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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R    >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 676,  Mar 31st,  2002. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2300+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.
Using the wrong ticket can be costly
New travel charges begin
Over the past few months, Employee Travel and Payrolls have recorded a
dramatic increase in the incidence of Partner Trip pass tickets being
incorrectly used by employees and their dependents.
In October, a new payroll deduction policy went into effect. Employees who
incorrectly use the T423 PA Parent/Partner Trip Pass ticket for personal travel
now billed at the applicable Parent/Partner rate. In addition, the passes are
deducted from your Parent/Partner allotment. There are no exceptions to this
policy. Refunds and reinstatement of allotment will not be considered.
To avoid any unpleasant service charge deduction surprises, ensure you are
the correct ticket stock, and take care to complete all tickets fully and in

" ' "

. News from the Pionair Districts.
Vancouver Island & Gulf Island District -
87 Pionairs enjoyed some socializing and luncheon at the Nanaimo Golf &
Country Club on Wednesday Mar 27th, emcee'd by District Director Wally Lamond.
Some of the items mentioned by Wally were the upcoming events planned - Jun
13th a visit to the Aviation Museum at Victoria Airport, July a fun golf day at
Royal Oak G.C. Sept a short tour, Dec the Christmas luncheon and next spring,
hopefully, a tour of the wineries on Vancouver Island.
Plans were going ahead for a coffee klatch in Sidney for the 2nd Wednesday of
the month, starting in June, details are being finalized. Wally is hopeful that
other areas will try and arrange for coffee klatches, such as Nanaimo and
Parksville. Wally reminded us that the Courtenay/Comox area already meet
monthly at a different venue quite successfully. In closing his remarks, Wally
informed us that the Pionairs were now 9,260 strong our of a retirement force
of 22,260.
Wally presided over the door prize draws, including some fleece vests
brought along by Lisa Hartmann, Marketing Director (Western Region) for
Interlining Plus. Lisa was on hand to answer any questions regarding travel
opportunities together with some hand outs.
Wally introduced quest speaker Fraser O'Shaughnessy National President
Fraser, firstly, complained that Wally had stolen most of his speech,
nevertheless he will try and condense his planned speech from 80 minutes !
During his speech there were some reminiscences of the time when he was
involved with the Stranraer aircraft of Queen Charlotte Airlines, which
lumbered up and down the BC coast and which caused the Voodoo's of RCAF to
scramble thinking they were UFO's. In trying to identify the Stranraer, the
Voodoo would have all flaps out and undercarriage down, and, on one occasion,
the front hatch of the Stranraer opened and the pilot stood up and saluted.
Fraser paid tribute to Saville Hambleton for his work during his tenure which
included the CAIL retirees into the Pionairs, the Pionairs web site and the
Retirement Assistance Program amongst other endeavours.
Voting for the Pionairs Pension representative, presently Bill Rowe, will take
place with the call for nominees by end of Apr and ballot by end of May.
Mailings will be forthcoming from      the Pionairs. Robert Milton will be
guest speaker at the AGM in Halifax, which precedes the annual Air Canada
shareholders meeting. Retirees are invited to the rehearsals on the Monday
following the Pionairs AGM.
In closing, Fraser announced that, in September, it is hoped that Air Canada
will implement a system whereby those retirees receiving pass privileges, but
not on the pension rolls, will be able to pay for their passes using a credit
card. PIN numbers for those former CAIRE members should also be available on
Sept 1st.
Bill Wood asked a question from the floor as to why Air Canada uses dance names
for their new airlines ie TANGO and now Jazz, he suggested, perhaps, Dippity
Doo Da would be next.
Bill Wood announced that the annual golf tourney, originally run by CAIRE,
would be at Arrowsmith Golf Club on Wednesday August 14th starting at noon cost
$25.00 pp.
Wally Lamond closed off the meeting by announcing that the Retiree Assistance
reps were Joan Vander Holt, Shirley Williams and Lynn McDonogh.

