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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 729  Oct 23rd, 2002. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2500+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.
Montreal employee ticketing office now open three days a week. As of today,
the employee ticketing office will be open three days a week; Tuesday,
Thursday, and Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

" ' "

. Nice to know.
Another great Family Affair sell off. Take advantage of our new non-stop
service between Atlanta and Montreal. Effective Oct. 22, active and retired
employees, as well as eligible family members, can purchase L class return
fares from Atlanta to Montreal and Toronto between Nov. 4 and Jan. 4 2003, with
all travel completed by Jan. 4. Fares are offered at 10 per cent off at $ 188
Cdn ($ 122 US). All other conditions as per regular L class Family Affair
program apply.

" ' "

. This is the final piece of information started in NetLetter nr 725 -
Produced by Air Canada, Corporate Security Risk Management
September 2002
Chapter VIII. Personal Conduct Abroad
· DO NOT do anything which might be construed or reflect poorly on your
judgement, professional demeanor, or embarrassing to you and/or the company.
· DO NOT gossip about character flaws, financial problems, emotional
relationships or marital difficulties of anyone working for the company,
yourself. This type of information is eagerly sought after by those who would
to exploit you or another employee.
· DO NOT carry, use or purchase any narcotics, marijuana, or other abused
Some countries have very stringent laws covering the import or use of
medications and other substances. If you are using a prescribed medication that
contains a narcotic substance or other medication that is subject to abuse,
as amphetamines or tranquilizers, carry a copy of the doctor’s prescription for
medications and check your local restrictions and requirements prior to
· DO NOT let a friendly ambiance and alcohol override your good sense and
capacity when it comes to social drinking.
· DO NOT engage in “Black Market” activities such as the illegal exchange of
currency, or the purchase of religious, local antiquities, or cultural
· DO NOT accept or deliver letters, packages or anything else from anyone
unknown to you. You have no way of knowing what you are carrying and it could
result in your being arrested for illegally exporting a prohibited item.
· DO NOT engage in any type of political activity, or carry any political or
tracts or brochures, or publications likely to be offensive in the host
· DO NOT photograph anything that appears to be associated with the military or
internal security of the country, including airports, ports, or restricted
areas such
as military installations. If in doubt, DO NOT.
· DO NOT purchase items that are illegal to import such as endangered species,
agricultural products or which would constitute a trademark infraction.
Chapter IX. I’ve Been Arrested! - What Do I Do Now?
If you are detained or arrested for some reason, here are some points to
· DO ask to contact the nearest embassy or Canadian Consulate. As a citizen of
another country, you have this right; but that does not mean that your hosts
allow you to exercise that right. If you are refused or just ignored, continue
make the request periodically until they accede and let you contact your
or consulate.
· DO stay calm, maintain your dignity and do not do anything to provoke the
arresting officer(s).

Chapter X. Acts of Terrorism
It should be noted, that the normal business traveller, who only spends a few
days in
each city and has a low profile, is not a viable target for terrorists and the
risk is very
The real terrorist threat to a traveller is that of being at the wrong place at
the wrong
time and becoming an inadvertent victim of a terrorist act. Follow the
contained in specific Travel Advisory, such as the Tel Aviv Travel Advisory.
Be observant and pay attention to your sixth sense. If you get the funny
feeling that
something is not right or that you are being watched, PAY ATTENTION! That sixth
sense is trying to tell you something, and more often than not it will be
Produced by Air Canada, Corporate Security Risk Management
September 2002
(In NetLetter nr 728 regarding Chapter Vii - your hotel room - One other item
that I ensured I had with me and available on all hotel layovers (precautions
re - possible hotel fires). A flashlight. Cpt. Bernie McCormack.)

" ' "
. Ed Leckett sends this advice -
In Netletter #727 Arlene McCulloch's comments re airport X-ray machines for
hand luggage is good advice. Since 9/11 some of these devices have been
upgraded and are more powerful. If you are concerned, the following sites
will really enlighten you, especially the first one.

Ed Leckett

" ' "

Star Alliance news -
Lufthansa has launched its own low-cost airline called Germanwings and
its fleet of (5) A319 Airbus to the low-cost carrier based at Cologne/Bonn.
Lufthansa has orederd (10) A330-300 Airbus due 2004 for its medium-term
strategy after retiring part of the A340-200 fleet.

" ' "
. Found on the internet.'
A list of the top 100 airports world wide for 2001 has been released by the
Airports Council International. Based on passenger movements -
YYZ comes in at 26th, one better than year 2000.
YVR got to 60th, two off from year 2000

European Low-cost start ups.
MyTravelLite with A320 Airbus equipment based at Birmingham U.K.
Virgin Express based at Cologne/Bonn, Germany.
Hapag-Lloyd Express with a fleet of B737-700 based at Cologne/Bonn,
Fly-Eco Based at Paris/Beauvais, France.
Norwegian based at Oslo with B737 equipment.

