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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 677  Apr 1st, 2002. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2300+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.
Those dreaded taxes -
For information - for latest information contact the Employee Travel Service.

CANADA/USA TAXES       (CA) (XG) (XQ) (RC) (AY) (XY)  (US) (ZP)
WITHIN CANADA ONLY    :      :    :       :       :       :       :      :
EXCL DEP QC/NB/NF/NS : CC : X :       :       :       :       :       :
DEP QC                          : CC : X :     X
:       :       :       :       :
DEP NB/NF/NS                : CC :    :       :
X     :      :        :       :
CANADA TO/FM USA       : CC : X :        :       : X   :     X :  AD :
CANADA TO/FM HAWAII   : I    :    :       :        : X   :     X :  AD :
USA TO USA                    : CC :    :       :        : XX :   XX :  DA :
CANADA                    :       :    :       :        :     :        :  DA :
USA TO/FM HAWAII          : I     :    :       :        : XX :   XX :  DA :
CANADA                     :      :     :       :        :     :        : DA :
USA TO/FM HAWAII          :       :     :       :        : XX :        : HH
: X
WITHIN USA ONLY            :       :     :       :        : XX :        :
E   : X
CANADA/USA TAXES         (CA) (XG) (XQ) (RC) (AY) (XY)   (US) (ZP)

CANADA/USA TAX TAX / FEE TAX / FEE                 EXEMPT Taxes
: : TKT SUBJECT XG/XQ/RC            : 11.22CAD                 : CNX/INF
: : TKT EXEMPT XG/XQ/RC              : 12.00CAD                 : CNX/INF
:  (I) INTERNATIONAL/HAWAII          : 24.00CAD                 : INF

: XG : GST - GOODS & SVCS TAX          : 7 PC                   : INF
: XQ : QST - QC GOODS & SVCS TAX    : 7.5 PC                 : INF
: RC : HST - HARMONIZED SALES TAX   : 15 PC                 : INF
United States
CODE DESCRIPTION                               AMOUNT
: AY : SECURITY SVC BOARDING FEE     : 2.50US$            : INF
: : (MAX CHARGE 5/OW -10/RT) : :
: XY : IMMIGRATION INSP FEE                  : 6.00US$            : INF
:  (A) INTL - ARRIVAL                                 :
13.20US$         : CNX/INF
:  (D) INTL - DEPARTURE                           : 13.20US$         :
:  (E) DOM - EXCL HAWAII                          : 7.5 PC             : INF
:  (H) DOM - DEP TO/FM HAWAII                : 6.60US$           : INF
: ZP : DOMESTIC SEGMENT TAX                :3.00US$/SG      : INF
" ' "

Nice to know!
Continental Airlines (CO)
For information only - contact Employee Travel Service for more

* Codeshare *
Codeshare/affiliated carrier flights are //NOT// eligible
under the terms of this agreement unless stated otherwise
* Tax *
Any reduced rate ticket is subject to tax as applicable
*Travel permitted as follows:
Continental (CO)
Expressjet Airlines dba Co Express (CO)
Continental Micronesia (CS)

*Pass exchange
* Personal - space available *

. Active employee of ac/tier 2 with 6 months service
. Retired employee
. Spouse - legal
. Dependent children under 24 years of age
. Parents (refer to applicable ZED paragraphs this page)

Priority / endorsement:
SA5p  AC/Tier 2 on CO/CS

To register for flights with Continental reservations:
Canada 1-800-231-0856
USA 1-800-525-0280

Service charge:
Collected by payroll deduction where applicable
$50 - within North America / Caribbean / Bermuda / Hawaii
$50 - within Asia / South Pacific / Guam & Micronesia
$100 - International routes / Central and South America

(CA$ for Canada based employee/retiree / US$ for USA based

- AC/Tier 2 on CO/CS
* T421 personal trip pass - enter SA5p in endorsement box

Separate tickets MUST be presented for combined travel on
AC/Tier 2 and Continental/Continental Micronesia flights

Space available ZED -Zonal Employee Discount

Eligible for unlimited ZED - ZH fares:
Parents of active/retired employee AC/Tier 2

To register for flights with Continental reservations:
Canada 1-800-231-0856
USA 1-800-525-0280


Calculate the mileage for each segment flown

Chart-ZED fares in US$
mileage     (zh)
zone 1                    1-  450    25
zone 2                451-  750    36
zone 3                751-1600    44
zone 4              1601-3200    68
zone 5              3201-4080    89
zone 6              4081-5000  105
zone 7              5001-6100  113
zone 8              6101-9000  126
fares are converted to local currency
subject to taxes as applicable

" ' "

