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Number 690, Saturday, May 18,2002

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..need to know…

U.S. officials say there won't be any changes to the rules allowing
Canadians to visit the U.S. for up to six months, contrary to a report
published Wednesday (and in NetLetter 689.)


Some highlights of  PIONAIRS AGM HALIFAX MAY 8 - 13,2002

as submitted by: Glen & Jody Cawker, Charlie & Sheila Freckleton, Doug &
Barbara Robinson
and Duane & Evelyn Frerichs represented RAPCAN at the Pionairs AGM.

It was a busy, enjoyable and informative AGM. Over 400 were in attendance.
Next years AGM will be held in Ottawa in early May and I would encourage
more of our members to attend.

The Pionairs (with a membership of  9300) are the Air Canada and ex-Canadian
Airlines retirees spokesmen with Air Canada. They make representations on
behalf of the retirees to Air Canada and Air Canada deals with the Pionairs
regarding retiree issues and concerns.

Saturday morning was taken up with the AGM. It was well attended including
most of the spouses.
On Sunday morning, Air Canada Hdqtrs. representatives from Pensions and
Benefits and Employee Travel briefed the Pionairs with background and
updated information regarding their departments. The final banquet was held
Sunday evening with Air Canada President and CEO, Robert Milton, in
attendance and guest speaker.

Not much new to report regarding Pensions, any changes to pension benefits
invariably is the result of union contract negotiations. Health plans were
reviewed including recent monthly payment changes. The optional plan is
self funding so as medical costs increase either the monthly charge has to
be increased or benefits reduced. Always a difficult decision.

The Pionairs were briefed on the new Employee Pass Travel Plan to be
implemented by the end of 2002.

Air Canada is spending 1.75 million dollars to implement a new and improved
automated pass travel program designed to improve efficiencies, reduce
labor input and make pass travel more user friendly.

Among the many changes as I (Duane) understand them:

Ticketless travel ( with some exceptions) on Air Canada flights.

Ability to pay by credit card, in addition to our present pay deductions.
This will allow pass eligible retirees not receiving an AC pension to use
the web for registering for travel, etc. and speed up pass travel charges.

Sector travel instead of the present zone charges. Travel one way only,
charged for one way.

The ability to register for "J" class travel, as well as, "Y"
"J" class travel costs will be 2.5 times the "Y" charge.
Passholders will be charged for the class they are seated in when the
aircraft departs.

The "Y" sector charges have been designed to be revenue neutral when
compared to our present zone charges.

> New one way fares CDN $

>Zone Mileage Employee/Retiree Parents/Partners
> Y J
> Y J
>0 0-200 $5.50 $13.00 $15.50
>1 201-450 $8.00 $19.00 $23.00
>2 451-750 $11.00 $27.00 $32.00
>3 751-1600 $13.50 $33.00 $39.50 $82.00
>4 1601-3200 $16.00 $39.00 $47.00 $97.50
>5 3201-4080 $18.00 $44.00 $53.00 $110.00
>6 4081-5000 $20.50 $50.50 $60.50 $125.50
>7 5001-6100 $23.00 $57.00 $68.00 $141.00
>8 6101-9000 $25.50 $63.00 $75.50 $157.00

>Register Y, Sit in Y, Pay Y
>Register J, Sit in J, Pay J
>Register J, (J full choose to sit in Y), Pay Y seniority prevails
>RegisterY,(Y full choose to Sit in J), Pay J seniority prevails

Ability to price shop and book "Z" fare travel on other airlines.
Visa information to be shown for "Z" fare routing.

Those not having computers will continue to use the employee call centre.

Web access to travel charges and the ability to view previous pass travel
for a number of years.

The present one per year C1/J10 will probably continue.

No decision has been made allowing (possibly up to four) annually
designated people to travel unaccompanied on partner passes.



From: Ginette Cardinal <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: ID card for ex CP Former retiree.

We are getting lots of phone calls from retirees asking about their new
ID Card, could you please advise them that we are not reissuing new cards,
it is only for retirees without a RETIREE CARD.

Regarding the ex CP retirees: all the cards were mailed except for
the ones that we didn't have their picture in the system. A letter was
to them last December requesting a picture


We recently welcomed Josie LoBianco:
My AC history, I started with Air Canada in 1970 as a Keypunch Operator
along with Colette Hope at 151 Front St.  I was seconded to The Gemini Group
which was later bought out by AC and Galileo and finally bought out by
Galileo International. I got a severance package on my 25th anniversary
December 10, 1999.
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Date: Tue, 07 May 2002 15:05:39 -0700
From: Gloud Blaikie <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: Re:YVR Park & Fly

With all the discussion on Retiree parking at the YVR Ops Center, I offer
the following note. I recently used the "Park and Fly" and plan on using
it in the future.

You simply drive in and leave the key in your ignition. They will unload
your bags and bring them inside for check-in. They ask that you be there
one hour before domestic departure. There was no lineup. My bag was
checked and I was given my standby boarding card. I then went to the parking
counter, gave them an imprint of my credit card and advised them of my
expected return flight.The whole thing took about ten minutes. They parked
my car. Their shuttle was outside the door and dropped me at the terminal.

On return, their shuttle was waiting for me outside the baggage area.
While I settled the bill, they delivered my car to me from the parking lot.
This service only cost me $ 6.85 per day, including taxes. That sure beats
the hassle and two half-mile walks to the western edge of the Ops Center,
particularly in foul weather.


From: Ray Saarinen <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: REUNION W.F.C.

Please be advised that the Winnipeg Flying Club is having a 75th
reunion to take place on June 28 ,29 ,and 30th.
This club is one of
the oldest original clubs in the country, and has had many students that
can recall good times in all aspects of Aviation. 75 years is a very long
time and I'm sure we all have memories, no matter where we live.
Planned is a golf tournament. A trip to the Western Canadian Aviaton Museum,
and a Grand Banquet at the Fort Garry Hotel.
Plan to be there!


Empowerment through Self-Hypnosis
Any retirees who received discount coupons at  talk at the luncheon on
October 2nd,2001 at McMorran's (YYJ)have a last chance to redeem these in

Empowerment through Self-Hypnosis - Victoria Public lecture
A 3 hour experience of hypnosis. Improve self-confidence & sleep.
The coupon means free admission

Kick Ash - Hypnosis Stop Smoking
Duncan- May 25 Nanaimo-May 26
Victoria- June 08 Ganges - June 22
The coupon means $30. off $129. regular price.

Interested retirees can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Box 963 Victoria BC V8W 2R9
Office: (250) 413-3124


Travel Tips
Remember to bring along duct tape to repair a strap, a ripped seam , to shut
out a draft, and silence your travelling companion, repair your luggage. An
easy way to carry duct tape is to wrap a few layers of it around your water

Travel Tip
Remember to bring along Dental floss. Beyond the obvious, floss can be used
as clothesline or emergency shoelace, or to mend a large rip that your
sewing kit can't handle. Lash together broken pieces of luggage or repair
your backpack.

Travel Tip
Remember to bring along a Swiss army knife. Slice dice screw punch saw cut
hook pull splinters, pluck eyebrows and pop the cork from a nice bottle of

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