen women flew solo from Santa Monica, California to Cleveland, Ohio - a distance of over 3,000 statute miles or 2,600 nautical miles.

By the end of the race most of these women had developed a comradeship which led to the formation of the Ninety-Nines on November 2, 1929, named for the number of its charter members. During the past 90 years it has grown to an organization of over 6,000 members in several different countries. Thus, in 2019, we celebrated the 90th anniversary of air racing and the formation of the Ninety-Nines!

tmb air race classicOn this, the Air Race Classic Commemorative stamp, we have chosen the three Canadian women pilots who have flown in the most air races - Dorothy Rungeling, Adele Fogle and Daphne Schiff.

AC News

Air Canada News

click here redfor the latest posts at the Air Canada Mediaroom.

you tube linkClick the logo to open the Air Canada YouTube channel. 

Cargo and Foundation support drone delivery solution for First Nations community. 

Air Canada Cargo and the Air Canada Foundation recently worked with industry partners, including Drone Delivery Canada (DDC), the Pontiac Group and GlobalMedic, as well as generous donors like OEC Group, to deploy a patented drone delivery solution to the Beausoleil First Nation (BFN) community in Ontario.

Last year, Air Canada signed an unprecedented commercial agreement with DDC, becoming the world’s first commercial airline to work with a cargo drone company.

AC Daily, July 29, 2020.
AC Mediaroom, August 10, 2020, 3rd bullet point.

tmb 550 drone


TCA/AC People Gallery

TCA/AC People Gallery

tmb august 2013Here is the cover of the enRoute magazine issued August 2013. 


1992 - May 23 - Service between Toronto and Berlin introduced.

1993 - May 3 - Inaugural service between Toronto and Houston with A320 equipment. Captain John Sturdy was in command of the return flight.

2003 - The Air Canada in-house magazine was renamed "New Horizons" with the March 2003 issue.

Here we have copies of some TCA passenger tickets from the personal collection of Gklavas Athanasios that he started over 40 years ago.


July 1, 1943 for a trip Victoria to Bellingham - cost $10.90. March 24, 1950 for a trip
from Edmonton to Calgary.
 tmb tca tkt 1 7 43 tmb tca tkt 24 3 50

May 28, 1949 for a trip Moncton, New Brunswick to Sydney, Nova Scotia on to London, England and back to Sydney.
tmb 550 tca tkt 28 5 49

tmb 550 horizons classic
Found in the "Horizons" magazine.

Issue dated August 1993.

Pionairs gather in Los Angeles for 16th AGM.

More than 430 Pionairs from Canada and the U.S. gathered in Los Angeles for their 16th Annual General Meeting.

Guest speaker’s included Paul Garratt, retired Vice President - Human Resources; Captain Ray Lank and Captain Charlie Simpson, retired Executive Vice President - Operations.

Wilse Jessee was introduced as the new Pionairs President. His committee includes Sheila Snow, 2nd Vice President; Marvin Lohnes, 1st Vice President; Bill Nicholson, Treasurer and Vera Hoare, Secretary. Next year's Annual General Meeting will be held in Miami.

Here we have this photo of the executive from the July 1993 issue.

Air Canada’s Pionairs elected their new national executive, which will serve for the next two years.

From left to right: Marvin Lohnes, 1st Vice President; Sheila Snow, 2nd Vice President; Wilse Jessee, President; Vera Hoare, Secretary and Bill Nicholson, Treasurer and John Innes, Past President.

tmb 550 pionairs exec

Issue dated November 1993.

German hospitality makes for a "guten" trip.

ACRA Frankfurt hosted an autumn tour of Germany and France for Air Canada employees, spouses and friends. The trip included a visit to Strasbourg and Colmar.

Ursula Severin, ACRA Frankfurt and President Tony Kervin, Senior Sales Representative – Berlin helped organize the memorable trip.

