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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 706,  July 21st,  2002. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2400+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.
For information of those planning on going to the Pionairs Annual General
meeting in Ottawa, On, 2003.
Ottawa Airport Authority Increases Improvement Fee To $15. Starting Jan. 1,
2003, the Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) at Ottawa’s International Airport
will be raised from $10 Cdn to $15 Cdn. The Ottawa International Airport
Authority says the decision is necessary after almost a year of declining
AIF revenues. This AIF is added to the cost of your pass.

" ' "

. News from the Pionair districts.
From the Vancouver Island & Gulf Island district -
On July 17th, Pionairs and spouses totalling 44 gathered at the Rotary
Park in Qualicum Beach for the annual BBQ picnic.
The mid Island was well represented with 18 from Qualicum, 4 Parksville,
5 Nanaimo,
Nanoose 8, Comox 5, Jack & Shirley Mitchell from Victoria and, from the
mainland Nellie Ryzal of Coquitlam. Although the weather was dull and
overcast, an enjoyable time was had by all, whilst savouring the
hamburgers, & hotdogs prepared by Bob Hill & Ian Brown, both straight from
completing a Cookery 101 course!
Two door prizes were awarded, donated by Interlining Plus.
Thanks go to the organizers including Eileen Brown, Pat Hill, Shirley
Finstad, the telephone committee and clean-up crew.

" ' "

. Vesta, our chief pilot, sends an update to the story in NetLetter nr 705 -
AP -- A scale model of a Japanese supersonic jetliner crashed into the
Australian desert
and exploded shortly after it was launched Sunday on the back of a booster
witnesses said. The disastrous end to the first test of Japan's National
Supersonic Transport, or NEXST, came just seconds after its takeoff from
the Woomera
rocket testing range. The 36-foot model was to have ridden piggyback on the
rocket to a height of 12.5 miles at a speed of 1,522 mph.

Another item spotted -
You won't be seeing high-tech eye-scanning security checks at Canadian
airports this December as originally planned.

and yet another -
*** Neck cushion threat to air passengers
Inflatable neck cushions used by many airline passengers could explode - or
end up strangling their wearer, say experts.
They say the devices are potentially lethal and should be banned at once.
testing of the cushions has suggested that in some circumstances, they
could interrupt
the blood supply to the brain. Neck cushions are a frequent sight in the
cabins of long-haul
aircraft, wrapping around the back of the neck and supporting the head
while the user sleeps.
The danger comes if the aircraft suffers a sudden loss of cabin pressure,
say testers.

" ' "

. Sheila Moscoe from YYZ continues part 2 of her trek across Ireland -
Anyhow, took a tour from Dublin to Newgrange (one hour drive) to see the
ancient burial grounds. The rock formations were incredible. On the Winter
Solstice, sun streams thru the opening right down the "corridor" in the
tomb, and lasts for 17 minutes. Then, it's pitch black inside. It's above
ground, but underneath a mound of rocks and grass. Hard to explain, but
it's older than the tombs in Egypt.
Well, we finally left DUB after 3 days. So many people there, that it was a
treat to pick up the rental car and drive to the west coast towards Galway
(but we didn't go there!). We had lunch in Athlone enroute to Kinvarra,
which is a wonderful village where we had dinner at the Douguaire Castle,
with live entertainment depicting the stories of Irish poets and writers.
Excellent evening.
Stayed at a wonderful B&B, modern home, all the conveniences, bright and
cheerful. It was the MountScribe and the proprietress was Rose O'Connor.
Great brekkie, too!
Drove from there to the Cliffs of Moher, a wonderful drive, the roads are
easy to navigate, good far. A great lookout, tourist office,
Anyhow, we kept driving to catch the ferry from Killimer (Co. Clare) to
Tarbert (Co.Kerry), about 20 minutes, which took off about 2 hours drive.
And we arrived in Killarney. This took us about 7 hours of leisurely
driving and stopping.
Wx is changeable every 10 minutes. It's sunny, warm about 18C, then rainy,
then down to about 14C, then back to 18C. So, it's good to wear layered
Found a B&B here in Killarney, the Noraville, about 10 minute walk to town.
Eugene O'Sullivan, proprietor. Very homey.
Tomorrow, we are going on a bus tour to the Ring of Kerry. We've been
"warned" many times not to drive it ourselves! However, we will drive the
Dingle Peninsula.
So, that brings us up to date, on our journey through Ireland.

