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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 716,  Aug 25th,  2002. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2500+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.
International Taxes And Fees Apply To Employee Travel. System changes to
the pass travel charge process were made to capture airport improvement taxes
and fees for several international destinations. They apply to all employee
travel effective Sept.1, 2002, and will be listed on your pay cheque with your
pass service deductions. ZED fares, ID50, ID80 and Family Affair tickets are
issued with the appropriate taxes. Taxes incurred while transiting through an
airport may be refundable. To receive a refund, employees must send their
employee number, name and address, photocopy of the ticket(s), all boarding
passes that show in transit travel, and a copy of the paycheque that indicates
the original tax deduction. For payroll deduction requests, send to Winnipeg
Payrolls at P.O. Box 768, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 2N2 or YWG 3849, and for
confirmed space travel, send to P.O. Box 6475, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 2V2 or
YWG 3859.

Standby Travel Listing Ability Expands On The Web. Effective immediately, all
active and retired Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz employees can list for
standby travel on Lufthansa, Condor, Austrian Airlines and Scandinavian
Airlines at Using the website, you can check flight schedules,
list or cancel yourself on flights, and review each airline’s travel rules. To
purchase your ZED fare ticket, you still must call Employee Travel Services at
(800) 413-1113. You must list yourself with the preferred airline by using this
new website instead of calling the airlines reservation offices. To access the
website you will require a user ID and password.

" ' "

. Bill Wood sends us this info -
Subject: Glacier Gardens Alaska
We visited this wonderful site in Juneau on our Alaska Cruise --check
out the upside down trees they use as planters --apparently the owner
got upset with a tree he bumped into with his Back-hoe so he picked it
up--turned it over -- and pounded the root end into the soft mud so
that about 12 feet of the tree bottom was showing --stood back and
looked at it and decided some soil. moss and a few flowers would look
nice! -- A frustrated landscaper who happens to operate heavy
Check out the site below:

" ' "

. We recently had Connie Simpson join our readership and she sends this
thumbnail -
I retired from Air Canada  June 2001. I was a Customer Sales and Service Agent

for 34.5 yrs. I worked in Terminal Control at the Calgary  Airport for the
last 31 years. I started in Edmonton, moved  to Winnipeg and then to Calgary.
My husband's name is Ralph Pezzack

" ' "

. News from the Pionair Districts -
From the London, England monthly newsletter -
Calling all Passenger Office Pionairs/Retirees:
There was a good start to this new venture. Six Passenger agents took lunch at
the White Hart Pub in Harlington on 24th July. They were joined by John Baker,
who was not fazed by being the only gentleman there! (One report suggests that
he rather enjoyed his exclusivity). The next lunch meeting will be on
Wednesday, 18 September- same location, same time of 12.00 noon. Thereafter,
the Lunch Club will meet every other month on the third Wednesday. There will
be a reminder in the previous month's newsletter if the typist remembers!
Although we say "Passenger Office Pionairs", we would like to emphasize that
naturally all AC Retirees will be most welcome. It will be extremely informal
so please just turn up!

One of our fellow Pionairs, Ursula Yorke, has a B & B situated in a quiet,
beautiful "English Country
location" near Sunningdale Village, ten minutes' walk to Windsor Park. Easy
access to London and Windsor Castle. Completely refurbished, sleeping 1 or 2,
with en-suite shower, dining area, TV, microwave and the price includes stocked
fridge for breakfasts, as well as pick-up and drop-off to Heathrow Airport.
Prices are GBP52.00 for a single and GBP84.00 for a double. For details from
Ursula on phone/fax 01344-623403.
If contacting from overseas, 011-44-1344-623403.

" ' "
. Remember when!
From the December 1948 issue of Between Ourselves, which had been saved all
these years by Reg Watkins, and sent to us by Jim Pearce.

TCA is now offering Canadian vacationists packaged visits to Bermuda. Known as
"Bermuda Skytours," the Airline provides, for a specified sum, round trip air
transportation, round trip ground transportation between airport and hotel in
Bermuda, hotel accommodation and Bermuda departure tax. Tours can be arranged
to fit stop over requirements of the travellers; a choice is to be had between
eleven hotels and guest houses.
Inclusive Bermuda tours should get good response from winter holiday-makers. A
seven-day tour from Toronto, for example, costs as little as $239.

A full load for the DC-3's operating over TCA's Vancouver-Victoria-Seattle
route will soon be 28 passengers instead of 21. It has been decided that the
patronization of this service warrants the addition of seven extra seats which
can be comfortably accommodated by the three DC-3's flying the short coastal
airway, Modification is expected to be completed by spring.

" ' "

