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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 650, Jan 6th, 2002. We first published in October 1995.

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.
The following is for information C1/J10 refunds, from Employee Travel &
Recognition -
As you know, it is not a fare but a zone service charge that is assessed on
C1/J10 tickets:
Zone 1 = $70
Zone 2 = $100
Zone 3 = $160
A full refund is applicable if the ticket is completely unused. However, once
it is partially used, there is no refund except for the taxes assessed on the
segment not travelled.
The C1/J10 priority ticket contains two perks: C1 which boards prior to all
other C2 passengers and J10 which entitles the employee to an upgrade to J
subject to availability. It may not work for all on every flight leg, that is
to say, one may be processed as a C1 but may not get J seat because it is not
available. In this case, there is no refund.
If seats are available in J class and not given to C1/J10 passholders,
should report it to our office  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
It is important that irregular boarding be
reported to us so that we can conduct an investigation with the appropriate
department to improve airport services to employees.

" ' "

. A follow up to the article in NetLetter 649 from Eric Falkenberg-
Subject: Fw: Employee Travel Policy
In reference to Gord's inquiry (in NetLetter 649) I have made a similar
inquiry With
reply from Robert Petryk.

To:- AIR CANADA, 01/Nov. 26
R. Petryk
Dear Sir:
Re: Employee/Retiree Travel Policy (self ticketing/non self ticketing)
I am a retiree with 32 years of service and not on the Air Canada Pension
Plan, hence I am classified as non self ticketing. As service charges cannot be

billed at ticket issuance, I can use my charge card or other approved payment
methods through the Employee Call Centre. Why do you not have this option
on self ticketing.
At various retiree functions the issue of billing problems with service
charges have come up: eg. backlog in billing, incorrect billing, double
I would like to suggest making non self ticketing Retirees with (retiree)
criteria be the same as self ticketing. This group would have the option of
billing their Pension Plan, Charge Card or other approved methods. This would
wasted manhours in the Employee Call Centre researching flights and reduce
through the present billing system which can result in a more cost effective
Your interest is appreciated. Regards: Eric Falkenberg

Response from Robert Petryk.
Thank you for your note about self ticketing - I fully agree.
Several months ago I asked our Technology group to create a system
where by all employees and retirees have the ability to self ticket via
credit card. We also plan to create a system where you will be able to
view your charges on the web the day after you travel and have the
option to pay via credit card. You will also be able to travel
paperless - no need to get a ticket - just list for the flight and you
are ready to travel.
This system will cost several million dollars to implement - we are
going to find a way to do this - none the less given the current
finanical circumstances this project has been placed on hold for the
Bob Petryk
(PLEASE - send any comments to Fraser O'Shaughnessy - National President
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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. Those of you who attended the Vancouver Island Pionairs Fall Luncheon last
October, as reported in the NetLetter nr 626, may recall Brian Walsh, who sends
this message -
You may remember that last October, I was the speaker at the luncheon
at McMorrans. I gave each attendee a discount coupon for my seminars.
There are two workshops in Victoria available in early February and
I would like to advise them that they can use the coupons then.
- Smoking Cessation - Feb. 02 all day
- Stress Management - Feb. 09 all day
Full price (before discount) is $79. per person or 2 for $125.
It is possible that future workshops will be held in Nanaimo.
Info at
To book: 1-866-300-0025

" ' "

Airlines to Begin Security Fee
The cost of a round trip ticket will rise as much
as $10 next month as airline passengers begin paying for
security improvements. The US Transportation Department
said the new security fee of $2.50 per flight, or $5 for
passengers who change planes, will take effect Feb. 1.
That's $5 for a round trip nonstop flight, or $10 if the
passenger has to change planes each way. The new fee is
expected to raise around $900 million this year, which
is to be spent on new technology, passenger screeners
law enforcement officers and other security measures.
(We have no information if or when any security charge will be applied to pass
holders - eds)

" ' "
. Remember when.
CPAL called them Canadair C4-1
CF-CPI c/n 147 fin 401 sold TCA Nov 24/51 registered as CF-TFU
CF-CPR c/n 148 fin 402 written off Tokyo Jul 4/50
CF-CPJ c/n 149 fin 403 sold TCA Feb 9/50 registered as CF-TFV
CF-CPP c/n 150 fin 404 sold TCA Feb 5/52 registered CF-TFW
BOAC called their fleet of 22 models Argonaut and used them on the African
and Far                  East routes, the first service from London to Hong
Kong on August 23rd 1949. The last one retired in April 8th 1960.
TCA called their fleet of 29 North Stars and commenced operations on the
Atlantic route Apr 15th 1947 from Montreal-London. Withdrawn from service June
30th 1961 after 14 years service logging a total of 193 million miles. TCA
lease/sold most of the fleet in a package deal with Overseas Aviation(UK) in
June 1961. Two months later, Overseas Aviation (UK) went bankrupt. Of the 12
aircraft already delivered, 3 went to LEBCA in Venezuela and 2 to LEBCA in

"  '  *

. Tom Grant has set up an area on the acfamily web site -
* An AirCanada Employee/Retiree Hobby Forum is now online at the ACFamily
Network Forums
* Member Retiree Al Read has posted his Ship Modeling hobby. Great images
of three of his works - have a look!

