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T H E                    _| TCA |_
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N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 730,  Oct 26th,  2002. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2500+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.
Air Canada introduces U.S. Customs pre-clearance in Canada for all Honolulu
and Sydney flights. Effective Nov. 23, customers will pre-clear US customs in
Toronto and Vancouver when traveling to Honolulu and Sydney. As a result
customers traveling from Toronto will check-in at Terminal 2, and customers
traveling from YVR will check-in at the transborder area. Pre-clearance will
facilitate transfers for passengers connecting in Honolulu to Sydney.

" ' "

. Remember when!
Glen Gawker sends this story -
Subject:  DC-9 Retirement
Hi! More reminiscenses--As a Flt Ops Ground School Instructor, I was on
the first DC-9 course at the Douglas A/C plant in Long Beach CA, in
196?, with George Lothian, Ron Baker, Tommy Broad, Gerry Quinn, Paul
Woodruff(Flt Ops Engineering), and I think Ron Peel, and Hoagy
Hoglund.(maybe others, but the memory, you know !!) Anyroad, when
walking through the assembly plant Tommy Broad nudged my elbow and said
he thought there was something strange about one of our A/C, and we both
decided that the paint scheme was all wrong. They had painted the 'AIR
CANADA' in red, and the maple leaf corporate logo in black. We promptly
told Douglas of our discovery and luckily only the one A/C had been
painted with this reversed scheme. It could have cost a great deal more!
When we finished the course, we were fortunate enough to get a flight
back to YUL on the delivery flight with George and Hoagy at the
controls, of our first DC-9. An auspicious arrival at YUL!! In those
days we used to give all the 'brass management' a quick one-day
'familiarization' course whenever we got a new A/C type, and because the
9 was our first A/C with the latest in Artificial Horizons, ie-
multi-coloured blue and brownish, with 360 degree roll capability and
the v-bar flight director (instead of the old black and white
split-needle instrument we all remember); I borrowed an instrument from
the Dorval Instument shop to show to the 'class'. When I'd finished the
'course', Herb Seagrim announced to all present, that he'd enjoyed the
presentation, but I was to be fired for having the nerve to take the
$5000. instrument out of the shop! Glad he was kidding!-Now, here we are
more than 35 years later, retiring the old girl. Enjoy! - - Glen

" ' "

. Where are they now.
Tony Etheridge sends us this information -
Douglas DC-3
12106 C-47A-1-DK N4991E
w. c. Dause Jr., Acampo, California, USA
Skytrain built as 42-92319 and delivered to the US Army Air Force on 1 Decem-
ber, 1943, but allocated to the Royal Canadian Air Force as a Dakota Mk. III
FZ571 taken from Royal Air Force Lend-Lease procurements. On 4 January, 1944,
it was assigned to Patricia Bay air base in Canada, and three days later to No.
32 Operational Training Unit on the same base. It survived World War II and was
struck off charge on21 December, 1945. On 30 October, 1946, as CF- TDU, it was
sold to Trans-Canada Air Lines, Fleet No.68, later 368. It moved south to the
USA on 16 September, 1958, as N4991E with Frontier Airlines, named 'Sunliner
Omaha'. Colorado National Bank Executive Investment Co. of Louisville, Ken-
tucky, bought the DC-3 on 6 August, 1968. Jack Richards Aircraft Co. Inc. of
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, operated it in 1971, and in 1975 L. Overturf, of Mena,
Arkansas. It was registered to Bill Dause on 26 January, 1976, at Granger,
and to the same owner at Acampo, California, on 22 September, 1982. This is
Lodi Airport north of Stockton and the DC-3 was seen by the author during a
visit in April 1987. At weekends the transport is operated on a busy schedule
flying sky-divers, this being a favourite pastime in California, and minus
seats the DC-3 can carry as many as forty people. During the winter months, as
the aircraft is parked outdoors, it is ferried south to Arizona to avoid the
wet season. This was still listed as owned by Bill Dause. (2002)

" ' "

. Margaret Cantwell sends this information from the COPA Flight Insight
magazine -
Michael Skubicky has done it all. he has been a flight instructor, flown
for the military and now flies for Air Canada.
But recently he renewed his instructor rating so that he could teach his
14 years old son Chad how to fly.
On July 19th, at Tyendinaga (Mohawk) Airport, located in Decronto, Ont.,
Chad flew his first solo.
It was an event that both father and son will never forget. Here is
Michael's recount of the special day.
Everyone remembers everything about their first solo in an aircraft - its
a huge event.
Now it was Chad's turn to put his confidence to the test - and he wasn't
even nervous. I was.
"Now son, all you have to do is fly exactly like you did on the last
circuit - it was a good one - just remember to keep your airspeed up"
As we backtracked on runway 15, I unbuckled myself from the instructors
position in the right seat of our Cessna 150, nodded a smile to my 14 year old
son and said assuredly.. "And don't forget to pick me up after you land - I'll
be right here - you're ready - have fun!"

