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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 836 July 11th., 2004. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Must know.


It has recently come to our attention that many of our Members have
suddenly found their Air Canada Employee Travel  Profile  CLOSED... 

This in most cases has happened because of a Travel Charge being unable to
be billed to your credit card.   There is NO contact from the E T S  Travel
department to you when this happens.  The only action by  E T S is to close
your Profile.

To locate your Profile visit the Air Canada Employee Travel Web Site at:

It is recommended to visit your Travel Profile often or at least well
before you plan to travel.  It is very frustrating to plan to travel in a
few days, only to find your Travel Profile Closed.

In most cases this happens because of an incorrect credit card number being
entered when you are booking your travels.

Some closings have been when a credit card validity date has expired and a
new card has not been entered.

Outdated card information has been entered and thus the Credit Card company
rejects the Charges.


You must call the E T S  phone number at  1 - 866 - 473 - 4732.   You must
have a Valid Credit Card and be able to provide them your information, to
clear the charges owing.   It will then take 48 hours to Reinstate your

Employee Travel:      1-866-473-4732
Hours of Operation:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EDT, Monday to Friday
1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. EDT, Saturday to Sunday
E-mail:                      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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. Need to know.
From: CAROL HUMPHREY <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: UK Baggage Handlers Strike
In response to your "need to know" article in today's NetLetter # 835 -----
Here is an excerpt from The Daily Mirror newspaper in the UK of today's date:
AIRPORT staff last night called off their summer strike over pay after
bosses caved in.
Up to 3,000 baggage handlers and check-in workers had voted for action.
Talks had broken up yesterday. But with the threat of travel chaos for
millions, airport services group Aviance suddenly offered a better 3.5 per
cent deal, boosting wages by gbp11 a week.
Brendan Gold, of the Transport and General Workers Union, said: "We are
pleased they recognised the value of our members' contribution."
Walkouts had been planned at 17 airports.

" ' "

. In response to the item regarding the longest flight in NetLetter 834,
we received more information -
Your going to get a lot of letters on this one!
The flights were the Hudson's Bay Flights operated out of Vancouver to
Heathrow in 1959/1960, the aircraft were 1049 super G, fin numbers 410and
411 which had wing tip tanks installed, and the two 1049 super H fin
numbers 412 and 413, also fitted with wing tip tanks, the aircraft would
come into Vancouver and we would convert them to 68 seat configuration, the
aircraft were equipped with crew bunks and carried a navigator and three
pilots, and one flight engineer, flight times were 19 or 20 hours with a
fuel stop in Gander, the aircraft flew a relativly "southern route" in order
that they could divert to Toronto or Montreal if they encountered a
mechanical problem, I don't recall that any of the flights diverted. The
flights were operated only in the summer months of those years, if I recall
correctly, the aircraft made two round trip's before it would be repalced by
another aircraft and we converted it back to North Amenican seating which I
think was 79 seats, and the aircarft would go into Dorval for a heavy
The aircraft would only fit into our hangar if it was turned on a 45
degree angle, a hole had to be cut into the wall at the end of the hangar
to accomodate the wing tip tank, it worked well until one day we jacked up
the aircraft to replace a mainwheel and were greeted by breaking wood as the
wing tip tank made a new hole.
Herb Noble
(Thanks for the info Frank - We rather think the original statement should
have mentioned 'by a commercial jet aircraft', but it did not say that! - eds)

" ' "
. Our own Vesta sends this -
Canadian Training's Fast Track, Now Online
Imagine dropping off your 16- or 17-year-old at camp and picking up a
licensed pilot six weeks later. The Royal Canadian Air Cadets have been
doing just that for hundreds of teens every summer for the last 50 years and
now parents of a few of them can watch the miracle unfold via the Internet.
Harv's Air Pilot Training School in Steinbach, Manitoba, one of about 10
contractors that provides the intensive training programs for the cadets, is
plotting the progress of 16 cadet students as they work their way through
the training. The cadets arrived at Harv's on July 4 and by July 6 they were
in the air, practicing basic flight manoeuvres. The training is free for the
cadets, who qualify for the program with a rigorous set of exams and
interviews through the year. Despite the compressed nature of the course,
the vast majority of student cadets obtain their private pilot's license at
the end of the six weeks. There are also glider-license scholarships offered
across the country. The training is a joint venture between the Canadian
Armed Forces and the Air Cadet League of Canada.