"  '  *

. From the RAPCAN eMailNews issued by Duane Frerichs
Subject: Memories of George Lothian by  elbuchanan
Remembering, George Lothian, gentleman, scholar, professional, the boss of
bosses, and pilots.
During conversion from the coastal run (YVR/Pat Bay/SEA) on the DC3 to the
Atlantic Super Connie) I was assigned to George for my checkout as captain
on YUL/Gander/LHR.
I was a lowly DC-3 jock daring to move up to the big time. George was as
usual, pipe burning, standing calmly by, while we, the crew, did the proper
pre flight with the dispatchers. Then off to Gander. You know the routine,
approach to Gander, runway procedure, on the slot, land, taxi in, set the
brakes, etc.
I looked at George, who said "very nice flight Buck. Now you are going to
have to take over as captain from here, and consider your checkout
complete. I will go and lie down in the bunk since I am not feeling well".
Now think for a minute, and imagine what passed thru my mind. You're right!
All of those, and a few more!
So one does what the boss says, a heavy takeoff over the lake, the usual
hesitation on the part of the aircraft as to whether it will, or it won't.
It will, so we climb out, destination LHR. Two minutes later George came on
deck and said "I was lying down and thought for sure we were going in the
lake!!!!"  I replied "sorry captain, but the air over the lake does subside
a bit".  George smiled and with a little chuckle said "yes I know, but I
have never been lying down on takeoff before".
On to LHR where George went to the hospital.
What a truly wonderful man he was!
I worked for him, years later, in training and will never forget his
classic remark to an Instructor, who said of some procedure or piece of
hardware, "George, it's foolproof!", to which George, in his way, remarked
"my pilots are not fools, thank you"

" ' "

. Western Canada Aviation Museum Air Canada 65th Anniversary edition -
For those of you interested, and for your info, in case you have not
ordered yours yet, there is a picture for each month -
L10A CF-TCA, Stearman CF-ASF, Lancaster CF-CMW, L14 CF-TCF, DC-3 CF-TDY,
Bristol 170 (model), North Star CF-TFB, L1049 CF-TGC, Viscount CF-THJ, Vanguard
Jan 2003 is B727 C-GAAQFeb 2003 is L1011 CF-TNG with CF-TCC.
The calender planned for 2003 will include B737 EPA, L1049 Nordair, B737
CPAir and Hercules PWA.

" ' "

Subject: Dc 9 Retirement.
Murray Wallace sends this message -
I'm sorry to hear that the DC-9 is passing away with so little fanfare. I was
involved in the aircraft from the early -14's to accepting and delivering the
last -32 (and the -32 F), the acquisation of the -15's from Continental,and
ended up as the chief flight instructor from 1972 to 1974 when I took charge of
the B-727 acceptance and training program.
I still have a letter from the late Bun Moore, who was our contract rep at
Douglas, congratulating the late Hogy Hoglund and myself for having tested,
accepted, and delivered the majority of the fleet.
It would be nice if someone still active in the company could organize a
farewell ceremony for the old bird.
Murray Wallace <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
(Good idea - anyone interested? Let us know - eds)

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Mr Lisowski has sent us some feedback -
Subject: Toronto Hilton
Stopped off at the Toronto Hilton on Dec. 19th. and 30th. while I was on
holidays with my wife and 3 adult children. The 19th. visit we were given 2
rooms at the rate stated in your newsletter of $88.00----- But were never
offered the continental breakfast. On the way back from holidays we had an
argument with the front desk and they stated we could only get 1 room @ $88.00
and the other at a higher price! After a lenghty discussion they gave us 2
rooms at the price of $88.00 and we also received the continental vouchers.
Some other facts to know......The hotel stated they were only 10% full........
The restaurant offered to upgrade our continental breakfast to a full breakfast
for the minor difference on the menu of $3.00 to $4.00 .... Great
While travelling with our 3 children (using buddy passes), it seemed every city
had their own way of handling our 3 children, Winnipeg gave us three C2
boarding cards as the children were travelling with us.....Toronto stated only
2 Children could fly as C2's and the 3rd. as a C5? Returning from our trip both
places gave us C2's boarding cards for all 3 children. The mystery of flying
and receiving boarding cards from different cities.......Again thanks for the
info on the special rates at the Toronto Hilton.......Lisowski

Feeling The Urge To Slalom? The Annual ACRA Ski Event Is
Coming Up.
Attention all skiers, this year’s ski event is just around the
snow hill. If you want to participate in our own 2002 “Olympic” event, it takes
place Feb 10 ­ 15, at the Apex Mountain Resort
near Penticton, B.C. For details, contact Ralph Tisdall at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
Jim McCavitt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Rick Roberts
at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

" ' "

. Smilie.
Subject: Smilie
Re Capt. B McCormack story as a F/O with Capt Buchanan on North Star Frghtr,
Reminds me of an alike story??
" A Cab Driver picked up a fare at the Airport, while driving into the city,
the psngr was giving directions to the Cab driver ( from the back seat) as the
cabbie was not too sure where to go, after quite a while of driving in one
direction, the psngr tapped the cabbie on the shoulder, the cab driver veered
over the sidewalk over the curb and hit a light standard and came to a stop??
The Pnsgr said, I'm sorry I didn't intend to distract you that much??, The cab
Driver said Oh, it's not your fault, , You see this is my first day on the Job
as a Cab Driver , I just retired from driving a Hearse for the last 20 yrs??
Pab Wispinski

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