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( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 744 Dec 13th., 2002. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2500+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.
In the information supplied to us and printed in NetLetter nr 743, the Employee
Communications erred in suggesting that your PIN number be provided to
Parents/Partners - this you should never do, nor provide the PIN to anyone
The original paragraph, under 'Important Travel Tips Always Travel Prepared '
read -

Always provide your unaccompanied Parents/Partners with your employee
number, your service date, your PIN number, in the event that they need to
re-plan their trip.

and should read -

· Always provide your unaccompanied Parents/Partners with extra travel
coupons and your employee number and service date in the event that they need
to re-plan their trip.

" ' "

. Must know.

December 13, 2002

Helping you get set for the new and improved Employee Travel Site

Sector Pricing and Billing
As of Dec.16, sector pricing and billing comes into effect. This means that you
will be billed on a per sector basis for all travel starting on or after this
date. Sector pricing, using nine levels of service charges based on mileage,
will replace the current three zone concept.*  The eligible pass holder will
now pay for each flight boarded - the longer the flight, the higher the charge.

*Sector prices start at $5.50. Maximum sector price is $25.50. The Employee
Travel Site will quote the applicable sector prices when you list for your
flights. Details of the nine levels are outlined in the Streamlining Employee
Travel document or at your local Employee Travel and Recognition, and Personnel

Sector Pricing and its advantages 
·       Sector pricing means that each flight segment travelled is assessed a
service charge. For example, if you travel one way, you will only pay for the
flight sector used and not for a round trip as you would today.
·       The new and improved Employee Travel Site will store the service charge
for each flight segment and will total your trip charges once your trip is
complete (see “Definition of a trip” text below).
·       Sector pricing makes changing travel plans easier, as you will not
require an extra ticket for a new destination  you will be charged only for
what you fly.
·       Sector pricing makes it easier to collect service charges, by greatly
reducing the manual handling of flight coupons.
·       In many instances, employee travel charges will be substantially lower
than they are today.
·       As is the case today, Parent/Partner charges will continue to be
assessed at three times the cost of the employee/retiree charge.

Definition of a trip and determining your trip charges
To correctly assess applicable taxes and trip charges, a trip has been defined
as any one of the following: 
1.      You have returned to your point of origin.
2.      30 days have elapsed since your travel began  you will be billed for
travel within this time frame.  If your entire journey exceeds 30 days, the
remaining sectors will be billed and taxed as a separate trip.
3.      You have completed eight (8) sectors of travel  you will be billed.
Should your entire journey exceed more than eight sectors, the additional
sectors will be billed as a separate trip.

The new billing process will result in timelier billing of your travel charges.
Once your flight departs, a “record” of your travel will be initiated. This
means that you will only be billed for actual travel, not intended travel.
·       Billing is initiated once the flight departs  the Departure Control
System (DCS), Air Canada’s reservation system, will generate a charge for that
segment. If you do not board the flight, you will not be charged.
·       Before you or your parent/partner travel, you will be able to determine
the cost of the trip, including taxes.
·       The actual price, after travel, may vary due to the rate of exchange or
any changes in taxes or fees.
·       For those of you who are payroll or pension-deducted, you will be able
to choose whether you want to pay by credit card or by payroll deduction.
·       Charges will be recorded on your credit card statement or on your pay
·       Information about your chosen credit card and its expiry date will be
stored within your travel profile. All information stored within this profile
has been created in People Soft and will be secure.

If you find an error on your pay stub or on your credit card statement, contact
Employee Travel & Recognition at 1-866-473-4732.

Transition Period
·       All travel on or after Dec. 16 will be billed on a per-sector basis.
·       If your trip is scheduled to begin before Dec. 16, with a return or
onward journey on or after this date, you will not be billed twice for the same
·       All travel using your 2002 allotment of passes must begin before
Jan. 1,
2003 and completed by Jan. 10, 2003.
·       The PNR you created before Dec. 16 will be converted automatically to
reflect your new travel priority for the return portion  if applicable (i.e. an
Air Canada employee travelling on JAZZ with a C2/Y10 priority as of Dec. 16).

Important:  If you plan to travel the week of Dec. 16, ensure that you make
arrangements before Fri., Dec. 13. To prepare for the new site, the ETS and
Speech Recognition applications will be unavailable from 11 p.m. Friday, Dec.
13 to 1 a.m., Monday, Dec. 16. The Employee Call Center will be available to
handle any urgent calls.

Correction to the Dec. 12 Flash: Employees and retirees should not provide
PIN number to a parent or partner. You will be held accountable for any
transactions that are made through your travel profile.

" ' "

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