" ' "

. Found on the internet -
Our chief pilot sends this -
The federal government has shut down a telemarketing program using
prisoners to sell vacation packages.
(No more penitentiary trips! - eds)

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
From: James F. C. Rose - Your Cruise Expert
Our office is presently closed,
and will re-open again on Thursday, November 7.
If there is an EMERGENCY during that time, please call
Forbes Sharp at (204) 275-2864.
Emergency means only a matter of an exisitng booking that cannot wait
until our return; it does NOT mean for information or new bookings.
Otherwise, please contact me on or after November 7, 2002.
Also note that if you have not yet received Carnival cruise
tickets - Carnival is having problems with the issuing of
the tickets (new and better system). However, you do NOT
need the actual cruise tickets - just attend to the cruise
with good identification and that will be adequate. Do not
call Forber Sharp about unreceived Carnival Cruise tickets.
JAMES F. C. ROSE - YOUR Cruise Expert
information: (204) 889-3885
fax: (204) 889-3885reservations: (204) 889-3885 & (800) 414-8091

Star Alliance Employee Events
Chris has updated us regarding the information in NetLetter nr 729 re the
Jasper Snow
MARCH 9 - 14, 2003
The CAD package per person starts at $902.00 per person and includes overnight
train accommodation, meals, 4 nights hotel accommodation at the Fairmont Jasper
Park Lodge, transfers, 2 days skiing, fun race, après ski party and much more!
....I don't know what "All packages just US $1,995.00 for two persons, valid
until June 2003" means. We don't have any prices at US $1,995.00 for two
persons...the closest we have is US $1,476.00 and this is the "Jasper Premier
Package." Our program only runs through to the end of April, 2003.
The cut off date for this program is February 28, 2003 // Not December 31,
Also, retirees and active employees are welcomed to reserve space on this
package anytime throughout the coming winter season...meaning they don't have
to participate on the dates shown. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to
secure Interline package rates and information.
And lastly, the entire package can be viewed and reserved online. Participants
can reserve their package, ski and snowboard rentals, day tours...the works.
Simply go to and click on the "Star Alliance Employee Events"

Here is another deal from the Star Alliance Employee web site -
Sun Village Beach Resort, Dominican Republic is offering 3 Free Nights for
Airline Employees until 15November. Additional Nights, USD55. All Inclusive.
What a deal. Please direct your readership to Virtual Tour and
contact information once you click on the Resorts icon. - Sun Village Beach

More web sites in the Caribbean -
St. Eustatius:
Puerto Rico:
Necker Island:
Parrot Cay:

Information for travel to Antigua & Barbuda -
Same as in the US; 10-15% depending on the service. Some
restaurants  & hotels will automatically add a 10% gratuity. If in doubt, just
ask. Give
porters and bellhops 50 cents per bag, taxi drivers 10-15% of the fare.
Calling the U.S. is easy from Antigua and Barbuda. Most
hotels offer USA  Direct calling service, or can connect you with a U.S.
operator for calling  home.
Antigua & Barbuda has a US$12.00 airport departure tax, a
room tax of 8.5% and service charge of 10%.
Part of the island is 110 volts, the remainder is 220
volts. Most hotels have both voltages available.
Appropriate Attire:
Informal, but conservative. Beach attire is appropriate
for the beach but  not town, shops or restaurants. Some hotels and
restaurants stipulate  jacket and tie for men and dresses for women in the
Time Zone:
Atlantic Standard Time, one hour ahead of Eastern
Standard Time and the same as Eastern Daylight Time. GMT -4.
Official currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar which
is fixed to the US dollar. Recent exchange rate was US$1.00 = EC$2.65. US
currency,  travelers checks and major credit cards are welcome everywhere.
Passports & Immigration:
U.S. , Canadian and U.K. nationals require proof of
citizenship--a valid  passport, original or certified birth certificate. U.S.
residents and others  should contact the nearest tourist office for entry
Personal Safety:
Antigua & Barbuda are relatively crime free, but exercise
normal precautions; i.e. don't leave valuables unattended in
rental cars or on the  beach.

" ' "

. Smilie.
Steamy! During boarding, Boston's typical summertime humidity mixed with
the chilled air blowing from the Midwest Express MD-80's air-conditioning
vents. The result was clouds of mist. The captain realized that his passengers
might need reassuring. So he announced that this was all for mood, and "once
we're underway to Milwaukee the lights will dim, a mirror ball will descend
from the ceiling, and the flight attendants will do the chicken dance."

" ' "

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