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T H E                    _| TCA |_
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N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 844 Aug 14th., 2004. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

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. Nice to know!
Globe & Mail Wednesday, August 11, 2004 - Page R10

Air Canada has launched an Internet check-in service. Customers travelling on
Rapidair flights between Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa with only carry-on
baggage can check-in and print boarding passes, select their seats and enter
their Aeroplan number from their home or office on the Web at Web check-in is available within 12 hours, and up to
at least one hour before a flight. Eligible ticket holders can also stand by
for an earlier flight and request upgrades.

The airline says that during the coming months it will expand Web check-in to
include its flights network worldwide, as well as for customers with baggage
requiring check-in.

" ' "
. News from the districts.
Vancouver Island & Gulf Island District.
Orchestrated by Bill Wood, and under searing weather, 40 Pionairs and guests
teed off at Arrowsmith Golf Club  on August 11th, 2004.
After the dust had settled and the score cards were in, the team of Harold
Thomas, Dick Spratt and Terry Baker fiddled their way through the Calloway
system to come up with the following results -

Mens Low nett  61                     Bill Davidson
Fred Hyatt
Ladies Low nett 63                    Sandy Dudley
Ladies KP                                 Sandy Dudley
Ladies low putts with 30             Sandy Dudley
Ladies longest drive                   Sandy Dudley
Mens longest drive                     Dick Spratt
Mens KP                                  Alan Edwards
Mens low putts with 31              Alan Edwards, Bill Wood, Wally Lamond,
Tony Dunn
The Anderson trophy was retired and replaced by the District Directors Trophy
which was awarded to Bill Davidson who had the lower gross of 68 against
Fred Hyatt with a 70.

For her efforts, Sandy Dudley won several sleeves of golf balls, some of which
which she generously donated back.

Several prizes were available by random draw.
Chris Arbique, a guest,  who runs the web site and provides
information on a wide variety of interline deals, donated the following prizes
3 day/ 2 night certificates from a selection of Caribbean venues went to
Shirley Williams, Nan Phillips and Tony Leppard
Golf hat won by Ernie Roger
T shirt   won by Bill Wood.
Certificates donated by Fishtales restaurant won by Janet Dunn and Dave Gray
Bill Wood drew the name of Bob Phillips for the $15.00 surplus funds.
Sleeves of golf balls donated by Mount Brenton Golf Club went to
Bob Hill, Shiela Snow, Sherrill Tisdale, Chris Arbique,  and Rosemary

In closing, Bill Wood solicited suggestions for different venues for next year
to consider, but the consensus was for Arrowsmith again - which will be on
Wednesday August 10th 2005  - see you all there! 

" ' "

. Found on the internet.
Canadian Team Sets Launch Date For X Prize
It seems we have a race for space ... the underdog da Vinci Project,
from Canada, rolled out their Wild Fire spacecraft last Thursday in
Toronto, and while they were at it, they said they plan to launch for
the $10 million X Prize on Oct. 2 (the Paul G. Allen / Burt Rutan
SpaceShipOne will make a first attempt Sept. 29). The project, which has
depended on a volunteer workforce numbering in the hundreds, also
announced it has secured major sponsorship from, an
online casino. Their plan is to carry a three-seat rocket-powered
capsule to 80,000 feet beneath a helium balloon, disengage, light the
fires, ride the rocket into space, and fall back to earth beneath a
parachute. Yup. "We're very close to achieving our mission," da Vinci
Project leader and pilot Brian Feeney said in a statement. "The da Vinci
Project is on the cusp of a new era of space travel for humankind." The
project has designated a launch site in Saskatchewan, where there are
lots of wide-open spaces for landing. Burt Rutan's team at Mojave
already has announced it will launch Sept. 29 and make a second flight
on Oct. 4. But Rutan said at Oshkosh that he has planned for three
launches just in case, so there's no guarantee his SpaceShipOne will
reach the required altitude on the first try. Of course, there's no
guarantee the Canadian team will make it either -- they have never flown
their system at all. The two teams are among 26 around the world seeking
the prize, which is intended to promote the development of a
nongovernmental manned spaceflight industry. To win, each team must
launch twice within two weeks, and climb to 100 kilometers.

" ' "
From: Glennys Ward-Eversley <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
If anyone in the A/C family that is involved with archery  I would love to hear
from them
many thanks

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Brian O'Hare sends this information -
The article in NetLetter nr 841, the deal for  Sheraton Hotels  is deceiving.
I went into the
site and inquired as to pricing for rooms that I have already booked in the
North Pittsburgh Sheraton for $89.00 per night and they indicate on this
site that the best rates are $109.00 per night. I received the $89.00 rate
simply by booking 7 days in advance, ( No cancellation). I just thought you
would like to know. Brian O'Hare Rtd. AC YYZ

Norwegian Cruise Lines aboard the Norwegian Spirit
15 Night Panama Canal Cruise sailing from San Francisco to Miami
Sailing Oct 1 - Inside 999, Outside $1349
San Francisco to Miami, Florida
Norwegian Cruise Lines aboard the Norwegian Star
8 Night Mexican Riviera Cruise sailing roundtrip from Los Angeles
Sailing Nov 5, 13 - Inside $699, Outside $749, Balcony $999(Nov 5th only)
Nov 21 - Inside $709, Outside $799, Balcony $1049
Nov 29 - Inside $729, Outside $749
Dec 7 - Inside $659, Outside $749, Balcony $939
Dec 31 - Inside $899, Outside $1099, Balcony $1319
Seabourn Cruise Lines aboard the Seabourn Legend
7 Nights Med Cruise sailing from Rome to Athens
Sailing Sep 26, 2004
Outside $1400 (Upgrade to a balcony for additional $100 US per person per
Rome to Athens
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines aboard the Splendor of the seas
7 Night Mediterranean Cruise Barcelona round trip
Sailing Sep 4-, 11 Inside $829
Oct 9 - Outside $899
Oct 16 - Inside $709, Outside $1049
Celebrity Cruises aboard the Millennium
12-night Mediterranean - Barcelona to Venice
Sailing Sep 6
Outside $950
12 Night Mediterranean Cruise - Venice to Barcelona
Sailing Sep 18
Inside $900, Outside $1000
Holland America Cruise Lines aboard the Maasdam   
7 Nights Canada/New England Cruise sailing Montreal to Boston
Sailing Sep 4 - Inside $599, Outside $899, Balcony $999
Sep 18 - Inside $699
Holland America Cruise Lines aboard the Maasdam
7 Nights Canada/New England Cruise sailing from Boston to Montreal
Sailing Sep 11 - Inside $699
For information and reservations, please call
INTERLINE WORLD VACATIONS AT 1-866-279-8480 toll free
or (604) 279-8482

" ' "

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