A side trip to a winery in Dambach-La-Ville was enjoyed by Marilyn Reynolds, North Bay, Ontario; Gord and Marion Hykle, Montreal; Bill and Lorraine Biggins, Winnipeg; Georgia and Ziggy Buchburger, Toronto; Clara and Alf Berting, Winnipeg; Tony McLeod, London, Ontario; Jurgen Severin, Frankfurt; Georgina Farrell, Toronto; Tom and Andrée McChesney, Toronto; Julie Legaré, Montreal; Carole Turgeon, Montreal; Art Reynolds, North Bay, Ontario; Ursula Severin, Frankfurt; Linda Dwyer and Dan McPhee, St. John, New Brunswick; Jeanne Turgeon, Montreal; Tony Kervin, Berlin; Dolly Koning, Düsseldorf; John Boubalos, Athens; Margie and Melody Masters, Montreal.

 tmb 550 acra germany trip

LaGuardia celebrates 110 years of service.

Anniversary celebrations were in order for several Customer Service Agents at New York's LaGuardia airport.

Lead Agents Rich Kowel and Kathy Price marked 30 years of service, while Customer Service Agents Maria McIntosh and Valery Golowaty celebrated 25 years of service.

Back row, left to right: Tom Parker, Ramp Coordinator, John Ring, Airport Manager and Renée Heiser, Customer Service Agent (front row, far left) offer congratulatory wishes to McIntosh, Price, Golowaty and Kowel.

tmb 550 laguardia staff

New flight kitchens open at Heathrow (LHR).

After a harrowing eight months during which employees endured appalling working conditions, Air Canada's new flight kitchens at Heathrow (LHR) were officially opened.

"To completely redesign a catering kitchen while keeping it operational and producing the meal service each day is quite an achievement," said Derek Buckell, Commissary & Catering Manager, at the ceremony.

“The fact that we managed to do this with little visible interruption is due in no small way to the attitude of all those who work in this department."

Commissary Agent Nigel Carroll likened the facility and morale prior to investment to an ailing football team in need of a complete overhaul.

Signing off on the new digs: A group from London's new commissary met Hollis Harris after he arrived to preside over the official opening.

In this photo, from the left: P.K. Bhal, Commissary Attendant; Nigel Carroll, Commissary Agent; Ali Alarakhia, Assistant Commissary Attendant; Peter Jones, Commissary Agent; Paul Duffy, Lead Commissary Attendant; Sue McNeill, Commissary Agent; Patrick Prince, Flight Kitchen Chef and Commissary Attendants Colin Wadsorth and Steve Bignell. 

tmb 550 new kitchen at lhr

Issue dated December 1993.

The official launch of our new image on December 1, 1993, captured the attention of employees, retirees, families, friends and the public from across Canada. In Montreal alone, the grand unveiling drew some 4,000 employees anxious to see the new image and curious to hear the reason behind the change.

Chairman, President and CEO Hollis Harris fielded questions from employees and media in Dorval after the roll out of a newly painted Airbus A320.

tmb 550 a new image

Redesigning Air Canada's image was no overnight task. It was an 18-month process that involved much more than just choosing new colours. Extensive customer and employee research, with hundreds of interviews across the system, was conducted to gauge the general perception of Air Canada and how the airline could improve its look.

The result: a complete new package with every element conveying a dynamic message about Air Canada and the country it serves.

On the fin (see B747-400 below), the deep evergreen background represents Canada and evokes images of the country's lush forests. Canadian designers created a more natural-looking maple leaf, reminiscent of Air Canada's predecessor, TCA.

tmb a new image 747

From the "Horizons” magazine issue January 1994, we found this report -

How do you land a job like this?

What would you do to land a job in Western Samoa? Sell your soul? Fifteen Air Canada pilots and two maintenance engineers did not even have to do that. They were lucky enough to be stationed there.

Last May 1993, Air Canada entered a 2-year lease agreement with Polynesian to supply a B767-300 aircraft, pilots and maintenance personnel.

The aircraft serves the South Pacific, and flies to destinations such as the Kingdom of Tonga, the Cook Islands, Honolulu, Western Samoa, New Zealand, Australia and the Fiji Islands.

If you somehow missed out on being sent to Fiji, there is still hope. For those tempted by the palm trees and the surf, an interline agreement between Air Canada and Polynesian Airlines offered travel discounts of 50 and 75 per cent to all Polynesian Airlines destinations. 

It's a long way from home for these Air Canada employees, but they're taking it all in stride. The airline is supporting Polynesian Airlines with 15 pilots and two maintenance engineers based in Apia, Western Samoa.