. Still with that Dorval fire!
Len Kruller sends us his 'on the scene report' -
Subject: Hangar fire
As the hangar fire smolders on, I must admit that a lot of nostalgia is
connected with that time period. As a rookie, in those days referred to as
a cat 22 radio man, I had just been assigned, after working in #2 Mtce
hangar, followed by #3 hangar to become a Line Mtce. mechanic in #5 Hangar.
I remember as clear as yesterday it to be a crisp and clear day when, while
working on top of a North Star wing troubleshooting a fuel indication
problem, I happen to glance over my shoulder and saw flames at the adjacent
R.C.A.F. hangar through our hangar windows. It became my fastest trip down
to the ground where by then, everyone else was running around contemplating
the next course of action. Grabbing our coats and getting outside seemed to
be the next best thing to do. By then fire engines from Dorval started to
arrive at the scene and immediately started their job trying to combat a
fire of a wooden hangar structure with an aircraft parked inside. As we
watched from the tarmac, we soon realized that saving the aircraft became
impossible. It was also the first time for me to see green flames as the
aluminum burned. Suddenly we all realized and thanked our lucky stars that
the wind that morning was from a favorable direction. If it had been in the
opposite way, it could have meant the end of the line for all hangars,
right down to #1. Despite the damage to #6, our #5 hangar sustained only
minor damage to the side and roof. As mentioned in previous Netletters, the
year 1956 seems pretty well accurate to my recollection. While reliving
this time period, who would not remember the Greasy Spoon restaurant with
the medical clinic next door, staffed by Dr. Laviolette and his faithful
nurse, Rita. At the end of the road we found ourselves at the Trans
Atlantic terminal of which Vesta recently touched on, which was nothing
more than a cold and drafty barn. I am sure that Trans At passengers were
glad to get out of there and on board the aircraft. And those were the Good
Old days, or were they ?

" ' "

. From the initial issue of Between Ourselves Dec 1941 -
Courtesy of Jim Pierce Maintenance, C & SS, and lastly The Gemini Group.
T.C.A. and the War Effort,
(in part)
However, because of its facilities and trained personnel the Company
has been able to
undertake certain direct war contracts. It is thought that all
personnel will be interested in
what has been done since the first of the year (1941).
Instruments of military aircraft overhauled ... 3053.
Propellers of military aircraft overhauled ......   47
Damaged military aircraft inspected ............   14
Military aircraft overhauled ..........................    9
Load factor for first 10 months in 1941 was 69%
Since the outbreak of war, 62 employees of Trans-Canada Air Lines have
been granted
leave of absence for military duties and, to replace them, 82 women
have been employed.
Women airport passenger agents are an innovation and TCA's pioneer work
in this
connection is being watched closely by United States operators. (the
article is
accompanied by a photo of Miss Doris Forbes of Winnipeg)

" ' "
. Found on the internet.
CAPITALISM AT WORK -- RED SQUARE STYLE: Tired of long lines at passport
and customs control? Well, if you've got 50 or 60 bucks, you can bypass
most of the headaches at Russia's Sheremetyevo Airport. Just make sure
you book your ticket through the travel agency Aerotour, and they
promise it won't take longer than 10 minutes, including the time it
takes to find your luggage. Hmmm ... maybe a few more bucks would buy a
shot of Stolichnaya to make the 10 minutes even more tolerable...

" ' "

. Remember when!
Fred Meredith has sent some TCA history -
First scheduled transcontinental passenger flights - Westbound -
April 1st 1939
Montreal-Ottawa-Kapuskasing (Kapuskasing was used as crew change
point instead of
North Bay due bad weather)
captain- B.A.Rawson, f/o D.R.MacLaren, stewardess A.Brunelle
captain T.F.K.Edmison, f/o F.I.Young, stewardess P.A.McNamara
captain Z.L.Leigh, f/o G.W.McLaren, stewardess M.M.Wilson
captain J.R.Bowker, f/o G.Rivers, stewardess P.Eccleston

" ' "

. Smilie.
From the RAPCAN eMailNews issued by Duane Frerichs -
Don Saunders sent this -
A recent previous RAPCAN newsletter had made mention of the characteristic
of the early JT8D-1 engines to leave a significant trail of smoke behind
takeoff and landing.
Wardair's B727 CF-FUN was the only 727 operating into London's Gatwick
Airport during 1966-67, as I recall, and of course was the object of some
in the airline world and as well with the many English reggy spotters.
I was on final for Gatwick's runway 26 one summer day, obviously trailing
the standard plume of smoke. Awaiting takeoff clearance during our approach
were a couple of Viscounts, a BAC111 and some piston engine machines.
As we passed through about 500 feet, an English voice, obviously from one
of the holding airplanes, said "I say, that machine sure does smoke".
My First Officer, Garth Martin, a fine airman and sharp wit, immediately
replied "And some day you'll be big enough to smoke"
My subsequent landing was laughable as well.
Don Saunders

" ' "
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