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>( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)
>Number 703 July 11th, 2002. We first published in October 1995.
>Circulation: 2400+
>Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson - Co-pilot - Terry Baker
>To get in touch with either editor/pilot our email address is
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>. Nice to know.
>If the company is moving to a zonal type of charge, here are some mileages
>for your forward planning! For information only. (E&OE)
>Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) 230 mi
>Bangkok,Thailand (BKK) 5939 mi
>Belfast City, Northern Ireland UK (BHD) 312 mi
>Brussels, Belgium (BRU) 218 mi
>Calgary AB (YYC) 4363 mi
>Copenhagen, Denmark (CPH) 609 mi
>Edinburgh, Scotland (EDI) 331 mi
>Edmonton AB (YEG) 268 mi
>Glasgow, Scotland (GLA) 344 mi
>Gothenburg, Sweden (GOT) 664 mi
>Halifax NS (YHZ) 2851 mi
>Leeds/Bradford, England (LBA) 172 mi
>Madrid, Spain (MAD) 775 mi
>Manchester, England (MAN) 150 mi
>Montreal (Dorval) QC (YUL) 3243 mi
>Oslo, Norway (OSL) 749 mi
>Ottawa ON (YOW) 3325 mi
>St John's NF (YYT) 2311 mi
>Stavanger, Norway (SVG) 565 mi
>Stockholm, Sweden (ARN) 909 mi
>Teesside, England (MME) 213 mi
>Toronto (Pearson) ON (YYZ) 3549 mi
>Vancouver BC (YVR) 4713 mi
>Vienna, Austria (VIE) 793 mi
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>. Star Alliance news -
>Alan Rust Web Administrator The ACFamily Network sends this update to the
>information in NetLetter nr 702 regarding Lufthansa retiring B747 Classics -
>Not quite, they are still flying B747 Classics into YVR each day from
>Frankfurt. I think one is D-ABZE but I'm not sure of the other one.
>" ' "
>. May Day.
>>From Maxine Hannaby -
>Subject: Rentals in NZ
>My husband and I are considering wintering in New Zealand in Jan/Feb or
>2003. We would like to rent a cottage in the Bay of Islands or the
>Coast (or anywhere on the NZ coast), perhaps someone has information that
>help our search.
>Maxine Hannaby
>Halifax This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
>and one from Kathryn Jerrett
>Subject: Canary Islands
>Would like to spend the winter in Los Palmas, Gran Canaria. Anyone have any
>info/leads on an apartment or condo that might be comfortable for six
>Actually any info would be helpful. A web site might be helpful also.
>Now, if any of you are coming to Halifax this summer I can help you!
>Cheers, kate
>This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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>. From the July/August Horizons -
>acfamily.net, a good travel resource
>Being a part of the Air Canada family, means having access to a wide variety
>of travel information on the Web, including access to other Air Canada
>For the past three years, the ACFamily Network (www.acfamily.net) has
>from a simple travel source for employees, to a sophisticated information
>including forums, links and Air Canada news.
>The site is owned by Alan Rust, LAT 1 in Air Canada Tech Services,
>along with associate Tom Grant, Air Canada retiree, Vancouver.
>"The site has evolved from simply presenting information about travel,
>regulations, discounts and the like, to an interactive Forum based in a
>Portal, which
>acts as a doorway to airline information on the Internet that is of
>interest to all
>Air Canada employees and retirees.
>There is no cost for membership," said Alan.
>An important part of the site is the ACF Portal, the umbrella for the
>forums, the links,
>the photo galleries, the classified ads, and other links.
>Also accessible from the site are links to the Pionairs, ACRA, and the
>achorizons and Air Canada travel sites.
>"The Network also has a mailing list with over 4,500 active and retired
>The goal now is to refine the Network and bring online other services
>for the benefit of
>fellow Air Canada employees and retirees who make up the membership and
>audience," concluded Alan.
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>. From our chief pilot Vesta -
>ARCHIVES for NetLetters.
>NetLetters for 2002 updated to #701 now located in ACFamily.net/forums area
>Just go to: http://www.acfamily.net/forums
>- Log in (if you aren't already)
>- scroll down to Member Services
>- Click on NetLetter
>You will be able to find ALL netletters.
>And there is a research engine to help you.
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>. Memories.
>Air Canada marked the end of nearly 36 years of DC-9 operations with a party
>Montreal-Dorval on February 15, using the occasion to announce that it had
>donated one aircraft to the Canada Aviation Museum in Ottawa.
