YVR Rocket

Brian Colgan sent us this url which has information of early days at YVR showing TCA aircraft. Follow this link for more information. Information regarding the "Rocket" which used to be at the entrance to YVR was the subject in NetLetter nr 1006 issued January 19th, 2008.

Tony Walsh sends us this information -
Go to page 32 of the Canadian Aviation Nov – Dec edition in this link to see my FaceBook friend and CWH Lanc’s Ground Crew member – Lisa Sharp’s nice article on the meaning of her visit to Middleton St. George reunion - 2014 the site of the Mynarski Memorial Statue and the MSG RCAF 6-Groups Lancaster Bomber base for her Granddad’s 419 and my Dad’s 428 and 420 Lanc Squadrons.  This includes a bit about the return from Germany of a piece of a crashed MSG based Lanc and one of its survivors. There is also a short following item on the 2-lanc tour. See: www.canadianaviator.com/nov-dec-2014/html5/

Betty Draper has sent us this article dated March 1939 -
Familiarization flights for "students" in the air hostess school being conducted in Winnipeg by Trans-Canada Air Lines began Wednesday when eight of the hostesses boarded a TCA plane bound for Toronto. They were under the supervision of Miss Lucille Garner, chief stewardess.

On Saturday, a similar flight over the western leg of the route had taken place when eight more of the hostesses in charge of Miss Pat Eccleston, a former Vancouver girl who is assisting at the school, flew from Winnipeg through Regina and Lethbridge, to Vancouver and returned east on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon another group of eight, in charge of Lucille Garner, former Regina girl, arrived a few hours late after their ship was held at Lethbridge because of uncertain weather. They will leave Vancouver Monday night. These girls have already made the trip between Winnipeg and Montreal.

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