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Vesta StevensonWhy not allow the NetLetter be your platform, and opportunity, to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC etal. and share your experiences with us!

On Wednesday, Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil, spoke about his upcoming trip to the International Space Station, which he calls "the first social
and artistic mission in space." Via webcast from Star City in Russia, where he has been in training for the mission, Laliberte offered details of his plan for a global artistic multimedia event on October 9, which will comprise live performances in 14 cities from Montreal to Moscow, a web broadcast from space, and guest artists including U2, Peter Gabriel, Shakira, and many more. The event will focus on the global need for water, which Lalibert is promoting via his One Drop Foundation.

Click this link for more info and to here the audio messages.

Tiger MothHoward Cook, a British pilot visiting Vintage Wings of Canada in
Gatineau, Quebec, is in the hospital recovering from injuries suffered in the crash of the collection's Tiger Moth recently. Vintage Wings volunteer pilot Dave Hadfield spoke with  Russ Niles about the accident, Cook's condition, and the organization's response to the mishap.

Click on this link for more info and photos and an audio link here.
Air Canada - our first 70 years
TCA - Air Canada

1945 - Aug 7th - Authorization received to carry local passengers between YYJ and YVR on present trans-continental flights. Permission is not granted for the carriage of passengers locally between these two points.

Sep 22nd -
Delivery of the first DC-3 aircraft into the fleet.

Nov -
The new reservation system "Sale and Record" was implemented system-wide after successful testing in the YVR-YYJ and Edmonton - Lethbridge sectors.

1946 - Feb 1st   -
Inauguration of the fourth daily flight between YWG and YVR.

1967 - Sep 13th -
First of seven Douglas DC-8-61 aircraft delivered at YUL. fin #860 was commanded by Capt. Al Ross co-pilot Capt. Bert Palmer.. 
TCA/AC People Gallery
TCAOver the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier "Horizons", should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Musings from earlier "Between Ourselves" magazines -
Issue dated October 1967

agentsHere we have 6 passenger agents at Toronto ready for the California style BBQ. From the left are: Elizabeth Vehkavaara, Kay Napolitano, Anna Di Vito, Plo Anastasoff, Barbara Berger and Maureen Syer.

We continue to scan through some old editions of "Between Ourselves" We trust that you will find these articles interesting.
(We realize these photos are more than 60 years old, but, we feel they may be of interest to anyone with long memories or with genealogy aspirations - eds)

Musings from the "Between Ourselves" magazines
Issue dated September 1945

radarT.C.A. lost no time in exploring the peaceful uses of the RADAR developed during WWII. At the Winnipeg headquarters at Stevenson Field, such an installation was erected and is being operated in conjunction with the National Research Council.

stevensHere is a photo of S.S.Stevens operating the cathode radar screen.

Issue dated November 1945

dc3On September 22nd TCA took delivery of the first DC-3 aircraft CF-TDJ at Canadair's Cartierville Airport in Montreal.

ribbonHere we have the ribbon cutting ceremony by Stewardess Mary Atkin with, on the left, F/O R.B.McWilliam and Capt. R.E.McGregor.

trafficThe annual Traffic Managers assembled September 17-19th in Winnipeg.In the photograph, left to right, back row: Herb Harling (Winnipeg), Harp McNeill (New York), D'Arcy McLeod (Edmonton), Gord Wilson (Montreal), Wally Courtney (Toronto), Jack Robinson (Vancouver), Gordon Wood (Assistant Traffic Manager), Ted Deynan (Field Asst. to Traffic Manager) and Tom Moore (Calgary). Front Row: Jack MacLean (Regina), Gerry Gray (Moncton), Stew Sime (Halifax), Vic Fulcher (Assistant to Traffic Manager), W. F. English (Vice-President), Jack Dalby (Traffic Manager), Reg Campbell (Ottawa) and Stan Blowes (Windsor).

