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Number 866 Dec 12th.,  2004. We first published in October 1995.
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. Need to know.
Holiday time makes employee travel difficult. Regardless of which
destination you’re thinking about visiting, please be aware that
employee travel will be difficult for the next few weeks. From Dec. 15
to Jan. 15, flight loads on many international and sun destinations
will be full with both passengers and cargo. If you intend to travel,
be prepared for the possibility that you may not make it to your
destination, or may not be able to return home with ease. Loads during
this holiday period are high and while a flight may show open seats, it
doesn’t guarantee you will be boarded as cargo will take priority over
pass riders. Therefore, you’re encouraged to consider shopping around
for other travel choices. Be prepared rather than sorry. Buy ZED fare
tickets on other carriers before leaving home, they can always be refunded
if not used.

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Jim Murray sends this info -
Just FYI,
Fed Ex in Burnaby, BC will not accept anything for Interline shipping,
(their term for retiree shipping) on a weekend. I found out the hard way
after calling the Fed Ex 1-800 # where I was told no problem. Fed Ex will
not give you the individual shipping point phone #s so it is hard to check
specific locations. Perhaps Burnaby is an individual case, I am not sure,
but you might want to ship on a weekday just in case.
Their service is space available but my experiences have been very good.
Regards, Jim Murray

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Robert’s book making a difference for DTF. Employees are snapping up copies
of Robert’s book “Straight from the Top” and Dreams Take Flight is reaping
the benefit. While all Robert’s personal royalties are being donated to
Dreams. So far, over 700 books have been sold this way and the net proceeds
now tally up to $3,500. “On behalf of Dreams Take Flight,” said Beverly
Watson, President, Dreams Take Flight Canada, “I would like to express my
thanks to all the employees and retirees who, by buying this book, are
supporting this wonderful charity. Also, a huge thanks to Micheline
Villeneuve, Coordinator Provincial Government and Community Relations, who
ensures the books are signed by Robert and delivered.” To place an order,
check www.achorizons.ca.

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. George Brien sends this piece of history -
Stephenville NL (A.K.A. "Harmon Field)
Trans-Canada Airlines first began service into this Station
in Sept 1949 and TCA/AC continued service to this western NL
airport until 1989.
The land for the airport, about 8,000 acres, was leased to the US
Government on a 99 year lease in 1940. Construction began in 1941 and when
finished, it was the largest US Army Air Force Base outside of the
Continental USA. Its main mission to handle and service Trans-Atlantic
flights for the US Military.
Some history and pictures http://www.town.stephenville.nf.ca/march5.html
By 1950, the runway was extended to 10,000ft and the base was reported to
be "one of the most elegant on any overseas military installation".
Trans-Canada Airlines began service into Stephenville (YJT) on Sept 1 1949.
The aircraft was likely the "North Star" Flight 400 ? which was already
running the milk run YYZ/YUL/YQM/YQY/YQX/YYT.
It was four years later when I first saw YJT. It was a 2 month Regional
Spare assignment in the late fall of 1954.
The USAF base was very impressive and lived up to its "most Elegant " title
and TCA had space
in their "Terminal Bldg". The Nfld staff were great people to work with.
Downtown Stephenville was a bit of a disappointment however,
Click here and you will see why.
On a rainy day, the main street was really muddy!!
The Station Manager at the time was Henry F "Hank" Holand
and Opns Agents name that I can recall included Walter March, Bill Payn,
Earl Young, Vern Oake, Neil Dingwall.
The Station was quite busy, with lots of GI's heading out on leave etc.
along with the regular western NL travellers to and from YYZ etc.
The Air Cargo traffic inbound was very heavy as most of the stores,
especially fresh veg/fruit and meat, were supplied from wholesalers in
Sydney NS.
A DC3 was often flown in overnight from YQY. Seat loaded full of Cargo.
Especially near Xmas with all the Eatons parcels arriving.
As access to the base was restricted, TCA had a small office just outside
the main gate for handling
Air Cargo and ticketing for the non US personnel.
Ticketing etc for base personnel was all handled at the terminal. In
addition, all reservations for western Newfoundland were done from this
location. As there were no Sales staff at this station, all functions were
the responsibility of the Operations Agents.
It was quite unique for a Canadian Airline to be operating out of a USAF
controlled Air Base but it appeared to work well.
My time there was very short but hopefully some readers can fill in some
more details as there seems to be very little info available about this
TCA/Air Canada station.
p.s. The Main street was paved at last in the mid 50's .
In 1957, Dept. of Transport built a separate Terminal Building
for TCA.
1966- The USAF closed the base and it was sold back , including all the
buildings/infrastructure for one $dollar.
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The best part of buying a CABIN FEVER calendar is knowing that every dollar
of the $20 purchase price goes to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
to help fund cancer research and patient care.
“CABIN FEVER” features flight attendants who are fun, fabulous, and
fifty-ish in playful but tasteful photos in their work environment. All net
proceeds from the sale of the calendars, at $20 each, will be donated to
cancer research at Princess Margaret Hospital.
Below is the web address at which CABIN FEVER calendars can be mail
ordered. There is no charge for shipping and handling and no tax - a flat
$20 per calendar.