. Where are they now!
CF-TDM DC-3 c/n 12004
Skytrain built as 42-92227 and delivered to the US Army Air Force on 25 October
I 1943, but allocated to the Royal Canadian Air Force as a Dakota Mk. III FL595
taken from Royal Air Force Lend-Lease procurements. On 22 December, 1943, it
was assigned to No.32 Operational Training Unit at Patricia Bay, Canada. It was
struck off charge on 5 December, 1945, being surplus to requirements, going to
the War Assets Corporation (Canada) Ltd on 1 May, 1946. On 26 January, 1946, it
went to Trans Canada Airlines as CF-TDM, Fleet No.60, later 260. It served TCA
unti11962, when it was sold as N9124R to Remmert Werner, Lambert Field, St.
Louis, Missouri, who for many years was involved in DC-3 conversions and
modifications. No date is availabe for its sale to the Delta Aircraft &
Engineering Co. On 5 July, 1962, it went to Ozark Air Lines being re-registered
N165J .On 4 August, 1966, it was traded to Fairchild-Hiller when Ozark
re-equipped with the FH.227 transport. There are no dates or locations for the
next two owners, who were Anderson Aviation Sales Co. of Phoenix, Arizona, and
B. B. Taylor. In November 1967 the DC-3 went to the United Missionary Aviation
Inc. of Garland, Texas, and in 1968 to Aircraft Mobile Homes Inc. Jack Richards
Aircraft Sales bought the transport in N ovember 1968 and in January 1970 it
went to Kings Flying Service Inc. of Olathe, Kansas. D.J. Enterprises Inc.,
Merrian, Kansas, took over ownership in June 1972, and Way Mac Enterprises of
Griffin, California, in March 1977. No location is given for W. E. Harrison
Jr., who bought it in June 1979. The next owner was D. M. Sherman, West Palm
Beach, California, in September 1979. Titusville Cocoa Flight Center Inc. of
Titusville, Florida, bought the DC-3 in J anuary , 1980, and on 9 August, 1980,
it was delivered back to California to Lucky Seven Airways of Chino. On 10
February, 1981, it was registered to M. R. Todd in Las Vegas, Nevada, but on 21
April, 1985, it was seen back at Chino. No date is available for the sale to
Edinburg Aviation, PO Box 1576, Edinburg, Texas, but in February 1987 it was
sold to America Air Freight and re-registered N337 AF .
Now, in 2002, registered as 123DZ and owned by South Florida Leasing, Florida
since 1995.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
This information from Bette Laxon -
Hi we just tried the Holiday Inn Junction 4 at the Heathrow Airport based on
the suggestion of Mr&Mrs Glew in one of your recent e-mails for a booking in
Sept. Sorry to say even with an Air Canada discount the cheapest price we
could get was gbp89.50.
We even rang the hotel to confirm and got the same price which they call an
industry rate.
Bette Laxon

Cruise with direct air from Toronto
(all you have to do is get to Toronto by evening of Sept. 6)
Friday, Sept. 6 - for 7 nights
(7 on ship & one on plane)
(plane departs late on Friday , ship departs on Saturday
and returns on Saturday)
from Palma for 7 nights in Mediterranean
only $950
(plus port & tax & air tax & tips of $235)
Palma (Mallorca), Valletta (Malta), Messina (Sicily),
Naples (Italy), Olbia (Sardinia), Ajaccio (Corsica),
Palma (Mallorca).
-RETURN AIR FROM TORONTO (positive space)
Compare the airline rates from Toronto - alone
ie: it's like the cruise is free
Cruises are on AirTours/MyTravel, and are on a
former Royal Caribbean ship. Mainly
Canadian & British passengers.
Usual terms & conditions apply,
including these are all per person, in USA funds.
(prices are converted from Canadian at 62c, but the
rate of exchange is not guaranteed)
Prices and availability are NOT guaranteed
to last, but guaranteed once you book & pay.
JAMES F. C. ROSE - YOUR Cruise Expert
information: (204) 889-3885
fax: (204) 889-3885reservations: (204) 889-3885 & (800) 414-8091

Interlining Plus has the following deals -
Eastern Caribbean
Disney Magic-Port Canaveral return-7 nights
Inside staterooms $799us, Outside $899us
Children 2 & under-$119us, 3-12-$399us
Sail dates: Aug 31-Dec 14 (some dates are blacked out)
Ports of Call: St Maarten, St Thomas, & Castaway Cay
Disney Wonder-Port Canaveral return-3 nights
Inside staterooms $379us, Outside $449us-3 nights
Children 2 & under-$99us, 3-12-$199us
4 nights-Inside staterooms $429us, Outside $469us-4 nights
Children 2 & under $99us, 3-12-$249us
Sail dates: Sept 1-Dec 19
Ports of Call: Nassau & Castaway Cay
There's plenty of magic throughout Walt Disney Parks and Resorts during
the Walt Disney World® 100 Years of Magic Celebration, that you can explore
We offer 50% Discount at all Walt Disney World on Site resorts
(Disney's Hilton Head Resort and Disney's Vero Beach Resort are not
included). Available only through Dec 30!
Marco Polo-17 nights-Barcelona to Ft Lauderdale
Inside staterooms $1110us, Outside $1280us
Sail date: Oct 31
Wonders of the Cape
Marco Polo-9 nights-Cape Town to Mombassa
Inside staterooms $599us, Outside $699us
Sail date: Nov 19
Ports of Call: Durban, Richards Bay-South Africa, & Zanzibar-Tanzania
West Africa & The Cape
Marco Polo-22 nights-Barcelona to Cape Town
Inside staterooms $1275us, Outside $1475us
Sail date: Oct 28
Ports of Call: Malaga-Spain, Funchal-Madeira, Santa Cruz-Tenerife,
Porto Grande, Cape Verde, St. Helena, & Walvis Bay- Namibia.
Grand Africa & The Cape
Marco Polo-31 nights-Barcelona to Mombassa
Inside staterooms $1860us, Outside $2170us
Sail date: Oct 28
Ports of Call: Malaga-Spain, Funchal-Madeira, Santa Cruz-Tenerife,
Porto Grande, Cape Verde, St. Helena, & Walvis Bay- Namibia,
Durban, Richards Bay-South Africa, & Zanzibar-Tanzania
Venetian Voyage
Marco Polo-7 nights-Venice to Barcelona
Inside staterooms $599us, Outside $699us
Sail date: Oct 21
Spanish Highlights
Marco Polo-5 nights-Barcelona return
Inside staterooms $399us, Outside $499us
Sail date: Oct 9
Connoisseur's Europe
Marco Polo-7 nights-Dover to Lisbon
Inside stateroom $399us, Outside $499us
Sail date: Sept 2
Jewels of the Mediterranean
Crown Odyssey-5 nights-Nice to Barcelona
Inside/Outside staterooms $299us
Sail dates: Aug 31

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