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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 727  Oct 16th, 2002. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2500+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.
We contine the information started in NetLetter nr 725 -
Produced by Air Canada, Corporate Security Risk Management
September 2002

Chapter V. Guest Room as a “Safe Haven”
Hotels are not required to guarantee guest security. You are responsible for
personal security and property.
· While in the room, keep the doors closed and engage the dead bolt and privacy
latch or chain. If you are not expecting visitors or friends, do not open your
to strangers. In such circumstances do not use the privacy latch or the chain,
make sure that the dead bolt is engaged and if you cannot identify the person,
contact the front desk immediately.
· When leaving the guestroom, ensure that the door properly closes and is
secured. Make a mental note of how your property was left; avoid leaving
valuables in plain view or in an unorganized manner. A number of hotel
employees enter the room each day to clean, repair and restock the room.
Although most hotel employees are honest and hardworking, a few succumb to
the temptation of cash or jewelry left unprotected.
· If you determine that an item is missing, conduct a thorough search prior to
reporting the incident to hotel security. The incident should be reported to
local police and your insurance carrier. Hotel security can provide a letter
verifying that you reported property missing.
· Prior to travelling, it is recommended that you copy all credit cards,
passport, air
tickets and other documents to facilitate reporting loss and replacing them.
· Request housekeeping makes up your room while you are at breakfast, rather
than leave a “Please Service This Room” sign on the doorknob. This sign is a
signal to a criminal that the room is unoccupied.
Chapter VI. Around the Hotel
Regardless of the level of security provided by the hotel, you need to
become familiar with certain aspects of the security profile of the hotel.
· In all large cities, criminals often use areas around public telephones to
stage pickpocket activity or theft. Keep briefcases and purses in view or “in
touch” while using phones. Caution is urged in safeguarding telephone credit
card numbers.
Criminals wait for callers to announce credit card numbers on public phones and
then sell the numbers for unauthorized use.
· Purse snatchers and briefcase thieves are known to work hotel bars,
restaurants and airports waiting for unknowing guests to drape these items on
chairs or under tables only to discover them missing as they are departing.
Keep items in view or “in touch”. Be alert to scams involving an unknown person
spilling a drink or food on your clothing. An accomplice may be preparing to
steal your wallet, briefcase or purse.
· The pool or beach area is a fertile area for thieves to take advantage of
guests enjoying recreation. Leave valuables in the hotel. Safeguard your room
key and camera.

" ' "
Niagara Peninsula Coffee Group News
At our monthly meeting on Oct 1st a decision was made to change our meeting day
from the first Tuesday to the second Tuesday of the month. The change will
become effective with our January 2003 meeting. Reasons for the change were (1)
to avoid conflicting with the Toronto T2 meeting and (2) to avoid immediately
following Holiday weekends. Consequently we look forward to welcoming our
fellow retirees from the Toronto area along with our colleagues from the
Burloak group.
Copies of Streamlining Employee Travel were distributed to the members and a
number of questions were raised and answered with the help of Gord Dalziel. We
anticipate further questions when members have had time to study the various
changes that will take place in the new year.
Some 60 members of our group along with visitors from Toronto and the
Burlington area enjoyed an afternoon of cruising down the "Grand River" last
month. The weather was great and a good time was had by all.
The winner of the monthly prize of a dinner for two at Frado's was Douglas and
Helen Arnold and raffle prizes were won by Marion Archambeau and Richard
Submitted by Jim Morgan, Chairman.

" ' "
. Arlene McCulloch sends this warning -
Just dropping you a line to let you know of a recent problem we had when
returning from a very lovely cruise to Honolulu.
It seems that at Honolulu Airport they now have a new X-Ray machine for
scanning CHECKED luggage. The agent was very good to inform us that "if we had
any film in our checked bags, it would probably be ruined".
Unfortunately, I knew I had film packed in "one" of our bags, but where and
which one escaped me at that moment. So, we let it go through. I took the film
in to Costco with instructions to "process" only if not ruined by X-Ray. They
did develop the pictures (at no cost, thank you Costco) however, they are all
very dark, not totally ruined, but just about.
Perhaps this new X-ray system is now throughout the U.S.and thought maybe our
travellers might be interested in this info. I had always assumed that checked
luggage was the best way to go rather than have it go through the security scan
system. However, not any more.

