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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 657  Jan 29th, 2002. We first published in October 1995.

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.
We are advised that the price grid for Family Affaire for 2001 is
effective until Feb 28th
when a new and updated grid will be issued, and some prices will change. Check
web site for the current grid.
Correct phone number for reservations is the Employee Travel Service at

Now's A Great Time To Travel With Family Affair -
Check Out The Savings. Forget the worries of standby travel.
If you have a touch of the wanderlust between now and Feb. 28,
active and retired Air Canada and Air Canada Regional employees
can enjoy confirmed Family Affair reservations and save an
additional 20 per cent on select transborder flights.
Contact Employee Travel Service 1-800-413-1113 for more details.

. From Employee Communications -
Air Canada News:
Simplifying The Future Of Employee Travel.
The Employee Travel and Recognition team is working on a proposal
to automate and improve the process of standby travel for
employees and retirees. This automation will allow the Company to consider the
reintroduction of limited unaccompanied partner
travel such as non-dependent children and designated partners.
If all the features, and their associated costs and benefits, are approved by
Executive Management, the project will be implemented this year. Some of the
changes will include ticketless travel and
new payment options, such as using credit and debit cards in
addition to payroll deduction. A new billing method will allow
pass holders to view their travel charges on the web. An improved travel
profile will replace the current CHIP, and allow employees
and retirees to verify and update family data, boarding priorities and pass
entitlements online.

" ' "

. The following are in our readership, and we thought some of you may wish to
know where they worked  -
Don & Edie Lafreniere retired CAIL Avionics Technical Support Specialist
Charlie Burtch retired CAIL  S.O.C. Manager
R J Bailey retired Air Canada L.S.A.
Gail Cruikshank  retired on Dec31/01 from Air Canada.
worked at Pearson Airport as a CSSA since

" ' "

. May Day!
Henry Kroeker  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. sent this appeal -
I am looking for an very old good friend Gerry Falconer who was an Air Canada
operations employee in Winnipeg during the 50's ans was probably transferred to
Montreal. His father Bill also worked for Air Canada.

" ' "

. Those North Stars!
Bruce Allcom sends this information -
This statement in a recent netletter, finally got my ire up. "Flying Merchant",
all you could get in them was a load of day old chicks and they could fly
I spent 9 years with TCA as an F/O Transat on Northstars and Connies
subsequently Capt. Northstars domestic before becoming Chief Pilot for Flying
Enterprise in Denmark (a subsidiary of Overseas Aviation Gatwick at the time,
the largest 4 engine charter airline in the world)
Just to set the record straight: The Canadian Government did not like CPAir any
more than they liked CPRail for beating them to the punch as a transcontinental
railroad and continued their tunnel vision attitude with Prime Ministerial
statements such as "Give CP the Pacific to loose their shirts on there is no
revenue in that"
When CPair sought a transcontinental route "Freight Only" with Douglas DC
Freighters (12 foot cargo doors and 300000 lb. cargo) there was no such
service. Mr. Nobles illustrious TCA bought 3 Bristol 170 freighters from
Channel Airbridge, designed to carry two morris minor autos 21 miles across the
English Channel, as the governments answer to CPair's Douglas DC6
intercontinental freighters. This quashed any hope free enterprise.
To further my point about NorthStars (DC4 m2/m3) the B.O.A.C. version which I
have on my license as a C-4 had reverse. The era Mr. Noble refers to, Canadian
MOT would not consider reverse as a performance factor and neither did they
consider departure profile only consider V1,V2 stop start distance, although
the Brits had this calculated for several years and used it for certification
of the Argonaut.
The final agony and I suppose emphasizing the arrogance of TCA and the
Northstar was the "Cross-Over" Exhaust system designed and installed on what
was a basically a good aircraft. It destroyed it, looked good -- nice smooth
cowls -- quieter interior, all good stuff except it dramatically reduced the
GTOW and cruise airspeed. The Brits (B.O.A.C.) did a simillar mod but far
This came home to me while flying between Copenhagen and Palma de Majorca one
night in an Argonaut (with reverse and slim cowlings) and coincidentally passed
an opposite direction ex TCA Northstar and the Capt. asked me as an former TCA
pilot what was wrong with his airplane?? Discussing Canadian politics on center
frequency was not the answer.
Mr. Noble I suggest you take the feather out of where it is tickling you and
give credit where it belongs. CPAir did one hell of a job pioneering the
Pacific the hard way around the Pacific, and developed routes and trade, Ottawa
and Quebec never dreamed of
I used to be very proud of my background as a TCA pilot and I still am unless I
run into ill informed and sadly uneducated experts spouting off with all the
expertise of a CNN reporter.
Bruce D. Allcorn

and Norm Garwood sends this -
Further to Herb Noble's trivia question, I go back to early June '53 with
TCA (in the Public Relations Dept.) and I can not recall the airline ever
naming any of its aircraft as CPA was wont to do. I do remember that the
subject was indeed suggested and considered more than once but our Crown
Corporate nature was such that there was concern Ottawa would stick its nose
into that aspect of our business (too). We would only upset those
cities/provinces etc. that were not named.
Norm Garwood

" ' "
. Reminder -
"Name the Tail Contest" presented by the ACFamily Network
This is a fun contest to test your knowledge of 50 airline aircraft tail
You can Win one of these four great Canadian Aviation Books...
- HUMOUR and Aviation Books - ACE McCool
- ALTIMETER RISING: My 50 Years in the Cockpit
- AVIATION MEMOIRS: A Love Affair With Flight
- NATIONAL TREASURE: The History of Trans-Canada Air Lines
(Contest starts at 0100 GMT February 3, 2002 and closes 2359 GMT February
23, 2002)
Visit to see more information and contest rules.