From left to right: Jean-Paul Lalonde, Weight and Balance, Mirabel; Captain Alan MacLeod, Project Manager,  Polynesian B-767 and Bob Brown, Certified Aircraft Technician, Vancouver.

(Note: We apologize for the poor quality of the photo – eds)

tmb 550 fiji bound

tmb 550 horizons 
Issue dated October 2015 (Used with permission).

Dragon Riders.

During the four months leading up to the Saint John Dragon Boat Festival in August 2015, the YSJ Dragon Riders, a team of Air Canada's Saint John Call Centre agents and managers, held many events to support this festival that raises funds for the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation.

"The enthusiasm and competitive spirit of Team Captain Shannon March, Customer Sales and Service Agent, inspired everyone to contribute to the festival's goals" says Beverly Murray, Customer Service Manager.

"The Air Canada Foundation is a huge supporter, providing us two Air Canada tickets which were raffled off. Each paddler on the team is given a quota of raffle tickets to sell and so everyone participates and contributes to the fundraising effort for the team."

This year the YSJ Dragon Riders raised more than $3,000 and the festival raised $230,000. The funds will support the purchase of new ultrasound equipment for the Women's Health department and a new computer system for the Health and Aging program. Up until 2015, the employees have been involved in the festival for the past 10 years and have raised thousands of dollars for the worthy cause.

tmb dragon boat ridersIn this photo are the YSJ Dragon Riders team include the following Customer Sales and Service Agents and Managers:

Team Captain Shannon March with Edie Kaye, Peter Carneron, Andrea Fowler, Zoe Lapierre-Thomas, Cassandra Jones, Sheldon Palmer, Stephen Fairbrother, Henry Espinal, Samir Cheriai, Jacqueline Mantle, Shelley Irvine, Terra Mahar, Sean Bayer, Rosalie Palmer, Mackenzie Gallant and Customer Service Manager and Team Manager, Beverly Murray.


CP Air, Canadi>n People Gallery

CP Air Banner

caw may 1933 1444Here we have a timetable for Canadian Airways issued May 1933.

From the collection of Bjorn Larsson @


Gary Macdonald posted this photo on Facebook on May 24, 2020.

Nordair DC-8 at Shannon, Ireland (SNN) on May 7, 1977.

nordair at shannon

tmb cpa dc 3Art Rijkse found this photo on Instagram and posted it on Faceook on April 28, 2020.

Editor's note from Ken Pickford:

This aircraft is a Curtiss C-46 at Edmonton Municipal Airport (YXD), closed for redevelopment in 2013. CPA acquired 8 used C-46's in 1955.

They were used on CP's scheduled passenger and cargo routes from Edmonton to northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories and to transport supplies during construction of the DEW Line radar warning sites in the Arctic in the mid-1950's.

CPA sold the northern routes to Pacific Western Airlines in 1959, including at least a couple of the C-46's.

tmb cpa once an faOn April 27, 2020, Liz Moscaret shared this post on Facebook

Found in the PWA “Flightlines” magazine issue August 1986.

Eleven people from Pacific Western joined hundreds of visitors at Kamloops' new jet airport on Saturday, August 2, 1986.

tmb pwa first flt kamloopsPictured at left from top (left to right): Captain Dave Geekie; Flight Attendants Deborah Whelan, Brian Binkley, Kathi Parsonage; Greg Wittig, Purser; Arlene Craig, Supervisor, Promotions; Ken Hinatsu, Manager Product Development, Western Region; Brad Potentier, Charter Service Representative.

Missing from the photo are F/O Ron Muller; Cliff Beck, Flight Technical Analyst; and Marilynn Knoch, who took the photos.

Featured Video

 Featured Video(s)

Our featured video comes from the JustPlanes YouTube channel as they tag along for a ride on one of two Air Canada A319's configured for ETOPS on a flight from St. John's, Newfoundland to London, England. 
tmb 550 a319 yyt lhr

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

tmb lion airName this airline – answer below.

Look, no hands!

tmb airbus a 350Airbus has flown a new A350-1000 without the help of pilots 500 times in a research project that involved equipping the huge airliner with a form of machine vision it calls “image recognition technology.” The system uses external cameras and processes the resulting images to make the myriad adjustments necessary in the various phases of flight.