" ' "

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Third Annual Air Canada Crew Scheduling Reunion
Date: Saturday - July 31st
Time: 14:00 - 20:00
Place: Pierrefonds, Quebec
Active and retired employees are invited to attend this "reunion" at the
home of retired Crew Scheduler - Allan Nellis. Bar-B-Q, Pool, Refreshments.
Come enjoy and meet people with whom you may have lost touch. For further
information please call:
Allan Nellis 514-624-7327
Don Pooles 514-695-9019
Lois Cadman 514-694-0276

" ' "

. Final part of the Alaska cruise by your co-pilot,
Friday May 28th
Juneau, where the skies were threatening rain and rather chilly. Our
friends went on a tour of the Mendenhall glacier and gardens while we
visited the State Museum which has a great display. Cost is us$5.00.
On our way back for lunch to meet up with our friends, it began to shower.
After lunch, we all went to visit the Russian church, which was
interesting. A us$2.00 donation suggested. Then our obligatory visit for
the gold charm from Diamonds International before going back for supper and
to watch the departure.
The evening show was performed by some members of the crew - great talent.
The Maitre d’ told us that there were 20 oversold for the next cruise and
said that cruise ships now operate similar to airlines with over sales. One
wonders in which lifeboat these people would be accommodated!

Saturday May 29th
Our final port of call Ketchikan. Of course, last minute bargains with our
coupons, and the inevitable visit for the free gold plated charms and
earrings. While the girls were shopping, the guys visited the Hertitage
centre and watched a 30 minute movie before walking around the exhibit.
Cost us$5.00
Then we walked about 10 blocks to the Eagle and fish hatchery cost us$8.00
and the nearby Totem pole exhibit, cost us$5.00.
Finally, back on board for dinner and to watch Ketchikan disappear in the
murky twilight.

Sunday May 30th

Our final day at sea, our last chance to make up for lost time around the
food counters! In between, do some packing. The weather was beginning to
clear up. Our final dinner and to say farewell to our waiters. The head
waiter Jose from Portugal and his second, Kristian, from Hungary had looked
after us superbly for 14 days.
After the show, we went on the deck and saw the lights of Campbell River
just and hour from our home and wished the ship could call in for a
maintenance stop and we could get off!
As the HarbourLynx foot fast ferry to Nanaimo leaves Vancouver at 09:00,
and the next one at 14:00, we had requested and early disembark tomorrow

Monday May 31st.
Vancouver at last we were due to dock at 07:30 and we arrived just after
07:00, so we felt confident of catching the ferry. We were due to be the
fourth group off, after the US in transits. We finally did get off and
located all our luggage from the melee of people pushing carts amongst the
rows of luggage and then not being directed to the exit. We finally found
our way out and confidently turned the corner to end up right behind all
those US in-transit passengers. Groans all round, but a Princess employee
came along and asked our group to bypass the line up and proceed to the
next exit, but before that happened a customs officer intercepted us and
wanted to know what was happening and directed us into his exit, but we had
a full head of steam and followed the Princess employee to an exit with no
one ahead of us and four customs agents who gave us all a cursory glance as
we handed our forms in and went off.
Now we know how terrorists and illegal immigrants get through into Canada!
We made the 09:00 ferry in good order and our friends were waiting to take
us all back home when we docked at Nanaimo. The couple from Ontario
collected their car and caught the noon ferry back to Vancouver and on
their long drive back to Ontario.

" ' "
. Remember when!
An ex-Air Canada Lockheed L1011 TriStar - C-FTNG c/n 1048 fin 507 - is
being retired by operator Air Transat. The aircraft celebrated 30 years of
commercial service last November 18th, having been first flown on October
21st 1973 before delivery to TCA/Air Canada and registered as CF-TNG, later
reregistered as C-FTNG.
The aircraft was withdrawn from service on January 22nd, 1996 having
accumulated 45,387 hours and 17,081 landings. Sold to Air Transat in June
1997 the aircraft was due to end its service last May 24th and will be sold
for scrap. This aircraft was believed to be the only L1011 to be serving
the airline industry 30 years after her delivery date.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Your Ticket To Travelling in London UK.

As a Visitor to London you want your trip to be as easy and relaxing as
possible. With a Visitor Travelcard you have a single ticket that allows
you to travel on public transport, including the Tube and Bus. And by
buying on-line you can avoid the hassle of queuing for your ticket when you

A Visitor Travelcard is a ticket designed specifically for overseas
visitors coming to London who want the flexibility of travelling on a
comprehensive and simple to use public transport network but do not want
the hassle of buying a ticket on arrival.
Visitor Travelcards are not available for sale in London and must be
purchased in advance of your visit.

You can order your Visitor Travelcard via the Internet ahead of your visit,
which means never hunting for change or queuing for a ticket. The more you
travel, the better the value, so they'd be perfect for sightseeing.
Whatever you want to see or do during your stay in the capital the Visitor
Travelcard will suit your needs.

Buying your Travelcard through
couldn't be simpler with only 5 steps from start to finish. With our
useful guide to major tourist attractions you can plan your travel in
advance to get the most out of your visit. You will also receive a free
book of discount vouchers, offering up to gbp25 in discounts on entry to
tourist attractions and at restaurants.

Whatever you want to do or see during your visit to London the Visitor
Travelcard will suit your needs.

