My name is Marcel Dube Air Canada retiree. When reading NetLetter Issue 1210 June 25 2012, I notice the gentleman punching holes from Winnipeg is Lloyd Smith.

tmb lloyd smith He came to Montreal around the 70's to complete his time before retiring due to the Winnipeg base closure. I remember well, we were partners on DC-8 overhaul. I include also some pictures of fin 724 the DC-9 destroyed by fire in hangar on June 2nd 1982.

tmb felix bachmantmb dc 9 wing repairs

A photo of myself, on the left, and Felix Bachman on the right replacing a five feet wing section on a DC-9 wing cut by a snow blower blade on the taxiway in Dorval.

The bottom photo is of our group discussing how to make the repairs. In the picture, the third man from the left is lead mechanic Jos Kurdna and the other is Guy Collin the foreman.

I retired on 2001 after 32 years as mechanic and foreman at Dorval Base .

Marcel Dube.

We received this request from Virginia Turner

We recently saw your web site and wonder if you may recall Ross Peyton of Peyton Lodge-Pangnirtung and then NWT, now known as Nunavut and owner of Peyton Lodge at Clearwater Fjord. I am writing to also inquire about brochures printed by Nordair about fishing arctic char in Clearwater Fjord.

(If anyone has any brochures perhaps you can contact Virginia e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - eds)

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