Robert Arnold shares this information -
I thought I would respond to the brief article in Netletter 1310 about the ground equipment with a few photos.

Here is a piece of equipment that sat around the Winnipeg airport unused for many years. I took the photo in April 1988 and it has long since disappeared from the airport property. The equipment does appear to have bits missing but basically it was complete. I would imagine it was used as a mobile unit since TCA had a proper engine test-cell facility for the North Star's Merlin engines. I also included a photo of a more modern unit that is used by Perimeter Airlines for their Metroliner engines which I took quite recently.

Another photo is of a portable baggage conveyor that I believe was used by TCA here in Winnipeg on the North Stars and then later the Viscounts. As you can see it now has former TransAir titles. I would imagine it was probably used on their one and only Viscount, CF-TGI along with the DC-4's they had in service at the time. If anyone knows for sure please let me know through the NetLetter.

Well that's about it for now.

(Can anyone add to this information - eds)

thumb transair baggage unit thumb mobile unit
thumb engine stand

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