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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 717  Aug 28th, 2002. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2500+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.
Family Affair Rules And Policies Available On The Employee Travel
Website. Employee Travel Services received many questions concerning the
Family Affair policy and eligibility. To help answer these questions, the
Employee Travel Website at now provides easy access to
valuable Family Affair travel information. Click on the Family Affair
Guideline button from the main-page of the website. It’s here that you will
be able to confirm who’s eligible, when to reserve travel and who to call.
While new automated changes to Employee Travel are expected in 2003, we
hope, for the time being, that you will find this information useful.

" ' "

. Nice to know.

Information only, contact 1-800-413-1113 for complete details -
Philippine Airlines (PR)

Codeshare/affiliated carrier flights are 'NOT' eligible
under the terms of this agreement unless stated.

Any reduced rate ticket is subject to tax as applicable

Space Available ZED - Zonal Employee Discount
Eligibility - ZED
Eligible for unlimited ZED - ZM fares:
Active employee of AC/Tier 2 & 3 with 6 months service
Retired employee
Spouse - legal & o/s common-law partner
Dependent children under 24 years of age

Eligible for unlimited ZED - ZH fares:
Parents of active/retired employee
* under 16 years must be accompanied by a person
at least 16 years of age and also on ZED
* 2-11 years pay 67% of the applicable ZED fare
* infants - free of charge if not occupying a seat
- require a separate ticket for international travel

reservations and ticketing -ZED
Contact 1-800-413-1113 in north America else local reservations office.

Chart-ZED fares in us$
mileage           (ZM)             (ZH)
zone 1      1-450            19                25
zone 2   451-750           25                36
zone 3   751-1600         30                44
zone 4 1601-3200         43                68
zone 5 3201-4080         50                89
zone 6 4081-5000         59               105
zone 7 5001-6100         63               113
zone 8 6101-7100         70               126
zone 9 7101-9000         85               150
Fares are converted to local currency
Subject to taxes as applicable

Validity 180 days from date of issue.
Reservation entitlement Standby

" ' "

.  Air  Canada news -
Air Canada Transborder Flights At Toronto Airport Experiencing OTP
Challenges. Air Canada has experienced significant delays recently with
many of our transborder flights departing from Toronto airport. Many of
these challenges are attributed to passenger congestion at U.S.
Immigration. Air Canada and local Immigration and Naturalization Service
(INS) officials in Toronto are working together on an hourly basis to
resolve the issue with national federal authorities, including the INS, to
seek long-term solutions to the problem. Toronto Airport staff and
In-Flight Service crews flying in and out of Toronto are asked to please
advise our customers of the reasons for the ongoing delays. We are working
together to have the matter resolved as quickly as possible.

" ' "

. Remember when!
>From the December 1948 issue of Between Ourselves, which had been saved all
these years by Reg Watkins, and sent to us by Jim Pearce.

During the reading of  'Between Ourselves' edition for December 1948
looking for
info for the NetLetter and came across this item from Gander. We sent the
article off to
Ian McGowan thinking it may bring back a memory -
Ian McGown, single, ex-RCAF officer
and navigator, boasts of eight years seniority with TCA and six years
duty with the RCAF. He, is now twenty-five years old !
His photographic mind and accurate sense,
Restrains all captains from calling us dense.
Of stature fair and slender all round,
But firmly knit is this man McGown.

Ian responded -

I must confess I am the person referred to in the literary gem retrieved
from the archives of "Between Ourselves". It certainly rekindles old
memories of times long ago. The author of this contribution to the
magazine was Frank Angelopolous. I know Vesta will remember him from her days
working at Dorval Airport.
There is a little story behind this epistle. Following my discharge from
the RCAF I resumed my civil aviation career with Trans-Canada Air Lines and
was subsequently sent to Gander, Newfoundland as a member of the newly opened
Flight Dispatch Office established to assist our Trans-Atlantic operations.
Frank was the senior Flight Dispatcher and designated the "Flight
Dispatcher in Charge". At that time, Company Seniority dictated who had
first choice
for holiday periods. While I was the newest member of the staff, my Company
Seniority well exceeded all the others including Frank. This status
annoyed him greatly and he was always giving me a hard time about it and he
composed this near poem and somehow it appeared in Between Ourselves. Not long
after, the Union "The Canadian Air Lines Dispatchers Association" (CALDA) had
the rules changed so that Flight Dispatch seniority governed the selection of
holidays, no doubt championed by Frank. So my elated status was short lived.
Unfortunately, my good friend Frank passed away in 1963 after a long battle
with lung cancer. He was a colorful character well known for his ability
to expound at great length on almost any subject. If you mention his name to
any of the old timers who knew him, they will have fond memories of the
tall Greek from Biggar, Saskatchewan.

