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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 652,  Jan 12th,  2002. We first published in October 1995.

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


. Air Canada news -
Air Canada News:
Air Canada Announces More Flights On Tango.
In response to rapidly growing customer demand for it’s
low fare Tango service, yesterday we announced new Tango
flights between Regina/Saskatoon-Toronto and Thunder Bay-
Toronto, effective April 1. In addition, effective June 17,
Tango will increase its service to Vancouver, Winnipeg and
Halifax. For summer 2002, Tango will offer over 290
departures per week, with a fleet of nine aircraft including
six A320 aircraft currently in operation.

" ' "
. Travelling on bmi British Midland -
bmi British Midland (BD) Star Alliance 

Any reduced rate ticket is subject to tax as applicable 

Travel permitted as follows 
bmi British Midland BD 
bmi Regional BD

Space available zed - zonal employee discount 

Space available zonal employee discount - personal travel 

Eligible for unlimited zed - ZL fares 
. Active employee of ac/tier 2 & 3 with 6 months service 
. Retired employee
. Spouse - legal & common-law partner
. Dependent children under 24 years of age

Eligible for unlimited zed - ZM fares 
. Pparents of active/retired employee

Note: Partner ineligible for travel on Star Alliance - BD 

Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult also on zed 
2-11 years pay 67% of the applicable zed fare 
infants - free of charge if not occupying a seat 
- require a separate ticket for international travel

Calculate the mileage for each segment flown 
assess the applicable fare based on the zone for each segment 

Chart-zed                      fares in us$ one way 
mileage                   (ZL)                 (ZM) 
zone 1       1-450                  13                    19 
zone 2   451-750                  16                    25 
zone 3   751-1600                21                    30 
zone 4 1601-3200                32                    43 
zone 5 3201-4080                37                    50 
zone 6 4081-5000                41                    59 
zone 7 5001-6100                49                    63 
zone 8 6101-9000               57                     70 
fares are converted to local currency 
subject to taxes as applicable

ID50 Positive space reduced rate - personal 

Active employee of Air Canada/tier 2 & 3 with 6 months service 
Retired employee 
Spouse - legal & common-law partner
Dependent children under 24 years of age

50% Personal travel 
Business and normal economy fares. 
Children fares permitted.
Note:  No other discounted fares permitted.
Minimum fare: 
- For return travel - One way is half applicable fare shown
- Children 2-11 YEARS - 50% reduction 
- Infant not occupying a seat - free of charge. 
LHR ZRH 35.00 GBP 
LHR MME 25.00 GBP          LHR AMS 35.00 GBP 
LHR LBA 25.00 GBP           LHR CDG 35.00 GBP 
LHR LPL 25.00 GBP            LHR DUB 35.00 GBP 
LHR BHX 25.00 GBP           LHR NCE 35.00 GBP 
LHR EMA 25.00 GBP          LHR PMI 35.00 GBP 
LHR MAN 25.00 GBP         LHR BRU 35.00 GBP 
LHR GLA 30.00 GBP          LHR PRG 35.00 GBP 
LHR BFS 30.00 GBP           LHR FRA 35.00 GBP 
LHR EDI 30.00 GBP            LHR BGO 35.00 GBP 
EMA GLA 30.00 GBP         MME JER 15.00 GBP 
EMA AGP 35.00 GBP         LCY JER 15.00 GBP 
EMA AMS 30.00 GBP        LCY BRU 35.00 GBP 
EMA BFS 30.00 GBP         BFS JER 15.00 GBP 
EMA CDG 30.00 GBP       LBA CDG 30.00 GBP 
EMA PMI 35.00 GBP        LPL JER 15.00 GBP 
EMA ABZ 30.00 GBP       GLA CPH 30.00 GBP 
EMA BRU 30.00 GBP      GLA JER 15.00 GBP 
EMA EDI 30.00 GBP       GLA LBA 30.00 GBP 
EMA DUB 35.00 GBP     LTN JER/GCI 15.00 GBP 
EMA NCE 35.00 GBP     BHX BRU 30.00 GBP 
Booking and Ticketing
Through Employee Travel Service  1-800-413-1113
or local reservations office if outside north America.