Those cameras are the same ones used by pilots for moving around on the ground without bending or scraping anything. Passengers can also see them on the entertainment system.

Early in the program, which began in 2018, pilots were partners with the computers and did the taxi and runway lineup.

By the end of the program, the wide body taxied, took off and landed all on its own. There were pilots on the later flights, but they didn’t touch anything. The big question is where does the technology go from here.

Actually flying without pilots aboard or, perhaps with just one in a supervisory role, would involve a lot of paperwork and discussion, not to mention selling the public on it. 


Virgin Galactic and its subsidiary, The Spaceship Company, introduced a new supersonic jet design concept on Monday August 3, 2020, aimed at the long-distance commercial aviation segment. In addition, the companies announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Rolls-Royce to develop and design “engine propulsion technology for high speed commercial aircraft.”

According to Virgin Galactic, the FAA’s Center for Emerging Concepts and Innovation reviewed the project direction last week and authorized FAA resources to work with the company on outlining a certification framework for the design. 

Virgin Galactic is targeting a speed of Mach 3 at an altitude above 60,000 feet for the delta-wing design. The jet will have a customizable cabin layout capable of seating between nine and 19 people.


tmb 550 virgin galactic supersonic


Wayne's WingsWayne's Wings

wayne albertson articles

 The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital

A short time ago, I noticed that an episode of 'Mighty Planes' on Canada's Discovery channel (season 1, episode 4) was featuring 'The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital'. 

Orbis International is an international non-profit non-governmental organization that has been operating various aircraft as 'Flying Eye Hospitals' since 1982.

The first of these aircraft was a DC-8-11 donated by United Airlines in 1980 and re-registered at N220RB for its special mission to begin in 1982. The aircraft was withdrawn from service in April 1994 and is now preserved at Datangshan Aviation Museum in Beijing (pictured below). 

tmb 550 N220RB Douglas DC 8 Orbis

The next aircraft was a DC-10 purchased in 1992 (funded by private donations). After two years of renovations, it was re-registered as N220AU. This is the aircraft featured in the 'Mighty Planes' episode. At the time is was flying for Orbis, it was the oldest DC-10 still in service in the world. I am not sure when it was withdrawn from service but it has been preserved at the Pima Air & Space museum at Tucson, Arizona since 2016. lists two other aircraft (N323FE & N810AX) as having flown for Orbis but I cannot find any images of them in Orbis livery and both have been scrapped.

The current aircraft (pictured in this issue's header) is the most advanced and best equipped of the series. It is a 47 year old MD-10-30F (converted DC-10) donated by FedEx in 2016. It can fly twice as long as its predecessors and has a 46 seat classroom and is the closest to being like a land based hospital. 

click here orangefor a virtual tour of of this amazing aircraft. Be sure to click on the blue arrows for details about each section. 
you tube linkclick the icon for a YouTube video posted by 'Toronto Pearson International Spotter' for a tour of the aircraft on a visit to Toronto.

Additional reference:


Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips

Terry BakerTerry Baker, co-founder of the NetLetter scours the internet for aviation related Trivia and Travel Tips for you, our readers, to peruse.

Answer for the mystery airline in Odds and Ends.

One of the "big three" airlines in China, Air China is the flag carrier with its head office in Beijing.

It was established in 1988 when the Chinese government decided to split CAAC Airlines into six separate airlines.


When you need to check a bag for your upcoming flight, our TouchFree Bag Check and TouchFree Bag Drop are here to make travel life a little easier and comfortable.

Experience it at major Canadian airports during your next adventure.

Source: AC Daily August 6, 2020

you tube linkView the demonstration video



This cartoon appeared in the "Between Ourselves" magazine issued October 1964.

"According to the 'Management Consultant" we have to make some changes in our organization around here, Finchley. Can you operate a forklift?"

274 cartoon 1444


The NetLetter Team
 Wayne Albertson, Ken Pickford & Terry Baker

Wayne Albertson, Ken Pickford & Terry Baker
Richmond, British Columbia - December 2019
(Bob Sheppard was not available for the photograph)

Vesta Stevenson Alan Rust

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Vesta Stevenson and Alan Rust.
They remain a part of every edition published.

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