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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 846 Aug 20th., 2004. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+

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The co-pilot is off again on vacation, AGAIN! and our chief pilot - Vesta -
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therefore, no NetLetter until early September - sorry!.

. Must know.
Employee travel to Delhi proves tricky. Please be advised that if you’re
interested in travelling to Delhi for the next month or so, travel will be
difficult due to heavy passenger loads and unexpected payload limitations. Even
if flights show space available, you may not get on. Non-revenue travel from
India during this peak travel season will be additionally difficult as other
carriers are also experiencing heavy flight bookings. If you’re still planning
to travel to India, we recommend you plan alternate routings and have the
appropriate tickets for your back-up travel choices ordered and with you before
you begin your trip, as ZED fare ticketing is not possible in Delhi.

Jim Riddoch sends this timely advice -
Don't throw away that AC travel card just yet. Even though AC does not need to
see it at check-in, most other AOL carriers insist on seeing it. On a recent
trip to UK I travelled on stand-by with British Midland (BM) who insisted on
seeing my travel card, not interested in a passport. I doubt I would have been
permitted on the flight without that travel card.
Jim Riddoch

" ' "

. Found on the internet.
Wireless Wave On The Way Up
Hi Terry:
here's something for the NetLetter:
More on going wireless in the future of communications.
It's beginning to look like a huge range of wireless services will soon
be commonplace on airliners and perhaps general aviation isn't far
behind. Lufthansa inaugurated high-speed Internet access on its flights
with Boeing's Connexion system earlier this year and now it looks like
competition is coming via systems that will not only provide broadband
Web services, but on-demand entertainment and even homeland-security
functions. Heck, we'd be happy with permission to use our cellphones.
For the airlines, the Skyway Communications Holding Corp. recently
launched a DC-9 research and demonstration aircraft to test and develop
in-flight broadband capabilities. So far, it's come up with all the
usual features you'd expect ... and likely want (Internet, e-mail,
entertainment, cellphone) … but it's also testing video conferencing,
wireless engine and airframe data links, in-flight medical-emergency
assistance and a Big Brother-ish homeland-security bundle that includes
security cameras, facial recognition and pattern recognition. Keeping
all this electromagnetic energy from screwing up the cockpit equipment
may be accomplished by an on-board system that disables the transmitters
on electromagnetically antagonistic devices during critical phases of
flight. Wireless devices that permit such manipulation will flash a
universal symbol that flight attendants can check to ensure the machines
are safe to use on airplanes.

" ' "

Mounting a round-the-world flight for charity takes organization, up-front
funding, pilots and, of course, an airplane. Or does it? Some enterprising
do-gooders in Sutton, England, have been circling the globe without ever
leaving the ground. Using a homebuilt flight simulator, World Flight volunteers
take the controls over a period of about a week in a virtual circumnavigation
that raises money for Dreamflight, a group that takes seriously ill children to
Florida theme parks for vacations. The next "trip" (flown by virtual pilots
from all walks of life) leaves England Nov. 8 for a 35,000-mile journey that
ends Nov. 14.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Those of you who travel through Nanaimo Airport on Vancouver Island (YCD)
should be aware that, effective today, there are new proceedures in effect at
Departing passengers will be instructed to check in and to proceed immediately
to pre-boarding screening with all their luggage for security screening.
Departures will occur from the south end of the terminal.
Arrivals will remain at the north end of the terminal.
Please ensure that you allow fore the pre-boardingscreening and arrive at the
terminal a MINIMUM of 1 (one) hour prior to departure.

Sandy Ironside & Denis Hopkins <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> sends this information -
Hello - I noticed in your latest NetLetter ( 845) you mentioned the Jordan
Interline Club hosting two functions in early October. The second part was
October 11 -14, 2004, titled SHARM 'RED SEA' EGYPT.
What it doesn't mention, unfortunately, is that scuba diving and snorkeling is
absolutely world class in Sharm El Sheikh
and that Mount Sinai, where Moses allegedly received the Ten Commandments, is
where the Saint Catherine's Monastery is situated. Anyone planning on going to
Jordan for the first function, may not be aware of the outstanding features of
this second tour.

World Airline Sun Seeker Beach Party!
October 17 - 21 2004 - Inclusive.
5 nights standard accommodations at the prestigious Sun Village Beach Resort in
the Dominican Republic!
24 hour all inclusive! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks!
Dolphin Encounter! Play with the dolphins in a pool at the world renowned
"Ocean World Park!" A $99.00 Value.
Volleyball Tournament!
Gilligan's Island Costume Beach Party! Dinner and Dancing on the Beach. A
$75.00 Value.
Everyone wins a door prize!
Transfers to and from the airport!
All resort taxes!
All this for just $498.00USD per person.
Log onto: or to reserve your space today!

" ' "
. Smilies.
A few more ATC exchanges -
Heard on the frequency while going into Newark, N.J. (EWR) a while
Big jet: "Left to 120, and if it helps we've got the field."
NY TRACON: "Roger. Let me know when you get the other 12 guys
ahead of you in sight."

Overheard recently on the ground control frequency at Midway
(MDW) in Chicago:
Vanguard XXX: "Midway Ground, Vanguard XXX push from gate YY
with Whiskey."
MDW Ground: "Vanguard XXX, push back approved; point your nose
toward the city."
Vanguard 123: "Vanguard 123, wilco."
Then, a couple of minutes later:
MDW Ground: "Vanguard XXX, just which city did you think I was
talking about?"

This happened at the Boston ARTCC . The controller
noticed that an air carrier jet was not going to make the
crossing restriction that is required by Providence Approach. As
controller was issuing the "expedite" clearance to get him down,
noticed the jet also had head-on traffic at 15,000. His
clearance went like
"Flight XXX, expedite your descent to 11,000, but REALLY
through 14,000."

" ' "

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