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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|\| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 734 Nov 9th.,  2002. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2500+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.

The following are the date restrictions for active/retiree employee POSITIVE
space reduced rate personal travel (including ID50 & ID80).


WITHIN CANADA (waiver 72 hours)

RAPIDAIR-Monday to Friday (waiver does not apply)

Toronto-Ottawa:    0700, 0800, 1600, 1700, 1800                   
Ottawa -Toronto:  0700, 0800, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800          
Toronto-Montreal: 0630, 0700, 0800, 0900, 1500, 1600          
1700, 1800,
Montreal-Toronto: 0600, 0630, 0645, 0700, 0800, 1400          
1500, 1600, 1700,
Toronto-Winnipeg-Toronto - Daily (waiver 72 hours)         
Toronto-Winnipeg flights:  16:30 to 17:30                               
Winnipeg-Toronto flights:  11:30 to 14:30                                


Saturday and Sunday Year-Round




Saturday and Sunday Year-Round


(Australia)                    (Brazil)

(Brazil Only): 21JUN2003-12AUG2003

(China/Hong Kong/Taipei):
(Japan): 26APR2003 - 06MAY2003

Note: On all routes, all blackouts are waived within 72 hours of departure,
except for Rapidair
On all international routes, Executive (C) class bookings can only be
made within 72 hours of  departure. (Subject to change)

Employee Travel & Recognition Department - November 2002

" ' "

. Air Canada News -
Jazz announces more streamlining measures. On Nov 5th., Air Canada Jazz
announced it was continuing to streamline its operation to achieve better
efficiency within a difficult environment. The dramatic drop in short-haul
passenger traffic has necessitated the need to shrink the carrier’s flying
schedule and further reduce its work force by another nine per cent, or 391
full time equivalents – Jazz has already cut about 100 flight-attendant and 26
airport jobs. Jazz will work with its employees and unions to manage the issue
through various mitigation programs currently under discussion, and those
included in collective agreements.

Len Kruller sent this -
The first winter storm hit the Pacific coast States with full fury on
yesterday with near hurricane force winds and heavy rains, causing wide spread
damage on the ground and delays in air traffic. As part of this, Air Canada
made the news as the roof of the Air Canada Air Cargo facility at SFO airport
sustained substantial damage.
I am sure that there will be more details on this in the days ahead.

" ' "

. News from the districts -
Don Carter of Nova Scotia Pionairs sends this -
Nova Scotia Pionairs and Guests Christmas Luncheon
December 10, 2002
Place:  Ashburn Golf Club, Joseph Howe Drive, Halifax
Cost: $17.00 per Pionair/Spouse,  and $22.00 per Guest, Tax and Gratuity
Time: Cocktails 11:30 - 12:30 (Cash Bar)
Contact: Paul Nowlan at phone No. 902-864-2771, Please make cheques payable to
Air Canada Pionairs and mail to Paul at 1088 Beaver Bank Rd., Beaver Bank, NS,
Deadline to receive cheques is December 4 th., 2002.

From the London England Pionairs monthly newsletter -
Upcoming events -
20th November   Passenger Service get-together  1200 noon White Hart,
1st December            UK Pionairs Christmas Lunch, Saville Court Hotel,
Egham, 12:00 noon for 1.00 pm
2nd December            ACRA Dinner Dance at Savill Court Hotel, Egham;
7.00 pm  - 1.00 am
Members - £28, non-members
£33.  Contact Val Carmody for tickets on
13th December   Pantomime  “Cinderella” at Beck Theatre, Hayes.
£6 for members,        £8 for non-members.
Contact Val 0208-750-8125.
4th February            Theatre Trip  “Bombay Dreams”.   Details later.

Our Gang’s trip to YHZ  (that is Halifax to those whose memories have failed!)
The report of the trip was written to Ben and Ruth Benfold.

We knew that this trip was going to be a good one, as soon as we read about it
and boys (as well as girls), we were absolutely bang on!   To start at the
beginning, Ruth and I presented ourselves at the check-in desk at LHR and were
seen to immediately by a most charming and helpful girl.  When she checked and
found my service date started in 1949, she was astonished and said that she
wasn’t sure if her mother had been born at that time.  I got the distinct
impression that she was going to offer us wheelchairs!   Good luck smiled on us
from then on.  Security was over in less than five minutes, and when we ambled
into the departure lounge, we were confronted with the beaming faces of Brian
Davies and Archie Furzer, together with their delightful spouses, Pauline and
Jill.   On handing our standby boarding cards to the desk, we were immediately
given boarding cards to that most delightful of places  Up Front.   Sheer,
unadulterated joy.   The flight was first-class, literally and metaphorically.

On arrival at YHZ, some very knowledgeable soul (I forget who) booked a bus for
all of us for just $12 a head to the hotel.   The hotel was excellent and we
were fortunate enough to have a room with a beautiful view of a lake.  Moving
on to our hilarious and interesting trip in a school bus that was long past its
retirement date as far as shock absorbers were concerned, we departed from the
hotel on Wednesday at 9.30 am for Fisherman’s Cove.   This was a delightful
tourist attraction and we wandered around for an hour, visiting gift shops,
cafes etc.   We then drove to “Fairlawn Cemetery” where a section of the
grounds was allotted to 320 bodies recovered from the sea by the local
fishermen when the “Titanic” sank in that area in 1912.   Most of the bodies
were unidentifiable and so were interred with just a number and the date of
death.   The graves were very well cared for, but it really was a most somber

Our next “port of call” was Alexander Keiths Brewery.  This was a most
interesting exhibition depicting the brewery as it was when it was established
in 1820.   The staff and guides were dressed in the clothing of that period and
took us through a series of tableaux, highlighting the various stages of beer
production.   The grand finale was a free mug of the most potent beer that we
have ever tasted.