Issue dated March 1946

plaqueOn February 1st, the fourth daily flight from Winnipeg to the Pacific Coast.
Here is the plaque issued to celebrate the event. and should be hanging in the Winnipeg passenger waiting room. The flight linked Winnipeg, Regina, Lethbridge and Vancouver. Flight crew was Stewardesses Irene Sheehan, Roberta  Jones,.Capt. G.S.Procter, F/O J. Alexander.

yvrtrafficHere is a photo of the Vancouver Traffic staff: Standing left to right; Isobel Targeon, Phyllis Smith, Beverly Robertson, Marjorie Barrett, Mary Lafferty, Audrey Delong, Florence Wilkie, Dorothy Labey, Stella Kozak, .Mavis Parker and Mabel Conrad. Sitting, left to right; Hugh Burgoyne, Bill Dickinson, Jack Robinson, Graeme Gibson, Jack Graham, and Jack Jackman. Missing; Helen Atkinson

The nylons are back!

nylonsHere are four Stewardesses who lost no time is getting their legs into them. Monica Gillis, Eileen Howard, Helen Saisbury and Betty Hemingson. Oh yes, you may have noticed the lads loading cargo consisting of nylons

monctonFarewell party held for George Pytlik at the Queen Hotel in Moncton. Back row, left to right: Frank Sayer, Emile Patrault, George Pytlik, Phil Muncaster, Aust McMahon, Hec McKenzie, Fern McGeachen, Jack Dahlgren, Jack Geal, Harry Carlson, Stu Rogers, Albert Johnson, Walt Hines, Clarie LeBlanc, Jack McDougall, Frank Burgess, Bert Wilson and Jim McCallum,. Seated, left to right: Al Brown, Al Lewis,  Bob Pollock, Arv Sestrap, Tammy Johnson, Bob Smeed, C. Keating, Norm Ramsay, J. Hardman, Bill Eastveld, Bill Weldon, Derrick Bone, Joe Sagal, Jack Downey, Wally Kent, Ab Freeman and Ros Heald.
This n That.

artJet2 a UK LCC operator has installed wall art to the toilets on board the Boeing 737 and 757.This is to give the passenger "Something to smile about while going about their business".

celebrates their 40th anniversary. It was on May 29th 1969 when the French and German governments signed a contract for the joint development of the A300 aircraft of which 822 A300/A310 have been manufactured.

Global Airline Alliances.

Star Alliance has 21 members plus 3 regionals with 4 planning to join.
One World has 10 members plus 2 to join. Skyteam has 9 members with 1 to join and 2 associates with another to join.

Airline start-ups during 2008  world-wide was - 52
Airline failures during 2008 world-wide was - 60
Airliners stored at December 2008 -3,002

Exclusive video: Avro Lancaster Bomber Tour.
With only two left flying, the Avro Lancaster is among the rarest
of the WWII war planes. Check this web site for a tour of the one which appeared at the recent EAA AirVenture meet at Oshkosh.
Alan's Space
Alan Rust
On Sunday, 18 puppies had the ride of their lives.

Tod Peavy, a Gainesville pilot, flew the pups from Athens to Lynchburg, Va., where another pilot, Steve Hall, flew them to Bridgeport, Conn., for a huge adoption event this weekend. The dogs were initially rescued from the "kill lists" of Georgia animal shelters by Colbert Veterinary Rescue Services in Colbert.

"I'm just a cog in the wheel for all this, but it's great to know 18 dogs aren't going to be put down," Peavy said. "It doesn't just affect the dogs' lives but everyone who is a part of the process and the adoption families. It's much bigger than just rescuing dogs; it makes families whole and happy, which is neat and humbling."

Pilots and PawsPeavy and Hall are a part of the group Pilots N Paws, which helps to deliver dogs and cats in danger of extermination to adoption shelters across the country.

"Our group gets e-mails daily from people who need help, so you have to pick the missions that suit you," Peavy said. "It costs a great deal of money, and the economy has made things tighter, but it's a worthy investment. I wish I could do one every day."

Colbert Veterinary Rescue Services, which has helped Connecticut's Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals since December, will send a caravan of about 250 more dogs to North Haven, Conn., for the adoption event this weekend.

