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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 659  Feb 3rd,, 2002. We first published in October 1995.

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. From the RAPCAN eMailNews issued by Duane Frerichs -
Subject: DC9 Retirement YUL
On the 15th of Feb. there will be a retirement gathering in the YUL 747
hanger for the DC9. It starts at 11:00 until afternoon. There is a lunch,
with all proceeds going to Dreams Take Flight.
At 14:00 there will be a auction of some parts, a small presentation for
Carl Sandelin, some slides and so forth. Many present and former DC9 crews,
etc. will be
Everyone is welcome but for security reasons you will have to call Jose
Leberge at 422-2414 and give your names. Jose will forward them to Claude St.
so that you can enter the building. Thanks for your help Cpt. Gary Bradford

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. Those anonymous North Stars!
RE: North Star "discussion"
To Norm Garwood regarding the naming of TCA aircraft.
I just came into possession of some information that suggests that the
North Star CF-TFL (which is featured in a painting on the AirShare Magazine
Air Canada Aircraft Photo Gallery ) was
named "Cornwallis" and was painted on the nose. Your comments would be
Tom Grant, ACFamily Network

" ' "
. Some of our new readers, we thought we would tell you where they worked -
Edwin P Wong retired from Air Canada Station Agent - Weight & Balance
George K Burns retired Air Canada Cargo Supervisor, Ottawa Airport, now lives

Lake Cowichan, British Columbia
Terry Murphy  retired this past April from YQM airport working CSSA., also
worked in
YSJ and YHZ.  ysj, yhz and yqm and lives in Riverview,
John Smerdon is a CAIL retiree living in Richmond, BC.

" ' "

. Bob Lunan has sent us this bio -
After 4 yrs in RCNVR I  joined TCA in Dorval hangar on 6 July 1945 as
Millwright electrician.  Became Foreman in shop for 12yrs then moved up  to
Ground Equip Supervisor. Became travelling inspector of Gr. Equip & Facilities
also Aircraft Fueling Equip & Facilities. Was Quality Tech, did aircraft
fueling pressure and cleanliness checks and fuel storage tests for system
stations, also did aircraft introductory flights for Viscount,
Vanguard, DC8 and Bristol Freighters. Retired 1978 as Senior Quality Tech.
My wife and I still live in Pointe-Claire, QC.,  same house
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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. Found on the internet.
TRANSMERIDIAN leased two ex-Canada 3000 757-200s (24118/24119) from Pegasus

Aviation starting June 2002.
ROLLS-ROYCE has 15-year, $250m Air Canada contract for Trent 772B
maintenance for eight A330-300s.

" ' "
. Yet another reminder -
"Name the Tail Contest" presented by the ACFamily Network
This is a fun contest to test your knowledge of 50 airline aircraft tail
You can Win one of these four great Canadian Aviation Books...
- "Ace McCool -- Collector Edition"
- ALTIMETER RISING: My 50 Years in the Cockpit
- AVIATION MEMOIRS: A Love Affair With Flight
- NATIONAL TREASURE: The History of Trans-Canada Air Lines
(Contest started at 0100 GMT February 3, 2002 and closes 2359 GMT February
23, 2002)
Visit to see more information and contest rules.

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. Continuing the DC-9 saga -
The recent wave of nostalgia surrounding the DC-9 fleet has freshened many
memories of my experiences with that fleet. No doubt many people have written
you about their experiences. Notwithstanding that I will add one more if you
don't mind.
I remember so well many of the events surrounding the choice of the DC-9 as a
replacement aircraft for the dear old Viscounts.As wonderful as the Viscount
was in some ways,the DC-9 left it behind in a trail of heifer dust.
I was in a meeting in the Engineering and Maintenance Conference room dealing
with some aspects of the selection when Gene Vermander entered the room to say
that President Kennedy had been shot and killed. I always associate the DC-9
selection with that fateful day.
There were a number of aircraft considered along with the DC-9 when the
selection was made. The BAC-111 was being pushed very hard by BAC as was the
Caravelle as it would no doubt give work to the Canadair plant in Montreal.Also
it was a French dssign which gave it appeal in some areas.
We had been though the Viscount era with its Maintenance problems to be
followed by the dear old Vanguard. In Maintenance we had just about had enough
of BAC and wanted to select an aircraft type that considered the maintenance
aspect to a greater extent.Whenever we brought up the problems with BAC
aircraft Sir George Edwards who was the managing Director of BAC had a standard
answer..."We will put it right".Many of us had enough of the concept of why use
4 bolts when 8 will do, approach to life.
Sir Gerrge Edwards fought hard to have the BAC-111 selected but to no avail.
Douglas aircraft who had always built a reliable aircraft got the message and
the concept of "Maintainability" was a key plank in their development and sales
program.Interestingly also the man in Douglas who headed up the
"Maintainability" program was no other tha A.M.Sutherland ,or better known to
us as Mickey Sutherland.
Mickey Sutherland had headed up the Trans Canada Airlines Maintenance
Department while Jim Bain was away at Canadair building the North Stars. When
Jim came back on the job Mickey suddenly left to work for Slick Airways in the
USA. He was a wonderful person and well liked. It was great to work with him
Shortly after the selection was made to purchase the DC-9's BAC had a very sad
incident with one of their BAC-111's on a test flight. It went into what is
known as a deep stall and the flight crew were unable to get it out of the
stall. It pancaked into the ground killing all on board including a number of
their design team. As a result of this incident, the design of T-tails on
aircraft was changed and stall testing could only be done with a drogue chute
in place to snap the aircraft out of the stall should it ever occur.We made the
right decision.
Regards Bill Norberg

