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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 725  Oct 8th, 2002. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2500+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Must know!
We recently printed information regarding the consquences of arriving in
Australia without the necessary visa.
Employee Travel and Recognition sends this information -
The Call Centre will do the ETA for Australia over the phone.
You just need to provide passport information (name, birthdate, passport
number etc) to the agent, and it's done through RESIII. It is planned to have
available for online self serve use with the new system.
(It is the travellers responsibility to have this visa when travelling to
Australia - eds)

" ' "

. Need to know.
Frank Pedder has sent us this Air Canada information entitled -
General Travel Advisory
For Air Canada Employees (& retirees!)
Produced by Air Canada, Corporate Security Risk Management
September 2002

Effective security precautions require a continuous and conscious awareness of
environment. This is especially true when visiting a foreign country where it
will be
necessary to adapt to new cultures, customs, and laws, which, in many
instances, are
very different from those to which Canadians are accustomed in Canada.
The most effective means of protecting yourself and your property is the
liberal use of
common sense reinforced with a high state of security awareness. Do not give
the opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities. Stay alert and exercise good
Chapter I. Travel Preparation and Planning
Travel Itinerary
Leave a full itinerary of your travel schedule, hotel phone numbers and
appointments with your office and with a family member or friend.
Passport must be valid for a period of at least six months. Make photocopies of
passport, visa and other important documents that you will be travelling with.
Put copies
in both your carry on and checked luggage. This makes it easier to replace your
identification documents should anything happen.
Is a visa required for any of the countries that you are visiting and do you
have the
appropriate visa(s)? Is the information on your visa application true and
correct? Some
countries are sensitive to which visa you obtain. If you are travelling on
business, a
business visa should be obtained; otherwise a tourist visa is acceptable.
Carry with you a list with your blood type, allergies, medical conditions and
requirements. It is a good idea to have a medical alert bracelet if you have a
medical condition.
Carry in your wallet/pocketbook only the documents you will need. Take only the
cards you plan to use on your trip.
If you plan to rent a car, check to see if you must obtain an international
driver’s permit
for the country you plan to visit.
DO NOT pack sensitive or proprietary information in your checked luggage. Be
sure that
your luggage is tagged with covered tags that protect your address from open
Never place your valuables (jewelry, money and travellers cheques) in your
luggage. Never leave your bags unattended. Consider obtaining a modest amount
foreign currency before you leave Canada.

" ' "

. Nice to know.

Bernie McCormack sends this information -
Regarding travel insurance oriented to BC residents -
30 days out of province/country unlimited times for one year.
No deductable.
2million dollars coverage.
Very generous pre existing condition clause.

Contact myself at gram&This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Koch B&Y Insurance head office at 604
937-3601 for details.
Bernie McCormack.

" ' "

. Air Canada News -
Non-stop service from Boston to Vancouver suspended for winter period.
Effective Nov. 1,
we will be suspending our non-stop service between Boston and Vancouver, due
to the weak forecasted profitability. Passengers currently booked on this
route will be protected via Toronto. Our service will resume on March 1,

Seasonal suspension of non-stop Toronto-Zurich service.
Effective Oct. 27, our non-stop service between Toronto and Zurich
will be suspended for the duration of the winter schedule. The service will
resume in March 2003. During this seasonal suspension, in
cooperation with our Star Alliance partner Lufthansa, we will continue to
serve the Zurich market via Frankfurt and Munich.

ZIP takes to the air and joins the Air Canada family. Sept 22nd, Canada’s
newest airline, ZIP Air Ltd., enjoyed a highly successful first day of
operations. Twenty six flights took to the air without a hitch and customer
feedback was extremely positive. This significant accomplishment was the result
of the extraordinary efforts of the Zip and Air Canada teams, most particularly
those in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. Congratulations on a job
well done!

