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( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 670,  Mar 9th, 2002. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2200+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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As the February issue of Horizons announced that the February issue was the
final one which would be mailed to employees and retirees. We thought, as a
small service to our readers, that we would reproduce some of the articles
which appear in the March edition, which is on the web site
We realize that, although many of our readers have access to the web site, many
do not, and those who do not have access to our NetLetter by the kindness of
fellow retirees who print copies for distribution.

It is not our intention to print all the contents of the Horizons!

Here are three articles which we thought would be of interest
from Horizons March 2002 nr 892.

" ' "
The popular Family Affair discount travel program is changing its pricing
schedule to make it more attractive as a travel alternative.
Pass charges will no longer be based on zones. Instead, prices will be
40 to 70 per cent off the lowest retail fares for all Air Canada and Air Canada
Regional flights. To answer the concerns that seat sale offers are cheaper than
regular Family Affair discounts the Company will apply Family Affair selloffs
throughout the year. All fares are based on roundtrip travel and apply to all
eligible family members. They are not valid for Aeroplan accumulation and are
not refundable or transferable. A $75 Cdn ($50 US)
charge will apply for changes made after the original reservation. All
Family Affair travel must be completed by Dec. 31.
Although more expensive than partner passes, these discount fares
guarantee our loved ones the comfort  of positive space travel. However, full
revenue customers have
priority over family members, and it is our  responsibility to ensure that our
families know they may be bumped.
This program was designed for  pleasure travel only, and abuse of any kind can
result in a suspension of travel privileges.
Travel bookings can be made only within 14 days of departure through
Employee Travel Services at  (800) 413-1113. Tickets will be processed as
electronic tickets and credit cards are the only accepted  form of payment.
Where electronic ticketing is not available, family members can have their
tickets  delivered or they can be picked up at the nearest airport. The maximum
stay for most destinations is 60 days, with the exception of 30 days for sun
destinations such as Florida, the Caribbean and Hawaii.

Who’s Eligible
All active and retired Air Canada and Air Canada
Regional employees, their spouses, widows/widowers*
and dependent children, non-dependent children, step
children, as well as grandchildren and
step-grandchildren under 21 years of age
Parents and grandparents, step-parents and
Parents-in-law and grandparents-in-law,
step-parents-in-law and step-grandparents-in-law
Brothers, sisters, brothers and sisters-in-law and their
dependent children under the age of 21
Adopted brothers, sisters, half brothers and sisters,
stepbrothers and stepsisters and their dependent
children under the age of 21.
* Widows/widowers of employees who had a
minimum of 15 years of service.

" ' "
Flying to the States? Bring your ID!

On Jan. 18, new U.S. security regulations went into effect requiring
all carriers flying to a U.S. destination to provide specific information
about all passengers and crew members on board. This information, called the
Advance Passenger Information System (APIS), must be transmitted
electronically to U.S. Customs in advance of the flight’s arrival to ensure
aviation safety
and national security.

Air Canada is required to collect five basic pieces of information
from all passengers and crew members  travelling to the United States. An
individual’s full legal name, gender, birth date, nationality and a travel 
document number - such as a passport.

The new law applies to all carriers for all flights to the U.S,
including Air Canada mainline, Air Canada  Regional, Tango and Jetz.

While all currently valid travel documents - such as a birth
certificate - are still acceptable for entry into the U.S., a valid passport
is the preferred document for all travel outside of Canada.

As the deadline to comply with APIS was extremely tight, we did not
have enough time to put the  required technology in place. Since Jan. 18,
Customer Sales and Service Agents at airport check-in and  the gate have had
the responsibility of ensuring all the data is collected. To accelerate the
process and
relieve airport congestion, 100 document readers were installed in
Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal - the readers scan the
required information directly from the passenger’s travel document.

The first of our automated processes went “live” at the end of
February. Now, when a customer uses an  Express Check-in kiosk, an automatic
prompt asks for the required APIS data. Once it is entered, the  boarding
card is issued.

By the end of March, further technological supports should be in place.

When a customer books a flight through a call centre, travel
agency or another airline, the API  data will be collected and then
transferred to Air Canada where it will be stored in the customer’s  
Passenger Name Record (PNR).
When a customer begins a flight on another carrier the API data
will be collected at the time of  check-in and sent by Edifact to Air Canada.

Technology will eventually make registering API data simpler for
everyone. When it is in place we will be able to:

Accept the customer’s information when they book a flight to the
U.S. on our official website
Accept employee and family/partner information when they register
a flight to the U.S. on the  Employee Travel website
Store API data in a member’s Aeroplan® Cardholder Information
Profile (CHIP) so they only  have to provide it once
Photo ID is required for all persons over 16
While crew information has been collected and stored in another
system, all crew members are   required to carry a valid passport, the same
one used for data capture.