" ' "

.. Vesta found this follow-up -
American engineers tried to set a record by launching their
remote-controlled model airplane from Cape Spear, Newfoundland. The
plane took off, but the team lost contact with it on Wednesday.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Check out these fabulous last minute deals for all-inclusive Club Med!
What's included? Well for starters there's your air, accommodations, three
meals a day with wine, beer and soft drinks at lunch and dinner. But that's
not all: a wide array of sports, complete with modern equipment and all
levels of instruction, loads of organized activities, dancing, and evening
entertainment before and after dinner!

Availability is limited so call Dargal today!
1-800-690-3223, extension 318

LA CARAVELLE, Guadeloupe ~ Village for Families
This enchanting village is set alongside the most beautiful beach of
Grande-Terre in Guadeloupe, between palm trees and crystal clear waters.
Ideal for watersports and sheer relaxation.
1 week including air fare only $899 CAD (approx. $562 USD) per person
Departure from Montreal ~ August 31

CANCUN, Mexico ~ Village for Adults
Watersports, Mayan art and a lively nightlife make Cancun a dynamic
destination of fun! Visit this fantastic Village for Adults in Mexico.
1 week including air fare only $899 CAD (approx. $562 USD) per person
Departure from Montreal ~ September 1

PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic ~ Village for Families
Set on a beautiful beach, ideal for watersports, the Village of Punta Cana
is a great choice for families.
1 week including air fare only $899 CAD (approx. $562 USD) per person
Departure from Montreal ~ September 1

TURKOISE, Turks & Caicos ~ Village for Adults
Turkoise is a paradise for sports lovers with scuba diving, tennis and
trapeze. Enjoy the social atmosphere and the lively nightlife at this
Village for Adults.
1 week including air fare only $899 CAD (approx. $562 USD) per person
Departure from Toronto ~ September 2
Rates are quoted in Canadian dollars per person (based on double
occupancy). USD rates are approximate based on exchange rate at time of
printing and may vary. Rates are subject to availability, eligibility and
are subject to change without notice. Departure taxes and/or other
additional costs levied by the air carrier or authorities are extra. Rates
do not include membership fee.
For more information on these and other specials, contact us at:
DARGAL Interline 1-800-690-3223 (North America)
International: (Country Code)-800-2832-7425
Fax: (250) 861-3283

Contact information -
Air Canada Reservations - World-wide (excluding Canada/USA)
Amsterdam              20-346-9539
Copenhagen             33-114-555
Frankfurt                  69-27-115-111
Glasgow                  08705-247-226
London,UK              08705-247-226
Manchester             08705-247-226
Milan                      800-91-90-91
Munich                   69-27-115-111
Paris                      0825-880-881
Rome                     06-655-7117
Te1-Aviv                  03-511-8686
Zurich                     0848 800 424

Beijing                   10-6468-2001
Hong Kong             852-2867-8111
Nagoya.                 0120-048-048
Osaka                   0120-048-048
Seoul                    2-779-5654
Shanghai               21-6375-8899
Sydney                 1-300-655-767
Taipei                    2-25075500
Tokyo                    03-5405-8800

Buenos Aires         11-4327-3640
Mexico                   5-208-1883
Sao Paulo              11-259-9066

Antigua                         268-462-1147
Bahamas                      888-247-2262
Barbados                      246-428-5077
Bermuda                       888-247-2262
Guadeloupe                   590-21-1277
Haiti                              509-246-0441/2
Jamaica -Kingston         876-924-8211/3
Jamaica- Montego Bay   876-952-5160/1
Martinique                     596-55-33-33
St. Lucia                       758-452-2550
Trinidad                        868-669-4065

" ' "

. Smilie.
Place Your Bets! Reader Lee Gaillard recalls this 1960 incident aboard a
Trans International New York to Paris charter flight. The airplane was a
long-in-the-tooth DC-6B crammed with 106 passengers. Somewhere between
Gander and London he awoke, glanced out the window, and realized that the
blades of the right inboard engine were absolutely still. "When did we lose
Number Three?" he asked the passing flight attendant. "Oh, about fifteen
minutes ago!" she cheerfully replied. Then she leaned closer and whispered,
"But that's not the one I thought would go." Pointing to the left inboard
she said, "My bet was on that one." They made an unscheduled visit to
Reykjavik, Iceland, for an engine-change.

" ' "
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