" ' "

. News from the Pionair Districts -
The Vancouver Island and Gulf Island District Pionairs held their Fall
luncheon at The Longwood Pub in Nanaimo on Thursday October 3rd.
58 Pionairs, spouses and retirees made up the group gathered from as far
away as Victoria, Gabriola Island, Duncan, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, and the Comox
Valley for socializing and partaking of the very nice lunch spread provided.
Unfortunately, due to some unusually poor weather conditions for Nanaimo, the
guest speaker Leslie Cummings from the YVR office of the Employee Travel and
Regognition was unable to fly in.
The 50/50 draw  was won by Fred Miller, and the balance will be donated, by
popular consent, to the Dreams Takes Flight.
Arlene MacCulloch was a winner of the wine for the door prize, making her the
most popular person at her table.
Lisa Hartmann of Interlining Plus brought some booklets and leaflets giving
Information on various travel opportunities, and Lisa presented two golf shirts
to draw winners Dale Horne and Roberta Traill.
Director of the Pionairs Wally Lamond advised the group that the Quebec Pionair
District together with the I.A.M union had approached Air Canada with regard to
C1/J10 passes which they opposed. Wally Lamond solicited the group for their
Reaction and it appears that the majority present were not against the
C1/J10 passes.
Bill Rowe advised Wally Lamond regarding the travel insurance vis a vis ex-CAIL
Employees/retirees who wished to join the Morris & Mackenzie insurance.
However, as the scheme has a deductable which is picked up by the Air Canada
Group Health Insurance, it was not possible for the ex-CAIL to join, and, for a
higher premium, the deductable could be covered. Wally Lamond suggested that
everyone should shop around for a better deal for any of their insurance needs,
and pointed out that Morris & Mackenzie do not offer travel insurance for
anyone 80 years or over.
Bill Wood presented the Captain Anderson CAIL golf trophy, to Brian MacCourt
for his low net score at the annual golf tourney held at Arrowsmith G.G.
last August. The trophy is a B747 in Canadi>n Colours.
Wally Lamond had made available printed copies of the ‘Streamlining Employee
Travel’ and discussed several aspects of the document and answered various
questions from the floor. As the document proposes most travel arrangements
will be made via the computer or voice mail, the group were assured that anyone
who is not able to avail themselves of such either of these mediums, they will
be able to call on a designated group who could assist them.
The next event is planned for December 5th, full details will be forthcoming.
Eric van der Holt, on behalf of the Comox Valley Pionairs advised that their
Christmas Supper will be on December 12th at the Old House in Courtenay 18:00
for 18:30 price $20.00 pp plus tax and gratuities payable to your waitress.
Reservations required and should be made with Eric van der Holt at
In closing, Wally Lamond advised the group that the National President of
the Pionairs Fraser O'Shaughnessy was in hospital and progressing favourably.

From the Central Ontario District.
The Seventh Annual National Golf Tournament, organized by Central Ontario
District is in the archives.

Sept. 3rd. 2002, saw 6 golfers have a ‘practice’ round, on a very nice day.
Tournament day started out beautifully, but a bit of wind came up during the
golf clubs Demonstration period, and by the time of first T-off the wind made
play a little more difficult.
They later joined another 47 Pionairs, Retirees, and friends at a ‘social’ hour
followed by a fine banquet in the evening. Out-of-towners represented almost
20% of total attendees. There were 8 from Quebec district, 3 from Eastern
Ontario (Ottawa), 6 from Calgary and 2 from Victoria.

" ' "

. From Vesta on the flight deck -
TAKING THE BOOM OUT OF SONIC: Northrop Grumman and Raytheon Aircraft
last week unveiled an experimental airplane design that would fly at
more than twice the speed of sound and create a sonic boom 85 percent
quieter than the Concorde or an F-16. The design is funded through the
Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency's Quiet Supersonic Platform
program and would measure 156 feet long and sport a wingspan of 58
feet. Raytheon contracted by NASA is also working to adapt the
technology for corporate jets. It will probably be 15 years before any
such aircraft becomes reality.