" ' "

DC-9 calls it a day
After 35 years of service, the DC-9 was retired from the fleet
on Jan. 13. It has left behind the legacy of being the workhorse of the
short-haul markets, especially during the introduction of  the jet age.
In the early 1960s, the airline needed to purchase a short/medium-haul
jet. “Based on economics, technical studies, and passenger traffic
forecasts, the DC-9 was purchased for its low operating costs and ability to
provide frequent service between short-haul markets,” said George Reeleder,
Senior Director, Scheduling. “The DC-9 was not only ordered as a prop
replacement but it was a competitive
necessity as U.S. carriers such as American, Delta and United were
going to introduce jets on competitive routes to New York and Chicago. The
Vanguard just could not compete in the jet era.”

With a seating capacity of 72, the DC-9-14 quickly proved too small
and its range was limited. On June  12, 1965, the airline ordered twelve
DC-9-32s. It was 4.5 m longer and could seat up to 115  passengers. Equipped
with a high-lift wing system of leading edge slats, it provided better
short-field  performance. Leading edge slats increase lift and allow pilots
to fly the aircraft slower and therefore use
less runway for landing. The 30 series became the best selling version
of the DC-9 as airlines appreciated  its economics and performance.
Many in the aviation world refer to the DC-9 as “a pilot’s plane” or
“real flying.”
“You fly it manually. There are no computers,” said Captain Martin
Herron who flew the aircraft for 18  years. “It’s a self-sufficient airplane
that was terrific for short landing fields. It’s equipped with airstairs, 
APU, and an anti-skid system that was far ahead of its time. That enabled us
to provide customers with a
comfortable flight and quick turnarounds to various cities. It’s the
only airplane that you could pushback  and be airborne in four minutes. I’m
going to miss flying that airplane.”

Did you know ?

Air Canada was the first international carrier to order the DC-9
The DC-9-14s cost $4 million each
The first Air Canada flight occurred on April 6, 1966,
The DC-9 was Air Canada’s first aircraft to provide liftable
The DC-9 was Air Canada’s first aircraft to have an Auxiliary
Power Unit (APU).
Air Canada ordered 50 between November 1963 and February
Northwest still flies 112 DC-9 series 30s
A retirement party was held on Feb. 15. Employees gathered
together to bid adieu at Montreal's Maintenance Hangar. One of
the highlights was the auction of DC-9 prized parts. All proceeds
were given to charity.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Canadream Campers is happy to welcome you to the World Airline Alaska Highway
Overland Adventure…WAA-HOO! We have a number of motorhome units in Calgary and
Vancouver that we would like driven to Whitehorse. Canadream approached
startrips with an opportunity to offer the employees of the STAR ALLIANCE® an
incredible rate to drive these units to Whitehorse. All you have to do is fly
into Calgary (YYC) or Vancouver (YVR), travel the Alaska Highway to the Yukon,
drop your motorhome in Whitehorse (YXY) and wing your way back home.
·       Package Dates: May 4-12, 2002.
·       Your choice of our available motorhomes.
·       8 Days use of the units from May 4th to 12th 2002 (Pickup 9AM to 2PM).
·       Your choice of Departing from Calgary (6 units) or Vancouver (22

·       3500 free kilometers (2,174 miles). Whitehorse is about 2400 kilometers
(1,553 miles) from either center.
·       Insurance.
·       Convenience Kits that contain dishes, cookware, pillows, linen, towels,
sleeping bags, lawn chairs, & cleaning equipment.
·       First supply of propane and toilet chemicals.
·       Full itinerary with side trips and suggestions to help you plan your
great overland adventure.
·       Mile “0” Party at Dawson Creek BC May 6, 2002 includes BBQ steak or
chicken, Yukon Medley and Salads.
·       You might even win a prize for the best-dressed “Gold Rush” costume!
·       Package Price for the entire eight days is just $548.00 CAD.
To view this package and the motorhomes available log onto to the STAR ALLIANCE
employee Web site
If you have any questions you can Call Chris or Trish STARTRIPS toll free at 1
888 547 6008 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To chat with Canadream Campers Call: 1 800 461 7368.
This one is great!
If you log onto the STARTRIPS Web site you will note a link to Whistler /
Blackcomb. We have been working with Intrawest (parent company of the resort)
for the past while and are pleased to announce that all active and retired
employees now have their very own page on the Whistler Website.
The savings on this page offer employees and retirees alike anywhere from 30%
to 50% off accommodation and lift pass programs. There will be program
offerings during the summer as well. The offerings on this page will be
Active and retired employees will be required to show valid identification at
time of check in!
To view the page click here:
-------------------------------------------------------If you have any
questions .......we're just a phone call or email away.
Best regards,
Christopher Arbique
Star Alliance Startrips.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
1 888 547 6008.

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