"The dogs are from Anderson, S.C., Madison, Ga., and surrounding counties. They would have been euthanized if we had not stepped in," said Gloria Andrews, the coordinator of rescue services who placed the dogs in foster homes until they could be transported. "Tod and Steve called me when the pups touched down in Bridgeport. It makes a terrific difference with our remaining work this weekend."

The "super adoption" will be the largest animal adoption event in the state of Connecticut with more than 400 dogs and cats available to good homes. The animals already have rabies shots, distemper combo, heartworm testing, deworming, a microchip and are spayed or neutered.

The dogs and puppies go for $325, cats for $99 and kittens for $195.

The 18 puppies transported from Athens will be fostered until the "Shelter Dogs Rock" event at PetSmart in North Haven, Conn. Several of the animals available for adoption are featured on the Connecticut SPCA site at

"Pilots N Paws usually do trips like these when we go on vacation or a business trip, but this was urgent because these dogs were going to be killed," Peavy said. "For four hours of being uncomfortable, they certainly got a new leash on life. I tell people to just go consider a dog. I certainly came home after the trip and loved on mine."

Pilots N Paws

Click on image for larger view
Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People
Canadian AirwaysOver the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier in-house magazines, should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

From "INFO:CARGO" magazine
Issue dated November 1991

fulvioLong time cargo employee recognized.
We have this photo of Fulvio Saudelli of Rome Italy accepting a plaque from left to right -Steve Taggart YYZ, Fulvio and Paul Norris LON to commemorate Fulvio joining Canadian Airlines International in October 1966.

iqaluitNorthern Division GAD winners at Iqaluit Cargo are, from left to right -Bruce Borton, Brian Simpson and Charlie Beharrysingh.

Issue dated March 1992

repsOn Time Performance cargo field reps -Left to right - Gary Ausmus YYC, Sheldon McGillawee YEG/YXD, Jack Condon, YWG; Derrick Monk YOW, Patrick Boivan YUL,  Jon Shaw, YYC, Lyle Duncan, YVR Wayne Beard YYZ and Frank Arsenault, YHZ/YHT,

lhrA working lunch at Cargo's Heathrow (LHR) - (yes right!! - eds)!
Left to right - Marvin Fidler FRA, Mark Bright LHR, Paul Allen LGW,
Fulvio Saudelli ROM and Paul Norris LGW.

bangkokDuring a visit in the Orient, Canadian Air Cargo employees took time out to host a thank-you awards dinner to cargo agents in Bangkok.
From left Voranij Anakevieng, BKK; TIm Walker, BKK; John Gibson, YVR; Al Rldgway, YVR; Nataiie Linton, YYC,  Frank Esposito, YYZ; and Matt Summers, YVR.

Readers Feedback

cailVern Swerdfeger sent us this photo.

Fred Coyle
passed on this message he received regarding the fate of Super Constellation CF-TGE fin 405. It was Saturday, 9 July 2005, when I began the task of bringing this airplane to the Museum.  Since that memorable day, I've worked pretty near full-time on this project. From bone-shilling cold weeks in frigid Toronto to wrestling with lawyers and bureaucrats and busted budgets, there were more than a few occasions when I went to sleep wondering if this would ever actually happen.  But - it did - a lot of minor miracles, and some big ones along the way - to arrive at this exact time and place -- 50 months and we're finally

cftge"Safe at Home!".

The photo story of the airplane's arrival at the Museum can be found here:
The last of the trip story can be found here:
The airplane will be reassembled over the next 10 days, and I will provide web photo coverage of that as well.