" ' "
. From the eMailNews issued by RAPCAN Duane Frerichs -
From: "B McCormack" <gram&This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: DC-8

After flying with TCA for 6 years as a First Officer on DC-3 and Viscount I
became a Second Officer on the DC-8. A couple of months later in the summer
of '62 I operated a flight planned from Vancouver to Toronto, stop over for
about 3 hours and then back again to Calgary and Vancouver.
While in YYC a hydraulic leak was discovered in the port aileron area and
the flight was delayed. Maintenance determined that the parts required to
repair the leak were in Vancouver and that the last flight out of YVR had
departed. There was an overnight Viscount parked on the ramp in YYC that
could be flown to YVR so crew sched scurried about calling the reserve
(standby) pilots. They were able to locate a Captain (George Stewart) but
no First Officer. It occurred to me that I was still legally competent on
the Viscount so I volunteered to fly it with George. When the flight
planning and aircraft checks were complete, I had been on duty for almost
12 hours and the enroute time would be about 1:50 so the plan was to have
another pilot take my place for the return flight.
When we arrived in YVR the crew scheduler on duty advised me that as in
YYC, the reserve pilots were not available. At that hour all of the
scheduled flights had long gone, and so I guess were the reserve. (The name
John Catley comes to mind) Soooo, I volunteered to take the flight back to
YYC. The plus was that George allowed me to fly it back and he did the logs
and radio work.
After deplaning in Calgary I walked up to the crew lounge where Captain Stu
Foley and most of his crew were asleep in an assortment of chairs. I
finally found a spot and curled up for an hour or two of sleep. We were
awakened with the news that the aircraft had been repaired, the passengers
were on their way back to the airport, and we should flight plan and
prepare our DC-8 for departure. When we finally arrived back home in
Vancouver I had been on duty for almost 24 hours. We were pretty tough in
those days, it didn't bother me at all that I didn't get a "how do ya do"
from the office.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.rhis list of hotels in Montreal with deals -

Bonneventure @ $76/night

Holiday Inn Select @ $78/night

Delta @ $76/night

Show your Air Canada ID card at the airport shuttle bus and should
cost you around $5.
Normally the shuttle bus costs $11.50 per person.
A cab from the airport to various hotels downtown costs $28.00 flat rate.
The shuttle apparently takes you to the Queen Elizabeth Hotel and the Berri Bus
Carol Humphrey

Interlining Plus has this Land Tour -
One of the most fascinating destination in Europe
Special interline price $459us per person
Departure dates April 1st through October
3 Nights Hotel accommodation in Athens, including breakfast
City tour of Athens( half day)
1 Day cruise to the Islands of Poros, Aegina & Hydra, with lunch
3 Nights Hotel accommodation ( Mykonos , Paros , Nexos or Los islands)
3 Nights accommodation in Santorini, including breakfast
Ferry boat transportation from Piraeus to the islanDs of your choice
Domestic Air from Santorini to Athens
All taxes & service charges
No Airport in Los island
Call Interlining Plus for more details -
Toll Free: 1 800 665 3100   Local Phone: (604) 606-1700 Fax: (604) 606-1720

" ' "

. Smilies.
Heard on the air waves!
"It's too late for Louisville. We're going back to O'Hare."
"Put your compass on 'E' and get out of my airspace."
"Don't anybody maintain anything."
"Caution wake turbulence, you're following a heavy 12 o'clock,, lets

make it five miles."
"Climb like your life depends on it...because it does."
"If you want more room, captain, push your seat back."
"For radar identification, throw your jumpseat rider out the window."
"Air Force One, I told you to expedite!"
"Listen up, gentlemen, or something's gonna happen that none of us wants to
"Leave five on the glide, have a nice ride, tower inside, twenty-six nine...see
"Japan Air Ten Heavy, how about a radio check?" (Response: "Royah, switching!")
"Turn in and take over . . . you know the rest."
And one from Daytona, Florida:
"Tower, this is N123ER, how do you read?" "Usually at night, in bed with my

" ' "
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