>The first DC-9, a Series 14, was delivered on January 6,1966 (Air Canada
>was the third airline to receive the type, after Delta and Bonanza).
>service started on April 24, 1966, from Montreal to New York (JFK) and to
>Vancouver, via Winnipeg. The following March, Air Canada received the first
>a total of 44
>DC-9-32s (the last two arrived in 1974) and the Series 10s were returned to
>the manufacturer. Air Canada also operated eight former Continental
>DC-9-15RCs in the Seventies, along with an ex-Overseas National DC-9-32CF.
>In addition, one DC-9-31 was leased from Eastern for a year from June 1988.
>Some three million hours and cycles were logged by the fleet, which carried
>250 million passengers.
>Three DC-9-32s were written off in Air Canada service, one in a hangar fire
>at Dorval in 1982. One overran the runway at Toronto in 1978, with the death
>of two passengers. A -more serious incident occurred in 1983, when
>23 people were killed when they were unable to escape from a burning
>that had made an emergency landing at Cincinnati after an in-f1ight fire
>erupted en route Dallas to Toronto.
>In 2001, 13 DC-9s were retired and the remaining five were taken out of
>this January. Air Canada's last DC-9 flight was operated on January 18 by
>No 711 (C-FTLL) from New York (LaGuardia) to Montreal- Dorval, piloted by
>Captain Ken Jones and First Officer Sylvain Boucher.
>" ' "
>. Remember when!
>In 1953, T.C.A. purchased 3 Bristol Freighters which were eventually sold to
>Central Northern Airways, and have long since disappeared. However, those of
>you non-believers who wonder at this aircraft, there is one, owned by
>sitting at Terrace Regional Airport in B.C. registered C-GYQS.
>>From the November 1946 issue of Between Ourselves, which had been saved all
>these years by Reg Watkins, and sent to us by Jim Pearce.
>In part, Randy Corran wrote the "Prestwick Pipings" -
>In the Passenger Service Department, Torbay's Ian Edwards is now
>Agent-in-Charge, having succeeded Gil Minorgan who has proceeded to London
>the TCA Representative. Eric Stull, formerly of Dorval, Kay Stevenson of
>Cumnock, Scotland, and Helen Davey from London, England, give our Passenger
>Department an international touch.
>Cargo Service has now come into its own since Montrealer Bob Jennings and
>Davidson of Glenluce took over activities recently from B.O.A.C.
>We are pleased to introduce at this time, Secretarial and Station Staff;
>Marion Mac-Donald, Ellen Thorn and Al MacDonald. Marion and Ellen are true
>Scots from Prestwick and vicinity, while Al is a recent arrival from Canada.
>Gus Campbell Maintenance Department is located on the "North Side" of the
>airport where Pete d'Orsonnons, Doug Bruce, Pat Downey and " Andy" Anderson
>supervise the maintenance done on TCA on behalf by Scottish Aviation Ltd.,
>Bill Turner, Rolls Royce Service Engineer. Bill Wilkins, who was with us
>the commencement of the London operation, has proceeded south to handle
>tenance at London Airport. Our storekeeper is Jimmy Douglas of Kilmarnock
>John Wotton is in charge of the Canadian National Express Agency.
>" ' "
>. Terry's travel tips.