$350 million Toronto Island Airport expansion was proposed

" ' "
. Jack Cooke sent us these thoughts -
I travelled to YOW last Thursday to see CF-TLL "inducted" into the National
Aviation Museum. There were over 200 AC active/retired in attendance
(including about 30 retired/active Captains, all in uniform). A beautiful,
day to see this aircraft (all bright, shiny and newly painted) acknowledged for
her contribution to AC's history. It was sad, however, to learn that she would
remain parked outside for a year while a new building was constructed to house
her. Rather a waste of AC's expertise and detail in restoring the aircraft,
only to
have her exposed to the elements. Surely someone could find a solution to
preserve the care and work of all those Maintenance employees. JCooke

" ' "
. Our co-pilot relates this story -
. Our trip started on Sunday 15th September. We were going to meet with the
group of U.K. Pionairs who had chosen Halifax for this years annual jaunt.
We left YVR on the ‘red-eye’, thus saving an over night in YYZ, where we would
have to change flights. We had a restful sleep as we were in J class. Our
arrival at YYZ was 06:00, time for a snack before getting the 08:35 to Halifax.
We were fortunate to get J class again, and, for breakfast, we were served with
a spinach wrap with scrambled egg inside. The wrap was about 7 inches sitting
on a 5 inch plate! It was quite a challenge to cut with a plastic knife, but
the metal fork served adequately with its long sharp tangs!
Apart from trying to contain the contents when the wrap was cut, the rest of
the flight was uneventful.
Our accommodations were at the Howard Johnson, a $41.00 cab ride to YHZ. An
alternate route suggested was by a jitney bus to a Holiday Inn for $7.50, then
a short cab ride to Howard Johnson. Beware, there are two Holiday Inns served,
obe in Dartmouth, and one in downtown YHZ. Should you become parted from your
group, ensure you know where you are headed.
The group from the U.K. was 43 retirees and spouses, joined by several retirees
from Canada, acting as interpreters.
A small world  during supper at the hotel, a couple walked in who are friends
of ours, they were touring and this was their only night at the hotel and chose
to have supper there. We were unaware of their plans, not did they know ours.
Just shows how careful one has to be when away from home!
Tuesday weather was warm with clearing skies and was spent in the local
shopping mall.  UK’ers are insatiable shoppers. The balance of the group
dribbled in during the day.
On Wednesday morning, to sunny skies, we all boarded our chartered school bus
for a tour of Dartmouth and Halifax with our guide. A visit to fisherman’s
wharf in Dartmouth, then to the harbour front at Halifax for lunch. The
afternoon was a tour of the Alexander Keith brewery, the oldest working brewery
in North America, established in 1820.  The evening event was a hayrideat the
Hatfield Farm. Two wagons each pulled by a pair of  Percheron horses, to a BBQ
supper of either salmon or steak.
On Thursday, we boarded our bus for a trip to Lunenburg and Peggy’s Cove. Ever
had a ride in a school bus with no springs? Well, of the 703 potholes enroute,
the driver successfully negotiated all 841 of them  and did we know it.
However, the singing covered up most of the anguished yells and groans,
although some of the singing was in soprano. Lunenburg was an interesting small
town with lots of interesting architecture. Some of us visited the memorial to
the many fishermen lost over the years. The memorial was a ring of marble
plinths, one for each year, and inscribed with the names of the men and ships
lost. It was surprising to see that there were several members with the  same
surname  one had 14 members and, in such a small community, must have been
related somehow. Our final visit was to Peggy’s Cove. Enroute a stop at the
memorial to the Swissair flight 111. The memorial is a huge rock with 3 slits
cut in it to represent 111, and positioned to point to the area the aircraft
came down. After roaming around Peggy’s Cove, we boarded our bus for the trip
back to the hotel, collect the luggage and off to the airport at YHZ where we
all dispersed to various destinations.   Everyone agreed that the trip was
another success, thanks to the efforts of Aureen and Jack Morath, and we look
forward to next years jaunt.
For ourselves  we rented a car with a couple of the UK’ers, and toured to
countryside for the next 10 days  but that’s another story.