A move is under way to have airlines act as flying weather stations to
fill in the gaps of Canada's weather data.

" ' "

. News from the Pionair Districts -
The Courtenay and Comox District Pionairs have their Halloween lunch at the
Glacier Greens Golf Club - near the the Comox airport on Thursday Oct 31st at
All retirees most welcome, plenty of room, no reservation required.

Glen Cawker sends this follow up -
The Seventh Annual National Golf Tournament, organized by Central Ontario
District is in the archives. Sept. 3rd
Trophy winners were: John Rosettis Men’s Low Gross and Lowest of all
Gross Claude I. Taylor Award. June Moyle Ladies Low Gross. Don Patterson Men’s
Low Net. Nellie Collins Ladies Low Net. Dave Warmington Low Gross non-Air
Canada. These Trophy winners were presented with beautiful smaller versions of
the permanent National Tournament Trophies, on which their names are to be
engraved for posterity. John Rosettis’ Claude I. Taylor Award ‘keeper’ award
was a beautifully framed set of Dreams Take Flight TCA-Air Canada aircraft
pins. Runner Up prizes were won by: Mike Ito 2nd Men’s Low Gross.  Marnie
Rosettis 2nd Ladies Low Gross. Peter Gordon 2nd Men’s Low Net. and Jackie
McGuckin 2nd Ladies Low Net. Mike and Peter won the ‘Closest to the Hole’
Prizes. Jim Miller and Shirley Lamont won the Most Honest Golfer prizes. The
winner of the raffle draw for the full set of golf clubs was Joan Lahey from
The Golf Committee Members from Central Ontario District thank our Volunteer
workers and all who participated in the golf and banquet. Because the number
attending was, and usually is, relatively small, we are going to recommend to
the National Pionairs Executive Board, a change in format for this National

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
More Caribbean web sites -
St. Barts:
St. Martin:
Martinique:  or

From the Star Alliance Employee web site -
MARCH 9 - 14, 2003


First Class Via Rail Train transportation from
Vancouver, BC. Canada through  the stunning Rocky Mountains to Jasper, Alberta
Canada. Total time: 18 hours!
While on board the Snow Train you will be welcomed
with a Champagne and  hors-d'ouvres reception, a four course dinner AND a full
course breakfast before
disembarking in Jasper. That's right, you will overnight in luxurious First
Class  Rail accommodations.
4 nights Hotel Accommodation at the 4 Diamond
Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.
2-Day Lift Pass to ski n' board the awesome
wonders of Marmot Basin.
Sunday Night Welcome Reception at the Lodge.
2 meal vouchers for on-hill eateries.
"Marmot Mayhem" Fun Race. And it is for fun!
Apres Ski Party with chicken wings, nachos, and
Buffet Banquet at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge
with race awards and door
Farewell Jasper Buffet Brunch.
Commemorative Pin and Bandanna.
All Taxes and Gratuities.
An afternoon of touring the Columbia Icefield
Parkway with Deluxe Motor Coach
provided by Brewster.
Brewster Deluxe Motor Coach transportation to
The Calgary International Airport.
National parks pass.

You don't have to be a skier or boarder to
enjoy this program.
There is a Non Downhill program available too!
We are sure you will agree that nowhere in the world
of Airline Travel will you ever find a  ski week package anywhere close to this

Special Interline package prices start at just $599.00 per peson and include
overnight train accommodation, meals, 4 nights lodging, tours,
2 days skiing,  transfers, taxes, gratuities and much more!
All Packages Just US$1,995.00 for two persons, valid until 30th June 2003
(booking must be made before 31st December 2002)
Contact:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information.

" ' "

. Smilie.
Ted Tierney sends this one
Annual family getogether with Grandfather, Father and the Grandson, all
private pilots and over a few drinks take to reminiscing over some really
outstanding events of the past.

Grandson, coming up on 18 being told. "You know, some people claiming to be
able to walk on water is one thing, right ? ---- Well we think it's only right
that you should know,  .... but in our family, on our 18th birth day, each of
us old fellas could actually land a plane on water" !    "Can't fool me" says
the young fella "On floats .... right" Nope came the answer.

Grandson pondered some on this saying nothing but decided to show off among his
mates. So on his 18th birthday heads of to the local airport with his buddies.
Flying low over a lake ... "watch this fellers"   glides down to the water.
Fished out spluttering "Family or no, just wait, just you wait till I get my
hands on my old folks". Arriving home demands the full and outright truth ...
to be told "We were born midwinter sonny boy.... today is midsummers day".   

" ' "

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