Barbara Mugridge sends this information regarding the Go AC offer.
I have just found out that this program is not available to all retirees.  Apparently, according to the employee website, my Profile
does not meet the criteria as I retired with a "package" which does not include this latest option. Perhaps others have discovered this too.
Tkx  Barbara Mugridge

The NetLetter asked Barbara what the criteria was, and she replied
I don't know ..... Seems I just don't meet the requirements because the severance package I had (15 yrs ago) does not allow me to take advantage of this Go AC offer. This is what I was told when I phoned the Employee phone line. He could offer no further explanation. (I spoke to someone at 1 866 473 4732 - very nice and polite.) Go AC says "retirees" it doesn't say there are restrictions or exceptions for certain retirees. Rgds Barbara (The NetLetter gang placed this query in the forum on in the hopes of a resolution - eds)

In NetLetter nr 1085 we printed an appeal from Alastair Thompson trying to locate Gael Gray - we have this follow up for you -
Here is the original request that we printed -Hello, my name is Alastair Thomson retired IFS manager YYZ, in this issue you published (NetLetter nr 1083) a photograph of "Bonnie lasses of Prestwick", at that very time I too was a passenger agent at PIK.

The reason for my inquiry is to try to find the whereabouts of Gael Gray who is in the photograph, she and I were very good friends and when our daughter was born she left a beautiful teddy bear on the office counter for me to pick up, incidentally the bear nearly ended up on a BA flight to JFK due to a misunderstanding but all ended well, my daughter 41 years later still has the teddy bear and if I could find an email address for Gael I would love to send her a photograph of
"Wendy" (teddybear) as she appears today. I realize this is a strange request but perhaps you might know who supplied the photograph.
Thanking you in anticipation
Alastair Thomson
We, at the NetLetter, sent a request to our contact in Scotland, and here is the response from Gordie Aitchison -I remember both Gael and Al well and will attempt to find her. We had a reunion in 1993 of all those who had served at Prestwick during the previous 50 years and I know we managed to find Gael at that time although I can't recall that she attended the event. Three retirees including myself were given the job of trying to locate as many of the old hands as possible and we worked out of the cargo office for 3 morning a week at the job and I do recall that Gael actually came into the cargo office to see us at that time.
I do know that I was not involved personally in locating her and I suspect that it was Johnnie Johnston who probably did so and although he is still alive, I would doubt with his present health problems that he would even remember her. Leave it with me meantime and I will see what I can do. Gael married one of our sales staff who died very young and left her a widow and I am not sure if she still goes under her maiden name of Gray or her married name and I really have to get the answer to that first.
Best wishes,
Later we received this email at the NetLetter from Alistair -I just received an email for Gordie (PIK) telling me he had located Gael, she has lived in Holland for the past 9 years, she is in the U.S. at present and plans to visit Canada within the next few days, unfortunately we will be away till next week but Gordie gave me her email address so I will be in touch with her.
Thank you for all your help in this matter.
Very best wishes

wendyWe asked Alistair if we could have a copy of the photograph, and here you are -with these comments - This is Wendy in all her majestic glory after 41 years  I left my daughter's comment on below.
Here's the pic of my beloved bear - you can tell Gael that every morning she still sits on my bed after it's made!
( A happy ending - eds)

Terry's Trivia & Travel Tips
Terry BakerRyanair announced an increase in its baggage fees effective Oct. 1 on the heels of a 20% drop in the average fare this year to euro32 ($45.70). It also will allow passengers to check a second bag. Each of the two bags will have a 15-kg. limit. The first will cost euro/gbp30 if checked in at the airport or euro/gbp15 on the Internet and the second will cost euro/gbp70
at the airport or euro/gbp35 online. Sports equipment will cost euro/gbp50 at the airport and euro/gbp40 online and excess luggage will cost euro/gbp20 per kg. The airline said that more than 70% of its passengers currently travel with just one carry-on bag.

