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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 704  July 13th,  2002. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2400+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.
From Industry Travel & Recognition -
Trip pass tickets are valid for one year from the date imprinted on the
ticket. Using the example below a ticket validated in November 2001 can
be used until that date in 2002 if no coupons have been used.
Tickets are valid for 90 days from the date of the first coupon being

Partners are permitted to travel with the employee/retiree or their
spouse on Jazz flights.

Planning To Travel Using ID And ZED Fare Tickets ­ Be Advised These Requests
Now Require More Time. Effective July 15, we will implement changes to the time
required to process ID and ZED fare requests. These changes are part of our
on-going effort to better serve our revenue customers. For airport pick-up,
employees will need to provide Employee Travel Services with four calendar days
to process their travel requests. Six business days will be required for
delivery by courier service, with a charge of $20 Cdn, and 10 business days for
regular mail delivery. As a result of these changes, we ask that you plan

Current participants in the Star Alliance Travel Partner program are

Eight STAR Partner passes available per year.
Maximum of 2 Partners may be accompanied per flight.
Partners travel at High ZED fare.
Employee/Retiree and dependents at Low ZED.
MILEAGE     (ZL) (ZH)  in us$
ZONE 1         1-450       13     25
ZONE 2     451-750       16     36
ZONE 3     751-1600     21     44
ZONE 4   1601-3200    32      68
ZONE 5   3201-4080    37      89
ZONE 6   4081-5000    41    105
ZONE 7   5001-6100   49     113
ZONE 8   6101-9000   57     126
Tickets through Employee Travel Services Call Centre
at 1 800 413-1113

" ' "

. Update on TCC -
Another progress report on the activity of the Airline'smost senior  serving
aircraft !!

Following the DREAMS flying in Toronto the aircraft flew to St. John's
Newfoundland on July 2nd,  3rd and 4th with stops in Halifax and Gander.

Capt. Dodds and Capt. Patry departed Toronto on the afternoon of the 2nd and
stopped in Montreal to pick up a supply of oil donated by Shell, as well as
some other equipment and spares. The flight  proceeded  direct to Halifax
arriving there at 21:00 local.

Overnight in Halifax and then the next morning we departed for Gander with a
stop in Sydney to wave the flag, after 65 years, and let the local folks and
media visit the aircraft. Morning fog required an IFR operation but as the day
wore on the clouds dissipated. With the exception of fog on the south coast of
Newfoundland there was little if any cloud for the remainder of the day.

Another overnight in Gander to again let the invited staff there and media
folks have a look at TCC. There were a lot of people in Gander who were
interested in seeing the vintage aircraft and some staff on the ramp who had
been there for many years were pleased to see and hear the radial engine
powered aircraft . It's amazing how the word gets around these towns when an
aircraft different than most arrives. The entire town became aware.

The aircraft arrived in St. John's the following day, 4th, and was met by a
group of interested people  along with some TV, radio and newspaper reporters.
Some folks recalled the first service to St. John's with the Lockheed 14 and 18
aircraft  in 1941/42. They were surprised  to learn Air Canada still had an
operating Lockheed  and were pleased the airline operated the aircraft in its
present role.

TCC flew there for the next two days for DREAMS and it was a complete success.
The weather  cooperated. The DREAMS staff received donations and sold their
DREAMS TAKE FLIGHT goodies and had  a VERY successful weekend. 

Capt. Norberg and Capt. Reid flew the aircraft back to Halifax on Monday the
8th with a stop in Deer Lake, to help celebrate the introduction of TANGO
service there and to also wave the Air Canada flag as part of the  65 years

While in Deer Lake they shared the ramp with a TANGO flight, two JAZZ flights
and two other charter aircraft.  Gerry reported the ramp was saturated and
there were no open gates !  Ramp congestion !  Again the local folks and staff
turned out  to see and visit the aircraft.

TCC then departed into IFR weather and proceeded to Halifax, arriving at 22:00
local time.

TCC will be flying from the Air Canada hangar in Halifax this coming weekend,
July 13th and 14th.  If anyone is interested in flying or just visiting the
aircraft come to the hangar. You can call  Sherry Edwards at 902 478 3419 for
information on the schedule and seats etc.

Alan  MacLeod

" ' "
. News from the districts.
From the London, England monthly newsletter -
Report on UK Pionairs’ A.G.M. - June 2002:
John Baker reported that he had been unable to attend the half-yearly meeting
of the Pionairs Board of Directors last November, but thanks Peter Hodge who
represented the District.
His report on the System AGM, held in Halifax in May, announced changes to the
by-laws: to include retirees of Canadian Airlines and its constituent airlines;
increase of 4 appointed members to the Executive due to increase of membership
and administrative work; dues to increase from $7.50 to $10.00 ($5.00 single)
June 2003. 100 full-time staff look after Staff Travel. Over 1 million
non-revenue passengers were carried last year, 50% of them unaccompanied. This
led to congestion at airports and delays on flights and was the reason that
unaccompanied partner travel was discontinued. The C1/J10 programme will
continue. Changes to pass travel will include sector billing, where you are
charged by sectors used. The option to pay the service charge for passes by
credit card, instead of pension cheque deduction is being considered. The
Pionair Board has established a process to deal with queries and problems
regarding pass travel with Air Canada Employee Travel and Recognition