" ' "

. Remember when! 
In response to the question put by Doug Davidson re the bristol Freighter
in NetLetter 705
Reply to Doug Davidson, many other A/C had metal fuselage and fabric
controls ---
ie: Barkley Grow, Twin Beech, Douglas DC 3, etc.    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
and from Dusty Thompson -
Just a short comment on the discussion regarding Fabric
elevators on Bristol 170: I would like to add that the DC3 had (&
has) Fabric on all control surfaces.    Dusty Thompson

>From the December 1946 issue of Between Ourselves, which had been saved all
these years by Reg Watkins, and sent to us by Jim Pearce.

The First Trans-World Air Passage Is Sold In Canada
It's one world and an exceedingly small one at that! An indication of the
type of planetary mobility our children may experience -if we have wit
enough to leave the planet in one piece -was seen in TCA's Vancouver ticket
office just the other day. So casual did it seem that it almost smacked of
the commonplace. But our grandfathers' eyes would have popped clean out.
With as little concern as if he were purchasing street car tickets, a
Vancouver businessman, Edward F. Gundry, fishing net manufacturer, stepped
up to the counter and picked up a handful of tickets that would take him
around the world by air. This, it is believed, was the first sale of
round-the-world air passage in Canada.
Mr. Gundry's itinerary is studded with romantic and historic names. From
Vancouver he flew to San Francisco, there to take wing for Honolulu. Then
to Canton Island, Suva, New Caledonia and Auckland, New Zealand. Next to
Sydney, Australia.
>From the Antipodes he will have remarkably few stops on the route to the
United Kingdom --only Singapore, Karachi and Lydda, in Palestine.
Mr. Gundry is not out to break any speed records however. He will spend
Christmas and New Year's in Australia at the height of Summer. He will
arrive in England in late January and then make his way home via TCA's
trans-Atlantic service after he has "done" Europe thoroughly.
(The picture with this item shows Jack Nickson YVR DTM handing over the
tickets -eds)

TCAhas carried its millionth passenger.
It has a mighty impressive ring that figure and suggests all sorts of
things -maturity, experience, Teliability and prestige. That is why
Canadian newspapers have made so much of the event, almost as if TCA had
suddenly come of age. And so we have in the mathematical sense - with a bang !
It happened on November 4, in Toronto. Into the Malton Administration Building
walked Mrs. L. D. Nelles, of Vancouver , bound for her Pacific Coast home,
and she was itt. Number 1,000,000! She really was. Our Accounting
Department at Winnipeg had, by a mixture of calculus, tea-cup read- ing,
Newtonian physics and coin-tossing, pre-dicted just when and where The
Millionth would occur. Mrs. Nelles obliged and the waiting press and radio
descended upon her, together with our own officers, bearing ap- propriate
She turned out to be every bit as charming as a millionth passenger should
be. The
photographs will bear witness to that. For our part, we tried to be equally
gallant as Regional Traffic Manager Reg Campbell 'made a presentation of an
engr,aved watch and Regional Operations Manager Frank Young came through
with a corsage.
To keep the mathematical record straight, it should be added that the
millionth passenger arrived just nine years and two months after TCA was
born. During that time we have flown over half a billion revenue passenger
miles, with one of the finest safety records in aviation.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Interlining Plus have these deals -
Trafalgar Winter Breaks land tours operating during Nov 2002 thru Apr
Real Britian   9 days  $1,025.  Real Ireland  8 days  $725. Real
France 10 days  $895.
European Treasurers 9 days $985. European Value  11 days  $1,149.
European Explorer  15 days  $1,749. Real Spain  9 days  $800.
Simply Italy  7 days  $649.  Italy & Sicily  9 days $1,049. Real
Italy 10 days $1,000.
Real Greece  9 days  $1,025.  Real Egypt  9 days  $1,685.
Rates are ca$ pp dbl
Repositioning cruises -
Norwegian Sky 3 nights YVR - LAX outside us$329  Sept 29
Norwegian Dream 14 nights BOS - MIA Inside us$899 Ouside us$999  Oct 25
Norwegian Majesty 15 nights BOS-MIA Inside us$999 Outside us$1099  Oct 27
Pacific Princess 3 nights YVR-LAX inside us$290  Sept 21
Sea Princess 3 nights YVR-LAX inside us$199 outside us$248 Sept 21
All incude port charges. Tax & government fees extra.
Why not chat the agents up at Interlining Plus to hear about some
great deals -

" ' "

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