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. Found on the internet.
Ryanair, Europe's No. 1 low fares airline, today gave the people of
Luton an early Christmas present, when it announced an incredible 50,000

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. Terry's travel tips.
Following comment from Jean Lukan
We had a great trip but apart from boasting to you we travelled business
class Singapore Airlines and all airline execs should do that to see how it
really should be done - everything was first class for us and all confirmed
so hard to tell airline people about it and for me after standby for 25
years was excellent. Jean

Air Only - Honolulu from $259
For a limited time only we are offering confirmed air from Los Angeles to
Honolulu Travel between Jan. 10 and March 10, 2005 Mon - Thursday and Save!
Airline taxes are additional. Add hotels, car rentals, island hopping and
more! At these prices, this offer won't last long!
Honolulu 5 Days/ 4 Nights with confirmed air from $349* Friends & Family
Call 1 800 422 3727 for more information

Airline employees and retirees are reminded that in order to
participate in one of the WACA events listed below, they must be members of
an interline/airline club affiliated with WACA or be WACA members-at-large.


MAR11-21 Thailand Excursion    THAILAND               01 FEB
21-28 China Capitals Tour    THAILAND                01 FEB             US$650
APR 03-09 WACA Ski Week 2005 BASLE/ZURICH    01 DEC                     CHF780
20-24  Friendship Weekend    RHEIN-MAIN                  TBA
24-29  Fun in the Sun            TRINIDAD/TOBAGO    15 MAR          US$590
MAY 09-19 Discover China Tour     HONG KONG    24 FEB                      US$1243
12-15  Sunshine Break         FLORIDA                10 JAN
14-17  Visit to Lebanon          LEBANON                   TBA
15-20   Wine Tour         VANCOUVER       TBA                          TBA
TBA   Kenya Safari          NAIROBI                    TBA                          TBA
22-26  Aphrodite Tour          CYPRUS                 20 APR           CYP200
26-29  Visit to Spitzbergen     OSLO                 01 APR
JUN   02-05  Jamaica Jump-Up      JAMAICA                    TBA
02-09  Holyland Highlight        ISRAEL                  01 MAY
13-17  Sauna Party            HELSINKI                     TBA
TBA   Dodo's Nest            MAURITIUS          TBA                TBA   
SEP  10-15  38th AGA - "A" Pkg       DELHI                   10 MAY
"B" Pkg       DELHI                   10 MAY             US$175
OCT   01-06  Jordan Adventure        JORDAN                      TBA
06-09  Sharm "Red Sea" Egypt  JORDAN          TBA                 TBA
TBA    Discover China             HONG KONG           TBA                 TBA
DEC   02-04   X'Mas Gala Ball             RHEIN-MAIN           TBA                  TBA   

APR 20-02MAY  Great Barrier Reef    SYDNEY        15 AUG 05           Aus.$2500
OCT   01-06    39th AGA - Shanghai    HONG KONG             TBA               US$500    

For further information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your nearest interline club.

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