Flight and Walk Evening:
On 24th June the weather was warm and dry when we went for our flight on the
London Eye – ideal conditions. We arrived in London on our Westbus coaches –
all hundred of us, and after a short wait, received our tickets and set off for
our flight. Luckily there was no queue (bliss) and after a quick security bag
check, we were directed to our “pod”. The evening was clear, perfect for the
enthusiastic photographers amongst us. A souvenir photograph could also be
purchased as a memento of an enjoyable journey. On returning to the coach, we
were taken to the Millenium Bridge. We walked past the Globe Theatre en route.
Having crossed the Bridge, which unfortunately did not wobble (shame), we
boarded the coach outside
St. Paul’s Cathedral.
As an addition to our excursion, the driver made a detour on the way back via
Tower Bridge, then on to the Embankment allowing us to see the various
illuminations on the bridges and other items of interest such as Cleopatra’s
Needle, the M15 buildings, etc. We arrived back at Radius Park having had a
very enjoyable and well-organised evening – thanks to Jack.
Reporters: John and Jacky Mansey

" ' "

. Remember when! 
From the November 1946 issue of Between Ourselves, which had been saved all
these years by Reg Watkins, and sent  to us by Jim Pearce.

Gil Minorgan sent this report regarding London Heathrow -
So little information has been available on our U .K. operations
in the past, that we feel you should hear something of what
Trans-Canada Air Lines are doing over here. As you are all aware, we have
now extended our services from Prestwick to London, effective September 15th.
Prior to this date all passengers continued on from Prestwick via Railway Air
Services to Northolt airport. However with the international air race now
growing more keen, it was decided to give our passengers an "All Canadian"
service all the way to the Empire's capital city.
During the interim period, until our DC-4M's come on the Atlantic service,
our station staff consists of two, Gil Minorgan, acting as TCA
Representative, and Bill Wilkins, Liaison Engineer. Bill hails from Edmonton
and came over to Prestwick in '43. The writer is from Lethbridge and
Vancouver and arrived in Scotland May 1st of this year. Since deserting
Prestwick for these southern climes, we have experienced two conditions,
very little rain and near perfect schedules.
In the early days of the airport, all accommodation was comprised of caravans
and tents, creating somewhat of a carnival atmosphere. In fact the classic
remark made by one of the first passengers was, "Where in h--- are the
elephants?" Recently however, we have been able to move into more substantial
quarters and the tent area has almost completely disappeared. Much work and
effort have yet to be expended before the airport is complete, current
estimates of time are eight to ten years. To the north, the main road must be
diverted and a large built-up area cleared out. In this area are 13 pubs to be
removed, no
small sacrifice on the part of Londoners.
Our Ramp is at times a seething mass of aircraft and humanity. Skymasters
and "Connies" are rapidly becoming as common as Other types of craft
seen passing, through are Lancastrians, Yorks, Haltons (converted Halifaxes),
Vikings and DC-3's (Dakotas as they are commonly known over here). The latest
curiosity to arriye was a Lancaster with outboard jet engines and inboard
Merlins. After take-off the Merlins were cut off on the props feathered,
enabling the jets to drive the aircraft at well over 300 mph.

and from Sydney part of their report read -
The fall months were full of interesting events. One of them was the arrival
of the first survey flight of Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) from New York, a
sleek Constellation, appropriately named "The Flying Dutchman." Her Captain
is a former TCA man, Ron George, now based in Amsterdam, Holland. As the
ship was the first of its type to land at Sydney Airport, a great number of
the surrounding countryside's population turned up in what seemed the
space of a few seconds. Another event of note was the arrival of TCA Flight
200 from Montreal bound for Prestwick and points south. Again the population
arose en masse to see the wonderful sight and strange were the opinions
voiced by some of this seething multitude.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips. 
Interlining Plus have these deals on offer -
Inside staterooms $499us, Outside $599us Sail date: Sept 15
Viva Vallarta-Mexico
$60us-per person per night-Sept 1-Dec 23
$65us per person per night-until Aug 31
Children 12 and under free with 2 adults
Viva Fortuna-Freeport, Bahamas
$75us per person per night-Aug 21-Dec 23
Children 12 and under free with 2 adults
Viva Maya-Playacar, Mexico
$77us per person/per night-Sept 1-Dec 23
Children 12 and under free with 2 adults
Viva Azteca- Playacar, Mexico
$82us per person/per night-Sept 1-Dec 23
Children 12 and under free with 2 adults
Viva Dominicus Palace-Dominica Republic
$65us per person/per night-Aug 21-Dec 23
Children 12 and under free with 2 adults
Hotel Aquamarina-All Inclusive-$66us-per person/per night
The Caribbean Princess-All Inclusive $53us per person/per night
Hotel Dos Playas-All Inclusive-$52us per person per night
Puerto Vallarta-Mexico
Costa Club Punta Arena-$44us per person/per night
Call 1-800-665-3100 for more details or bookings.

" ' "

. Smilies.
Ted Tierney sent us these groaners -
Three travel books meet at the airport.  Says one ... " Can't stop, must
leave, I'm being paged." The others  reply "Got to fly,      We're Morocco

" ' "

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