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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 843  Aug 6th., 2004. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

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. Must know.
Employee travel to Florida is tricky. Due to the high volume of passengers
travelling to and from Florida over the next couple of weeks, employee travel
to such popular destinations as Miami, Orlando and Tampa will be difficult. To
avoid travel complications or disappointments, we recommend that you have a
vacation back up plan. Either make alternate travel bookings on other carriers
prior to departure or choose a different destination.

Calgary Airport Improvement Fee increases. On Aug. 1, the Calgary Airport
Improvement Fee (AIF) increased from $12 to $15. Exception: passengers
travelling from Calgary to Edmonton, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat or Lloydminister
will be charged $10. Connecting passengers will not be required to pay the AIF.
For employee travel (which includes partner and parent travel) while you will
be charged the appropriate airport fee, at the moment the Employee Travel Site
(ETS) does not correctly display the AIF price in your travel charge total. ETS
will be updated shortly

Policy – Payment of Pass Service
Charges and Applicable Fees and Taxes
- Pass Holder Obligations

All Pass Holders (Employees, Retirees,
Widows/Widowers and former pass eligible
employees must ensure that their own credit card
with available credit is placed on their employee
travel profile at time of travel to cover the payment
of applicable service charges and related fees and

The automated pass system will generate a trip
billing as soon as one of the following has occurred:

Return to the point of origin or
8 flown segments have been used or
30 days after the first leg is flown

When one of the above billing criteria has
been triggered the automated billing
system will reconcile a completed trip and
charge the applicable service charges, fees
and taxes to the credit card on the
employee's travel profile.

The following are common reasons for
billings to fail to process:

No credit card on file – this may
occur if pass holders list directly
with an airport agent or via voice
Expired or cancelled credit card on
Credit card number incorrectly
entered by the pass holder
Over or insufficient limit on the
credit card

Should the pass holder's credit card fail to
process their travel profile will
automatically be deactivated. An advance
notice will not be sent to pass holders in
the event it is necessary to deactivate their
travel profile. You will only be able to
arrange travel or access the employee
travel website after the outstanding travel
charges are paid for with a valid credit

When attempting to access the employee
travel web site Pass holders whose
profiles have been deactivated will receive
a message prompt asking them to contact
Employee Travel. Employee Travel is
open 7 days a week and can be reached
at 1 866 473 4732. Upon receipt of a
valid credit card and confirmation that the
outstanding billing has been processed
Employee Travel will reactivate the pass
holders travel profile. Once the payment
has been confirmed, the profile will be
accessible after 48 hours.

To avoid any inconvenience pass holders
are encouraged to place a default credit
card on their travel profiles and to ensure
that they update their credit information
when their credit card expires or changes.

To place a default credit card on profile,
click the 'change my default credit card'
box next time you register for a trip – OR
– contact Employee travel at 1 866 473

" ' "

. Need to know.
Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) increases Airport Improvement Fee.
Starting Nov. 1, the Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) at Toronto Pearson
International Airport will increase to $15 from $12 for departing passengers.
The AIF remains unchanged at $8 for connecting passengers. The increase applies
to tickets sold on or after Nov. 1 and will be charged in Canadian dollars. The
AIF will be included in the sale of airline tickets. This increase is in line
with other major airports in Canada.

" ' "

. Nice to know.
Drive away and save with National Car Rental. Thanks to the Aeroplan
partnership, until Dec. 31, 2004, National Car Rental is offering active and
retired Air Canada employees a special deal - up to 20 per cent off the cost of
a car rental. If your travel plans require a car rental, National is
well-equipped to serve you with over 3,000 locations throughout Canada, the
U.S., Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and Australia. You can
reserve a car on-line at or call 1 (800) CAR-RENT (1 (800)
227-7368). Remember to request Contract I.D. 6600425 when you reserve your car.
You’ll be asked to present your Air Canada ID/travel card at time of rental.

" ' "

. Air Canada news.
Our first-ever non-stop service from Toronto to Hong Kong with the A340-500
launched. On August 1st, Air Canada inaugurated the first-ever non-stop service
between Toronto and Hong Kong with flight AC015. We are operating the route
using our new A340-500 aircraft, the world’s longest range airliner. The 15 and
a half hour non-stop flight saves travellers more than four and a half hours of
travelling time, compared to other carriers’ routing. Our new daily non-stop
flights from Toronto to Hong Kong complement our daily Vancouver-Hong Kong
flights by offering customers the choice and flexibility of two daily flights
linking both western and eastern Canada with one of Asia’s most important
business centres and the gateway to Southeast Asia.

" ' "

Want to let you know that George MacKay passed away on Sun. July 25 while on a
holiday in Calgary.
George was a Mechanic and Sub foreman for CP Air in Vancouver O/H shop from
George was very active in the Okanagan retirees group from the start in 1990.
Retiring to Princeton and then Moved to Kelowna.for the passed 12 years
Abby Sones
Past president of the c.a.i.r.e in Okanagan

" ' "

. Remember when.
Apr 12 1960
Trans-Canada Air Lines expands operations in 1960  by introducing a new
fleet of planes and by  lowering fares. For the reduced price of $299, you
can fly to Europe for a "17-day transatlantic  excursion." TCA president 
Gordon MacGregor explains he's dropped prices  to sell more flights and
increase the number of  international trips. The 1960s would become a 
golden business era for TCA — soon to be  renamed Air Canada.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips. - The Interline Virtually Anywhere tm website for airline
employees/retirees worldwide. If you have not been to see the Rabbit yet,
please remember to go and "Explore the World", check out all the great specials
on the site. Have A Look at the "World Airline Employee Events" join our new
adventures, bring your family and come meet some new friends.
RUMRABBIT.COM is a compass for you, the airline employee/retiree, we search for
the deals, all you have to do is contact them directly to check availability
and rates. When contacting any of these great Interline Partners please email
from the listing on the Rumrabbit site and remember to mention if calling

" ' "
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