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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 718,  Sept 1st,  2002. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2500+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.
Air Canada's Plans For September 11. Recently, we have had several
employee queries regarding Air Canada's plans for Sept.11. Due to a
reduction in passenger bookings during the week of Sept. 11, we have
reduced our scheduled flights by three to five per cent on North-Eastern
seaboard, high frequency routes, that is New York, Washington, and Boston.
We ask departments to recognize this day in a manner that is appropriate
for their station and operation. For instance, our Tampa Call Centre is
planning a moment of silence for approximately three minutes at 10:00 a.m.
on Sept. 11th. Many U.S. airports have their own commemorative events planned.

" ' "

. Nice to know!
Information only, contact 1-800-413-1113 for complete details -
Korean Air (KE)

Codeshare/affiliated carrier flights are  NOT  eligible       
under the terms of this agreement unless stated. 

Any reduced rate ticket is subject to tax as applicable         

Space Available ZED - Zonal Employee Discount               
Eligibility - ZED                                           
Eligible for unlimited ZED - ZM fares:                          
Active employee of AC/Tier 2 & 3 with 6 months service        
Retired employee                                              
Spouse - legal & o/s common-law partner                       
Dependent children under 24 years of age                      

Eligible for unlimited ZED - ZH fares:                          
Parents of active/retired employee                
* under 16 years must be accompanied by a person              
at least 16 years of age and also on ZED                    
* 2-11 years pay 67% of the applicable ZED fare               
* infants - free of charge if not occupying a seat            
- require a separate ticket for international travel              

Reservations and ticketing - ZED
contact 1-800-413-1113 in north America else local reservations office.

Chart- ZED                 fares in us$                      
mileage        (zm)       (zh)        
zone 1          1-450         19         25                     
zone 2      451-750         25         36                     
zone 3      751-1600        30         44                     
zone 4     1601-3200        43         68                     
zone 5     3201-4080        50         89                     
zone 6     4081-5000        59         105                    
zone 7     5001-6100        63         113                    
zone 8     6101-7100        70         126                    
zone 9     7101-9000        85         150                    
Fares are converted to local currency                         
Subject to taxes as applicable                                

Validity                             180 days from date of issue.

Reservation entitlement       standby

ID50 positive space reduced rate - personal      

Active employee of AC/Tier 2 with 6 months service            
Retired employee                                              
Spouse - legal                                                
Dependent children under 21 years of age                      

50% personal                        
first, business and normal economy fares only               
children fares permitted                                    
**no other discounted fare permitted                        

Minimum fare:                                                   
Domestic      - $25.00us$ ow / $50.00us$ rt                   
International - $50.00us$ ow / $100.00us$ rt                  

- contact 1-800-413-1113 in north America else local reservations office.

- Valid 90 days from date of issue.

** Morning Calm Fare **                                         
Retirees are not eligible for this fare.                       

" ' "

. Remember when!
Congratulations to Air Canada who celebrate the 65th anniversary of the
first flight as
Trans-Canada Air Lines on September 1st, 1937.
Fred Meredith sent us this information -
First mail & passenger flight:
Vancouver - Seattle
Sept. 1st, 1937 at 5.00 pm
Pilots - E.P.Wells & F.M.McGregor
Aircraft - Lockheed 10A  CF-AZY
Passengers - D.R.MacLaren (Asst to V.P.)
(Auditor C.N.)

While we have no advance information regarding any celebration to mark the
65th anniversary, except adding names to an aircraft, this is how it was
done according to the 'HORIZONS' Sept 1st 1977 issue -

A planeload of spirited passengers took
off from Vancouver airport September 1, bound for Seattle's Boeing Field in
a re- enactment of the company's first scheduled flight forty years ago to
the day.
In contrast with the ten-seat Lockheed 10A of that time, the latest version
of the B727 was used, carrying aviation pioneers, members of the Board of
Directors, civic dignitaries, company executives and a large number of
retired and active employees representing years of dedicated service to the
airline from its small beginnings to the giant it is today.
Such veterans as Senior Flight Dispatcher AI Took and Earl Gerow, General
Foreman, Maintenance, the company's most senior serving employees, rubbed
shoulders with people like TCA's first ever employee Don MacLaren, a World
War I fighter ace, Captain Maurice McGregor, co-pilot on the first
scheduled flight Vancouver-Seattle 40 years ago, and many others who
contributed so much to the airline's development and success.
En route over "The World's Most Scenic, Short Airway ," as the brochures of
40 years ago described it, birthday cakes and champagne were served by the
cabin crew consisting of Purser Marianne Crottal and Flight Attendants Eva
Mossop, Marge Cymbala, Mabel Wilson, Leslie Nelson and Harvey Lomer. They
repre- sented a total of close to 120 years service with TCA/ Air Canada.
On arrival at Boeing Field in front of the main terminal building (the
original one used for the first flight in 1937), the party was met by civic
dignitaries and Boeing executives.
Captain Bob Christie and Keith Sanderson with second officer Andre Lamy,
were the front end crew.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
John and Teresa Glew sends this update to the information in NetLetter nr
716 --
Re the Holiday Inn rates.
We have already stayed there @ gbp42.40 per room per nite 7 times in the
past year and have 3 more bookings at the same rate until the end of the
year. Upon checking I notice that we have stayed there on Fridays and
Saturdays and our next 3 bookings are also on Fridays and Saturdays. I have
checked with the hotel and this rate only applies for week-end nites i.e.
Fridays and Saturdays. I was never told that this was a week-end rate, so
never knew it was more than twice as much during the week. Sorry for any