Still with the Vancouver Island & Gulf Island Pionairs -
Luncheon for John Jeffrey, by Margaret Cantwell -
Last month a group of John Jeffrey's phoning committee for the
Pionairs,Victoria, Saanich and Sidney area had a luncheon to say farewell to
John as our local director. It was held in Chapter's restaurant at McMorran's
in Cordova Bay. Shirley Williams and I planned it and did it in secret. I
invited John to have lunch one day with me as he was leaving his post. He
agreed to and away Shirley and I went with our plans. Then Shirley phoned him,
and in all innocence, said as she was quite new, she did not know the names of
all the phoning committee and would like to know everyone on it. Of course did
not tell him anything else ! John gave her the list ! Several could not be
there due to being away or meetings etc. We ended up with Joan Van der Holt,
Lynne McDonagh, John McManus, Shirley Williams and myself, Margaret Cantwell..
It was all done in secret and I met John and led him to what he thought was
lunch for two. As we headed towards the table which had been reserved for us
specially, overlooking the water, John's face was a study when he saw the
others there. He was delighted and very surprised! We presented him with a
boutonnière to wear and a box of chocolates for Mrs. Jeffrey who could not make
it either. It was a most happy time and enjoyed by all. Good food, good company
and lots of laughter. We shall miss John very much as he has been such a
wonderful team leader but he deserves a break after a number of years. The
refreshments be served and his humour at the meetings, will long be remembered.
So have fun John, we will look forward to seeing you at our luncheons and thank
you for being our friend, our mentor and leader. Margaret Cantwell

From the Vancouver Pionairs -
Please publish the following(a couple of times as space allows!);
16th Annual Golf tournament
Place: Country Meadows Executive Golf course
8400 No.6 Road,Richmond B.C.
Date: May 23,2002
Time: Tee off 1100hrs(Scoring based on Calloway system)
Cost: $42.00 includes green fees,food,beverage and prizes
Please send cheque payable to Air Canada Pionairs,along with
Name,phone,EMail, etc to C.Burtch,478 55A St., Delta B.C. V4M 3M1. If you
wish to golf with someone in particular or make up your own foursome,please
advise George Agnew,604 274 9193 email,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Charlie Burtch
604 943 3429 email,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Out of town guests welcome

From the Central Ontario Pionairs

This tour starts, Rome, Sept. 8th so arrival would be Sept. 7th.  Return would
be Sept. 18th.
The Trafalgar Tour is $1699.00 per person Cdn and starts and ends in Rome,
travelling to Sorrento, Isle of Capri, Monte Cassino, Assisi, Venice,
Montecatini (Tuscan Hills), Florence. 
The deposit of $200.00 per person is  due by April 25th  payable to Interline
Plus, Attention:Kazzrie Jaxen  Phone l  800  665 3100 Ext. 1326.
The balance is due June 25th.  Deposits are non-refundable and there is a
per room booking fee.
Air Fare is $1075.00 Cdn based on a minimum of 10 persons. (Optional  Booked
through Interline Plus and Trafalgar)
Cancellation & Medical Insurance is available through Interline Plus (Kazzrie
Checking on extra night hotel in Rome  will advise shortly.
Look forward to another great trip  hope you will join us.
Jess Rougeau
(613) 841  7091
1935 Orchardview Ave.
Orleans, Ont. K4A 3H2
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

" ' "
. From Alan Rust
Web Administrator
Subject: Jazz info on forums
I've put up a new section on the ACFamily Network forums in response to AC
announcing the new "Jazz" Regional Airline. There is the official
announcements, photos and links their web site. There is also a "Poll"
listed so members can vote on if they like the new name and livery as well.
Enter the Forums
Scroll down to Air Canada News/Jazz
You will have to be an ACFamily member to view the Forums.

" ' "

. Remember when?
Courtesy of Jim Pierce Maintenance, C & SS, and lastly The Gemini Group.
Retired in 1990. Jim has sent us several copies of past 'Between
Ourselves'. -
The 'Between Ourselves' in-house staff magazine replaced the former
'Trans-Can News', and was a forerunner of the present day 'Horizons'.
This INITIAL ISSUE was made December 1941.
(A scanned copy of the front page is on web site
The decision to issue the magazine quarterly or monthly had still to be
By October 1946, there was a monthly edition, in fact that months
edition was
numbered 43. We do not have access to earlier editions, but, working
in months, number 1 could have been Mar 1943. However, the initial issue
announcing the introduction of the 'Between Ourselves' carried the
balance sheet for the current year 1941 Jan to Oct only and, later in
this issue,
was mentioned that the next issue '... will appear early next year'. So
perhaps the
magazine was quarterly during 1942 and 3, until more regular input was
There is no mention of the editors for this first issue, but the next
issue we received,
dated Oct 1946, had Don McLeod as editor and Al Carlson as the
(Perhaps one of our readers could enlighten us - eds)

