Robert Arnold has sent us this information -

thumb viscount modelThis is a 1/24 scale Viscount Cutaway model of CF-TGI. It was made by the Westway Company located in the UK which made professionally built models for the airline industry. The wingspan is 47 inches long and the fuselage is 40 inches long. The base alone is about 17 by 10 by 12 inches high and weighs about 30 pounds.

What makes this model so unique is that it is a "White Top" version. Most Viscount models of this size that were made for TCA, emulated the earlier 40 passenger, 1954 bare metal version of CF-TGI. The seating configuration of this model has also been changed to reflect the new 44 seat layout with a more modern selection of fabric colours. Based on the history of the "White Top" and the "44 seat configuration", I would put this model as being made sometime in early 1957.

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