Here is the third segment of a tour of north and southern Ireland as a package tour with Trafalgar coach lines - here is the first segment -
May 2nd thru May 13th., 2009

Wednesday May 6th
After breakfast, we had Carolyn a local guide on the coach for a morning tour of Londonderry and the surrounding Inishowen Peninsula, including the "Grianan Aileach" a stone fort which was the royal seat of the O'Neill clan and to Malin Head, the most northern tip of Ireland. Carolyn was an excellent tour guide, and related some of
her own experiences from the "troubles" as a teenager and young mother living in Londonderry.
One story about a father who worked in the kitchens of the nearby army camp and who was kidnapped and forced to drive a van with explosives into a border post under the threat of causing harm to his family if he refused. Another story of Carolyn's sister-in-law
who was boarding a visiting student from Spain who was killed during an IRA bomb which had been placed in an area to which the police had marshaled the public after a coded message had been received stating that the City Hall, where a large gathering was being held,
had a bomb in place. Carolyn also related the story that, one evening, her house was invaded by two armed men who wanted to set up an ambush. The men were later captured without
incident, but she and her husband were interrogated as suspects in harboring terrorists. On a lighter side, as a teenager, she and her teenage girlfriends, on a Saturday night, would discus what they would wear to the riot, instead of what to wear to the local dance.
Londonderry aka Derry, was on the border, and gasoline was very cheap in the Republic, so there were quite a number of gas stations right at the border to service those from Northern Ireland with cheap gas. Now that the "troubles" are over, many of the stations have been abandoned.
We had lunch there, a sandwich euro2.69 (ca$4.30) and tea at euro1.32 (ca$2.10) - our cheapest cuppa.
In the afternoon, another local guide walked us around Derry, especially along the old wall which surrounds the city. Our hotel was the Everglades
Supper we had in the hotel bar - fish and chips at euro18.00 (ca$33.07). Luggage outside the room in the morning as usual.

Thursday May 7th
Off at 09:00 under cloudy skies and with a blustery wind which turned to gale force later. Enroute to Sligo via Strabane and Omagh.
We visited the Ulster-American Folk Park for 3 hours, we found the park very interesting and visited the various old houses which had local ladies dressed in period costumes. We spent time chatting to one lady in one of the cottages, the chemist, and spoke with
the blacksmith. Inside the museum, we found the layout quite confusing. Instead of a lifeline of events, the layout  had various areas under different titles, but we did get a sense of the hardships suffered by the early immigrants on the sailing ships to the New World during the potato famine.
Conditions greatly improved with the introduction of steam driven vessels as the time at sea was reduced. During the arrival in the New World, every immigrant was subjected to a visual medical inspection, and their papers and possessions marked accordingly. The most feared symbol was the X within a circle which denoted "mental", and was grounds for refusal into the country. Ironically, the famine was caused, in part, by the exportation of produce. During a recent visit to Pier 21 in Halifax during another cruise, we were shown the corridor the immigrants walked along after getting off the vessel and a small window through which a doctor was viewing each new arrival to discern if they were sick or ill or challenged in any way thus denying them status and they were returned to their country of origin.
After we had lunch in the Restaurant at the Park, we traveled to our next stop which was the Belleek Pottery factory, where we had a conducted tour through the factory and observed the hand making process of various items which culminated with Dawn being
selected to smash a large vase which had been rejected by the inspectors under quality control. We were lucky to have the guided tour as a replacement for a tour planned at the Waterford Crystal factory.
Leaving the factory, we proceeded towards Sligo, and had a short stop at the church where the grave of  Yates the poet was located.       
During our tour, we have passed many herds of sheep with their lambs grazing in the wild countryside. Bernard, our guide, told us that after shearing, the fleece is discarded as there is no market for them, but the lambs are the chief export. On approach to Sligo, the vacation home of the Mountbatten's was pointed out. The Mountbatten's would visit each year and, in 1972, their fishing boat was blown up by the IRA killing Louis Mountbatten and some friends. Mountbatten was Prince Charles uncle and mentor, and he was quite devastated. We were staying at the Radisson SAS hotel instead of the hotel at Castlebar, this was due to a convention in Castlebar . At the Radisson SAS, there were several groups of students celebrating their graduations amid great excitement - we wonder what the future holds for them. One feature in the hotel room was the ironing trouser press combo with iron attached and which slides out of the cupboard and lifted up easily - a lot easier than struggling with the
conventional ironing board.
(More another time - eds)

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