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Vesta StevensonWhy not allow the NetLetter be your platform, and opportunity, to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC etal. and share your experiences with us!

Air Canada - our first 70 years
TCA - Air Canada

Air Canada tested and installed rim lighting on instruments and was the first airline to develop and install red light illumination for night vision. (No comment - eds)

1967 -  Oct - Official opening of a Sales office in Munich Germany.
Nov 1st -  Direct Montreal - Miami service commences.
Nov 2nd - The arrival of a DC-9 marks the 100th aircraft in the fleet.
Air Canada News

Air CanadaAir Canada
to launch only daily non-stop service between Montréal and Houston, Texas -
Effective November 30, 2009, Air Canada will offer the only daily non-stop year-round service to Houston, Texas, hub of future Star Alliance partner Continental Airlines. Beginning December 5, 2009, it will launch the only non-stop, seasonal service between Calgary and Hawaii. We will introduce year-round non-stop service between Montreal and Brussels, with same-plane service continuing on to/from Toronto. Flights will begin daily, subject to government approval, in time for summer peak travel on June 12, 2010 using newly refurbished  Boeing 767-300 ER aircraft offering a choice of Economy Class and Executive First service featuring 24 lay flat bed suites.
TCA/AC People Gallery
TCAOver the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier "Horizons", should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Jack Stephens has sent along this photo of the 1960 training class at YWG . The class photo of 1960, taken in the No.2 Hangar. I can name a few, perhaps other can help in this:

ywgtrainingBack row, left to right, Instructors Ross Smith and Norm Larson, next student Dale Mobberly. Front row, second from the left, Jack Stephens and fourth, Mike Devlin, the sixth is Marcel Candaele.

We graduated in 1960. It was called, The Learner Training-Basic and
General Knowledge Portion of The Trans-Canada Air Lines Training Program. I notice that two of the guys in the class went on to complete the full course in 1967, namely Mike Devlin and Marcel Candaele. With transfers to Montreal, and lay-offs to follow in 1961 and for the next few years, some who started the program, never finished.

Musings from "Between Ourselves" magazine
Issue dated November 1967

Here is a short history of the "Between Ourselves" magazine which was born May 1941, its predecessor was "Transcanews" born April 1940 until March/April 1941, and this was preceded by the  "TCA News" which started life December 1939 until March 1940. Unfortunately, there do not seem to be any issues of either the
"TCA News" or the "Trancanews" in existence.

FIVE BONNIE LASSIES from Prestwick manned the Company's stand at the Scottish Air Show held September 30, and were kept busy answering questions and giving handouts.  An estimated 35,000 spectators attended the show, first of its type ever held in Scotland.

lassiesFrom the left Gael Gray, Passenger Agent; and Ground Hostesses Russ Gardiner, Ellys McLaren, Barbara Watson, and Rosalind Robson.

How's this for an excited winner?

karenKaren Ogilvie
, Passenger Agent whoops in delight on receiving her prize from Elwood Patton, Airport Passenger Office Manager as a result of the sweepstakes for Los Angeles.

From issued dated December 1967

Not exactly a fly-by-wire operation for this Vanguard.

vanguardThe photo taken by Gerald Evans of Toronto. The event was shot from the Skyport Hangar as the aircraft was on final approach.

ALL ARRANGEMENTS for the third annual Atlantic Ball  were made by these committee members.

atlanticFrom left to right, they are: Passenger Agents Wayne Turner, Joan Gunn and Ken Grant; Janice Turnbull, Stenographer in the District Sales Office; and Passenger Agents Rod McAdam and Mary Lamb.

miamiMEMBERS OF THE CREW of the first direct Montreal-Miami flight Nov. 1 are shown with Sales Manager George Kennedy, third from left, and Cec McDonald, District Manager, seventh from left, follow ing their arrival in Miami. From the left: Stewardesses Verena Degen, Tatjana Misik, Peggy Boyd andArgentine Paulin; Captain E. Bowser; Captain H. Hayes; Stewardesses Danielle Lussier and Margit Kabler; Purser Ray Dugas; and Stewardess Alice Teboul.

