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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 675  Mar 28th, 2002. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2200+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.
From Employee Communications -
New Canadian Air Travellers Security Charge Begins April 1.
The new security fee, implemented by the federal government to
cover the cost of Canada’s enhanced airline security measures, applies to all
tickets issued for personal travel ­ this includes
any tickets issued before April 1. Exception: Air Canada/Air Canada Jazz
employees travelling on company business on Air Canada/Air Canada Jazz, Tango
and Jetz operated flights (including crew duty travel).The fee will be applied
each time you board an aircraft in Canada. The new tax will be payroll deducted
with the exception of those employees/retirees who pay at time of ticketing.

Easter Travel ­ Anticipating High Passenger Load Factors.
With the combination of March break travellers and people flying
home for the holidays, this weekend’s passenger load factor is high. On
Thursday, Air Canada, Air Canada Regional and our Tier III carriers expect to
carry over 103,000 customers, and on Monday over 95,800. This could make
contingent travel a challenge. Do yourself and your travel partners a favour ­
check the loads for the departure and return.

Air Canada has decided to postpone the startup dates for their new
Toronto-Dublin-Shannon-Toronto and the re-introduction of Toronto-Amsterdam
until June 13th.

" ' "

.  Air Canada News:
Start-up Dates Change For Toronto-Dublin And Toronto-Amsterdam.
Our Toronto-Dublin service and Toronto-Amsterdam flights are now scheduled to
start June 13.
Air Canada News:
Interline Agreement Formed Between Air Canada and Spanair.
As a result of our recent announcement that Air Canada and Spanair (JK) have
formed an alliance partnership, we now have a ZED fare interline agreement that
will allow employees and retirees of Air Canada, Air Canada Regional and Tier
III carriers to travel on JK’s network. Spanair has an extensive domestic
network that is connected to Star Alliance’s global network, as well as
Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS), which is a shareholder of Spanair S.A.

" ' "

. A recent retiree to join our readership -
Richard Terrance Nunn ( Terry)
I have been retired since 1986 and my former airline was Canadian Pacific
and I was The manager line mtce YEG .I now live in Pincher Creek AB just a few
miles north of Waterton Park

" ' "

. Don & Willie Riske
Subject: Bio info
Joined Canadian Pacific Airlines in June 1951, served in airport traffic in
various capacities ans locations including HNL for nearly 5 years 1954-59.
Returned to YVR to payload control as a controller. Transferred to YVRRR as
Asst Mgr and then back to Payload Control as Asst Mgr. I retired as Manager of
Payload Control in 1985 after 33 plus yrs.

" ' "

. From the YYZNEWS issued by Brian Dunn -
The combined services of Air BC, Canadian Regional, Air Ontario and Air Nova
will fall under the legal name of Air Canada Regional Inc and as of April 7th
will use the 2-letter code (QK) for all operations. The 3-letter code will be
ARN for flight planning purposes. When the new name and logo are officially
announced later in the spring (currently being worked on by Target Marketing &
Communications Inc. of St.John's ) it is expected that a new 3-letter code and
radio call sine may also be introduced. Currently "Transcan" is being used as
the radio call-sine for all regional airline flights. The internet domain name
"" has been reserved leading to speculation that "Jazz" may be the
new name. Various new names have been rumoured about including "Esprit", "Trans
Canada" and others. The third-level carriers, such as Air Georgian, Calm Air,
and Central Mountain Air will all be using the 2-letter code ZX as of April
but will maintain their own 3-letter codes and operate independently otherwise.
Many of the regional airline's aircraft have been visiting paint shops to have
their current colours painted out all white. Once the new branding is known
they will re-visit the paint shops to have the new colour applied.
The advance summer schedules in the airline computer reservation systems are
now showing some Regional Jet flying for the new ACR, starting with YYZ-BWI
route on 5 May for one frequency per day increasing to three per day at the end
of May. Another route will be Toronto-Indianapolis effective May 5th twice per
day, replacing the Air Canada CRJs currently flying that route.

