Bob MacCallum refers to NetLetter nr 1315 -

In regard to the comments from Tony Walsh in regard to Type II fluids. This product was phased out many years ago and is now Dow UCAR Type IV fluid used as Anti ice fluid after De-icing with Type I fluids. - Bob MacCallum

Karin Fulcher has sent us this family bio -

thumb barn stormersA few weeks ago you did a great article about a flying family and I wrote saying that the "boys" in my family comprise 3 generations of aviators also. 
My father in law Victor Henry Fulcher learned to fly in the 1930's and for a while gave "barnstorming" rides to paying passengers along with his friend and business partner Rene Giguere. Here they are pictured at Winnipeg in 1938.

vic henry fulcher 200x262This scanned page from The Gazette, a Montreal newspaperdated December 17th, 1948 annouces Vic Fulcher's promotion to director of traffic procedure. Vic had joined TCA in 1938 working in Traffic Management, v h fuulcher 200when it was first organized, as secretary to the general traffic manager and later as office manager, until 1944 , when he was named assistant to the general traffic manager. In 1947 he was made general supervisor of methods. Vic stayed with TCA/Air Canada in management positions until 1963 when he retired from Air Canada.



thumb bob fulcherMy husband Bob learned to fly in the late 50's - loading baggage on the ramp in Montreal with Air Canada to pay for flying lessons at Cartierville Airport.

Bob went on to fly in Northern Quebec, Labrador and Greenland before joining Canadian Pacific Airlines in 1962. Bob was a line pilot and management pilot for many years finally retiring from the Boeing 747 in late 1996 after he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He died in April 2006.


thumb will fulcher with ultraliteOur son William learned to fly before he was 14 - first on ultralights - soloing on his 14th birthday. This photo shows William with his instructor Todd Fleury.

Then he went on to Cessna’s at the Boundary Bay Flying Club where he soloed on his 16th birthday - making him, for a brief period, "the youngest pilot in Canada" !! He is now a training captain with Sky Regional, flying the Embraer 175 out of Toronto International Airport.

thumb will fulcher

He is married to his high school sweetheart Cheryl, an IFR controller at Pearson, and they have two boys Mason 6, and Remy 1, and live in Caledon. I wonder whether either of his two boys will continue the tradition, and if so - what kind of flying machines may be in the air at that time!!

 I so enjoy the NetLetter!! Thanks for all the work you do putting it together for each issue. - Karin Fulcher

(We would welcome any other "flying families" out there who would like to share their stories - eds)

George Brien, refers to the Christmas issue of the NetLetter with this comment -

Many thanks for this great issue. I was excited to download the January, 1946 Between Ourselves. This was only 7 years before I had joined TCA so many of the names and even faces were familiar.

Under the entry from Kap. was a picture of James Moore who was a best friend down in Yarmouth NS in later years. Although this picture was taken 70 years ago, my wife even identified it. A great look back into the early history of TCA and I can’t wait until more copies are available. Keep up the good work.

Cheers, George Brien

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