" ' "
"For those of our readers who used to be on the mailing list for Brian Dunn's
YYZNEWS bulletin, please be advised that it is no longer being e-mailed out.
However, he has established his own website where you can check the latest news
as often as you wish.  Go to ( ) and enjoy."

" ' "
. Found on the internet.
******** BIG ENGINE GETS IN THE AIR ************
GE Aircraft Engines (GEAE) this week completed the first flight of the 115,000
lb thrust GE90-115B, the engine for Boeing's longer-range 777 airplanes, the
777-300ER and 777-200LR, aboard GEAE's unique Boeing 747 Flying Testbed in
Mojave, California.
During the two hour and thirteen minute flight, the engine completed several
throttle and performance assessments to measure the engine's in-flight
characteristics. The test is the first in a series of 30 planned flights
totaling 150 hours.
Air France, Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, EVA Air, ILFC, and GE Capital
Aviation Services have ordered a total of 49 firm 777 longer-range airplanes
powered by the GE90-115B. The engine orders are valued at more than $2 billion.

GEAE modified its 747 testbed with structural changes to handle the engine's
higher thrust. In addition, GEAE installed a new flight inlet, fan cowling to
accommodate the larger fan diameter, and modified GE90 thrust reverser provided
by Boeing.
Airplane certification, first delivery, and entry into service of the 777-300ER
are scheduled for 2004. Snecma Moteurs, IHI and FiatAvio are participants on
the GE90-115B engine program.

" ' "

. Nostalgia -
. Now that the DC-9 has been retired from the Air Canada fleet, we have this
story from JB of YYZ -
I guess this will attest to the age of the DC9, but as a kid I thought this
airplane was the coolest looking aircraft in the world and its what drew me to
join the AC family. I can remember as a kid my dad taking me to the YYG
airport and watching the daily DC9 arrive and depart. The whine of the
engines as it taxied to the ramp and the anticipation of just seeing it always
gave me goose bumps. The only sight to top that one, was the day i got to
transit YYZ and seeing all the "T" tails lined up on the gates at T2. I
eventually made it to AC and although my ramp career was short i always
loved working the 9's. My best memory was getting to do a my one and only
pushback of a 9 off the old gate 72 on my last day. jb, YYZ

and from Merv. Holt -
The DC9 must have made a lot of money for AC.I worked as a millwright in
1967 in Toronto and went around to out stations to do ground equipment
repairs. My first trip on the DC9 after the Viscount was like flying sitting on

top of a bullet. I went to JFK in 1972- 1977 were we had #750 and #751 DC9
going to yyz and yul 6 times a day each..We had 1 engine change in 5 years.
The maintence was almost nil.It was a great plane,sorry it is a great plane.
Merv. Holt

" ' "

. Rumblings from the Pionair Districts -
From John Rodger -
The Pionairs 17th Annual Curling Bonspiel which is to take place Nov 25,26, and
27th at The Lachine Curling Club near Dorval. For information contact
Bill Sansom (450) 458-2504 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
John Rodger (514) 696-2964 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Keith Kelly (514) 69404576 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Information also on the Pionair web cite under Quebec District.

Fall & Winter 2002 / 03 excerpts
Director        Ron Goran
Deputy Director &Membership     Gerry Damskov
Christmas Luncheon

Thursday, December 05th 2002 at the Coast Capri Hotel Kelowna 1130am. meet &
greet,  no host cash bar. 1230 lunch, 1330 Entertainment-Ian Rennie and The
Generation Gap (Barbershop Quartet)  50/50 draw and prizes.

Cost $16.00 per person.  Cash donations  will be accepted for Dreams take
Flight Vancouver.
Make cheques payable to Air Canada Pionairs. Also allow adequate notice of
attending the function.
Payment in advance please to Tony Bestick (Treasurer)
15-680 Valley Road Kelowna, BC V1V 2J3 (250) 712-0615
Valentine Luncheon & Local AGM,
Friday February 14th 2003
Coast Capri Hotel. 1130 Meet & Greet, 1230 Lunch
1330 business meeting / Election of new Executive.
1345 50 /50 draw & prizes. Cost $16.00 per person.
Make cheques payable to Air Canada Pionairs.
Also allow adequate notice of attending the function.
Payment in advance please to Tony Bestick (Treasurer)

JUNE 11th. 2002
A great time was had by all, on a perfect sunny day.
As per last year a sumptuous buffet which was enjoyed by all.
Highlight of the picnic, --a bocce tournament and dice games.