You can buy a Visitor Travelcard that covers either the whole of London or
just Central London. Travel across London is split into 6 zones, from Zones
1 and 2 in Central London to Zone 6 on the outer edge.

Visitor Travelcards give you unlimited travel for the duration of your
ticket on the following services in London:
London Underground (the Tube)
Most London Buses (where you see this sign)
Docklands Light Railway (DLR)
Most National Railways in the London area

Visitor Travelcards are available for periods of up to 1 week duration. For
more information on tickets, including prices, click here.
Choosing the correct Visitor Travelcard for your visit
If you are unsure which Visitor Travelcard is best for your trip, then the
options below will help you decide.

Tickets and Prices
Visitor Travelcards cannot be purchased in London.
Visitor Travelcard
All of London Visitor Travelcard    Central London      Heathrow Express
(Zones 1 - 6)                                (Zones 1 - 2)
Adult         Child *      Adult       Child          Adult
Child *
2 Day      13.80        5.90
3 Day      19.80        8.80        13.40      5.80
4 Day      26.40      10.60        16.70      6.80          39.70
7 Day      39.50      16.40        20.40      8.20          43.40

(Prices in sterling gbp)

* Children between the ages of 5 - 15 qualify for a child rate Visitor
Travelcard. Children under 5 travel free when accompanied by a paying
adult. Currently we do not sell child rate Heathrow Express Visitor

Please note: All Visitor Travelcards are delivered free of charge and
prices displayed above will be the total cost to you. Only orders of £100
or more will be despatched by recorded delivery.

The Heathrow Express Visitor Travelcard includes a return journey (a round
trip) on the Heathrow Express from Heathrow Airport to Paddington Railway
Station travelling in Express (Standard) Class.

Why should I buy a Visitor Travelcard?
Buying a Visitor Travelcard on-line gives you all of these benefits:

* Unlimited travel on tube and bus - the more you travel the more you save!
* No queuing for a ticket when you arrive in London
* No need to worry which ticket to buy
* No need to have the correct money or hunt for change
* Tickets are sent direct to your home address in advance of your visit
* Save up to gbp25 off top London attractions and restaurants with our
free discount booklet

Tickets and Prices
Visitor Travelcards cannot be purchased in London.

Currently we do not offer a comparable Visitor Travelcard for visitors
arriving at the other London Airports, e.g. London Gatwick Airport or
London Stansted Airport.

What is the difference between the All of London Visitor Travelcard (Zones
1 - 6) & the Heathrow Express Visitor Travelcard?
Customers can only travel on the Heathrow Express from Heathrow Airport to
Paddington Railway Station with a Heathrow Express Visitor Travelcard. The
All of London Visitor Travelcard (Zones 1 - 6) is valid on the London
Underground from Heathrow to central London. A journey from Heathrow
Terminals 1, 2 or 3 Tube station to Earl's Court Tube station will take
approximately 34 minutes. A journey from Heathrow Terminal 4 Tube station
to Earl's Court Tube station will take approximately 42 minutes.

Can I use my Visitor Travelcard 24 hours a day?
Yes. The Underground operates train services between 0530 and 0030. (This
is an approximate guide and you are advised to check specific times if you
wish to use the service early in the morning or late at night). Between
0030 and 0530 your Visitor Travelcard is valid on hundreds of night buses
which will transport you across the Capital.

Can I use my Visitor Travelcard on Sundays and public holidays?
Yes, although please note there is no service on Christmas Day.

" ' "

. Smilie.
A london UK based official of Malaysia Aiorlines furiously denied
reports that his company's aircraft had been arriving at Heathrow with
'dangerously low' fuel levels. The angry official said  this happened only
'on a few occasions'!

Some statements which might signal caution in vacation-spot liturature.
Exterminators always on call.
Returning gursts may notice manay changes since the earthquake.
Small waterfront hotel with excellent sky views.
Our resident pro rock climber has recovered and is again available to
teach beginners.
Secluded chalet with steep gorge; spectacular falls.
Expect pelicans and gulls to join you for dinner.
Enjoy gourmet meals prepared in our refrigerator-equipped kitchen.
Study first-hand creatures of the deep on our final cruise to the
Bermuda Triangle.
Only four deaths from snake bites last season.
Please avoid direct eye contact with the natives.
Guests are discouraged from feeding the wildlife whether inside or
outside the hotel.
Receipts issued promptly for any confiscated personal effects.
Knowledgeable border patrol guards will ensure you remain inside the
demillitarized zone.
Beaches are mine-swept regularly for your comfort and safety.
You will be whisked away to your hotel in our helicopter gun-ship.
Our private golf course has 18 watchtowers.
All our drinking water is checked daily for e-coli.
Lakeside cabins have running water in every room.
You will be very surprised at the hotels proximity to the airport.
Our friendly staff greet every guest with an open hand.
Political changes keep the streets humming.
The cuisine prompts memories of England.

" ' "

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