Lilian Fleming (RIP)

Lilian Fleming

It is with great sadness that I wanted to let you know about the death of my mother Lilian Fleming. My Mom retired from Canadian Airlines in 1993 after 16 years as a "re-tread" flight attendant. (My father Earle, a CP Air pilot, passed away last June).


We are holding a Celebration of Life for Mom on Sunday, May 3, 2015 between noon and 4 PM and wanted to invite any of her old colleagues. The address is: 4446 Dawn Dr. in Ladner. Contact phone number is myself at 604-512-2580.


If you could disseminate this info to the group it would be greatly appreciated. You can read the full (interesting) obituary of Lilian by clicking here.

(The NetLetter staff are very sorry to hear of your loss)

Brian Walsh sends this information
You had a story from Info Canadian (1990) in NetLetter no. 1314, The quote: "In this photo, Kathy Mullen, payload control manager, regional, Vancouver and Dominic lannitti, lead station attendant, ... unquote. Dominic was not a lead station attendant. Station attendants worked on the ramp. Dominic was a Lead Customer Service Agent. Cheers... Brian Walsh
(The NetLetter rechecked the magazine and the information in the magazine indicates Dominic as a Station Attendant. - eds) 

An extract from The Leader-Post dated January 5th, 1939 sent in by Betty Draper -
The oddest New Year observations of all probably came aboard a TCA plane flying westward from Winnipeg December 31st, 1938. The pilot was Jack Barclay, and passengers were inspectors J.R.Robertson and W.S.Lawson. At midnight, Central Standard time, pilot Barclay stuck his head into the passenger cabin and whooped "Yippee!". The two inspectors responded "Yippee! Happy New Year." That was over Portage La Prairie, Man. An hour later, somewhere near Moosomin, at midnight, Mountain Standard time, Pilot Barclay's head reappeared. "Yippee! Happy New Year again." he whooped. "Happy New Year." whooped the inspectors. They landed at Regina about 12:25 a.m. New Years day. They had marked 1939's arrival twice, and neither of them at home, where they had hoped to be.

Jack Morath has sent us this url about the Lancaster in the UK -
This is just the trailer - will be fantastic when the full documentary is released later in the year.



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