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Number 689   Wednesday, May 15, 2002
. We first published in October 1995.
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The following is from the Daily Monday, May 13, 2002
and printed here again for the benefit of those retirees
who do not have Internet facilities.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Former Canadian Airlines Employees and Retirees – Your ID/Travel Cards Will
Expire May 31. The ID/travel card currently used by former Canadian Airlines
employees and retirees will expire on May 31. Effective June 1, only Air
Canada ID/travel cards will be accepted – employees who don’t have this card
will be unable to enjoy their travel privileges. While most ID cards have
been issued to affected employees, some are still outstanding. Former
Canadian Airlines’ employees who haven’t submitted their photo, must do so
by May 20. If you have questions, please call 1-866-473-4732. In addition,
after May 31, tickets will not be accepted with the old card imprint unless
the employee is continuing a journey or using the return portion of a trip

AT LAST we can advise you of: IBM, Dell and Gateway Country Computers

Details Finalized For Employee Computer Purchase Program. It’s been a long
time coming, but the details of the Employee Computer Purchase Program are
finalized. We’ve used our purchasing power to secure a special discount with
three different vendors – IBM, Dell and Gateway Country Computers. You must
deal directly with these vendors to understand which one is offering the
best package and pricing for you, depending on your technology requirements
and budget. For details about the program, management employees will receive
a corporate e-mail, and all other employees should refer to the insert in
your May pay stub. Currently, this program is only available to all
Canada-based employees and retirees of Air Canada; our subsidiaries have
also been invited to extend this program to their Canada-based employees. We
’re still working on a Computer Purchase Program for employees based in the
U.S. and International stations.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002
>From the PIO AGM in YHZ.
Lewisporte  scholarship fund (Newfoundland)
Attached is the original draft of the U.S. Pionair's Resolution. At the
U.S. portion of the business meeting it was proposed and passed that in
addition to the Resolution we (the U.S. Pionairs) would donate a minimum
of $500 U.S. and possibly $1000 to this Scholarship fund.
This resolution was read at the Sunday business meeting by Gray Dales,
originator and editor of the resolution.

Jim Morgan the N. P. C. G. Chairperson opened the meeting
with a show of hands for all in attendance who would be attending
the A G M.
Provincial Tax on our Medical Plan was raised and discussed
from the attendees perspective. Further answers maybe needed
on this subject.
After some discussions on the New Airlines Air Canada is
putting into service, i.e.: Jazz, Jet's & Tango, Gord Dalziel gave
an update on the Paperless Pass Travel which is hoped will
commence in late 2002 or early 2003. Great interest was shown
in this topic. Star Alliance pass availability was discussed, also.

A request for volunteers for assistance at Toronto Airport was
discussed for World Youth Day, being held in Toronto, during July.

An update on the Grand River Dinner Cruise, the group has planned
was given by Evelyn Harling. Lot's of Space is still available for the
Sept. 23 rd., sailing.
Door prizes, where won by Bruce Aubin, Barbara Nunn, and
Evelyn Harling. Guest's from Scarborough and Cambridge were
in attendance, as well as Brampton to name only some.
The next meeting is planned for June 4 th... Hope to see you there.
Jim Morgan's contact is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted by Gord Dalziel
Tuesday, May 14, 2002
The Canadian Transportation Agency has ruled allergies can be considered
a disability for airline passengers.


USA TODAY -- Once upon a time, most major airlines
served food to passengers who were in the air at
mealtime. Most of it was quite edible, albeit
lacking epicurean taste. Not so anymore, except on
very long flights. Now it's BYOB (Bring Your Own
Bag). Or else, eat their peanuts and pretzels. As
a result, takeout-food entrepreneurs have sprung
up or expanded operations at airports and nearby hotels.
http://airlinebiz.com/wire/05122002#MAIN (See Full Story!)


BBC -- Work on a new flying residence for Russian
President Vladimir Putin has entered its final stages
and the plane is expected to take to the skies by the
end of the year. A team of engineers in Ulyanovsk in
the Volga region designed the interior of Mr Putin's
"airborne office". But the fittings themselves were
made in England, from where they have just arrived.
Construction of the plane itself, the equivalent of
America's Air Force One, started in Voronezh several
years ago.
http://airlinebiz.com/wire/05122002#MAIN (See Full Story!)



Snowbirds may face new rules
Canadians who winter in the American sunbelt are alarmed at a U.S. proposal
to tighten restrictions on visitors by scrapping an automatic six-month stay
rule and allowing immigration officers to decide how long tourists can stay
in the country.


Vesta's Travel Tips
Remember to bring along
a small pillow for comfort on the plane and/or tour bus, for back and neck
Remember to bring along
a Chitenji or sarong. transforms into a sheet, bath towel dishcloth beach
blanket robe room divider, dark window covering, tablecloth, seat covering
for dirty benches and cushioning for packing goodies going home. Oh yes, and
you can wear it.
Remember to bring along
Tiny pad of paper and pencil keep important travel information handy - such
as the name and address of your hotel, names of people you meet, prices on
items for later comparison, or your scrabble scores.
Travel Tip
International Association of Medical Assistance to Travelers( IAMAT) a
nonprofit organization of English-speaking physicians worldwide: web site:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./-iamat.IAMAT
OR PHONE 519-836-0102.
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