" ' "

. Suggestion!
We asked Bob MacDonald for a suggestion, and he sends this one -
I do have a suggestion however perhaps you could remind your readers to
register on the Conlist, I have seen the e-mail addresses welcoming new
subscribers, however they are failing to register with the new conlist.
Again thanks for your efforts its people like you that keep our AC
family together. May the flights you plus on always be open
Regards Bob Mac Donald
(You can register on the CONLIST by going to the web site - eds)

" ' "

. Found on the internet.
*** Battle joined to save aviation sheds
The Guardian -- The fight is on to save a collection of
scruffy industrial sheds on a Hampshire building site
which, according to campaigners, constitute a history
of aeronautical research unique in the world. The sheds
at Farnborough are stuffed with icons of British aviation
history. The most spectacular is the 24ft wind tunnel
built in 1935 so that an entire small plane could be
dangled from a crane in front of the giant mahogany
blades, in gale force winds which have also been used to
test roofing materials and trees. There are also two
other wind tunnels.

*** BA issues handcuff amnesty for Kinky Staff
Ananova -- British Airways has announced a handcuff
amnesty for staff after 255 pairs of cuffs went missing.
A spokeswoman told Ananova 17 pairs had been used to
restrain unruly passengers, but the other pairs were
missing. She said staff would not be punished in any way
if they return any company handcuffs they may have. A
memo in Cabin Crew News suggested either a large number
of cuffs were used in restraint, or BA employed a lot of
fetishists. The memo in the internal magazine, written by
Simon Packer, head of BA's safety and evacuation systems
said: "Your exotic practices in the bedroom are your own
business, but please stick to the Ann Summers furry
handcuffs. Replacing the ones from the restraint kit is
costing BA a fortune."

" ' "

. Edward Tierney stopped by
and suggested that you visit the following URL:
sent on the offchance that some Netletter readers once domiciled in the UK
might just might enjoy in some future Netletter. Ted Tierney.

" ' "

. Terry's travel news.
Quality Rates At The Quality Hotel In Montreal.
Until April 30, Air Canada employees, retirees  and their family can take
advantage of the promotional offer of $55 Cdn per night, to stay
in the warmth and comfort of the Quality Hotel. Automatic upgrades are subject
to space availability. A free shuttle bus will drive
you to and from the four star, full service hotel located minutes from Dorval
International Airport. Take a virtual tour of the hotel at For information on other Harilela owned and
hotels worldwide, visit For reservations, call (800) 361-6243
or visit the website.

" ' "

. Our chief pilot - Vesta - spotted this -
Flushed with anger, US woman in plane toilet ordeal
OSLO, Jan 21 - An American woman had no need to fasten her seatbelt on a
flight from Scandinavia to the United States after a high-pressure vacuum
flush sealed her to the toilet seat of the transatlantic airliner.
The woman filed a complaint with Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) after
her ordeal on a Boeing 767 flight last year. She got sucked in after
pushing the flush button while seated, activating a system to clean the
toilet by vacuum, the airline said on Monday.
"She could not get up by herself and had to sit on the toilet until the
flight had landed so that ground technicians could help her get loose," a
SAS spokeswoman told Reuters. "She was stuck there for quite a long time."

" ' "

Recently, Ryanair the Irish low cost airlines had these fares, from London
Stanstead  -
One Way incl. Tax at gbp10.00
Dublin,  Glasgow, Brussels, Frankfurt,  Stockholm,  Västerås, Esbjerg, Malmö,
Ancona, Trieste, Pescara,  Gothenburg, Aarhus, Venice
One Way incl. Tax at gbp15.00
Genoa, Hamburg, Brescia,  Shannon, Alghero, Bologna,  Turin,  Nîmes, Knock,
One Way incl. Tax at gbp20.00
Pisa , Kerry, Cork, Oslo, Salzburg
One Way incl. Tax at gbp25.00
Biarritz, St.Etienne,Carcassonne
Ryanair, Europe’s largest low fares airline, today (Thursday 13 December 2001)
announced its biggest-ever giveaway on its Glasgow Prestwick service to London

…50,000 seats are going FREE from January to March 2002!

Ryanair posted a record year for 2001 of gbp458 million, which exceeds the
Irish government ex-chequer announced surplus of gbp424 million.
Ryanair placed an order for 150 Boeing B737's

" ' "
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