AN OFFICIAL WELCOME greeted the first scheduled DC-8-61 flight into Montego Bay October 29, heralding the start of service between Montreal, Toronto and Montego Bay, Kingston. Shown with the flight crew and some of the cabin staff is Montego Bay's Mayor Cecil Donaldson.

montegoFlight crew were Captain L. Greenlaw, and F/O's R. E. Thompson and E. F. Dow, while Stewardesses C. Givague, B. Helme, M. Lightfoot, N. Van den Hogen, E. Murdoch and G. Magnus, headed by Purser B. Wheaton looked after the cabin. (There was no indication of the order these people were - eds)

GERMAN MEETING - The District Passenger/Freight Sales Meeting was held in Tegernsee-Sud near Munich, Germany, and representatives from throughout Germany attended.

germanyShown in descending order are: H. H. Kantor, District Manager; W. von Paumgartten, Sales Manager, Munich; W. W. Ulshoefer, Passenger Sales Manager; A. F. Drechsel, Cargo Sales Manager; H. G. Ellrodt, Sales Manager, Stuttgart; D. Haltmayer, Cargo Sales Representative, Dusseldorf; J. W. Hoffmonn, Sales Manager, Hanover; Sales Representatives H. Horchler and W. 0. Witte, of Frankfurt, and K. Thieme of Dusseldorf; and Sales Managers W. C. Pugge of Dusseldorf and E. Helmcke of Hamburg.
Star Alliance news

Star AllianceContinental Airlines has announced that it plans to join Star Alliance on Oct. 27, 2009. As previously announced, Continental will end its participation in SkyTeam after its last scheduled flight on Oct. 24, 2009.

Canada Lends SAS Money To Buy Bombardier Planes
The Canadian government has come up with a creative way of ensuring the orders keep flowing into Montreal-based Bombardier. It's helping to finance the purchases for Bombardier's customers. Last week the government was writing a check to Scandinavian Airlines SAS for $173 million CAD toward the cost (up to $350 million total) of eight aircraft from Bombardier. If SAS defaults on the loan, Canadian taxpayers will be on the hook. "[Export Development Canada] is providing repayable loans to ensure the aircraft production sector remains strong during this economic downturn".
The aircraft in question, a mix of Q400 turboprops and CRJ 900 regionals, were part of a deal struck between Bombardier and SAS last year after a series of landing-gear collapses prompted SAS to temporarily ground its fleet of Q400s. Although the gear collapses were determined not to be related to design or manufacturing faults.
Alan's Space
Alan Rust
I'm away!
Today's my birthday! (I'm 59) and my wifes too! (She doesn't reveal her age). I'm away visiting my family in Ontario but (presently) in Greensburg, PA at a library (near where my wife's family lives).
It's a bit difficult to edit this as I have a slow connection, but will return next week.
Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People
Canadian AirwaysOver the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier in-house magazines, should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

bathroomThe November/December 2000 issue of "canadian flyer" was the final edition.

fliersHere we have this photo of the "Canadian Flyer" team. + The Canadian Flyer team (front row left to right): Sandra Semple, Writer; Andrew Geider, Archivist; Ann Cavanaugh, Writer; Ingrid Schiavetta, Layout & Production; Denise Bennett, Graphic Designer; and Carey Scott, Publications & Design. Back row: Heidi Anderson, Administrative Assistant; Katherine Aerts, Manager Language Services; Marlene GaaI, Layout & Production; Garry Bridgewater, Editor;Johan Favreau, Senior Translator/Revisor; Lance Goshko, Writer; and Margot Thomson, Coordinator, Language Services

CPlus staff met to swap stories and bid farewell.

cplusHere is the gathering. (Unfortunately, we do not have any id's - eds)