>Dargal has these deals -
>*** CLUB MED ***
>BORA BORA, French Polynesia ~ Village for Everyone
>Now through August 9 & August 24 through August 30: $105 CAD per
>(approx. $66 USD)
>BUCCANEER'S CREEK, Martinique ~ Village for Everyone
>Now through August 30: $95 CAD per person/night (approx. $60 USD)
>CANCUN, Mexico ~ Village for Adults
>Now through August 16 & August 24 through August 30: $95 CAD per
>(approx. $60 USD)
>LA CARAVELLE, Guadeloupe ~ Village for Families
>Now through August 2: $95 CAD per person/night (approx. $60 USD)
>IXTAPA, Mexico ~ Village for Families
>Now through August 2 & August 10 through August 30: $95 CAD per person/night
>(approx. $60 USD)
>PARADISE ISLAND, Bahamas ~ Village for Families
>Now through August 2: $95 CAD per person/night (approx. $60 USD)
>PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic ~ Village for Families
>Now through August 2: $95 CAD per person/night (approx. $60 USD)
>SANDPIPER, Florida ~ Village for Families
>Now through July 25 & July 30 through August 30: $95 CAD per person/night
>(approx. $60 USD)
>TURKOISE, Turks & Caicos ~ Village for Adults
>Now through August 2: $105 CAD per person/night (approx. $66 USD)
>July 28 & August 11 ~ 7 Nights ~ Uniworld's Duoro Princess
>ITINERARY: Porto, Portugal; Bitetos, Portugal; Palace of Mateus, Portugal;
>Real, Portugal; Regua, Portugal; Barca D'Alva, Portugal; Vega de
>Terron/Salamanca, Spain; Pinhao, Portugal; Sao Joao da Pesqueira, Spain;
>Lamego, Portugal; Porto, Portugal Outside $763
>August 19 ~ 11 Nights ~ Uniworld's Swiss Pearl
>ITINERARY: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Arnhem, Netherlands; Cologne, Germany;
>Koblenz, Germany; Cochem, Germany; Moselle Valley, Germany; Trier, Germany;
>Bernkastel, Germany; Rudesheim, Germany; Heidelberg, Germany; Speyer,
>Strasbourg, France; Basel, Switzerland Outside $1198
>August 11 ~ 12 Nights ~ Uniworld's River Queen
>ITINERARY: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Cologne, Germany; Cruising; Koblenz,
>Germany; Rudesheim, Germany; Heidelberg, Germany; Miltenberg, Germany;
>Rothenberg, Germany; Wurzburg, Germany; Bamberg, Germany; Nuremberg,
>Regensburg, Germany; Passau, Germany; Melk, Austria; Vienna, Austria Outside
>July 28 & August 11 ~ 7 Nights ~ Uniworld's Rhone Princess
>ITINERARY: Arles, France; Avignon, France; Viviers, France; Tournon, France;
>Vienne, France; Lyon, France; Macon, France; Lyon, France Outside $763
>August 12 ~ 7 Nights ~ Uniworld's Swiss Pearl
>ITINERARY: Basel, Switzerland; Strasbourg, France; Speyer, Germany; Mainz,
>Germany; Rudesheim, Germany; Cologne, Germany; Arnhem, Netherlands;
>Outside $763
>August 25 ~ 7 Nights ~ Uniworld's Seine Princess
>ITINERARY: Paris, France; Mantes la Jolie; St. Honorine; Vernon; Les
>Rouen, France; Caudebec; Honfleur, France Outside $763
>September 7 & October 19 ~ 7 Nights ~ Uniworld's River Princess
>ITINERARY: Basel, Switzerland; Strasbourg, France; Speyer, Germany; Mainz,
>Germany; Rudesheim, Germany; Cologne, Germany; Arnhem, Netherlands;
>Outside $763
>September 28 ~ 12 Nights ~ Uniworld's River Queen
>ITINERARY: Vienna, Austria; Melk, Austria; Linz, Austria; Passau, Germany;
>Kelheim, Germany; Regensburg, Germany; Riedenburg, Germany; Roth, Germany;
>Nuremberg, Germany; Bamberg, Germany; Hassfurt, Germany; Schweinfurt;
>Germany; Wurzburg, Germany; Karlstadt, Germany; Lohr, Germany; Miltenberg,
>Germany; Frankfurt, Germany; Rudesheim, Germany; Cologne, Germany;
>Netherlands Outside $1308
>September 28 ~ 7 Nights ~ Uniworld's River Princess
>ITINERARY: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Volendam, Netherlands; Arnhem,
>Cologne, Germany; Koblenz, Germany; Rudesheim, Germany; Heidelberg, Germany;
>Speyer, Germany; Strasbourg, France; Basel, Switzerland Outside $763
>For more information on these and other specials, contact us at:
>DARGAL Interline 1-800-690-3223 (North America)
>International: (Country Code)-800-2832-7425
>Fax: (250) 861-3283
>" ' "
>. Smilie.
>Marketing Coup: Many airlines have trimmed costs by eliminating meal
>service. But this could be a great marketing advantage. Now they can
>'It's Safer to Fly With Us. We Don't Serve Airline Food!'
>Big Bird! If you're keeping score, it is Eagles 1, Twotters 0. That score is
>the result of a Yeti Airlines Twin Otter losing its game of chicken with an
>eagle as the cargo flight approached Nepal's ]umla Airport last November.
>striking the bird the airplane swerved and struck a hill. Captain Thush
>Thapa was injured and his airplane damaged, but the other crewmembers were
>unhurt. Meanwhile, sources reveal that Yeti Airlines has totally rejected
>proposed slogan: "Yes, We're Snowmen, But Our Service is Far From
>Abominable! "
>" ' "
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