Airport Departure Taxes
Taxes are everywhere in Latin America, especially if you're a tourist.
Often the toughest is on your way home or when you are departing a
country. Your cash is low, or you are out of local currency. Plan on
some airport departure tax whenever you fly in Latin America - even if
it is a domestic flight. Departure taxes vary from Country to country
but basically plan on $10-$20. Credit cards aren't accepted so keep your
local currency or have the exact amount in US dollars.

These are some deals from Interlining Plus -
Extended until Dec 20
Almond Beach Village:
1 Child (under 16) $50US per night
Almond Beach Club:
Children 16 years and older only at Almond Beach Club
*rates per person, based on double occupancy
Christmas Caribbean Cruise
Carnival Spirit-8 nights-Miami return
Inside staterooms $549us, Outside $699us, Balcony $799us
Sail date: Dec 18
More Carnival Specials
Carnival Triumph-5 nights-New York return
Run of Ship-$299us
Sail date: Sept 2-Canada/New England
Inspiration-7 nights-New Orleans return
Inside staterooms $399us, Outside $449us
Sail date: Sept 15-Western Caribbean
Sept 22-Run of Ship-$429us
Jubilee-5 nights-Galveston return
Inside staterooms $199us, Outside $229us
Sail date: Sept 7-Western Caribbean
Carnival Triumph-6 nights-Norfolk return
Inside staterooms $449us, Outside $549us
Sail date: Oct 6-Bahamas
Carnival Legend-11 nights-New York return
Inside staterooms $799us, Outside $999us
Sail date: Sept 22-Canada/New England
Veendam-Seward to Vancouver-7 nights
Inside staterooms $449us
Sail date: Sept 1-Very Limited!
Norwegian Dream-Boston to Miami-14 nights
Inside staterooms $749us, Outside $799us
Sail date: Oct 25
Norwegian Dream-Miami to Valparaiso-16 nights
Inside staterooms $999us, Outside $1099us
Sail date: Dec 6
Norwegian Majesty-Boston to Miami-15 nights
Inside staterooms $999us, Outside $1099us
Sail date: Oct 27
Norwegian Sky-Miami to San Juan-5 nights
Inside staterooms $199us, Outside $299us
Sail date: Oct 29
Marco Polo-Valparaiso to Buenos Aires-14 nights
Inside staterooms $1010us, Outside $1150us
Sail date: Feb 21, 2003
Ports of Call: Puerto Montt-Chile, Puerto Chacabuco-Chile, Punta
Arenas-Chile, Ushuaia-Argentina, West Point-Falkland Islands, Port
Stanley-Falkland Islands, & Montevideo-Uruguay
Rome Weekend-4 nights-Rome return-$400cnd
Paris Weekend-4 nights-Paris return-$450cnd
London Long Weekend-3 nights-London return $410cnd
London Week-6 nights-London return-$685cnd-also includes theatre tickets
*All these include hotel, transfers, breakfast daily and a city sightseeing
London & Paris-7 nights-London to Paris-$825cnd
Includes London, Windsor, Dover, & Paris
Real Britain-8 nights-London return-$1025cnd
Includes London, Salisbury, Stonehenge, Bath, Chester, Grasmere, Moffat,
Edinburgh, Jedburgh, York, Coventry, & Stratford-upon-Avon.
Real Ireland-7 nights-Dublin return-$800cnd
Includes Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Killarney, Galway & Sligo
Real France-9 nights-Paris return-$1085cnd
Includes Paris, Lyon, Nice, Carcassonne, Bordeaux & Tours
Spain & French Highlights-8 nights-Barcelona to Paris-$1110cnd
Includes Barcelona, Cannes, Aix-en-Provence, Beaune & Paris
Real Europe-8 nights-Munich return-$985cnd
Includes Munich, Prague, Budapest, Vienna & Salzburg
Best of Helsinki, St Petersburg & Moscow-Helsinki to Moscow
8 nights-$1125cnd-Includes Helsinki, St Petersburg & Moscow
Portugal, Morocco & Spain-Lisbon return-9 nights-$1000cnd
Includes Lisbon, Madrid, Granada, Tangier & Seville
Real Spain-8 nights-Madrid return-$890cnd
Includes Madrid, Granada, Costa del Sol, Seville & Cordoba
Simply Italy-6 nights-Rome return-$749cnd
Includes Rome, Siena, Florence & Venice
*All tours operate November through March
*Rates in Canadian funds, per person, based on double occupancy
*More tours available-call for details 1-800-665-3100

" ' "

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