SEPT.10th 2002  In spite of the accident on our famous “floating bridge”
causing some last minute arrivals at the desert center for many members living
North of Westbank. Forty-one (41) Pionairs and their guests thoroughly enjoyed
the tour.  Two (2) different Interpretive walking tours were offered, a one hr.
& a half hr. tour of Canada’s only true desert.

A short drive to Tinhorn Creek Winery for lunch was next on the agenda. A tasty
and plentiful  buffet (build your own sandwich) a variety of chicken, ham,
tuna, egg salad, roast beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, pickles, olives, rolls
and bread.
Assorted deserts, punch and coffee.
One complimentary serving of wine accompanied the luncheon.
Prizes were won by Rosemary Jobson (bottle of wine donated by Greg Macleod),
Evelyn Simpson & Ernie Rivard.

Total 270+ and growing. Spread the word.

News from the Pionairs Golf Tournament -
At the banquet, the organizing Golf Committee was introduced, followed by
the Volunteers, then the National Executive Board members who were in
attendance. Our Guest of Honour was Claude Taylor, who received a standing
ovation when formally introduced.
During dessert and coffee, the group was entertained with songs
and sing-along by Charlie Freckleton, a very capable singer-song writer,
Pionair, from Central Ontario. Everyone joined in and, although a small
group, we all had a great time. Then came the awarding of trophies and
other golfing prizes, followed by the drawing of prizes from a very
adequate prize table. Claude Taylor gave us all an encouraging, short and
to the point excellent address. He was presented with a belated gift from
the 2002 AGM, as he had to cancel his attendance there last May. He also
received a gift for himself and Fran in appreciation of his presence at
this 'Super-Seventh' tournament.
Trophy winners were: John Rosettis Men's Low Gross and Lowest of
all Gross Claude I. Taylor Award.
June Moyle Ladies Low Gross.
Don Patterson Men's Low Net.

" ' "

. Help Please!
From: "anita lead" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: infor regarding cincinati fire?
Hi there,
I'm a retired Air Canada employee, and I'm currently researching
the Cincinati fire for the purpose of a college essay.
Can you please tell me where I might find any information on this disaster?
Also, I need to find out about on-board air recycling ... any ideas
who I might contact for information?
Thanks for your consideration!
- Anita Leadbitter

" ' "
. Whilma Kinsey sends this information -
Subject: Book Flying on the Ground
I worked for AC as a passenger agent in Dorval Airport for over thirty one
years and I retired three years ago. I have written and self published a book,
called Flying on the Ground. The book is fiction based on events which occurred
in that airport.
These incidents involved people who worked everwhere in the airport so AC is
not mentioned in the book . I have created ficticious characters, ficticious
airlines and the stories have been adapted and changed by memory and
Anyone who reads this book will be unlikely to forget theses hilarious stories
and the ones which are shocking or tragic.
My book is available at Double Hook Books Store on Green in Westmount and will
be launched at Cartier Book Store on Delourde St. Pointe Claire. The book
stores will be selling "Flying on the Ground" for $19.95 plus GST.
To my friends and AC employees and retirees, I am asking $15.00 per copy plus
1.10 GST total 16.10. My name is Whilma Kinsey and anyone who desires to
purchase a book may contact me via e mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Dargal has the following offer -
A great opportunity for your friends and family! The 2nd person flies free when
you book your Club Med vacation by October 20, for travel between November 2 to
December 14. Call for details! 1-800-690-3223 ext. 318
The following gateways and Villages are applicable;
Vancouver to Punta Cana
Calgary to Punta Cana
Toronto to Ixtapa, Punta Cana, Turks & Caicos and Varadero!
Don't forget - October is Club Med month, so book now and WE'LL PAY YOUR CLUB

Travelling to the Caribbean?
Here are some web sites to check -
Cuba:  or
Dominican Republic:
Antigua & Barbuda:

" ' "

. Smilies.
Jack Morath in the U.K. sent us these -
Every takeoff is optional, every landing is mandatory.

Flying isn't dangerous. Coming down unexpectedly is what's dangerous.

" ' "
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