" ' "

. From the RAPCAN eMailNews issued by Duane Frerichs -
Subject: Wardair Memories!
There are no Wardair stories about crashes or accidents because Wardair in
27 years of DC-6, 727, 707, 747, DC-10, A300, A310 passenger charter
operations had none. This was a remarkable achievement. Wardair also had
tremendous passenger appeal and was fun to work for. Credit is due to all
employees and the astute Max Ward.
Hopefully the following reminiscence will jog other publishable Wardair
memories. Not daring to offend any of my colleagues, this memorable Wardair
story offends just me.
Wardair's superb jet standards emulated from our Chief Flight Engineer
Peter Tollovsen and the Vice President Flight Operations, Ab Freeman.
Wardair's early GPWS not only called out "whoop, whoop, pull up" but was
modified (wink) to say "get a haircut". Haircuts were important in Wardair
(strange now when you look at our nautical bearded ex-boss). All knew when
a haircut was necessary, your hat didn't fit. That was before the days of
flight crews carrying their hats so as not to ruin their coiffures.
After a hair growing vacation, I shot out of the house early one morning to
get my required SOP haircut for a flight that night. My regular barber was
booked so I ended up with a strange barber in the town of Stayner. While
cutting, she also sold real-estate using a phone on her shoulder. Why not?
Having never cut my hair before, she asked whether I wanted the back
"blocked or tapered". Being a smart-ass, I replied "just make me look
pretty". Her reply was very memorable, "You got all day"?
(:-)Ron Martyn

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Dargal has these deals -
Port charges included - govt fees additional
August 31 - Inside $849 - Gov't Fees $20.76
May 25 - Inside $599 Outside $799 Balcony $999 M/S $1099 - Gov't Fees
June 01 - Inside $599 Outside $698 Balcony $897 - Gov't Fees $20.76
June 08 - Inside $649 Outside $849 Balcony $1049 Mini Suite $1149 - Gov't
Fees $22.51
June 15 - Inside $699 Outside $999 Balcony $1249 Mini Suite $1499 - Gov't
Fees $20.76
June 22 - Inside $699 Outside $999 Balcony $1249 Mini Suite $1499 - Gov't
Fees $20.76
August 31 - Inside $699 Outside $899 Balcony $1099 - Gov't Fees $22.51
August 31 - Inside $649 Outside $849 Balcony $1049 - Gov't Fees $20.76
Sept 2 - Inside $649 Outside $849 Balcony $1049 - Gov't Fees $20.76
Sept 2 - Inside $649 Outside $849 Balcony $1049 - Gov't Fees $22.51
Port charges and taxes are not included in these rates
April 28 - Inside $460 Atrium $720 Outside $759 - Port $139 Gov't Fees
May 5 - Inside $660 Atrium $770 Outside $759 - Port $139 Gov't Fees $15.05
April 27 - Balcony $660 Suite $810 - Port $139 Gov't Fees $26.45
May 4 - Inside $660 Outside $810 Atrium $810 - Port $139 Gov't Fees $25.05
April 28 - Inside $690 Outside $810 - Port $139 Gov't Fees $27.85
May 5 - Inside $560 Outside $659 Balcony $1110 Suite $1160 Port $139 Gov't
Fees $25.05
June 2 - Inside $690 Outside $810 - Port $139 Gov't Fees $25.05
April 27 - Inside $560 Outside $659 - Port $139 Gov't Fees $29.95
May 4 - Inside $610 Outside $660 - Port $139 Gov't Fees $27.85
May 11 - Inside $610 Outside $760 - Port $139 Gov't Fees $29.95
May 18 - Inside $610 Outside $709 - Port $139 Gov't Fees $27.85
All rates are quoted in US dollars, per person, cruise only, based on double
Rates are capacity controlled and subject to change at any time without
ELIGIBILITY: active or retired airline employees, spouses and
parents/in-laws of airline employees all qualify for interline rates. A
photocopy of the employee Airline ID will be required at time of payment.
Dargal Interline Cruises & Tours Ltd.
Toll Free: 1-800-690-3223 ext. 212

" ' "

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