From the "CP Air NEWS" magazine issued January 1979.
EXHORTING ALL KINDS of enthusiasm in their new jobs is this group of new staffers at Acapulco, where CP Air resumed scheduled service from Toronto and Montreal on a winter basis on Dec. 15. Service to Acapulco had been suspended for about two years following a labor dispute.

acapulcoStanding at back in photo are: Armando Zuniga, manager.Acapulco; and Mexico manager Bill Cameron. Second row, from left, Virginia Val de Olivar, Rosario Sotello de Navarro, Maria Eugenia Moreno, Emma Sanchez Navarette, Laura Navarro, Nicanor Pedroza, Miguel Araujo, Ramon Reyes, Raoul Martinez, Eduardo Garza Ramos. Front, from left, Martha Pelaez, Priscille LeBlanc, John Van der Flaes, Elisabet Breton do Salas.

Champagne service was featured between Terrace BC and Vancouver on January 15th in celebration of 10 years of B737 service on that route.The first flight crew consisted of Capt. W.Wainwright, F/O R.Bowell and flight attendants C.Wozney, S.Richie and I. Gottinger.
Help Wanted.

Does anyone have any pictures of the male Passenger Agents uniform. A mustard color jacket with green pants?? We were still in Terminal 1. Late sixties to early seventies.
Regards, John Cannemeyer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Readers Feedback

Jack Stephens sends along these three photos he received from Dave Peters regarding the restoration of CF-THG Viscount at Sidney BC.


Terry's Trivia & Travel Tips
Terry BakerTerry's Travel Tips
Venture the Serengeti of North America from Whitehorse Yukon to Vancouver, or discover the vastness of Canada from Halifax to Vancouver:

Halifax to Vancouver - includes 7000kms / 17 nights - $299.00!
Toronto to Vancouver - includes 5500kms / 14 nights - $299.00!
Whitehorse to Vancouver - includes 3000kms / 8 nights - $299.00!

Unit types: Vary.
Validity: to September 30, 2009.
Inclusions: Basic Insurance, Preparation Fees, Kits (all supplies).
Taxes not included.

Airport Improvement Fees, added to tickets -
At YYZ The AIF for departing passengers is ca$25 and the fee for connecting passengers is ca$8.
At YYC The Airport Improvement Fee at Calgary International Airport is ca$21 - All Destinations
The fee does not apply to passengers connecting through Calgary
At YUL Montreal's airport, where airport improvement fees are ca$20.
At YVR Vancouver's airport charges a $15 fee for most passengers.
At YEG Edmonton AIF is ca$15
At YOW Ottawa AIF is ca$15
At YWG - Winnipeg AIF  ca$20 per tri..
At YKA - Kamloops AIF is ca$10.00
At YHZ - Halifax AIF is ca$15.00

And finally, a little fun with IATA Airport Codes:

1.       DIK - Dickinson Airport, USA
2.       NOB - Nosara Beach Airport, Costa Rica
3.       KOK - Kokkola/Pietarsaari Kruunupyy Airport, Finland
4.       BOG - Bogot� Airport, Columbia
5.       BUM - Butler Airport, USA
6.       PEE - Perm Airport, Russia
7.       POO - Pocos De Caldas Airport, Brazil
8.       SEX - Sembach Airport, Germany
9.       EAT - Wenatchee Airport, USA
10.     FAT - Fresno Yosemite Airport, USA
11.     CAT - Cat Island Airport, Bahamas
12.     DOG - Dongola Airport, Qatar
13.     DOH - Doha Airport, Qatar


SmileyFrom "The Sky's The Limit" by Bob Todd published in
"Between Ourselves" issue dated December 1967
Ladies and gentlemen, your extra-section is now boarding.

For your information
There will only be one bar
Boo! . .
the length of the aircraft
There will be two stops enroute
to re-stock the bar.
Only one drink will be allowed
at a time
There will only be one stewardess
per person
Revenue passengers will be boarded
only after all the Contingent standbys
Unfortunately, due to weather, this flight has now been cancelled.

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