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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 721  Sept 12th, 2002. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2500+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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Our co-pilot, Terry, is away until Oct 2nd, and our chief pilot will be taking
things easy.

" ' "

. Need to know.
Do you know if an ex CP factor 70 will have access to the Employee Travel
Website and when ?
Employee Travel & Recognition responded -
The intent is that ALL pass eligible individuals including non self
ticketing retirees and the FACTOR 60/70 group will have access to the
new system when it is launched in the new year.

Another question -
The recent posting of the guidelines for Family Affair in the E.T.
websitestates the development is underway for 'Employees will have
the ability to  make F.A. reservations'
Will this apply to anyone eligible for F/A priviledges?

Employee Travel & Recognition responded -


Air Canada News:
Tango Announces New Non-stop Service To Florida From Montreal, Ottawa And
Quebec City. Tango takes to the skies this December with new seasonal daily
non-stop service between Montreal- Fort Lauderdale, Montreal-Orlando and
between both Quebec City and Ottawa and Fort Lauderdale, introducing low fare,
high value service to winter sun destinations. With this Florida service, Tango
offers the only scheduled daily low fare air service between destinations in
Canada and the U.S.

" ' "
. Nice to know.
As the company is moving to a zonal type of charge, here are some mileages
for your forward planning! For information only. (E&OE)

Akron/Canton OH (CAK) 342 mi
Albany NY (ALB) 721 mi
Austin TX (AUS) 979 mi
Austin TX(Con’t)
Bay City MI (MBS) 221 mi
Boise ID (BOI) 1435 mi
Buffalo NY (BUF) 472 mi
Burlington VT (BTV) 762 mi
Calgary AB (YYC) 1383 mi
Cedar Rapids IA (CID) 195 mi
Charlotte NC (CLT) 600 mi
Cincinnati OH (CVG) 264 mi
Colorado CO (COS) 909 mi
Dallas/Ft Worth TX (DFW) 802 mi
Dayton OH (DAY) 240 mi
Denver CO (DEN) 886 mi
Des Moines IA (DSM) 298 mi
Des Moines IA (Con’t)
Detroit MI (DTW) 234 mi
Grand Rapids MI (GRR) 136 mi
Greensboro NC (GSO) 590 mi
Guadalajara, Mexico (GDL) 1735 mi
Indianapolis IN (IND) 177 mi
Jacksonville FL (JAX) 866 mi
Kansas City MO (MCI) 402 mi
Leon/Guanajuato, Mexico (BJX) 1652 mi
Los Angeles CA (LAX) 1743 mi
Manchester NH (MHT) 841 mi
Memphis TN (MEM) 492 mi
Mexico City, Mexico (MEX) 1691 mi
Minneapolis/St Paul MN (MSP) 333 mi
Monterrey, Mexico (MTY) 1318 mi
Montreal (Dorval) QC (YUL) 746 mi
Nashville TN (BNA) 410 mi
New Orleans LA (MSY) 839 mi
New York (JFK) NY (JFK) 738 mi
Newark NJ (EWR) 718 mi
Omaha NE (OMA) 415 mi
Ottawa ON (YOW) 653 mi
Phoenix AZ (PHX) 1438 mi
Pittsburgh PA (PIT) 411 mi
Providence RI (PVD) 847 mi
Roanoke VA (ROA) 530 mi
Rochester NY (ROC) 526 mi
Sacramento CA (SMF) 1778 mi
Salt Lake City UT (SLC) 1247 mi
San Diego CA (SAN) 1721 mi
San Francisco CA (SFO) 1843 mi
San Jose CA (SJC) 1827 mi
Santa Ana CA (SNA) 1724 mi
Savannah GA (SAV) 774 mi
Syracuse NY (SYR) 605 mi
Toronto (Pearson) ON (YYZ) 435 mi
Vancouver BC (YVR) 1761 mi
Washington (Dulles) DC (IAD) 588 mi
Westchester NY (HPN) 737 mi
Wichita KS (ICT) 587 mi
Winnipeg MB (YWG) 707 mi

" ' "

. Vesta found this on the internet.
The Royal Air Force Aerobatics Team the Red Arrows thrilled thousands on
Saturday, at an air show in Nova Scotia some thought had been grounded
for good.

" ' "
. Remember when!
From the Midsummer Issue 1954 issue of Between Ourselves, which had been saved
these years by Reg Watkins, and sent to us by Jim Pearce.