" ' "

. Computer stuff - part two -
PrintScreen Power
Here's the Kinko I like to show the most. It helps you get help. It
lets you print out the screen you're having trouble with, so you can
show it to another for assistance. The graphics and text
present your problem quickly and graphically and much more clearly than
you can with speaking. No struggling to explain where you're stuck,
with misunderstandings on both sides. It's all there on the sheet. No
walking away feeling like a twit with an explanation you know won't fit
because the helper didn't understand the problem.
Here's how.
You open your word processor, then open the program you're having
trouble with. Then when you're at the screen where you're having
trouble, you press the PrintScreen key. Never knew you had one? The
Kingdom of the Keyboard has many hidden jewels. It's typically the
third or fourth key from the right on the top row. What this key does
is save a picture of the screen you're looking at, to the clipboard,
which is a section in memory. Then you move to your word processor, put
the cursor where you want the picture to go, hold down the Control key
and press "V".
A picture of the previous screen will appear at the cursor. You know
it's a picture because when you click on it (you can use the mouse here,
but don't get into the habit, OK!) a line with eight little black
squares appears on the perimeter, and if you grab one at the corner with
the mouse, you can resize the picture to whatever dimensions you want.
When you show your problem screen to someone, write down his explanation
of the solution under the picture. How do I know someone could be so
foolish as to forget the explanation by the time they get home?
Because I've done it.
That's the basic Kinko; but there are a couple of twists to it that make
sense. One, just before you drop the picture into your word processor,
hit the "enter" key several times, so the cursor goes down the page.
Then hit the arrow key to move the cursor up a few strokes, and then
paste the pic with Control-V. That way you've got space above the
picture to type the title "My problem in Word" for example, and space at
the bottom to type out exactly what your problem is.
Two, put some effort into explaining exactly what the problem is under
the picture. Here's something I've learned from experience. Explain
the problem in more detail than you think you need. You live in a world
of your own with your computer. Your helper does too. But it's a
different world. He needs all the explanation he can get, and the
consequences of too much detail is trivial. Not so the reverse.
Three, put your email address on the page. That way, if it has to be
passed along to someone who isn't there, he can fire you the answer. If
you're a lady, put your name there. This isn't politically correct, but
females get more emails.
There's another twist to that Kinko. If you hold down the Alt key when
you hit "PrintScreen", you will save not the whole page, but the
onscreen dialogue box. Often, that's exactly what you want.
Whew! Just a couple more.
File Fingering
Windows is multi-tasking, which means you can have many programs running
and each can have many files open at the same time. It's not uncommon
to have your web browser, word processor and email programs running
concurrently. And you can have many files in those open as well. Some
of us run with as many as twenty files open at the same time. Think of
your desk at work. Think of the desk of the Chief Executive Officer.
His is bigger, right? Your computer is bigger yet. See how important
you are? And you're still learning!
How do you move from one file to another quickly and easily? Sure, you
can drag the mouse along the pictures on the task bar at the bottom and
click on one. There's a much faster way. You hold down the Alt key
continuously and press Tab several times then release it You'll be
treated to a box in the middle of the screen with icons of each file
open, and the title of the file selected in text underneath. Continue
to hold down the Alt key and press Tab again. You'll move the square
around the icons to the next open file and see its title below.
The best way to do this is to take your left hand, and with your thumb,
hold down the Alt key. Keep it held down. Then with your middle digit
(the longest finger) press down on the tab key then release it. Keep
pressing the tab key and letting it up, (with the Alt key down) and you
will move from file to file. When you come to the icon of the file you
want, let up on both keys. You'll go to the named file.
The "Lazy L"
Arguably the most useful Kinko keys are in the shape of a laid-back "L"
under your left hand. You hold down the Control key, and press one of
the other keys.
Control - A Outlines all the text in a file
Control - Z Undoes your last keystroke,
Control - X Cuts text or objects (copy it to the clipboard but
delete it onscreen)
Control - C Copies text or objects to the clipboard
Control - V Pastes text or objects (put them onscreen where you
can see them)
These Kinkos can be used together to let you do complicated things so
quickly and easily. Our practical abilities are all surrounded by a
shady ring of things we can do - but we don't because they're too darn
much trouble. These shortcuts expand the list of thing we can do, and
do , because they're now suddenly easier.
Keyboard Kinko Commando
Practice makes Perfect (But not necessarily
AutoCorrect or AutoInsert
You can type the full text you want inserted, select it, then type:
Alt, T, A
Then insert the abbreviation you want to stand for the text, in the
"Replace" field, and press "Add" and "OK".
When you go back to your text, delete the full text by simply pressing
"delete" or simply type the abbreviation and it will replace the full
text. Try your name, address, and any commonly
used text such as names and titles. Add another letter to expand your
first abbreviation.
PrintScreen Power
Get into your word processor. Find a difficult screen (in Word try Alt
T, O if you're stuck). Press the "PrintScreen" key on the top row of
keys third or fourth from the right. Put the cursor where you want the
picture (Control - N will open another file for you to play with) and
press Control - V. Click on the pic, then go to a corner of the pic
with your mouse and resize it by dragging the black mark towards the
The "Lazy L"
Control - A Outlines all the text in a file
Control - Z Undoes your last keystroke,
Control - X Cuts text or objects (copy it to the clipboard but
deletes it onscreen)
Control - C Copies text or objects
Control - V Pastes text or objects (put them onscreen where you
can see them)