" ' "

. Our chief pilot - Vesta found these -
GLACIER GIRL SET TO FLY: The P-38 dubbed "Glacier Girl" is scheduled to
take its first flight in almost 60 years on October 26 from the
Middlesboro (Kentucky) airport. The aircraft has been under ice in
Greenland since WWII. The P-38 was pulled from 268 feet of ice at a
cost of $638,000 in 1992 by Roy Shoffner. Reno air racer Steve Hinton
will be at the controls on the first flight.

Airlines in Canada say the cost of tickets may go up unless the federal
government pays for the seats provided to RCMP sky marshals.

" ' "

. Of interest to Vancouver Islanders -
My name is Bob Walker and we are trying to determine if there is enough
interest in forming a monthly coffee club which will meet every second Wed of
the month at a restraurant in the greater Victoria area.
Those interested, please contact me at 652-0040 or my email address is
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. thank you very much Bob

" ' "
Shirlee Schacter sends this offer -
I have a two-bedroom home in Palm Hill Country Club (a 55 and over
community) in Largo, Florida. Largo is 30 mins. away from Tampa
Airport(between Clearwater and St. Petersburg) and very close to beaches
and shopping. Besides that, the Park itself offers many social activities. I
would be interested in renting it out to some AC retirees over the
forthcoming winter months, which is when most people want to go to Florida.
Anyone interested can  contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Sophie Palmer sends us this message -
Re NetLetter 724 and comments by Pearl Piers concerning purchase of Advantage
50 card. Of course this card can be purchased in UK. It is aimed at the UK
market. My mother, who lives in the UK, always buys her card there. I always
buy mine from the central bus station at Heathrow. Check the National Express
Price for one year  gbp9.00
for three years gbp19.00
or other purchase options are -
Through our Telephone Sales Centres - Just ring 08705 808080 (International
customers please dial +44 8705 808080). Our sales advisors will be able to take
your order and despatch your coachcard or Tourist Trail Pass by post or airmail
or they can arrange for collection of your card and tickets at a number of
offices around the country.
At any National Express Agent - We have over 2,000 agents located all over the
UK including in all terminals at all the major international airports. Cards
can be issued while you wait and used immediately to purchase tickets at the
discount rate.
You can find the location of the agent closest to you by ringing the agent
hotline on 08705 808080.

Interlining Plus has the following deals -
Holland America -
Prinsendam - 18 nights Singapore to Sydney sail Nov 2/02
Inside us$1099 outside us$1285
Prinsendam - 16 nights Sydney to Auckland sail Nov 20/02
Inside us$999  Outside us$1168
Prinsendam - 16 nights Auckland to Sydney sail Dec 6/02
Inside us$999  Outside us$1168
Western Caribbean
Veendam - 7 nights Tampa return sail Oct 26/02
Inside us$299 Outside us$399
Maasdam - 7 nights Ft. Lauderdale return sail Oct 20, Nov 17, 24, Dec 1, 8
& 15
Inside us$329  Outside us$399
Above fares are per person includes port fees but government taxes and
fees extra.
Call 1-800-665-3100 for more details of the above and many other deals

" ' "

. Smilie.
Ted Tierney sends this one -
Captain en route on a flight gets a call informing him that his wife was just
taken into hospital had just given birth. On making a call through to the
hospital asked whether the child was a boy or a girl. "Oh we can't give out
that information on the phone, you have to come to the hospital yourself" was
the reply. On explaining that he wasnt in the best position to do that got the
reply. " Well what we can tell you sir is, that it wasn't a boy"  ...  Ted

" ' "
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