They laughed at us when we wrote in this column in 1875 ,that man would some
day invent a machine that would fly through space without the aid of a balloon.
But they're laughing out of the other side of their mouths now, because it is
generally accepted that the airplane is such a machine. It has now taken its
place with the train, the automobile, the steamship and the motor scooter as
man's favorite form of traveling from one place to another.
But although great strides have been made in heavier-than-air transportation,
there has been little advancement made among passengers who fly in them.
Everyone knows how to fly an airplane, but very few people know how to ride in
one. It is with some reluctance that we tackle this subject today.
The first thing one should know about thi traveling by air is how to cheat on
luggage weight, The law on baggage is very specific. Baggage includes all
luggage, parcels and packages carried in cabin or checked in cargo space,
Overcoats, umbrellas, ladies' handbags, small cameras carried by the
passenger will not be weighed as "baggage."
The trick is to stick all your shoes in your overcoat, and put all the
cosmetics and heavy toilet goods in your wife's handbag, (There
is no specification on what size a woman's handbag can be and we can't see any
reason why a woman can't claim one of her larger trunks as her handbag. All she
has to do is to put some lipstick and a handkerchief in the trunk and she has a
very strong case.)
Although the rule states you can carry an umbrella, it does not say whether the
umbrella has to be open or closed. Passengers can take advantage of this by
opening their umbrellas and stuffing all their heavy packages in them,
Once you're weighed in, the next problem is the ride out to the airport in the
terminal bus. This will be the most dangerous part
of the trip. Although airline pilots have strict instructions to play it safe,
the bus drivers are under no such orders, and they are constantly trying to
beat their own speed records from the terminal to the airport. One reason the
air lines do not dis-
courage this wild driving is that they believe that after a ride in a bus a
passenger will consider the flying part of his trip a breeze.
Most people when they board an airplane only take one seat, leaving room for
someone to sit next to them. If you're traveling alone, throw your coats and
hand baggage into the seat next to you, and as soon as you see a beautiful girl
you can gallantly lift all the junk and say: "This seat isn't taken."
If you're traveling with you wife, wait as long as you can before boarding the
plane so you'll be assured that there are no seats left together and you'll be
forced to sit separately. Seat your wife next to some one who doesn't speak any
English and then find yourself a place next to the prettiest young thing on the
Before taking off it's advisable to grab all the magazines on the plane so
you'll have something to read during the trip. "Life" magazine is recommended
for take-offs and "Popular Mechanics" for landings.
While the plane is in flight, there are many things to keep you occupied. You
can play with the air-conditioning vents above your seat for at least an hour.
There is a steward's buzzer right next to the light. Do not be afraid to ring
it. It's been put there for YOU. When you tire of the air vent and the buzzer,
you can play with the mechanical parts of your seat. If you lean back far
enough, you can probably crush the legs of the person sitting behind you.
Once you're finished with all the mechnical gadgets you can start on the other
A good opening to the person sitting next to you could be: "Do you smell it,
too?" or if the person says something to you, stop him and explain : "Wait,
listen, do they sound differently or is it just my ears?"
If the man sitting next to you seems nervous, ask if he'd like to assimulate
ditching proceedure with you. Discuss the merits of the rubber lifejacket as
opposed to the cork type. Ask him if he knows any good shark stories.
Always wait until the person next to you has gone to sleep before excusing
yourself to get a drink of water.
There are many other ways to make your trip enjoyable, but we haven't the space
here to list them all. Air travel can be fun. Unfortunately the air line
companies have never exploited the possibilities of a passenger having a good
tjme. Maybe we'll write a book on it. The shipping and railroad companies might
even distribute it for us. They could do a lot worse.

" ' "

. May Day.
I am looking to rent a 3 bedroom villa in Spain for 2 months,
January & February on Costa del Sol - my 2 most favorite places are Fuengirola
and Torremolinos.
Any information our readers would like to share with me will be much
thank you
Madeleine Lafreniere
email address
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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. Terry's travel tips.
RR in YYZ has this info -
ALAMO RENT-A-CAR USA. I have uncovered a little known bargain offered
by Alamo Rent A Car. I have taken advantage of this rate in Florida,
California & Hawaii. In addition to the Travel Industry Rate, Alamo offers a
"prepaid" rate all in (tax/gas/insurance/free mileage) in Canadian dollars. You
have to
ask for the prepaid Canadian dollar rate. I believe cancellation can be made up

until 48 hours prior to arrival. Recent example - Mid Sized Car in Florida for
7 days.
$229.00 USD plus, plus -- Prepaid rate $147.00 CDN all inclusive. Huge
savings and billed on a credit card in Canadian dollars. Safe driving!!
Gus de Jardin followed this advice -.
After spending close to an hour on the
phone, I finally arranged for a midsize car inclusive of all the listed
extras for a rate of $179.99 CDN for a week. I was advised the rate
code is 4E and can vary depending on availability. It is "an all
inclusive plan for travel agents or persons in a travel related field."
The car I've booked in California is for four days not including a
weekend and therefore is $50 CDN a day.
Thanks to RR - YYZ.

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