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Amsterdam from $412* land & space available air
5 Days/3 Nights Departs daily. Package includes round trip space
available air, 3 nights hotel accommodation, breakfast
daily, all hotel taxes and service charges. Confirmed air
and optional tours now available.
Barcelona from $359* land & space available air 
5 Days/3 Nights Departs daily. Package
includes round trip space available air
from New York, Miami or Chicago, 3
nights hotel accommodations, hotel
taxes and service charges.

Motorcoach tours of Northern Spain available from
Barcelona. Combine Barcelona, Madrid and Torremolinos
for your next Spain adventure! Rail passes now available.
*Price based on double occupancy. Single
accommodations with a supplement.

Budapest-Prague Combo from $589*  land & space available air
Budapest on a Shoestring from $546* land & space available air
Prague on a Shoestring from $468* land
Each 4 night package includes round trip space available air, 4 nights
accommodations, buffet breakfast daily, hotel taxes, service charges.
Transfers and tours included
Lisbon from $449* land & air
Helinski-Stockholm-Baltic Cruise  Combo from $788* land & air
Helinski from $435* land & air
London from $493* land & air
Lucerne from $429* land & air
Each 5 Days/3 Nights Departs daily
London-Paris Combo via Channel Tunnel Train from
$644* land & air &
6 Days/ 4 Nights.
Price includes round trip space available air (to London and from Paris),
2 nights hotel accommodations in London and 2 in Paris in first class hotel,
continental breakfast each morning and one way Eurostar ticket.
Call  1-800-422-3727 for more information on these and other deals.

" ' "
. Smilie.
Jean[ DalBello] Woodward sends this first person incident -
I was on the Tor-N.Y. [ YZ-LGA ] run [ DC3 or VISCOUNT ]---can't remember
(down & back & down, & layover in New York.)
On returning to YZ , I was serving a meal when we hit an air pocket & the plane
dropped several hundred feet.
All the passengers were covered with the food from their trays----the ceiling
was splattered & the floor was a mess. ( & we had plenty of drycleaning forms
to fill out )
I went up to the cockpit to tell Cpt. Carl Millard & F/O. Jack Uren about the
mess in the cabin, & I said "One of the passengers even had a pea in his ear !!
The reply to me was " Oh --contortionist eh? "
That was one of the mild incidents. Those days were fun.

" ' "
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