On to the evening, and we were driven in our gut-shaker to a farm where we were
loaded on to 2 wagons, each drawn by 2 enormous Shire horses, carrying 24
people each, for approximately 1 mile to a large barn for a barbeque of either
steak or salmon, along with all the trimmings.   The food was of a quality that
gourmets dream about!
At our evening meal/wagon ride, it was good to see Ken McLeod, Director of
Pionairs in Halifax, joining us.   Also Bruce Paxton, who originally worked at
Heathrow.  Some of us then ended up playing pool on the resident pool table and
we were then taken back by the wagons through the pitch dark countryside to our
bus.   So ended our second day with everyone singing in the most discordant
voices on the ride back.   The driver, to get us into the spirit of things,
took us over every pothole he could find at speed and there was a constant wail
of xxxxxxxx or something similar from the back of the bus which caused laughter
from the people in front. 

The final day saw us heading for the town of Lunenberg, a world heritage site
which was a drive  of about
90 minutes.   We stopped on the way back to see the crash site of the Swissair
flight which went down off the coast a few miles from “Peggy’s Cove” and saw
the memorial commemorating it.  Our last stop was at “Peggy’s Cove” which, with
its famous lighthouse and prehistoric boulders, was very picturesque and a
great tourist attraction.   Then back to the hotel to end a wonderful trip.

We cannot thank Jack and Aureen enough for the excellent work they put into
this and look forward in great anticipation to the trip next year!

I nearly forgot to mention the weather;  this was absolutely perfect with a
striation of a vapour trails meandering across a flawless blue sky right
throughout our trip.
"Happy recollections"

" ' "

. Found on the internet.
thinking cap on when they came up with this one. The federally
mandated luggage-screening systems must be in operation by December 31,
just in time for the busy New Year's travel period. Airport officials
are predicting security delays of up to six hours as hordes of pax try
to navigate the new systems. In most cases, they will have to check in
with the airlines first, then take their bags to the new screening
machines, then return to the ticket counter to drop off their bags and
obtain a luggage receipt. Happy Holidays!

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
From the Star Alliance employee web site -
‘Romantic Adventure & Honeymoon’ Package
Stay 7 nights in a Honeymoon Bure (please note, not Honeymoon Deluxe Suite)
including all
meals, Resort-activities (horseback riding, mountain biking, snorkeling,
kayaking & more),
transfers from /to Taveuni Airport, 10% VAT, one trip to romantic Honeymoon
Island & one trip to
the tropical Tavoro Waterfalls in Bouma National Rainforest Heritage.
‘South Seas & Island Adventure’ Package
Stay 8 nights in a Planters Bure including all meals, Resort-activities
(horseback riding, mountain
biking, snorkeling, kayaking & more), transfers from /to Taveuni Airport, 10%
VAT, one trip to the
tropical Tavoro Waterfalls in Bouma National Rainforest Heritage and a day of
island hopping
with village visit & snorkeling.
‘Exotic & Luxurious Adventure’ Package
Try our Soft Adventure Package for 7 nights in a Deluxe Bure including all
meals, all
Resort-activities (horseback riding, mountain biking, snorkeling, kayaking &
more), transfers from
/to Taveuni Airport, 10% VAT and six half or full day trips:
1st day: Arriving.
2nd day: Bouma National Heritage Rainforest, Tavoro Waterfalls & Bouma Village.

3rd day: Open Ocean Kayaking to the northern side of Taveuni and some small
4th day: 4-wheel-drive to Des Veaux Peak, Somosomo, Wairiki & international
5th day: Boat tour to Matagi, Qamea or Laucala Island with village visit &
6th day: Lavena Coastal Walk and Wainibau Waterfalls.
7th day: Widawa Rainforest Hike & Ancient Site Tour.
8th day: Departure.

‘Tropical Reef & Rainforest Adventure’ Package
Try our Adventure & Dive Package for 6 nights in a Planters Bure including 4
dive days á 2 dives
each, all meals, all Resort-activities (horseback riding, mountain biking,
snorkeling, kayaking &
more), transfers from /to Taveuni Airport, 10% VAT, three half day trips and
one full day trip.
1st day: Arriving.
2nd day: Morning 2 tank dives, after lunch trip to one of the Tavoro Falls.
3rd day: Morning 2 tank dives, after lunch kayaking to Honeymoon Island.
4th day: Morning 2 tank dives, after lunch Taveuni West Coast Tour.
5th day: Morning 2 tank dives, after lunch horseback riding or mountain biking.

6th day: Lavena Coastal Walk with village visit and Wainibau Waterfalls.
7th day: Departure.
Each of above for US$ 1,995.00 for two persons.
Additional nights: US$ 285 for two persons per night for each of above package.

Additional activities: please see our activity rate sheet.
Additional dives: US$ 65 per person for two dives per day.
Diving is with Aquaventure or the newly formed Taveuni Estate Dive.
From Deluxe or Honeymoon Bure to Honeymoon Deluxe Suite: US$ 60 per night for
From Planters Bure to Deluxe Bure or Honeynoon Bure: US$ 60 per night for two
From Planters Bure to Honeymoon Deluxe Suite: US$ 120 per night for two
Telephone: 679 888 555
Toll Free: USA: 888-FIJI NOW
Fax: 679 888 0600
Visit our website:
Click here to email.

Affordable Private Safaris
Specializing in Interliners we build the private safaris around YOU and YOUR
schedule. 20-30% discount off of our regular prices for employees, their
parents, family members and even non-interliners if traveling with interliners
and retired employees.
Contact Torben and Staff.
Tanzania Safari is HERE

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