" ' "

.     Ken Starnes sends this message -
Subject: Reg Little

Short message to let you know that Reg Little passed away yesterday in Comox
Norm Fraser a long time friend and acquaintance informed me tonight.
Reg was battling cancer. Arrangements have not been made as yet.
Reg  started his career in Winnipeg I believe sometime in the  early 1950'S
I worked with him in Dorval when he was with Word-processing.
He transferred to Headquarters in Montreal to Place Ville Marie then to the
in Dorval/ Ville St. Laurent . I knew Reg since  the late 1970's when he
tranferred to the Air Canada Base.
Now hope Reg is at peace. He will be missed.

" ' "
. From the flight deck by Vesta -
Internet experts say computer hackers are increasingly targetting home
machines because they are more powerful and less secure. Hackers can
write programs that attempt to crack into your computer, get your
identity, destroy your data or use your computer to launch attacks on
Web sites or your friends.

" ' "

It’s Time To Start Sweeping For The 22nd Annual Airline Mixed
Fun Bonspiel.
If curling is your game - or if you just want to give throwing
some rocks a try - it's time to register for the Annual Airline
Mixed Fun Bonspiel. The event will take place March 8 - 10 at
the Kamloops Curling Club, in Kamloops, B.C. Skill levels vary
from Brier caliber to beginner - you're there to have fun,
which is why it's called a 'funspiel.' For details, contact
Tom McKay, YVR3241, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or John Calvert,
(604) 943-2361, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Hurry, the deadline
to submit your entry form is Feb. 2.

" ' ""

. From scottygt
Subject: DC9
I also was sad to think that the DC9 has come to her last days in AC. As the
author and photographer of the DC9 and DC8 Ramp Service manuals and in charge
of the test and proving flights for ramp service and fueling, I had the honour
to fly with Captain George Lothian. If the pipe was steady all was well, but if
it was going up and down, I knew we were in for some rough water. Right or
wrong it was a case of, I will shoot the messenger.
At the time I was on loan to Norm Trindall and Joe Sky. Two great people who
could think outside of the box, were not afraid to try something new, knew how
to delegate and would listen. Remember the tail de-ice system ?. My letter
explaining why we should not continue with the balance of the fleet was a fine
example of creative assembly of the facts. Our hot liquid was broken up into
small droplets and was cold when it reached the surface. Our liquid in the
experiments was also dyed blue which did not make the mtce crew very happy.
Peter Blyth shot it on 16mm.
I still have the original ms for the DC9 but the one for the DC8 I gave to Iris
Land. Later I found out that it had been lost. The negatives and film are also
here, and I would welcome any suggestions as to where would be a good resting
place for all this stuff.
Later I became a DC9 ground school instructor, working with Cleve Spear and
Wally Pacholka for the infamous Ron Peel and Gerry Quinn. The pilots were the
finest group of students that anyone could wish to stand in front of. When I
was on the operational learning curve, they always had time to make certain
that I had the proper information.
I had the good fortune to do many interesting things during the 36 years, but I
rank this period as one of the most rewarding.
To all my students, thanks for the memories.
" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
4 great reasons to visit Vancouver!
Best Western Downtown  ca$89
Days Inn Downtown         ca$79
Hampton Inn & suites downtown ca$89
Holiday Inn & suites North Vancouver ca$89
3 better reasons to visit Victoria!
Best Western Carlton Plaza ca$69
Days Inn on the harbour ca$69
Travelodge ca$59
all valid until Apr 30/02 single or double.

" ' "

. Smilie.
Freom Herb Noble
Subject: loved
Have you heard the one about the
Captain who casually went to the rear can, and just got down to business
when number three engine coughed up the crankshaft, the captain beat a
hasty retreat to the cockpit mooning most of the customers enroute.. the
name escapes me but I think it was 'Moon'  Mathews..
Take care, Herb

" ' "

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