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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 651  Jan 9th, 2002. We first published in October 1995.

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Must know.
From Employee Travel & Recognition -
Yes, partners can travel unaccompanied until January 31st when
using 2002 allotment.
On February 1st, all partners must be accompanied by the employee
or retiree who offered them tickets.
As of February 1st, all partners will carry the same priority of the
employee/retiree or spouse. They will have to be registered together in the
same PNR.

Subject: Former CP retirees
We are starting the issuance of the ID/Travel card for the Former CP
retirees with their photo in the system.
We mailed a request for ID/Travel card document to 2,800 former CP
retirees without a photo in the system.
This document should be mailed back to Employee Travel & Recogniton
with a recent black-and-white or coloured passport picture OR the
retiree may come in person to either the Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver
Employee Travel & Recognition offices with the form completed on
Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9 a.m to 3 p.m.
We are planning that everyone will received their card at home by the
end of February.
Could you also remind to the retirees that a Trip Pass Embossing
Machine is available around the clock, 7 days a week, at Montreal
The embossing machine has been installed on the main floor of the
headquarter building, located just behind the steel doors, towards the
In-Flight Service simulators.

From Employee Communications -
Are You Wondering About Your Outstanding Trip Pass Charges?
Over the past few months, employees/retirees have become increasingly
aware of a problem in the processing of their trip pass charges.
Most of the issues are related to “old” travel charge deductions
and incorrect deductions on an employee’s/retiree's pay statement.
The reason for this delay is because Air Canada system was not
designed to handle today’s volumes. In addition, many pass
tickets are incomplete and illegible. Employees and retirees
can help by ensuring their travel passes are properly completed
and legible. We know what needs to be done to correct the
problem, but, at this time we do not have the funds available to “fix” it.

" ' "

. Nice to know.
Air Canada News:
Air Canada Announces A Sixth Daily Non-stop Summer Service
Between Toronto And London UK.
Yesterday we announced that, effective June 1, we will offer
an additional daily non-stop flight between Toronto and London-Heathrow. This
means we now offer customers up to 15 daily non-stop service between Canada and
the U.K. for the summer

" ' "
. Ted Tierney sends this -
Easyjet ready to order 75 new planes.
Low cost UK airline Easyjet is to order 75 new planes as part of a major
expansion planned for the next five years'
The Luton-based firm with a fleet of 27 said it had started discussions with
Boeing and Airbus about the order.
It would be the largest order from a Europen budget carrier and is reported to
be worth about £2.7 bn
The six year old business had already committed to increasing it's capacity by
25pc a year until 2004.
Ted Tierney.

" ' "

. We recently welcomed the following readers and thought perhaps you would
like to know where they worked -

Ron Reed - was in YYZ as Manager at the Bay Street Ticket Office and
retired from YYZ
Airport.  Ron was also in YQM where he was a radio operator for TCA.
Paul Cooper Air Canada retired Manager, Facilities Projects
Barry Tennant Air Canada Supervisor/Maintenance
Ken and Rosemary Taylor , both were an Air Canada Manager-C&SS
John Renton retired CAIL Air Engineer

" ' "

. News from the districts.

Just to let you know, that with the help from Ted Kosteniuk our First
Retiree's Dinner was a huge success with an 85% turnout. The useless
gifts that everyone brought from home were a hoot. A vote was taken and
it was agreed that we will make this an annual affair and also there was
alot of interest in starting an annual Retiree's golf tournament which
will be held June 2002. We will keep you posted as we in YXE continue
to get our wings wet!
Penny Cronin

" ' "

. Don Edwards sends this message -
New Year Greetings from the Capital of Canada.
The NetLetter is always interesting and informative, sometimes it is
especially so when you are able to include anecdotes on early TCA
pioneers as you did in NetLetter 650. It was not unusual to see men
like G. Lothian stroll into the Engineering Dept. for a chat with maybe
Capt Baker or one of the Engineers.
As I read the piece about Capt Lothian No.650 I reached for my copy of
his book Flight Deck Memoirs of an Airline Pilot and read afew more of
his interesting 'escapades'.
I expect many readers will know of his book, for those who don't it was
published in 1979 ISBN 0-07-082975-6 dedicated to Rose (Crispin) his
wife and early TCA Stewardess. It contains lots of interesting 'stuff'
To all you retired Drivers! incl Vesta and Terry "Keep The Blue Side Up".
Regards, Don Edwards.

" ' "

. Found on the internet.
********** BOEING EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS *************
BOEING delivered 527 aircraft in 2001, five more than the 522 it had
forecasted after September 11.
717: 49
737: 299
747: 31
757: 45
767: 40
777: 61
MD-11: 2
This compares with 489 deliveries in 2000. It plans to deliver 350-400 in

" ' "

. Remember when.
The Northstars we took off CPAir's hands became fin number 220, 221, and
222, in our fleet, and all were converted to the famous "Flying merchant"
freighters, they had different pedestals to accommodate the reversing
propellers that CPA used, we deactivated the reversing mechanism when we
got  them. the freighters also had 202 as a stablemate, it was converted to
a  freighter after it was involved in a rather spectacular incident.
Herb Noble
(CF-CPI became CF-TFU fin 221 c/n 147, CF-CPJ became CF-TFV fin 222 c/n 149,
CF-CPP became CF-TFW fin 223 c/n 150. Records we have access to indicate CF-TFT
fin 220 c/n 144 was delivered direct to TCA as a DC-4M-2, and not via CPAir -

" ' "
. Web site news by Tom Grant -
Subject: new forum
A NEW forum of interest to retirees is now online at the ACFamily Network
**************** AirCanada Employee/Retiree Genealogy Forum
Discuss and share your projects, tips and experiences

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
From the LHR Monthly newsletter -
Those travelling from Gatwick UK may want a B&B. The Ifield Court Hotel
near Crawley is a country hotel with free parking and a 24hr courtesy coach
service to the airport. The hotel is family owned and managed. Cost is gbp85
double room and gbp65 for single includes VAT and a full English breakfast.
Phone 01293-534807

" ' "

. Smilie.
Dream trip award to the Orient went to a UPS cargo loader who took a catnap
during a work break at Anchorage airport - inside the belly of a B747. When he
woke up, the plane was well over the Pacific . Customs officials in Hing Kong
and Korea were alerted to expect an undocumented passenger. The passenger was
immediately returned home, where he was lectured by the company's human
resources and security departments.

" ' "
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